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  1. This is normal. How do you think I made the place so dark? The sky light gets turned off whenever you enter.
  2. Hello @oliviadgrace, I took a look in between PAX demo preparations and tried reproducing this issue. I tried putting some duct tape into the stash in every conceivable way (stacked, non-stacked, quick move, manual drag, etc.), saving, loading, etc. but couldn't get it to happen. This sounds like something that might happen in an especially busy stash layout but then I don't see how it would specifically affect duct tape. Now, I'm not saying the inventory is perfect, which is why I'm currently logging all inventory transactions in detail in the debug log. If you get this problem to happen, could you by any chance send me one such log to camille@compulsiongames.com ? The easiest way to get to the log is by typing %localappdata%\GlimpseGame\Saved\Logs in the address bar of a Windows Explorer window -- the latest file in there after quitting should be the correct log.
  3. The 20:00 - 23:00 performance is easily explained - Twilight does not have direct lighting, so no shadow mapping is being done, which vastly improves quality. I don't know about the butcher shop, though. I'll see if anything stands out. The changes to graphics quality I made last update weren't well balanced, next update should help that a bit. In the meantime, try out "r.DistanceFieldAO 0" in the console while on Ultra, it's one of the more expensive settings and we're not certain yet whether we'll keep it.
  4. Outdoor sources of light or light used outside causes everything around it to get incredibly dark, to the point it's near impossible to see. Yeah, that's what I expected. Unfortunately, a lot of our night lighting values were set with no external lights and eye adaptation enabled, so they'd look right once the "eye" is adapted. But as soon as you have an external light source in the scene, the eye adaptation kicks in and overcompensates for that added light. Very much like the human eye losing night vision when exposed to bright light, except it's currently way too intense. Ironically, the torch makes this problem worse by virtue of triggering this problem. We've been working on addressing these extremes in lighting, but since it's been slowly creeping in with every bright material added to the game, it's going to take a bit of time to fix all of these cases. Sam is concerned that there may be a separate bug where everything is dark regardless of external light sources -- if there is such a bug, I'd definitely want to figure out where it's coming from since that would fall more into my (programming) purview than art issues.
  5. Hey again @lucigen, Just some replies on your concerns regarding the inventory: - i like the new crafting thing, but I'm having a ton of trouble managing my inventory. Especially with suits taking 6 spaces, and the frustration of crafting materials not taking up the spaces the materials previously occupied. When I dont know what items are good for what i carry more than I need in hopes of finding recipes which doesn't feel like the intent. A few things: - You don't actually need to have items with you to discover recipes. As long as you had it in your possession in the past, it'll count towards discovery. So you can safely stash everything that you don't actually need in the wild without fear of losing discoveries. - You also don't need components in your inventory to craft. Stash contents are considered when crafting, so all those grey items can go straight to the stash and you can access them ~magically~. - I agree about space used by crafting components not being "freed" when considering crafting. Unfortunately, it's not a simple problem to solve, especially if you have multiple instances of the same components floating around. I'd basically have to flag everything somehow as "temporarily free", and if removing some of those temporarily freed items would actually allow crafting something, then favour those items first and foremost. It's absolutely mandatory on my list to fix this QOL issue, but it'd take a bit of time to get it right and I'm still tackling lots of other features. - Beyond the added variety of items, inventory management is especially painful right now since inventory expansion items were dropped from the loot tables during the loot table revamp. Don't worry, I have assigned dunce caps to the designers responsible. In the meantime, feel free to use the UnlockInventory console command, I won't judge you for it.
  6. Hey @Hidude, I noticed this issue a little while ago and fixed it, though it didn't make it in time for the update. Basically, if you attempt to use a toggleable item (aka "gadget", such as the gas mask, sneaking shoes) within the inventory, the character is locked in interaction state until you stop interaction by toggling the item off... Which can't be done since you're currently "interacting" with the item. The goal of these gadgets is to be equipped through the quick slots, giving a tradeoff between having an ongoing bonus vs. having an easily accessible item, and the UI wasn't properly reflecting this restriction. I fixed it so that the inventory only allows using gadgets that are in the quick slots, and toggling on a gadget that's actually in a quick slot doesn't get the character stuck. This will make it in the next update, until then, what you can do is move the item to your quick slots before using it through the in-game use key.
