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  1. No offense taken, everyone on the west coast knows "bro" is a gender neutral term. People outside of the west coast just don't know better.
  2. Just a little bump to mention that a hotfix (build CL11915) has been pushed to fix a few crashes that cropped up following the update. The details have been edited into the OP.
  3. That still counts as failing to start the game, it just fails to start a little later... I just pushed a hotfix which I believe might help with your particular issue in FinalizeRoads. If the build tag in the lower right corner reads CL11915, that is the hotfixed update. See if it works and, barring that, do share your system specs as outlined in the original post so we can investigate. If the crash report window comes up when the game crashes, send a report with your forum username in the description field and we'll have a lot more information to help you.
  4. I was also wondering if you guys would consider putting in a feature like if the game crashes that's it will automatically save so we don't have to start all the way back? Believe me, if it were possible to do so, I would've! But unfortunately, that's not possible due to the very nature of crashes. Crashing happens because the game is an unexpected, unreliable state, and the best we can do is grab information about what might've caused the crash in order to pass that along to the crash reporter. Attempting to save at that point would most likely result in a corrupted save that would crash just as well. Obviously we'd rather not crash at all -- I did spot an inventory crash since the update and am in the process of getting a hotfix ready for it. We're also hoping to fix a rare but random crash that's been floating around for a little bit. What could be done instead is have the game autosave periodically, so at least in the unfortunate event of a crash, you wouldn't be taken all the way back to the last time you quit the game. I was also wondering if you guys would consider letting the main character yell "downer" on another wellie as a distraction, but only let us say it only a limited amount of times. Why accuse someone of being a downer, when you can instead make them a downer? You can use psychotropic syringes on Wellies to forcibly get them off their joy. Although the effect right now is not very obvious, and the affected Wellie is more likely to attack you than anything. But you do bring up an interesting idea, we'll take it into consideration!
  5. Ah, I meant starting a new game after a fresh restart. Although if the save game itself is bloated regardless of a restart, that's another clue as to what the issue might be. I'll see if we can reproduce it, otherwise I may ask you to send in an example save file.
  6. If it happens on corpses rather than containers, that's already helpful extra information. As mentioned, corpses use a different backend and while I've tested as many different configurations as I could, it's been troublesome enough that I wouldn't be surprised I missed some cases.
  7. Hey @SyAlmans, It certainly sounds like there's some sort of memory leak occurring across playthroughs. Unfortunately this kind of issue tends to show up from time to time, especially with multiple playthroughs in a single session. The broadcasts certainly sound like a lead, as we've reworked a bit how they work internally to reduce the amount of overhead from playing broadcasts. Thanks for flagging it! We'll see what we can find and I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, does quitting the game to Windows and restarting help fix the issue?
  8. I can't pick up a weapon straight to the weapon slot any more - so with a cricket bat, I had to clear a 2x3 area of inventory to even pick it up :-) Well, that's to be expected. As I discussed in the weekly update, it's a tradeoff between the less frequent operation (equip a weapon from a container) and the more frequent one (move things to/from a stash or container). Still, it could be improved some more, I'd like to allow switching between container and equipment views, but I don't have a good UI lexicon for this just yet. When hitting tab from picking up items (to see inventory, sort what to pick up) the items I'm trying to pick up aren't shown. Have to just pick up everything and drop what I didn't want. I've tried reproducing this to no avail. Contents of both corpses and containers (which have slightly different loot backends) show up in the container grid when I hit Tab from the quick loot window... Do you have any extra details that could help me reproduce this?
  9. That would most likely be because you greeted that bobby in the Wastes. Greetings are location based, not character based. I've already brought it up to @marc after a playtest session, but since it was rather low priority compared to some other update fixes, it was kept as is for now.
  10. Yeah, Crossfire is usually implemented by way of AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering), and UE4 has too many interdependencies to handle AFR well. It is entirely possible that DirectX 12 will improve this, but it'll probably be 2 or 3 UE4 versions before that will be mature enough to push out. Longer load times are to be expected, yeah, but my home workstation has comparable specs and can still load tolerably fast. (At least, tolerable for an alpha build, and bearing in mind that I tab out to do other things.) How long are we talking about here? However, the larger world size shouldn't have had that bad of an impact. A larger world will take more memory and take longer to load, but simulation and rendering is still very restricted to the area immediately around you. Could I trouble you to run the statistics commands described in this thread and send those files in?
  11. Hey @AirRaid, just letting you know I squeezed this into today's update: It should've been an option from the start, especially with sprint and crouch being streamlined that way. Let me know if you run into any issues!
  12. By the way, just letting you know that the aforementioned stash has been added and some of the shelters come equipped with it. All stashes share the same contents, so you don't have to worry about moving things from one shelter to the next! As a bonus, items in the stash can be directly crafted with, removing the need to do an inventory shuffle just to craft some items. Currently, the stash has some limited slots which will eventually be unlockable like other inventory slots, but for now there isn't an expansion item for it. I've also streamlined containers in general so they save their layout anyway. The looting screen has changed a bit as well, containers now take the place of the equipment section in order to allow quicker transferring of things to/from containers through right-click.
