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  1. Hey guys, Back again, haven't picked up the game since the Kickstarter ended, so really looking forward to seeing what's been happening. Started out running around the garden district. Noticed that if you drop from a height while facing a wall, the camera clips forward through the wall still. On a Wastrel murdering spree using the takedowns, sometimes there were random callouts (Oi, stop that, you! etc.) during the takedown even though there was noone around and the detection meter stayed green the entire time. Moving on to the township. Had a bobby bug out slightly after I kited him away and fought him alongside some Wastrels. After the Wastrels were dead, he would take a swing at me and then cruise back over to them, allowing me to get in a few hits to the back easily. When breaking into houses I often found Wellies hanging out inside up against their front doors. Killing one with a takedown makes them fall partially through the door, alerting people outside. Found that you can just stand in the doorways to make the Wellies unable to run away for help. Perhaps a running Wellie should 'shove' someone if they're blocking a valid path? In the building with the alarm/fuses puzzle, I tried jumping over the dressers that were piled up as a barricade and then got stuck. Amusingly, I had some joy pills and ODed on those as a way out. After that the lighting stayed a bit strange and it was kinda hard to see where I was going, for a bit. Then tried to get through one of the Joy detector scenarios and got absolutely rinsed. That was damn fun. You can really tank a lot of damage by pausing to heal up all the time
  2. Hahaha, sounds good. Hopefully I won't be able to find any weird and wonderful unseen-before crashes for you all!
  3. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10779784/Dump126134208.dmp https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10779784/GlimpseGame-backup-2015.07.04-10.11.59.log There you go, links to the dump and log files as requested. First load = 40 seconds world building time until the Uncle Jack voiceover started, then another 20 seconds to load the video. Not hugely bad, comparatively speaking. We're working to improve this right now, as it's much longer than that on lower spec machines. Also, I'm cleaning up our application state management so we can finally have the loading screen continue until the world is generated, rather than have an ugly, misleading black screen. It's actually kinda cool, once the voiceover starts. I don't really know why, but a blank screen with Uncle Jack's voice seems nicer than a loading screen. Less 'gamey', I guess? Same deal with being able to eat things directly from out of the cupboards. I kind of like the feeling of that, too, in terms of my internal narrative. Kind of like scoffing everything I can't carry in case I'm hungry later... The current restriction on using items from the container grid was an arbitrary decision I made on the spot. You're right, I suppose it doesn't really add any gameplay value to require the player to have an item in their inventory to use it... I can see how it's pretty much just a judgement call, yeah. Inventory juggling is one of the more frustrating things in games, from my perspective, so anything that alleviates that is always going to be a win in my books. I still like the mental image of scoffing everything out of a cupboard before hearing footsteps, clambering out the window and running away. One control note: Going into the menu while holding a movement direction and then coming back out cancels that movement direction until you lift the key and re-press it. I found myself doing this quite a lot when navigating using the map, so it would good if it could just continue the movement. That's a good point. I don't know how easy that will be given the engine's input management, but I have a fair idea where to start. Much appreciated! Edit: Also, it's always a curse re-reading things you've typed previously. 'so it would good'... Ugh...
  4. Next shot: Made a pipe hammer. Holy cow, that thing is a beast now. I still think the fists are too fast, but this is the proper way to do things. Got quite surprised by approaching a bobby when forgetting that I had the wastrel suit on, that was a shock. Kited the bobbies away and got them hung up, then punched a couple more to death without taking damage. One got stuck on the 'downer breach' sign at the bridge with the purple goo on it. Walked up to a pump that had purple goo near it, noticed the navigation started getting really choppy, felt like I was hitting a lot of invisible walls or similar. Two female wellies approached the pump and then a repeating loop of a male voice going 'ooh urgh' started playing over and over, then a sigh and they fell over. The choppyness made me have to leave that area. Went through the building with the alarm going off and unlocked the door, that's a slightly terrifying process, especially with the Bobby bashing on the door. Tried a takedown on a sleeping wellie. They ragdolled around under the bed for a few seconds and then fell through the floor to the outside. Also killed a large quantity of Wastrels with the takedown. Perhaps their suspicion should go up if they can see a corpse nearby? Seemed like I had quite a pile of them by standing near an area they were all pathing around. My kingdom for a bloody sewing kit, seriously. Managed to find one finally and make a construction workers suit. I feel like the stats on the Stew are someone making a statement about not liking stew. It should be far more nutricious and filling than suggested! I like stew. Nicked a lead pipe off the tea party table in the garden district. That was also a shock, but easily solved by kiting them away and doubling back. Takedown on the remaining one in a chair got me stuck on some geometry, but a few crouches and jumps and I was free. One control note: Going into the menu while holding a movement direction and then coming back out cancels that movement direction until you lift the key and re-press it. I found myself doing this quite a lot when navigating using the map, so it would good if it could just continue the movement. Specific issue: Press and hold W, press tab (or M) to see map, press tab again, character no longer moves. Need to lift W and press W again to move. Feels like the character should resume movement in this case. When talking to a Wellie to defuse suspicion, they stay suspicious for a second or two and then run at you. It's pretty disconcerting. Got out! Fade to white, back to menu, whole deal. Very proud! Sam: I think I know the thing you meant before about things you had to have on you to open the hatch now. Didn't try without them, but will in the future.
