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  1. The camera thing is most likely hitting T by accident -- it's currently set up to be a debug third person view, precisely in order to be able to see the sort of thing you've experienced. We'll have a look at the collision on the bridge, but if you get stuck again, you can always use the "ghost" console command to get out of it. Type Tilde (~) to bring up the console, then type in ghost. That'll let you fly around without collision. Once you want to get back to normal movement, bring up the console again and type walk.
  2. Hey @Otherbuttons, Unfortunately, "almost all modern games" have had time to optimize performance and figure out their minimum spec before release... Since we're still in pre-alpha, we haven't had the chance to do this on a considerable scale. We do performance passes from time to time, but as features get introduced, this ends up being a pendulum swinging between new features and performance. It so happens that we currently are on the features side of that swing. Also, Unreal Engine 4, the tech we're using, is much higher spec than games coming out currently, and by using a procedurally generated world we're pushing it beyond what it is usually meant to do. We'll definitely do a performance pass once again, it's just up in the air when this will be as of this writing. -Camille
  3. Apparently, this was a mistake! But it was kind of fun so see how long we could survive without many of the actions that are available on the keyboard. It shouldn't be a mistake! We've made a big push to make sure everything can be done on the controller. I was also quite careful in making the game interface detect switching between the keyboard+mouse and controller schemes in order to show the proper prompts on screen. You're however right about the loading screen controls, those were we kind of shoehorned in and haven't made a controller equivalent. Ultimately that should all be presented in a friendlier format in the options, but we'll cobble together something for the controller in the meantime. One thing we really didn't like was the flashing red on the edges of the screen when we were on low health. It was downright painful to watch. Maybe slow it down to a kind of pulsing? Or maybe just have it be a solid red fade, without any flashing at all. Two things here : There was an issue where the brightness of the low health effect was being overridden by something else and always showed up at a higher than normal and quite invasive brightness. That particular should be fixed with Friday's update (9280), though. The "flashing" is meant to mimick heartbeats. When paired with an appropriate sound effect (which it admittedly isn't), the effect has worked well in some games. The current version hasn't really been tuned or polished, so we'll definitely have a look at it.
  4. One slight oddity I've noticed is that when you double-click to use an item that's part of a stacked set, you end up holding the remaining items at the end. Yeah, that came and went as I bounced between right-click to use and double-click to use control schemes. I thought I'd corrected it when we switched to double-click for good, but apparently not. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll fix it! Being able to manage health kits and healing balm etc. from the paused game inventory screen makes it really easy to gather a heap of materials and then just tank through any fight you have. I'm planning to lock down usables in combat so that only those in the quick slots can be used (and quick slots cannot be changed). But I need to figure out a decent way to communicate this restriction through the UI first (likely just a message box of some kind) as well as decide what is considered "in combat" for these purposes. And yeah, healing items should likely have more intricate mechanics, ala Left4Dead. I'm not sure if you've always been able to make the lockpicks etc. without a mechanical table, but that first page not needing one is great. Yep, that's been the idea behind basic crafting. Stuff you can cobble together in the wild. - I still think it would be great figuring out some way to be able to swap places with items of different sizes (providing space permits, etc.) which could make inventory management a little easier. I have a very old shelved changelist where this was possible. But it's horribly confusing and error prone. What if I'm swapping to/from a holster or quick slot that has a different size? What if I'm trying to swap a completely enclosed 1x1 item onto a 1x2 item? There's room at the destination for the 1x1 item, but not at the source, and just showing a red drop highlight doesn't really sell the restriction. What if I'm moving a 1x2 item onto two 1x1 items vertically aligned? Shouldn't that swap both 1x1 items right away? etc. etc. It's a rather complex UX case, and I do have some ideas for each of the aforementioned points, but there's still too many things up in the air about the inventory to commit the time to address all these eventualities. - Some of the food effects seem a little odd. The mushroom decreasing your current health, for instance. Same thing with the stew, which could be understandable from the Wastrel district, but not the main town? Perhaps rename the wastrel version to 'Suspicious Stew' or similar! That's just a side effect of not having all relevant status effects in. Poisonous stuff should give you food poisoning (who would've thought!) but that food poisoning effect should be more than just a ticking health debuff. I mean, food poisoning in real life makes you puke your guts out, feel starving and generally feel miserable, so that's probably what it should do! The current situation doesn't really make sense as it essentially lets you trade hunger for health damage, which is easier to heal.
