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  1. Hunger and thirst decrease a lot slower when sleeping (by 1/5, IIRC), so you noticed correctly. Bleeding or food poisoning do damage at their regular rate, however, so those are usually the killers.
  2. @sneelhorses, I wasn't aware of that particualr issue but given the nature of the inventory bug, it might have been fixed. The crashing probably occurred when the tap queried the inventory for a bottle to consume but that bottle was bumped out of the layout when losing its configuration. This happens on load, so if the game wasn't re-saved following this first happening, you should be good to go. If it was resaved, then it probably saved the "lost" bottle and will happen regardless.
  3. Hrm, the only thing I can think of is if you died in your sleep. If you go to sleep while bleeding or poisoned, or low enough on hunger/thirst and health that you run out, then your character dies in their sleep and come to think of it, we definitely could give more feedback about it. Does it happen all the time?
  4. Another hotfix today, which should address some of the considerable issues that would arise with the inventory after loading a save game. I also had previously forgotten to increment the save game version number with the update, so it wasn't showing the older version warning as it should. This has been fixed. Note that the warning will show even on saves from the new versions but before this hotfix -- these save games will work, but the ones older than the update are not compatible due to significant changes to the world generation format.
  5. @Ghretto, savegames dating from the previous update won't work with the latest version. There's been some important changes to world generation in order to pave the way for vastly superior street planning and building layout. Unfortunately, those changes aren't really reconcilable with older versions of the generated world. There is supposed to be a save game warning to that effect, but I forgot to increment the save game version -- oops! I'm preparing a hotfix for some inventory issues on savegame load that will also increment the save game version.
  6. Thanks for the save files, the problem should've been obvious all along but it jumped at me just from paying slight attention to the inventory loading. And, uh, it's embarrassing. Whatever inventory layout the player has when saving gets discarded on load, causing items to no longer fit the inventory and thus get ignored when querying the layout. Crafting queries the inventory directly, so when consuming components, the inventory tells the layout "hey I just deleted this" and the layout goes "go to hell I don't have this item" and explodes. You would think that someone would've noticed the more fundamental issue that layouts don't get loaded properly, but... here we are. The culprit is a hotfix I applied during last update to prevent a crash occurring with corpses. Thanks again for the help, I'll work out a hotfix hopefully for today, as soon as I figure out an alternate fix for the original issue.
  7. Hey @Numitron, I don't know if it was you specifically, but I was looking at a series of crash reports that closely match what you're describing. Is your desktop computer named "Animus" by any chance? That's the one I was looking at, though it's reporting an NVidia card rather than an AMD. Anyway, a bit of quick context -- I've written the inventory to be highly intolerant of invalid states during alpha. If something occurs that shouldn't such as, say, a container that has multiple items in the same location, a container that has more contents than it can carry, etc. the game will usually crash hard. Obviously this isn't very nice for the player, but this means we get crash reports and I can usually pinpoint the problem pretty easily. The alternative of allowing invalid states to exist could result in some items disappearing or other subtle but quite undesirable behaviours, and we won't know it's happening. Hopefully this will allow me to weed out all of these issues by the time we release. In any event, what I've noticed from the logfiles accompanying those crashes is that the stash in those games (a.k.a Personal Safe) somehow ends up containing more items than it can actually store. Once this happens, any game loaded will be unable to reconcile the contents of the stash and will crash randomly when certain inventory queries (such as crafting) occur. Sadly, unlike other inventory issues, I haven't been able to pinpoint what's causing the stash to do this just from the extensive logging I have going. I tailored the logging to be less spammy and more appropriate for this exact circumstance, so if you say it's still happening since the update, I'll definitely have a close look at our newest crash reports. Also, I wasn't aware that this was causing crashes with non-stash containers, that's also an interesting lead. If you happen to have a savegame exhibiting the issue right now, could you compress it and send it to me (camille@compulsiongames.com)? You should be able to find the save files in the game's saved directy by pasting %localappdata%\GlimpseGame\Saved in an Explorer window address bar. (Or navigate manually to Users, (Your username), AppData, Local, GlimpseGame, Saved). Inside the SaveGames folder, the save file is called GlimpseSave.sav.
