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  1. @BlizzardVixen We've pushed an update this afternoon that seems like it might address what you're describing. Certain users were unable to start the game due to their Windows installation missing some essential files. We now push these files alongside the game just to be safe. On the bright side, if this fixes it, then the problem isn't the AMD hardware.
  2. There's no reason Steam should've downloaded any VR software with our game, we don't support VR and haven't flagged it as supporting it either. Feel free to uninstall it if you don't need it. It's hard to tell, but what you describe could be a graphics Timeout and Display Recovery, where the GPU driver somehow encounters an unexpected error and Windows attempts to just reset it to recover. One thing to do would be to make sure your drivers are up to date -- We Happy Few uses Unreal Engine 4, which is fairly advanced. Another suggestion would be to run the game in Fullscreen Windowed mode (as opposed to plain Fullscreen). The game will remain in the background when you alt-tab out, but it doesn't cause it to lose focus and reset as tabbing from fullscreen does. This might work around whatever the GPU is hiccuping on.
  3. You can enable the console by adding "-console" to your game startup options. Assuming you're using steam, you'll find those in Properties > General > Set Launch Options. Once that's done, you can bring up the console in-game by using the backtick ( ` ) key.
  4. @weunhappyfew There is a known bug where saving with the Plague effect will force it to lapse when reloading, which is indeed what put you in dying state. Unfortunately the only workaround for now is to try to cure the effect before ever saving. If you enable the console, you can use "heal" to remove it -- technically that's a cheat, but there's no guilt about working around a bug...
  5. We do have more videos in the works - it was a Kickstarter stretch goal after all!
  6. Good eye! It's working as intended, though - after the first playthrough, we assume the player knows how to craft (I.e.: the initial lock pick) and save them the trouble of doing it again.
  7. Also, I had no idea about full stamina depletion triggering a hunger and thirst rate multiplier. It's just a more technical way of saying "Fighting, running, jumping and other physical exerting tasks also causes Fatigue to drop quicker."
  8. There's a search, but our web design team hid it for some reason... I've been meaning to readd it but the game takes priority for now. You can find it here, just be warned that the search text is white on white since it wasn't styled properly: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/search
  9. I was forwarded your message to Clement -- but it seems as though @Iris_Lockspur already has most bases covered. Off the top of my head, running out of stamina doubles hunger and thirst rates until it goes back over 20%. Mild Joy reduces hunger and thirst rates by 50% and increases to 100% (no thirst or hunger) at higher tiers as you take more Joy. But the crash will always deplete 1.5x more hunger and thirst than you should've had if you had not taken Joy. There are no other variables at play that I can think of at this time.
  10. Hmm, I do recall seeing an outfit that could be crafted to protect from electricity.
  11. @mefionir If localization happens earlier than release date, there's no point in holding it back for sure! But we'll want to wait until our game text is a bit more finalized before committing to this.
  12. I would like to also have a counter that indicates to me that time is when I'm around, rather than knowing just when I go to bed. There's already an option for this in the Game & HUD options. The default should've been Always On, but it's currently Timed Fade.
  13. i don't understand how a developer can sleep at night knowing that they released an embarrassment of a game like this. I sleep at night because I'm exhausted after working a 14 hour day to push fixes. I sleep at night because there are people out there capable of providing feedback beyond "your game sux and is garbage" and I'd rather cater to those people. I sleep at night because this is Early Access and I need to be rested to complete all the work to be done before we can actually call it finished. I sleep at night because I don't feel that someone calling himself "@wehappyfewsux" in my own community forums is worth losing sleep over.