  5. The only thing I could see being an issue is me running a 32-bit processor Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, that would be it... Unreal Engine 4 phased out 32-bit support early on to make the transition towards "next gen" systems (what is now the Xbox One and PS4). 32-bit processors are severely limited in terms of memory, and Windows only lets you use 3GB even though you have 4GB installed. The game currently can peak around 2.5GB, so even if the engine were to still support 32-bit, you'd instead run into memory issues as the game would have to fight Windows and other applications for available memory.
  6. Hey @karinavalkyrie, Right off the bat, one thing I'm looking for is the keyboard map, or even a way to alter the designations to the keys or mouse buttons I prefer (sorry, I was taught differently so I'm messed up! (:3 ). The bindings are configurable, just not with an actual screen just yet... The current menu is a placeholder and will be remade from scratch, so we've omitted making a keybinding UI that would only get thrown away! This isn't optimal, but in the meantime, you can use the engine's built-in configuration files to remap whatever you want. You'll need to open up your Input.ini file, which can be found in the game's user data folder... The easiest way to reach it is to paste %localappdata%\GlimpseGame\Saved in the address bar of a Windows Explorer window: Then navigate to Config\WindowsNoEditor, and open up Input.ini. Paste this section at the end: [/script/Engine.InputSettings] ActionMappings=(ActionName="Walk",Key=CapsLock) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Sprint",Key=LeftShift) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SprintToggle",Key=Gamepad_LeftThumbstick) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Jump",Key=SpaceBar) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Jump",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Bottom) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Crouch",Key=LeftControl) ActionMappings=(ActionName="CrouchToggle",Key=C) ActionMappings=(ActionName="CrouchToggle",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Right) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Fire",Key=LeftMouseButton) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Fire",Key=Gamepad_RightTriggerAxis) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Block",Key=RightMouseButton) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Block",Key=Gamepad_LeftTriggerAxis) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Shove",Key=R) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Shove",Key=MiddleMouseButton) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Shove",Key=Gamepad_RightThumbstick) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Interaction",Key=E) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Interaction",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Left) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SecondaryInteraction",Key=V) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SecondaryInteraction",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Top) ;ActionMappings=(ActionName="ContextualInteraction",Key=F) ;ActionMappings=(ActionName="ContextualInteraction",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Top) ActionMappings=(ActionName="UsableInteraction",Key=F) ActionMappings=(ActionName="UsableInteraction",Key=Gamepad_RightShoulder) ;ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectLeftHolster",Key=One) ;ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectRightHolster",Key=Two) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectNextHolster",Key=Gamepad_DPad_Up) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectPreviousHolster",Key=Gamepad_DPad_Down) ActionMappings=(ActionName="EquipSelectedHolster",Key=Q) ActionMappings=(ActionName="EquipSelectedHolster",Key=Gamepad_LeftShoulder) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectNextQuickSlot",Key=MouseScrollUp) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectNextQuickSlot",Key=Gamepad_DPad_Right) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectPreviousQuickSlot",Key=MouseScrollDown) ActionMappings=(ActionName="SelectPreviousQuickSlot",Key=Gamepad_DPad_Left) ActionMappings=(ActionName="ResistGrab",Key=E) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action1",Key=One) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action2",Key=Two) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action3",Key=Three) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action4",Key=Four) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action5",Key=Five) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action6",Key=Six) ActionMappings=(ActionName="Action7",Key=Seven) ActionMappings=(ActionName="AcceptContainerLoot",Key=E) ActionMappings=(ActionName="AcceptContainerLoot",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Left) ActionMappings=(ActionName="DismissContainerLoot",Key=Escape) ActionMappings=(ActionName="DismissContainerLoot",Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Right) ActionMappings=(ActionName="TogglePlayerMenu",Key=Tab) ActionMappings=(ActionName="TogglePlayerMenu",Key=Gamepad_Special_Left) ActionMappings=(ActionName="ToggleInventory",Key=I) ActionMappings=(ActionName="ToggleCrafting",Key=B) ActionMappings=(ActionName="ToggleInGameMenu",Key=Escape) ActionMappings=(ActionName="ToggleInGameMenu",Key=Gamepad_Special_Right) Then you can edit these however you like. The UI should take any changes into account, too. Let me know if you run into any issues attempting this!