  8. I just pushed a minor update to graphics settings, Medium shadow settings will now disable shadows from anything other than the sun/moon. See if that helps night time performance.
  9. Hm, the skylight trigger before the scenario was done when you crossed in and out of the side entrance, and that wasn't saved, which would explain why the skylight was back on when you loaded. But after the update, the trigger should be aware of whether you're standing in the scenario or not, regardless of saving/loading inside. I'll look into it, thanks for the heads up!
  10. @sneelhorses, There's actually a shelter on every island, if you weren't aware -- we want to encourage players to find this safe spot before going too far exploring. We're also planning to add some form of quick travelling between available shelters, though how this will be implemented remains to be seen. As for sleeping in owned beds, we've thought about it -- it would be an interesting tradeoff to get some shuteye and hopefully recover some or all of your fatigue. But it would have to be done in a fair fashion and communicated clearly, so that being woken up mid-sleep doesn't become an instant death sentence. It'd also have to pull the player out of the bed somehow, because combat is very awkward for both the player and the AIs on a bed. All in all, it's a lot of considerations and we want to do it right instead of putting in half measures.
  11. @Frost, Feel free to mention what you like anyway, it helps us know whether we're moving in the right direction. I definitely understand the difficulty of balancing needs -- what I've personally found is that it's easier to scrounge up maybe two or three canteens in the Garden District and then just move on to the village... Where food is plentiful and you're highly likely to find charcoal from raiding just one or two houses. Sometimes it's not even possible to find that many canteens in time, though. It's too random, as I've mentioned in your other thread, and that's a surefire sign it needs improvement. As for the FPS drop, have you noticed if it happens both in the Village and the Garden District? One of the riskier things we've done is enable shadows on the Bobby headlamps at night, which makes the effect much more dramatic, but also makes those lights extremely expensive. Since there are no Bobbies in the wastes, it shouldn't be as bad but it might still have an impact. Also, if it happens at Low settings (with custom settings, Low Shadows specifically), then I'm definitely worried because Bobby lights should not even be turned on at that setting, let alone cast shadows.
  12. @Frost, do you mean a legend? It's definitely in the works, along with custom markers. I'm on a UI push right now and although other parts of the UI are more pressing, the map is shortly after. We want it to be more reactive so that markers on the map are updated dynamically as you interact with the world and its encounters.
  13. @Frost, we pretty much agree. We're working on redesigning loot tables so that they are: 1. More consistent: Looking in the same kind of location such as a campfire, a bathroom closet, a kitchen closet, etc. should consistently yield similar results. Yeah, there should be a bit of randomization, but it does get tedious to rummage through a pile of crates just for a rotten apple. 2. More localized: Certain things should only be available in the Garden District, some in the Village, etc. to encourage the player to explore the different biomes in order to find better foods, better drinks, crafting components and stock up on them for later. It's no small endeavour and will require quite a bit of design and programming effort to actually put in place, so don't expect it too soon... But don't worry, it's absolutely on our list, the survival loop currently just isn't robust enough to make for good, replayable gameplay.