  13. Everyone is given access to the preview branch, you don't need to enter a code for it. It's not currently used and is the same as the main branch, which is why you're not seeing an update when changing to/from it. But from time to time, we'll push out some more experimental features ahead of time to that branch, with the added disclaimer that it might be unstable. Stick with the main one, unless we announce such an experimental push on the forums and you'd like to try it out.
  14. Hey @CONNCASEY, Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts (and the bug report as well)! There's a few things you mention that we've already addressed or discussed, so I'll go down the list: - Confusion about sleeping in the sewers in game – Would you mind explaining this concept as I am wondering how this will be incorporated in the game. Do you plan on having players sleep in these beds to restore a new mechanic “fatigue” (As of now the game does not have this mechanic) or to replenish health or as a save point later on? Beds in their current state are really just a placeholder that advances time without even affecting the player. But we've done a pass on it so that sleeping increases hunger and thirst albeit at a slower rate than staying awake), and it'll also be one of the safest ways to get rid of your Joy level (which we're also doing a pass on, the current effect is too short and uncontrollable). There's also fatigue in the works, but that will likely come once the day & night cycle is more meaningful than just a change in the sky and fewer citizens in the streets. - Recommendation of Saving – To improve the immersion of the game one recommendation is to have the player save in the sewer system instead of saving wherever. As well, naturally, once the player dies or “beats the game” then the save point would be reset. Yeah, the save should be removed once the game is "beaten", that's an oversight. But I'm not sure about restricting saving to shelters, that could be troublesome if someone just wanted to stop playing right away without having to head to a shelter. - Recommendation of Crafting Menu – In order to improve the immersion of the game another recommendation is to have time continue while in the crafting menu. An example how this reduces immersion is while in battle against five policemen with a thick suit I could potentially take three med kits in battle and defeat all of them. Since the player menu takes up the entirety of the screen, keeping time ticking while it's shown isn't very user friendly. But you're absolutely right that crafting and using items while in combat is absurd -- which is why I've made it so those things can only be done out of combat. This restriction will come in as part of the next update. - Recommendation of Biomes – As of now in We Happy Few there are three biomes. A recommendation that I have is to have a balanced amount of items, weapons and scenarios in each biome to allow the player to spend an equal amount of time in each biome gathering the resources required to escape. An additionally opinion is the biomes should not all be north of each other to increase chances of the game being replayed for longer duration of time. We've already went back to a 5 island layout, the 3 island setup was in order to for players on show floors to get as much as possible out of their limited play time. As for the allocation of resources, there's already a bit of that, where some important crafting items will only be available in the wastes or the village or vice versa. It'll come into play a lot more heavily once world progression is put into place and planning your resources will be an important part of surviving that progression. - Multiplayer Element – This is more of a question for the developers if they have plans of adding multiplayer in the game at any future time? It'd be nice to have, but extremely complicated. We're keeping it in the back of our minds but we'd rather focus on making the single player experience as well as story as good as we can in the time that we have. - A Classic Mode in the Final Version – This is for those who have heavily enjoyed playing the pre-alpha and wish to continue to play this type of game later on. This may be the sandbox mode mentioned on the Kickstarter page. If a developer could clarify this it would be appreciated. I'm not sure what you're referring to? If you mean having the game basically let you roam around for as long as you like, then yeah, this will be sandbox mode. - Recommendation of the ending – Since this game has one life then when you finish the game or die there could be a screen that appears showing statistics of your progress in the game. Yeah, I have definitely plan to add a "memorial" menu of sorts, where you'll be able to see previous deaths or successes as well as different tidbits of information on what happened in the game. Basically, something like Nethack's dumplogs (example). Being a text-based game, it's a bit easier for Nethack to do, but I'd like to have a lot of information in there.
  15. Maybe the consequence could be that the longer you maintain your joy high, the more of a hit your hunger/thirst takes. And also maybe you could only "re-up" a limited amount of times. The hit does scale to the level of joy you crashed from. As for limiting the number of times you can refresh the effect, that's why the meter doesn't go decrease by itself. The end result is that you can't take too many doses once the joy high is active, or you'll overdose. But yes, the problem with both of those is that the current thresholds are too low, so you don't have much of a margin to control either the crash or the dosage. I agree with that it needs some work on both duration and control. The joy effect hasn't been revisited since its initial implementation, and being a core mechanic, it's probably due for a second pass.
  16. @MattyMatt, it's not that hard to believe -- current gen consoles like the Xbone are nearly identical to PCs (albeit low spec PCs, yes), so a lot of the optimizations that are done for consoles can and do carry over to the PC version. You've actually seen this in action already, a fair amount of performance and load time improvements from the 6.2 and 6.3 updates come from just getting the build running on Xbox one. Yes, there is a point at which console optimizations are no longer possible and content needs to be downgraded. But we're using Unreal Engine 4, which is already designed to be scalable for both PC and consoles as necessary. It is entirely possible to cook console content with lower spec separately from original PC content, which rest assured we plan to do.