  7. I'll be over in the corner committing seppuku.
  8. Hey Muncha! Again, very good insights. I accidentally used a bandage for no reason when trying to lock a door in a hurry, kind of a waste. Perhaps lock/unlock could be changed to a long press on E or the quick-slot could always be a long press on F? Might kind of void the idea of a quick-slot? That's been bothering us for a while too, the contextual use/secondary interaction was meant to curtail button usage on the controller, but it was troublesome for the reasons you brought up. I did consider adding a small hold period for using the quick slot, but as of this writing, we went with separate inputs for secondary interaction and quickslot. 2 unit high items are currently a little fiddly to put in the quick-slot positions, seems like there are some issues with pointer positions? Same thing with moving around multi-unit items. Perhaps they could 'snap' to the nearest appropriate position a little bit? That's a bit tricky. Due to various reasons, item dragging is handled by cursor location rather than the actual rectangle of the item. The drag location is in the centre of the top left (0,0) grid slot of multiple slot items. So in the case of multiple slot items being dragged into a single slot quickslot, that means the item has to be dropped by its top left location rather than its centre. It'd be fairly complicated to polish, so it's on the backlog for me until we're absolutely certain about item sizes, quickslot functionality, etc. But for the main grid, which is always larger than dragged items, this problem shouldn't be nearly as apparent... Also, I've noticed that if you hit craft and then change your selection before it finishes then it crafts your current selection, not the original selection from when craft was pressed. Whoops. Fixed. The E to open, E to take all items is great for rapidly hoovering up loot and gives a cool 'hurriedly looting' feeling, but it gets a little more awkward once the inventory starts to fill and I'm trying to be a little more selective. Once that happens, I start going E, esc if there's nothing I want, E, E if I want everything or E, I if it's just one thing. I was wondering about having E be open/close, F be loot all and I be inventory. Pressing loot-all could still close the window. I've also noticed that a few times I've seen things go past and haven't noticed that I didn't pick them up. Perhaps loot-all shouldn't close the window unless everything has been taken? The initial design was similar -- E to open/close loot containers, Space to loot all. When testing, I was basically rifling through a handful of containers at once, just pointing each one in turn and hitting E. No need to even close the previous container if you're just targeting a new one. And then walk away to close the window instead of forcing another input. That was changed because hitting E, then E again to loot all felt more natural for most people. Given this control scheme, you're right that there could be a closer button to close inventory, while retaining ESC as the catch-all "please close this damn thing". Full inventory loot will remain on tab though, that's the catch-all contextual player menu button. Depending on what the latest relevant menu-based event occurred, Tab (gamepad Back/Select) is supposed to bring up the appropriate player submenu (i.e.: new status effect goes to status, new craftable item goes to crafting, loot goes to inventory, etc.). You can still bring up the inventory using I while looting. But all of this will depend on where take looting next, as right now it's a bit repetitive. Bethsoft games like Skyrim, Fallout, etc. have a lot of this meaningless container looting, and while they get away with it, it's not exactly fun gameplay. I personally think it's still a massive improvement from Bethsoft's full screen looting menu, in that you still have control of your character and it makes looting more of a snap decision when container contents are limited to 0-2 items. Another useful thing would be if storage locations could also have an (opened) suffix if you've checked them but haven't cleared them out? The goal is to have the container model itself be visibly ajar if it's already been looted. Fridges behaved this way for a little bit, we just haven't gotten around to making all the mesh variants necessary for it. Again, it'll depend on the direction of looting. Also, amusingly, the hair on one of the female models seems to move differently to the head, so the model appears to be wearing a poorly fitting wig when being hit. Adds a touch of hilarity to casually beating a wellie to death with a pipe... This is a problem with all NPC attachments, really. Something about attachments on ragdoll simulations seems to be updating one frame late, so attachments will always be "catching up" a bit for more extreme ragdoll motions. This is an engine issue, not exactly looking forward to ironing that out.