  5. Just taking another shot. First load = 40 seconds world building time until the Uncle Jack voiceover started, then another 20 seconds to load the video. Not hugely bad, comparatively speaking. One thing that occurs to me is that maybe it would be nice to be able to mouse-over an object on the ground and press tab to bring up the inventory, with the object that is moused over showing in the 'ground' portion? Would be another good thing to help with inventory management, etc. Same deal with being able to eat things directly from out of the cupboards. I kind of like the feeling of that, too, in terms of my internal narrative. Kind of like scoffing everything I can't carry in case I'm hungry later... I quite like how the different areas are abundant in different things. Plenty of safe water to start with and then plenty of food, but then not much of either in the other area. The different types of suit is a nice touch, as is the coloured portrait indicators. Is the portrait supposed to match your character? Nothing particularly interesting, except that I tried to takedown one of the shrieking old women before she saw me. I didn't get the prompt but hit her twice with a frying pan instead. I'm not sure what sounds played when she got hit, but it sounded like a male character being hit or something? Not sure. It seems like just plain old fist fighting works a little too well, possibly. You can throw a lot of punches really quick and take someone out almost quicker than with a weapon, it seems. I also found that kiting the bobbies into other wastrels etc. works a little too well as a method of escape or getting through the broken joy detector scenario. There was also quite a few spots where bobbies would just stop and stare at people who were upstairs, leaving them essentially immobile. It feels like running from bobbies shouldn't be quite as effective as it is currently. It kind of short circuits some of the difficulty of trying to navigate the bridges.
  6. Long-press E to exit is nice, can't remember if that was always there, but I remember accidentally exiting a few times. The flowers and extra vegetation in the garden district look great. It looks much wilder now. I actually got a fright by trying to sneak up on the Wellie on the couch with the huge hat and finding out that it was a mannequin. Then sat down and read the paper for quite a while. - Tooltip to stand up and the outline of the couch show through the paper. If this is going to be a fixture of the game, perhaps the tooltip could be pegged somewhere? If you fall of a 2nd floor ledge while you're facing and against a wall, the camera clips through the wall slightly during the 'landing' camera movement. Crouching up to a wall clips the visible hands through the wall. The tooltips on the items as to their effect are quite cool. The bottles that are in the rubble somewhere look like they should be able to be picked up. Perhaps they could be changed to look broken or cracked or dirty? Just to avoid the effect of walking over, bashing E at them a bunch and then going 'ah, that's right, because video game...' I love the extra complexity in the buildings. Hit a crash while trying to move, hit a Welly and use some healing balm using the quickslot all at once. Not sure if the reporting is all going but if not, the main message was: Assertion Failed: InvocationList[ CurFunctionIndex ] != InDelegate[File:F:\P4\Glimpse\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\UObject\ScriptDelegates.h] [Line: 435]
  7. There can be more than one meat shop?! (mind blown) I think the idea of a stealth combat takedown type thing is an interesting one. My schtick so far seems to be that I think killing should be minimized where possible in the main gameplay loop simply because it doesn't fit the setting. You're not Master Chief, you're a polite and slightly weedy english dude! The idea of being able to get combat advantage on someone who doesn't know you're there is a good one, though. Perhaps implemented as something simple like a single clubbing from behind on an unaware person is enough to take them out? That would give you an advantage with respect to weapon degradation, too...