  17. You might've noticed a small update this morning. It's nothing too exciting, it was brought to our attention that the crash reporter did not work on Windows 10, so the update only fixes that. On the bright side, it should allow us to get more information about what crashes Windows 10 may have brought to the table.
  18. We did send out an update on August 10, which you might've received a bit late due to Steam updates sometimes staggering a bit. It was supposed to fix startup issues, though, not introduce them. I don't think FRAPS has anything to do with this... There's been a handful of similar reports of the game not even showing its splash screen, though I wonder if the problem lies with Steam or our game. Before attempting to start the game, bring up the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), go to the Processes tab and click on "Image Name" to sort the list by name. Scroll down around where G would be. Then try to start the game while keeping an eye on the task manager. If you see "GlimpseGame.exe" show up, then it's at least trying to start. Regardless of whether the game shows up in the Task Manager, it might've generated a log file which could help us figure out what's going on. Follow the directives outlined in this thread to reach the logs folder. If you have a fresh log file (i.e.: with a creation time corresponding to when you tried to start the game), do send it along to support@compulsiongames.com and I'll see if we can glean anything useful from it.
  19. Hey @SurelyExploding, We've had a few reports of the game not launching on Windows 10 recently... Unfortunately, the crash reporter also doesn't send out reports properly on Windows 10, so we're running in a vacuum until we can update the crash reporter. The issue has already been fixed on Epic's end and I'm hoping to send out an update of the crash reporter within the day, so we can at least know what we're dealing with. In the meantime, if you could follow the manual procedure for crash reports outlined in this thread, I'd appreciate it. As for fixes you could attempt on your end, I'm afraid all I have is the usual PC troubleshooting steps. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers? Being a relatively new release, the drivers that come with Windows 10 aren't super stable yet. I had to update mine at home, though not for reasons specific to our game.
  20. Regarding the keybinds, I pushed a change yesterday to address that. But in the meantime, you can actually edit those bindings. I've outlined the information in another post. Same goes for sprint, there is a keybind that toggles it instead of holding. But I forgot to put it in the UI, thanks for the reminder. Following the manual config edition directives, you can add the following mapping: ActionMappings=(ActionName="SprintToggle",Key=RightShift) (or whatever binding you'd like) I can't reproduce the sprint left thing... Is it possible that you're experiencing keyboard ghosting? Basically, some keyboards have hardware limitations on pressing certain key combinations due to the way their circuits are wired. Lastly, for interaction times, that's not really something that should be configurable because it has a direct impact on gameplay. For instance, if lockpicking were to be made instant, you wouldn't have to be careful doing it in the open. Same goes for corpse looting, there has to be a minimum risk element for sticking around near a corpse to loot it. We're definitely open to balancing the durations, however, so feel free to mention which ones you think are too long!
  21. By the way, markers have been changed from the placeholder exclamation marks. But yes, @erikvonriese is spot on: Points of Interests Encounters Up until recently, the map was mostly a placeholder with bare minimum functionality. I did a quick pass last week to make it more in line with the rest of the interface, which was included in the last update. Now that I'm mostly satisfied with what functionality is currently present, it'll be time to introduce new features and yes, custom map markers are on that list. There's quite a few other UI things that need addressing before then, though.
  22. Possibly both! A clean install might've fixed whatever was causing the resolution issue in the first place, and if not, the hotfix should ensure that it doesn't cause a crash. In any event, glad to know it's working now!
  23. Don't worry about the performance logs, we've been able to pinpoint some important bottlenecks occurring on AMD CPUs especially. You're seeing the result of this now, although there's still more work to be done on that front. Same goes for the crash report, it's most likely the one that happened when clicking the actual text of the Resolution option (rather than the drop down menu). You're correct that they won't have been uploaded, but now that the reporter is working, we do see pretty quickly if something crashes as frequently as clicking the Resolution text did. Thanks for following up though!
  24. @Gangrelcat, just letting you know I just pushed this change: It will make it in the next update. One thing of note -- the "Open Inventory" key when looting is in fact the Player Menu key, since that key is meant to contextually open the proper menu whenever something relevant happens. In the meantime, I'd like to point out that I lied by omission in my last post -- I'd forgotten that the keys for looting are already rebindable, just not through the interface. If you follow the procedure listed in this thread, you should be able to edit them. Take All ActionMappings=(ActionName="AcceptContainerLoot",Key=E) Close ActionMappings=(ActionName="DismissContainerLoot",Key=SpaceBar) Open Inventory ActionMappings=(ActionName="TogglePlayerMenu",Key=Tab)
  25. In the building with the alarm/fuses puzzle, I tried jumping over the dressers that were piled up as a barricade and then got stuck. Amusingly, I had some joy pills and ODed on those as a way out. After that the lighting stayed a bit strange and it was kinda hard to see where I was going, for a bit. Yeah, the method LDs use to turn off the global sky lighting inside the building is error prone. I haven't found an elegant way in the engine to block areas from being affected by the sky light, so they turn it off and on manually... Obviously you've stumbled on one of the ways it's not getting turned back on properly. You can really tank a lot of damage by pausing to heal up all the time Enjoy it while it lasts, I'm closing that loophole as I write this.
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