  9. F9 remains the traditional Unreal Engine screenshot key. The screenshots end up in the game's user directory, tucked away in MyUser\AppData\Local\GlimpseGame\Saved.
  10. Well, that doesn't sound familiar in the least, and I couldn't find a texture or material that has a number like that on it, so I worry that it might have been some extremely rare UI rendering bug in the engine. Thanks for detailing it, maybe it'll show up again...
  11. quickslot item (f) got used, and was replaced with "29,332" (2s cut off), a bit odd eh? Hmm, could you explain that one a bit? An item ended up with 29332 stat count? Or was that in the HUD interaction text somehow?
  12. Could you do some of the item swapping as a 'hovering' item? That's one of the alternate solutions on my short list, and you've already figured out the gotchas to that approach. I like to keep the amount of UI clicks/interactions necessary to a minimum, however, so hopefully 1:1 swapping will be sufficient. Barring a catastrophe on the scale of "the build PC just exploded", we're aiming for a build this week, yeah. It'll be a pretty big one, too!
  13. Hey Muncha, Bit of a late reply, but regarding the inventory: item swapping is in and should be in the next build. For now you can only swap items of the same size, which should be enough... Swapping items of different size is a whole other can of worms and even Diablo III doesn't cover all the edge cases that pop up, despite only having 1x1 and 1x2 items. It's not too complicated to convey information to the user when swapping a larger item onto a smaller item... But the opposite operation of swapping a smaller item onto a larger one can get quite obscure if, for instance, there is no room at the swap *source* location for the *destination* item. I have a few ideas on how to tackle this, but for now we're running with same size swaps and seeing if it's enough. Good idea for quick moves from the container grid, I'll get that in right away.
  14. Hey lucigen! Thanks for the feedback. Some of the UI stuff is up my alley, so some observations in turn: - While I didn't put a lot of thought into it, it wasn't immediately intuitive what materials were needed to craft what thing, consider a side by side display (maybe with color highlighting of recipes?) to make the system a little more rapid. I'm not 100% certain what you're describing here, but if my understanding is correct, you mean displaying the inventory side by side next to the crafting list, selecting crafting items should highlight their components in the inventory? If so, I'm hoping that won't be necessary at all. Having the inventory next to the crafting screen would result in a very loaded interface, so if we can get crafting working without that, all the better. The end goal is to make crafting objective driven, so you can just look at the crafting list (your "objective" list) and tell at a glance what can or cannot be created. I definitely agree that the current state of things isn't informative enough. - Would be nice if you could mouse over your condition to see what it actually is. After eating a mushroom I had no idea what the problem with my body was Also something that needs more work. As can be seen by the (inactive) Status button, there are plans to have a screen dedicated to all things related to your character's status. In the meantime, being able to hover over the status effects to know what they are is definitely on the short list! - Has there been any thought to having to find OR guess crafting recipes? Im thinking it might reward players to cruise around looking for recipes (among other things maybe) so that there is more emphasis on the little buildings and taking larger risks for better gear. It might be cool if in addition to that, a player could experiment and generate the recipes by trying combinations that seem interesting, but I'm not sure that would really get you anything. Experimenting to discover crafting is something we've given some thought, but it's not very compatible with the current objective-driven approach. For now, we're focusing on building up a core of interesting things to craft that interacts well with the core gameplay. - Joy visual effects were awesome - Need to ensure overdosing has some reprecussions (I understand this has been discussed on here, but I was really thrown when this happened to me) - I think accidentally losing things while on Joy is an interesting concept. However because my inventory was massively unorganized I don't even know what all I have in there. I think if you guys want to work with losing things, you need to make sure the player is aware that it has happened somehow (like a marker in the inventory/grayed out), and possibly leave the remnants laying around. I wonder if villagers could pick this stuff up, give back based on joy level? - Theres a lot of interesting interaction available with the joy mechanic. I want to wait on these thoughts a bit to see what you guys are thinking of doing with it though. Glad you liked the effect! Joy is at the core of our world and gameplay, so we're definitely focused on balancing its mechanics and making sure it's balanced, fun as well as visually rich. That's an interesting suggestion about losing things, since Joy is about forgetfulness. You are right that such a mechanism would have to be very clear and predictable to an extent, because few things are more frustrating gameplay-wise than having the game imposing things that are out of your control. - Conditions causing player movement/vision/etc changes could be a really interesting addition to the game! Conditions are pretty barebones right now, yeah. We've been focusing on the Joy effects, so other conditions have fallen behind a bit.