  14. Hi everyone! This update introduces a new, robust day and night cycle throughout all aspects of the game. The visuals of each day period has been redone and improved and the transition between is much more dramatic. Since the night also comes with some gameplay hazards, be sure to prepare or hide once twilight comes. The visual effect of Joy was also revisited and should give you a happy idea of what goes on in the minds of the citizens of Hamlyn! Just be careful not to crash, because the world looks positively terrifying when it happens. We also fixed a number of issues you guys were kind enough to bring up to us on these forums. We’ve also made several changes aiming to improve the pacing and flow of melee combat. Jump right in! Or if you’d rather have a taste of the changes, the detailed list is as follows: Environment • Implemented new day, twilight and night lighting conditions. • Exterior lights and the rainbow road either turn off or dim according to the time of day. • Added vistas and mountains in the distance. • Polished and adjusted the lighting for shelters and residential buildings. • Fixed textures around intersections. • Fixed issues with some shelters and the Odds & Ends scenario being too dark in low graphics quality settings. • Fixed decals such as posters and leaves popping on top of foliage. • Fixed certain trees not having collision. • Fixed incorrectly oriented light on some TV sets. Gameplay • Implemented a curfew at twilight, announced by Uncle Jack. • Wellies stop wandering outside when night time comes. • Bobbies patrol the streets at night and turn hostile on sight. • Added a headlamp and accompanying visual effect to bobbies at night. • Fatigue and Sleeping introduced. If you do not sleep, your maximum stamina drains over time. • Improved the behaviour and detection of player mantling. • Changed the suspicion behaviour of NPCs: • Removed the suspicion icons on top of AIs. • NPCs communicate their states more clearly through animation and sound. • NPCs will take longer to turn from suspicious to hostile. • Added the ability for some NPCs to block certain attacks. • Wellies can now engage in fisticuffs. • Improved player unarmed combat collision detection to better match its visual range. • Injured NPCs now cower away from the player before attempting to run away. • Reduced the amount of NPCs that can engage the player in melee combat at once. • Greeting a NPC will apply its full effect at the end of the line but suspicion will not increase while it plays. • Greeting someone makes them turn towards you. • Regular NPCs no longer run into houses when alarms launch; only bobbies do. • NPCs can now climb through open windows. • Bobbies can no longer be stunned by rocks or bottles. • NPCs now have proper English names. Audio • Reduced frequency of ambient player character lines. • Reduced the frequency of grunts during combat. Arthur no longer talks while he fights. • Bobbies now whistle while patrolling. • Fixed area based greetings (no more Wastrel greetings to Bobbies). • Balanced audio levels to better hear certain barks. • Improved audio attenuation and occlusion to help differentiate when AIs are behind walls or on different floors. • There are occasional emergency public address systems in the wastes; removed them from the village (in lieu of Televisions). UI • Suspicion HUD indicator changed to only show suspicion of neighbouring NPCs. • The overhead AI icon displays their current health instead of suspicion. • Right clicking to equip items will attempt to swap with first slot if all slots are full. • Inventory now allows swapping items of different sizes. • Added some tips while the game is loading. • Fixed main menu items not getting properly focused when using the gamepad. • Fixed crash when switching between keyboard+mouse and controller after having closed the stash. • [HOTFIX] Fixed previously looted containers not registering changes after loading save game. • [HOTFIX] Fixed inventory and stash losing their ordering and layout after loading save game. • [HOTFIX] Fixed crashes when inventory items were removed from the layout by the previous issue after loading save game. • [HOTFIX] Fixed crash when performing certain swaps across different inventory sections. Miscellaneous • Fixed a random crash that would occur as NPCs were activated or deactivated.
  15. @paulecoyote, 1. Yeah, the Low quality setting for Shadows was badly tuned -- it disables most dynamic lights and the shelters were not designed around it. This should be fixed in the next update, which I'm about to push out. 2. Thankfully, UE4 makes it pretty easy to target different platforms without having to remake a bunch of assets. But we're not ready to commit some time tuning a Mac version. 3. By briefcase thing, do you mean one of the inventory expanders? Double click doesn't equip/move, it uses, so is it possible that you just consumed the expander?
  16. @Frost, @Wilson is correct. The crash itself draws suspicion more than just being off Joy, so you have to be careful about your timing. It doesn't actually lower over time, however -- there's a single crash and that's it. As for the threshold itself, if the world looks happy and bright, then you're good to go. It's a binary state, there's no "partially on Joy". I did notice while playtesting the update that the bridge Joy detector seems to go off even if you're on Joy but with a low amount of drug -- that's a bug I will need to address. But the current Joy effect is a quick and dirty prototype we crunched together very fast as a proof of concept... It's not up to par for what is supposed to be one of our core mechanics. We do have an improved design in the works and I'm hoping to get it in sooner than later so we can balance and experiment with it, but other priorities might push it back a little bit.