  7. @wehappyfew2u, That message is usually displayed by Windows when the graphics driver crashes for some reason and Window does an emergency recovery of sorts. It's an issue in the driver rather than the game and not something we can do much about. You can try updating your drivers as suggested by the message. You should be able to find the appropriate driver for an Intel HD 530 on Intel's website here. Get the 64-bit .exe version and run it to install an updated driver.
  8. Hey @Marcel_von_Heyking, I'm going to venture that you might not be using a US keyboard layout? The ~ key on these keyboards is located differently from most international keyboards. But the engine autodetects most (but not all) international keyboard dialects and attempts to rebind the appropriate key... Just to double check, make sure you're pressing the key that is in this location in your keyboard: If that doesn't work, then the engine might not know of that particular keyboard layout. I know for instance that the corresponding key (§) on Scandinavian keyboards isn't even handled by the low level input code, so I was unable to update Unreal's input to handle those. If this is the case, then I'm afraid the only remaining solution would be to enable US keyboard layout in Windows and switch to it so the engine recognizes it.
  9. If the quick slot display is blue in the HUD, that means it's turned on. But the flashlight doesn't work on Low settings (specifically, Low Shadows) -- this setting is aggressive and uses a special rendering mode that ignores all dynamic lights, including the flashlight. In order to compensate, areas that are so dark that the flashlight is mandatory have a slight ambient lighting applied on low settings. That's definitely not an optimal solution, though -- we'll have to see what we can do, but the low light quality mode changes a lot of things in order to squeeze out as much performance as possible so it's not a trivial task. As for crashing, are you getting the crash report window? If so, do include an easily recognisable tag (i.e.: @camille or @thomascomics) in the user comments before submitting and I'll take a closer look at it...
  10. @Nellie That'd be a bit spammy for certain ingredients that are used in lots of recipes, so it actually unlocks a single random recipe. As Sam mentions, it's a quick prototype and we might refine this to have better control over which ingredient unlocks what recipe, in which order, etc. @thomascomics Now, big mea culpa: We had noticed that recipes didn't unlock properly and had prepared a hotfix where we just unlock them all. I was supposed to have pushed this hotfix on Wednesday, but I was tired and must've missed one of Steam's many "Are you sure you want to update the branch!?" prompts and not actually done it. I realised my mistake once I saw this post and went ahead and actually pushed it. The good news is, since this is just a minor revision, savegames shouldn't be affected, so any existing save will just load with all recipes unlocked, allowing normal progress and crafting.
  11. Hey there, It can be hard to tell what's going with Steam sometimes. Is there an update pending by any chance? We pushed a new update this week, and sometimes Steam doesn't start game updates right away, or doesn't realize there is one. Restarting Steam might help, or restarting your computer. Barring that, there's always a files repair or a reinstall as a last resort.
  12. @Vercci: Look at it this way -- a program crashes when its software or hardware encounters something it isn't able to handle and cannot resume normally. Even if we were able to escape this situation and long enough to save the game state, it is entirely possible that saving at that point would also save whatever invalid state that caused the crash in the first place. To put it simply, it'd be a lot of work and I'd rather just fix crashes so they don't happen! Do you remember anything about the moments leading up to the crash? If you get a crash again, feel free to tag it with @Vercci or something to that effect in the report comment and I'll take a closer look at it. On the other hand, an autosave option would be nice, it's just that saves currently hitch the game for a short while on most machines so I'll have to take the time to give proper feedback that the game is saving.
  13. I just submitted a hotfix to Steam which should address the savegame loading issue.
  14. I just submitted a hotfix to Steam which should address the savegame loading issue.
  15. Yeah. The scripted light that was used in the Odds and Ends for so long was unstable and finnicky. Since we were supposed to make a craftable torch anyway, it seemed like the easier fix. Also, I just submitted a hotfix that addresses the crash on savegame load.
  16. Also, the torch never pawned in my An Odd End scenario, and I'm playing in medium settings. Try looking in your crafting menu. It's true the amount of houses has been adjusted a bit but it's mostly layout making them seem scarce. Between the more uniform distribution and the alleyways making it harder to reach the back door of houses, it can seem like there aren't many houses reachable. This is a work in progress, we'll definitely tune it.Iin the meantime, houses are unlocked to mitigate this somewhat. Thanks for reporting the aggro issues and invisible wellies, they're a recurring issue with many different causes. I think I know what caused the aggro in your case -- do you remember if it was night time when it happened?