  14. Hey @gnostalgia, This is all very well worded and thought out, thanks for writing this out. There does seem to be some consistent feedback that hunger and thirst are too fast. Perhaps we've just gotten used to it on our end, especially given how easy it is to cheese hunger by just wolfing down rotten food and a neximide pill. I personally feel that it might also be a question of feedback -- the icon reappears at a fairly high threshold, and even though I know it doesn't really mean anything until I hit 20% in a given need, it does put pressure to get rid of the icon somehow. Watching Uncle Jack, like anything else in the game, is supposed to be a tradeoff decision that you make. As a Downer without the pleasant embrace of Joy to make you forget to eat and drink, it is supposed to be harder to justify sitting down to watch the telly. But we also want players to be able to enjoy the shows without gameplay pressure, the simplest solution for which would be to just add them to some theatre menu. This'll come later as we'll also need to provide higher definition versions of the videos currently used in-game. As for RNG, getting hit by the occasional bad roll is supposed to be a part of roguelikes. But well balanced roguelikes will have alternate ways of getting what you need. In some aspects, I feel we're going in the right direction but I agree there are still lots of places where the player is being funneled through a single route with no alternatives.
  15. We haven't done any work yet on controllers outside of the baseline support that comes with Unreal Engine 4. That said, it is designed to be "controller agnostic", so Dual Shock would work just like XInput if it were detected properly. We do want to support Dual Shock and likely the Steam controller too, so expect more to come on that in a later update.
  16. Points of interest will appear on the compass before you actually "discover" them and add them to the map, as a way to let you know there's something interesting in that direction. Those hints look like outlines, and become solid when discovered. That said, there are some bugs with dig spot markers but I haven't heard of issues with discovery.
  17. If I'm reading this properly, I'd be very interested to know how you managed to retain items past the prologue -- you do interact with power cells in the prologue, but all of those items are discarded when being put into the world.
  18. I've made some changes recently to make the highlighted item scale up a bit and make the cursor highlight itself more obvious and with some minor animations. These should make it in by the next update. The delay on the tooltip was actually added later after a UX review so people can navigate the grid without having the tooltips in the way of the cursor. I'm not positive this is an improvement, however, so I might tone it down or at least make it "smarter" by only slowing down if navigating the grid quickly. Lastly, there's definitely some improvements in the works for the inventory to make items more easily identifiable. It's something that's becoming increasingly necessary as the amount of item types goes up, so I'll be looking to tackle both the item variety and the look in the inventory.
  19. Hey @meek, Unreal Engine does mouse smoothing by default, yeah. I just finished adding an option to the UI for this, but in the meantime you should be able to disable it by editing your Input.ini file (in %LOCALAPPDATA%/GlimpseGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor) and adding the following section: [/script/Engine.InputSettings] bEnableMouseSmoothing=false
  20. Yeah, there's an option for it in the Game & HUD options. I thought I'd made the default to be always on instead of timed fade -- I just corrected that. Thanks for the reminder!
  21. I think all the items should be color-coded by their use. So, like, drink items could be Blue, Food could be Yellow, Weapons could be Red, Equippables could be Green, and pure crafting materials could be Grey. This has been on the table for a while, and we sent out a user survey during Kickstarter backer alpha. There's some unforeseen issues like red items registering as "broken" items rather than weapons. And having that many colours just plain out looks noisy. I want to get it right, but categorization is definitely in the works. Another thing that would make looting quicker and easier would be some tooltips while looting, and being able to pick individual items to loot without bringing up the entire Inventory. That's a bit contradictory -- the goal of the quick loot window in the HUD is to be able to make a quick snap decision about looting or not looting without losing control of your character while it's up. If you need full control over the looting process, that's what the inventory loot is for. Maybe show what tools can be created with the loot that is found before it's picked up, or its stats if it's a weapon or something. I feel like that might be a bit heavy handed, but it could be prototyped... If anything, it'll tell us at a glance if something isn't very useful. It is a pain to see which item is highlighted or not. I actually implemented a new inventory highlight last week, it should make it into the next update. it would be really helpful if for quests I knew where I was going. Some of what you describe are just plain oversights or bugs with the quest tracking and map markers -- unless it's a trivial objective, most of them are supposed to have map markers. We've been fixing these over time, next update should be much improved on that aspect.