  17. Hey @jbond1010, The bumper buttons for activating secondary items (bandages, food, etc.) maybe need to not be "instant use" and have a 1-3 second delay of holding the button down to activate. Hmm, do you mean using from the inventory or within the world? If it's the latter, the problem with a general approach like this is that it makes controls less responsive -- so in the event that you do want an instant use item, you end up having to wait for a buffer period before it kicks in. Not all items are instant use, though -- that is up to the item itself. It does seem strange that a bandage would be instant use, however, given the amount of time it normally takes to apply a bandage. Plus, bandages aren't really meant as an emergency heal item as much as a counter for bleeds. That could use some tuning! The rotten apple does have an interruptible animation delay, though -- using it within the world shouldn't be instant. Which is why I was wondering if you meant using it from the inventory, but the inventory use button is X, not either of the bumpers. As for the pump thing, I investigated it -- how long did you keep drinking and "stay alive"? The health bar continues slightly behind the health icon, so that there is still a tiny amount of health when it seems depleted. I kept drinking from the pump regardless and died a second or two after the last sliver disappeared.
  18. @Hidude That was one of the weirdest spam posts I've seen in a while. Do pardon me if I deleted it nonetheless.
  19. The shelters are indeed quite dark, and this is made even worse on low quality due to some eye adaptation simulation that's not being done. It's been bothering me for a while, hopefully we can tune it in passing while we figure out our new lighting conditions for the day & night cycle.
  20. 11915 is currently the latest version, so you're fine. And while it does look conveniently like a date, that's just a coincidence -- the version tag is just our internal source control version number, which happens to look like 11-09-2015 for this release. As long as you have Steam automatic updating enabled (which is the default), you should receive updates automatically shortly after we release them. I believe the next one is slated for early next week, so stay tuned!
  21. @seislund That's one of Microsoft's redistributable libraries. Normally Steam is supposed to detect when you don't have it and install it before first running the game, but that fails sometimes. You can install the redist manually by downloading it from Microsoft's website. Alternatively, if you'd like to avoid a download, you can navigate to your game folder under your Steam install directory, the SteamApps/Common/Glimpse/Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us and run the UE4PrereqSetup_x64.msi file there, which includes most redistributables including the aforementioned one.
  22. I guess this is somewhat along the same lines; I crafted a psychotropic syringe and injected a Wellie, and they just instantly turned on me. Is this the intended reaction, or are there plans in the future for a more tranquilizing effect? If that's the intent, I guess the purpose this serves is lost on me. It was a one-on-one situation, would there be a different reaction if it was among a crowd? Would they recognize us both as Downers and attack us both? In theory, using a psychotropic on a Wellie has the same effect as on a player -- it yanks them off their Joy. The end result would be a panicked new Downer drawing the ire of his friends. It is actually possible to have this happen right now by kiting the hostile Wellie to someone else, but you have to do so without drawing suspicion yourself, which is really not practical. We do have a plan to improve that functionality, but it's unfortunately not a priority for the Night update. It's really nice to know it's being considered though, since it just always seemed a bit disheartening. Having the option is always a nice bonus (even if it's small, thinking of Bioshock's 'save' or 'kill' with the Little Sisters). Oh, yeah, like Bioware morality: "Press X to help old woman across the road, Press Y to kick box of kittens".
  23. You're not alone in this -- for now, the takedown animation is rather ambiguous and leaves it up to your imagination whether you're killing them or or just knocking them out. We're definitely keeping in mind the idea of allowing a "pacifist" playthrough, but officially supporting it (i.e.: with an achievement or the like) means we have to make sure every gameplay situation has a non-lethal alternative. While we're making sure not to have our gameplay seem over the top lethal (think of Bioshock Infinite's brutal sky-hook attacks), we're not committing to it until we have an entire playthrough fleshed out.
  24. @SecretsofManna I did note those issues in our tracker and thanked @CONNCASEY in a separate thread. I should probably have mentioned it in here though. I'm working on a public Trello board where these known issues will be available. We do plan to fix and polish the climbing functionality, it started out with only one possible climbing height and our level design has varied a lot since. There are some issues where ledge detection chooses a ledge behind the player rather than in front, with rather jarring results. Just to clear things up, when you say you were stuck, was it because you were crouching or is that a separate issue? Climbing frequently ending in a crouch is something we're aware of and is part of the aforementioned polish pass.
  25. I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to here? I went through the different screens in 1280x1024 and while there was some clipping in the crafting screen that I'll have to fix, I couldn't find any health bars going off screen. Could you provide a screenshot of the issue?
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