  15. Hey Muncha, thanks for the feedback! It's nice to see that the crafting system is starting to click and to have veteran players be able to anticipate what they'll need to craft, manage their resources in preparation, etc. etc. That's the sort of thing that is essential to a good survival game crafting system. There's a few things you bring up regarding needs and drugs that are worth clarifying. I figured out that if you eat the flour, it dehydrates you, but it seems that if you wait until you're completely dehydrated, then eat all the flour you've saved up and then drink some water that this can be negated? Yep, that's just the sort of thing that clever players can utilize. It might become necessary down the road to balance this kind of thing, but we also don't want maintaining your needs to be too much of a chore. So in the meantime, feel free to indulge in gluten binges. Also, I wasn't completely clear about how the purple pill meter (joy-meter?) affected your other health stats etc. I like the extra effects that crop up once that meter gets filled (ambient music, slight screen blur, colours seem more saturated...) but didn't quite get the part where it goes blurry and indistinct, with your meters dropping. It seems like you can bypass the thirst mechanic by drinking from a tap/bottled water and then going about your business until the crazyness starts, then simply holing up and waiting for that to pass before drinking some more and moving on. Managing Joy is a core mechanic of the game, and we've only just put in place an actual effect for it! Balancing and managing player feedback for this mechanic is going to be critical, and feedback like this is vital to improve on it. Currently, being joyed up staves off hunger and thirst at the cost of this catching up to you when you crash and experience withdrawal. It'd be nice if the UI could convey all of that information by itself so we don't need to resort to an in-game tooltip. But we'll keep working on it for sure. I can't remember how it happened, but I accidentally took enough that the butterflies showed up and then I woke up back at base. That actually proved to be a relatively useful mechanic because I got myself out of some scrapes a couple of times by just going to a tap and drinking from it until I popped back up at my base. That saved me from getting lost a few times. Perhaps it has a downside that I wasn't aware of, but it seems like it might need more of a penalty, depending on what the expected end of a given gaming session is (death by starvation/thirst, death by bludgeoning...). You're right that there isn't much of a downside at the moment. Right now, the game only has a single day on repeat. But ultimately, the world will be evolving around you as days progress, whether you are ready for it or not. Once that is in place, losing an entire day will be a Very Bad Thing! The goal is that overdosing shouldn't be an end-of-game condition because then it just becomes a second health bar that you have to keep from filling up instead of emptying. But on the other hand, it shouldn't be so forgiving that you would want to use it as a get out of jail free card. As for NPC melee attacks sometimes missing, that's something Marc noticed and should be fixed in the next update.