  8. Just finished my third play session and managed to get all the way to the hatch and out. Still really entranced by the art style in the different areas. I'm really quite taken with it all. I quite like just wandering around the more abandoned parts of the game, it's really nice. The empty cathedral was creepy as hell. It would be neat to trigger someone coming after you when you loot the locker that's there, perhaps. The combat feels a lot more fluid. I love the combos, they're surprisingly hard to do when you're used to hammering the mouse, but it feels like the discipline is worth it. The entire game feels a lot more vicious now. It's slightly odd being able to hit multiple targets at once. Perhaps the hit should only connect with the first one that it hits (would make more sense given the idea of swinging a branch/pipe) which would make it much more important to pick fights carefully. Bobbies seem a lot tougher now (more charge-happy?), but they still feel pretty easy if you get the timing down and get one on their own. It seems like maybe they need to blow a whistle or something when they're low on health which attracts any others in the area, just to make it a little harder to kite them away to a completely safe area. I had an amazing experience where I kited a bobby away from the broken joy detector scenario and he saw some Wastrels and just went to town. There were maybe 8 bodies lying around him at the end, it was pretty impressive. Perhaps that is something that could be scripted in to happen randomly, have the wastrels path close enough to the bobbies that they get into a scuffle. He did end up just standing there, which made it quite easy to sort out that scenario. Oddly, the hammer pipe seems a bit harder to use than the regular weapons because of the knockback/stun timings and stamina usage. Being able to manage health kits and healing balm etc. from the paused game inventory screen makes it really easy to gather a heap of materials and then just tank through any fight you have. Perhaps a cooldown or the H1Z1 approach of healing items basically giving you a specific HoT per use could be an idea? Each usage of the balm means you heal 2% health per second for 10 seconds or something. Using a few of them could stack that up. That said, I still died by not getting to the tab button in time quite a lot. I'm not sure what the proper 'procedure' for getting through the Joy detector is. I just scarfed down everything I could find in my inventory that contained joy and toddled on through. I need to go back and give it a shot while joy-less to see what happens. I'm not sure if you've always been able to make the lockpicks etc. without a mechanical table, but that first page not needing one is great. A few odd little observations: - Right clicking items while looting doesn't add them to an existing stack in the inventory, like it seems they should. - I still think it would be great figuring out some way to be able to swap places with items of different sizes (providing space permits, etc.) which could make inventory management a little easier. - The sound of the old woman screaming when you're tagged as a downer is absolutely terrifying when you first hear it. - The music that ramps up during combat could probably die down a little bit slower. At the moment, it dies away really quickly which sounds quite noticeable as well as kinda giving a 'you're safe' indicator. If it took a little longer (maybe 10-15 seconds) that would keep you nervous a bit, I feel. Other than that, I really like the effect that it gives. - Some of the food effects seem a little odd. The mushroom decreasing your current health, for instance. Same thing with the stew, which could be understandable from the Wastrel district, but not the main town? Perhaps rename the wastrel version to 'Suspicious Stew' or similar! - I miss my emergency yam. I didn't find any more of them.
  9. First off: Holy cow. Things... uh.... changed, somewhat. Wow. I love the new area (wastrel district?). I spent quite a while wandering in circles before finding the door into the main town. Was a little worried for a while there! Eventually found the town proper and the previous starting area. I felt a weird sense of being 'home'. The art in the new area is gorgeous, I'm really enjoying just wandering around and looking at stuff. Double-click to craft is strangely satisfying, thanks Camille! One slight oddity I've noticed is that when you double-click to use an item that's part of a stacked set, you end up holding the remaining items at the end. Something slightly strange with the crafting for the hammer pipe, with the requirements being split up into 2 separate 1/1 lead pipes, a single lead pipe works for both and you can craft it straight off. I assume this is a placeholder for it requiring a lead pipe and something else? Made my way through to the town and the game crashed straight off. Oh well. Hopefully that ended up with the details being sent back, I didn't see anything indicating that it was doing that. I ended up having a hilarious fight on one of the bridges, where a bunch of the Wastrels attacked me while I was standing on the handrail. They can't hit you if you're standing up there, but one ran around and, once I'd beaten them about the head with a branch, fell off the edge into the water. Except that the corpse and weapon were just sitting on top of the water. I killed 4 or 5 more and threw them down there, just to make sure. The throw corpse physics works perfectly with respect to the handrail placement, you just kind of hang them out to dry over it. I like the red flowers on the bushes, that's a really nice touch. Makes them easy to spot without being obvious and then means they're easily ignorable once looted. My playthrough ended when I lured a couple of bobbies away from the bridge with the broken window, killed them and then died climbing through the window, noticed the screen dimming a bit but didn't check on my health, not sure what the heck was going on there. Didn't get to play with the Joy detector scenario either, so looking forward to seeing what was going on there.