  17. Hey @Salios, That sounds more like an issue with Steam than We Happy Few... Seems to be a common issue from a cursory search and randomly happens with other games. Do you have any other Steam games and do they work properly?
  18. @melhadf, I'm not sure what's going on, Steam locking up might not be related to We Happy Few at all. If no user data folder is getting created then as you say, it might be failing before the game even starts up. Do you have any other Steam games and do they launch properly?
  19. @Shibou It turns out that two of those Bobbies were actually a 100% case for reproducing an inventory crash I'd been trying to hunt down in the wild. We've all just been sneaking past them so looting them was never an issue. I was able to figure out the issue and hopefully that should take care of all cases. Thanks for bringing it up!
  20. I: Inventory M: Map B: Crafting J: Journal (when it makes it in) There's also entries in the controls to remap these defaults if you want. But 1-4 will conflict with the holster/quick slot selection defaults since the menu keys exist both inside and outside of the menus.
  21. @Riverstyx, thanks for the report! That sounds like an issue I had attempted to fix a while back and had to rework differently when it turned out my fix was breaking save games. I guess the new fix doesn't cover all possibilities -- I'll get back to the drawing board and try to reproduce it.
  22. @Jon1renicus, Hmm, I'd readied a fix for a specific inventory swapping issue, but it seems like said swapping issue might be even more generalised than I thought. I'll verify that it also fixes right-click swapping and push it as a hotfix if it does. EDIT: Yeah, it looks like one of the workarounds I had to redo caused this more generalised issue to arise. The swap fix takes care of this, though, so hotfix pushed.
  23. Yep, Marc already restored the green indicator when we discussed it on Friday. The yellow/red will still only show up if NPCs are actually suspicious or hostile (as opposed to the previous behaviour of broadcasting the suspicion you're "emitting"). I'm trying out combinations of saving, reloading, entering and leaving the odds & ends shop to see if I can get the problem to happen. But I think I'd rather see if we can roll out a craftable Flashlight real quick, I'm not a fan of the current half measure, evidently it's not exactly stable. Edit: Upon quick inspection, yeah, the fuses rerandomize each time you save & load. That should be an easy-ish fix. Can't get the light issue, however. And I saw your screenshot in the screenshot thread, the dead wellie in the chair is casting dynamic shadows, so yeah, that's High/Ultra settings.
  24. @sneelhorses, I've managed to reproduce a crash by swapping a 2x1 item onto the bottom half of another 2x1 item. Not exactly like what you describe, but most likely related. Thanks for the report, I'll introduce a fix on Monday! @Nellie, We're definitely considering changing the day duration, at least temporarily. The current duration was chosen according to our target playthrough length with regards to the world progression, but since we don't actually have a world progression in place yet, this is somewhat moot.
  25. Hey @Ghretto, The change to the HUD suspicion indicator is intentional. As per the patch notes: Suspicion HUD indicator changed to only show suspicion of neighbouring NPCs. It used to show the suspicion you were recently broadcasting, except if someone was suspicious or hostile, which took over. This was a bit of information overload and people were getting confused, so we simplified it to only show the suspicious/hostile part. But now that you mention it, having the green indicator was a nice way of telling if you're doing something that "actively" blends you in. In a certain fashion, that means means the NPCs are even less suspicious than usual, which does fit the simplified indicator scheme to an extent. As for the darkness, it's not supposed to be completely black, the player should activate a personal light when entering the scenario. What graphics settings are you playing at? By the looks of it, more than Low, but just in case: Low quality (Low Shadow quality in particular) disables dynamic light, which used to make it pitch black since the personal light wouldn't work. As a fallback, I enabled some amount of ambient lighting while inside the scenario. Did you save and reload while inside the scenario? The personal light is enabled when entering the scenario, and I don't think it's been properly flagged to be restored in save games, which would mean it's turned off when going back in. I suspect the multiple fuses might also be a side effect of saving repeatedly. Eventually we're going to have a craftable flashlight of sorts, but this light is a stopgap measure in the meantime.
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