  16. I'm a space guy. I was pretty bummed to hear about Leonard Nimoy, he really was the best Civilization narrator.
  17. Hey Drem! Thanks for sharing! I've addressed a few of those over IMs but for for posterity's sake... 1: Every container in the starting room should have some kind of loot and people should probably carry a bit more. Balancing loot will be a constant work in progress. We don't want to put too much in the starting shelter either... But until the game is more balanced, it could afford to be front loaded a bit. 2: Oh god. They see everything through the windows. I stopped to hide the bodies and now they still see everything is that an angry mo- Next update should have closed windows block NPC line of sight. So be sure to close windows before going on a murder spree. But Marc tells me the aggressive detection inside houses isn't from sight but from sound. This is currently being worked on, likely will be in the next update. 5: A reminder of some sort, tooltip, whatever, don't forget your lockpicks and bandages - would be a good lifesaving idea. That's a bit handholdy for my liking. One of the core tenets of the game is to learn through dying, so someone who darts out of their shelter without taking some sort of initial loadout will quickly learn that is not an optimal strategy...! 7: A feedback label when you craft something would also be a good idea. Even if it's something as simple as a quantity of what you just crafted on the button, or a 'You made a Lockpick' message. I definitely agree on this and I'll try to get something in for the next update. 9: The blur with the multicolor that's the default lensfilter/postprocessing bit. It's atmospheric. I like it. Yet, I also intensely dislike it when I've had a very long day at work, and my eyes aren't quite focusing right. Then it gives me a headache. The option to turn it off, or turn it down to varying degrees would be a good idea. Agreed. I dislike Depth of Field effects, especially in first person games, so rest assured that I will personally make sure that one of the settings for "custom" graphic detail is disabling that. In the meantime, however, our graphic settings are actually just the Unreal Engine's defaults and it's still a bit too early to fine tune them, so they will have to do. 11: Switching melee weapons while a melee weapon is drawn doesn't seem to work. It's similar to the hotkey issue I reported to Camille. It results in an invisible weapon that you can still bash people with. (Tested with cricket bat and crow bar.) 3: Taking your Joy in front of NPCs when they're yelling at you to take your joy should make them stop forming an angry mob. I mean it is a joyous occasion. 10: Hiding places. Yes. You can kinda outrun an angry mob and eventually they'll forget about you but... Right now that just means that you're going to be hopelessly lost at the end of the day. Little spots that you can duck into (not the exterminate kind of duck) would be a really nice addition at some point. 12: Where are the joy-brownies? Decent ideas all... Hiding places will come as world generation improves, for sure, as well as alternate pacification mechanisms like pilling up (or maybe faking it with crafted placebo pills!). 13: I'm having fun so far, and I can hardly wait to see what gets added next. You had better! You... non-downer, you.
  18. Salut! Thanks for the feedback, I'll let someone else answer the other concerns but here are the ones I can address... - The game looks very blurry to me on medium, but fine on high. For the record, I'm using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 graphics card. The graphical settings haven't been tuned at all, it's possible that some of the options don't work well with the game. - Encountered a glitch where the camera kind of zoomed out and I became invisible except for my arms. Is it possible you hit T or Shift-T by accident? They're camera debug modes which probably shouldn't be this easy to reach. I'll move it elsewhere. - Loving the look and feel of the inventory, as I told JR. Desperately want to craft something with syringes and rubber tubings. Thanks! I'd be especially interested in hearing about anything you've found unintuitive with the inventory. I'm trying to minimize the amount of clicks required to do anything, but sometimes the tradeoff is things are less obvious. There'll be a slight pass on this in the next update anyhow, as well as some crafting recipes that involve syringes. - Clicked New Game. Got stuck on inventory screen even before the intro started; fatal crash error. Inventory, or load screen? If it's the loading screen, there's a very random, rare crash involving the loading screen which is on ice until I can spend more time looking at it, in about two weeks. if it's the inventory screen, I'd be curious how this came to happen, I can't even get it to show before the wake up sequence finishes. - Clicked Quit, encountered another crash message after the game was closed. We've encountered that one, there's two different fixes in the next update which should stop crashes on exit.
  19. Don't worry about the logs for now, at least until I fix up automated uploading. In which case you conveniently also won't have to worry about them! I'll try to reproduce this instead. We've noticed you can still use some game interactions while in the menu, which isn't intentional... But if it's causing crashes, I'll bump it up my list. Thanks!
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