  10. That is glorious! Looking forward to the double-click Yeah, I'm sure none of that is new but I'm happy just musing away, even if it's only to myself! A few more UI thoughts: I accidentally used a bandage for no reason when trying to lock a door in a hurry, kind of a waste. Perhaps lock/unlock could be changed to a long press on E or the quick-slot could always be a long press on F? Might kind of void the idea of a quick-slot? 2 unit high items are currently a little fiddly to put in the quick-slot positions, seems like there are some issues with pointer positions? Same thing with moving around multi-unit items. Perhaps they could 'snap' to the nearest appropriate position a little bit? Also, I've noticed that if you hit craft and then change your selection before it finishes then it crafts your current selection, not the original selection from when craft was pressed. The E to open, E to take all items is great for rapidly hoovering up loot and gives a cool 'hurriedly looting' feeling, but it gets a little more awkward once the inventory starts to fill and I'm trying to be a little more selective. Once that happens, I start going E, esc if there's nothing I want, E, E if I want everything or E, I if it's just one thing. I was wondering about having E be open/close, F be loot all and I be inventory. Pressing loot-all could still close the window. I've also noticed that a few times I've seen things go past and haven't noticed that I didn't pick them up. Perhaps loot-all shouldn't close the window unless everything has been taken? Another useful thing would be if storage locations could also have an (opened) suffix if you've checked them but haven't cleared them out? Also, amusingly, the hair on one of the female models seems to move differently to the head, so the model appears to be wearing a poorly fitting wig when being hit. Adds a touch of hilarity to casually beating a wellie to death with a pipe... I just managed to unlock the hatch with nothing but the lead pipe equipped. I had to stand off to the side a bit to get the prompt... Had to go back up and come back with a lockpick to get through the next door (I noticed you can loot a bobby pin down there, just needs a workbench handy, too) but doing that got through to the 'whiteout' screen at the end. Given that in my previous exit I had to stand off to the side, I'm guessing that I may not have had the required items, it may have just been a bug.
  11. I did get back to the main screen, but I'm a little confused as to what exactly changed in order for me to be able to do it. I'll have another wander through to see if I can do it piece-by-piece. I'm really interested to see how the world will look when fleshed out with more architecture type stuff. Both exterior and interior variations but also any unique blocks like the courtyards with the hatches. Obviously that's a more long-term goal, but it's something I'm looking forward to, nonetheless. I've been thinking a bit about the house internals and trap layouts etc. I think there are good possibilities there for setting up some really interesting dynamics within the game. Having 'higher tier' crafting ingredients that can only be obtained out of things like safes or locked rooms in 'unique' buildings gives the opportunity to have a progression that goes from scavenging in trash cans to robbing houses to disabling traps and safe cracking. This is kind of how the narrative in my head works when I play as well, it's kind of a rising desperation leading to more outrageous actions. Having more advanced traps that can't be avoided and require crafted items in order to be disabled would give an interesting spin on things as well. It gives you the option of triggering the trap and trying to evade the resulting mess or having to do the work to create the trap disabling items and take the safer route. Having more internal layouts with different room, trap and furniture configurations etc. would add a lot to the gameplay loop of robbing houses for materials/food. Having a system that encourages more caution with regard to dispatching wellies would also be a cool opportunity. Something along the lines of having to hide the bodies to avoid having another occupant come home and raise the alarm. Alarms being set off or missing persons could slowly raise some form of paranoia (people on the street commenting about there being a downer on the loose, etc.) which results in faster alarm response, wellies fleeing earlier in a fight, quicker transitions from curiosity to suspicion to aggression (any better terms for the white, yellow, red symbols?), wellies having a larger hearing radius, more bobbies etc. This could mean that you're forced to rob houses instead of loot trash cans and could also give a natural arc to a playthrough where the stakes get higher as time goes on. Given that you've mentioned a fixed timeframe, that could just as easily be a fixed curve by day. If the goal is to escape the town within a certain time frame, from a replayability standpoint, it would be neat to have multiple ways of doing that. It could be either all in the one game so you can do it in a self-directed or have one randomly chosen as the objective for that playthrough, which I prefer the idea of. The actual objective itself could be handled such that you might have to complete sub objectives in order to find out what you have to do next, to avoid just going on a collection rampage until you've got everything you might need. For the 'open the hatch' objective, this could be things like the hatch being guarded, requiring stronger weapons to kill or incapacitate the guards, the hatch being locked requiring a particular key or lockpick, the hatch being damaged/jammed and requiring a specific tool or some explosives to open. Stuff like that, perhaps. Also, secrets. I'm sure there has to be a hidden compartment or room somewhere around the playground! I'm sure I'm covering a lot of ground you've already thought of, but hopefully there's something useful in that mess.
  12. No worries, these things happen. The many myriad joys of PC gaming + alpha software
  13. Oh, and as for performance: i7-3770 with 8GB RAM and a Radeon HD7850. Running on a 1920x1200 monitor. Was originally a little clunky at times, but mostly ran well. A little bit of screen tearing. The mouse felt a little odd and 'floaty'. Possibly sensitivity varying with framerate? Now, very smooth, no issues at all. Mousing around feels better, although that could easily just be the smoother framerate. Dunno if that's a mid or high end setup, but at the very least it's a positive data point!
  14. A bunch of the material items stacking = awesome. Makes a huge difference to the inventory management stuff. The locked inventory slots etc. are interesting. I take it there's nothing implemented for unlocking them yet? A few object placement glitches here and there. A small end table that was half in a wall. Wellies leaning through walls or doors that they're trying to open, that kind of thing. At one point all of the wellies were facing one direction and not moving (this was probably after I'd be wandering around for a good half hour). Then later there were no wellies around, but a bunch of what looked like floating baseball bats. I can't remember if this was in before, but walking around on the colourful roads with the mist and walking through the central circular area with the hatch was a really cool effect. The entire aesthetic is still really striking even after this many hours of wandering around. Did the whole loot-hoover through a few buildings, killed a few wellies with a frying pan, the usual. Came across the two red bobbies guarding a hatch and got thoroughly pounded when I tried to get a closer look... Interesting. Only got a prompt to open and it said locked, no option to unlock so I assumed something else was needed. Tried to press F on it which resulted in me just instead trying to eat my emergency yam, which was actually kinda terrifying when you're not expecting it. Managed to get into the chiller above the butchers this time. Got the rolling pin and went on a bit of a spree with it. One UI thing I've noticed is that I'm still double clicking on recipes to try and craft them. Not entirely sure what that comes from, but seems something I'm pretty well trained to do. I also found myself eating any food that I found in the cupboards straight away when my inventory was full. Perhaps having the right-click-to-eat ability on food (or just use on items) that aren't in your inventory would be helpful? The tendency of NPCs to turn and run for it when they're hurt is interesting. They do seem to charge straight through locked doors, perhaps they could hesitate at them for a second before opening them? That would give a little bit of an advantage to carefully setting up a fight. It also seemed like there wasn't much consequence for one of them getting away. I just shut the door behind and carried on with my day. Laughed out loud when I tried to jump over the barricade and one of the red suited bobbies looked at me and said 'Bloody kangaroo!'. Found the workman's suit, got myself the bits to make the pipe hammer, waited until dark and killed the bobbies. Once I got closer to the hatch, it only had the open (locked) use prompt. When I went around behind it, the unlock prompt became available. I'm not sure exactly whether I picked up something after my first attempt which made it possible to unlock. Perhaps the workman's outfit? Either way, the exit is a great addition. It feels like it should need a selection of items to access (similar to Don't Starve's door). I didn't get any further through the game time-wise than day 2 night so I don't know about anything further along like a time limit. I feel like there is enough food around and I've kind of got the hang of the joy mechanic to the point where food/water is never an issue.
  15. Working again. Just in time for me to go to bed. Will post some thoughts tomorrow.
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