  22. Thanks for the detailed information guys, it seems as though we're thinking along the same lines. First, I want to point out that the status screen with bars was a temporary placeholder... It was meant to have more precise numeric values for all needs, which is now the case. The same icons are reused as the HUD for consistency, but the actual percentage value is shown underneath, including any bonuses for health (i.e.: fills up to 120% max instead of 100%). While the icons in the HUD are admittedly more of an approximation than bars, this is because the very presence of the icon and its colour is meant to indicate an issue, as opposed to showing current needs. Also, it was always my intent to have any HUD element be optional -- I implemented "Hidden / Timed / Visible" settings for basically everything now, including the status icons and the clock. Point by point: My biggest gripe with the new hud is that it is on screen all the time, youhave to keep eating drinking and sleeping to have a "clean" screen. The initial intent was meant to only have icons show while they have a gameplay impact, but this impact starts at 70% for most needs, so icons show rather early on. This will be adjusted for needs, namely fatigue: 3. Fatique is WAY too quick. I can go 12 hours on any given day without feeling tired at all, once you go 14-16 hours, should be where fatique starts, imo. This was relaxed a bit -- the full exhaustion cycle remains 24 hours, but the first penalty won't kick in before 12 hours. (Down from 8.) There's still some adjustment to be done here, though, since reaching 0 has no penalty and I honestly feel like it's possible to just survive indefinitely without sleeping (half stamina isn't that onerous to contend with). 1. It is not possible to tell anymore how high on joy you are, how close you are to an overdose. It just tells you how soon you'll be down again. It actually was never possible to see how close you are to an overdose! It was and still is a fuzzy/soft cap of short-term Joy intake that's meant to force the player to moderate their burst Joy consumption. That said, I think the mechanic isn't that fun right now and can't really be fully balanced until we implement the passage of time and degradation of the world, where losing time to an overdose would make it a much worse prospect. We'll likely be revisiting the mechanic significantly long term, but I'll see if I can make the feedback work better short term. 2. It seems much more difficult to visualize how much you need to eat or drink in order to fill up, without wasting resources. Food and drink items' effects are shown as stars, but like a horizontal bar which gives you a good impression of the percentage of your food-meter that will fill up by eating. BUT, the foodmeter itself doesn't give you a good sense of the percentage to which it is filled anymore. Tobexplain why I feel like the circle is worse than a bar (...) The percentage at which the circle is filled is the same as the bars were, really -- it's linear and doesn't scale to how "wide" the circle is at any given location. If the icon is half full, then that need is half filled. The HUD icons aren't meant to show an accurate measure of where a need is as much as a quick approximation at a glance. If an icon is red, then you probably should take care of that. If it's pulsing red, that's killing you. For any more accurate numbers, the status screen has actual numeric values. When in a troublesome situation you can't always just go into the menu to see the current level, so if you're already on it but something's happened and the Joy isn't fooling anyone (which has happened to me many times) and now that becomes a danger that can quickly spiral out of control. Which is exactly how it should be! Taking Joy is supposed to diffuse suspicion a bit, not be a magic silver bullet that makes Wellies permanently satisfied. Overdose, as mentioned above, is meant to prevent the player from taking quick bursts of Joy just to diffuse suspicion. If you still mess up despite being on Joy, then you're supposed to try other methods to conform. Now with every single need being one of those big circles it just gets cluttered very quickly if things really start going wrong. Also intentional -- when things are going well, you should have less icons than when things are spiraling out of control. But as mentioned above, the thresholds could be adjusted -- I'll likely reduce it to 50% instead of 70%. Also, we reduced the overall rate of thirst and hunger by 25%, so it won't be showing back up quite as fast. I also intend to sort the need status icons manually, so that health is always first, then hunger, thirst, etc. followed by actual status effects like bleeding or food poisoning. I've not really heard him complain about lack of food/drink, whilst never ceasing to point out his fatigue. Yeah, this was actually a bug -- the fatigue thresholds were 1 tier "early", so the callouts happened too quickly. We do have barks for food and drink too, but now that you mention it, I haven't noticed them in a while either. Oh and the clock. Give the clock back, why is it hidden outside of the sleep menu? It's actually on sleep and on day/twilight/night changes. But this was also addressed by the HUD options pass, it should be configurable now.
  23. Sam is right, although one version off. We're still on 4.10, and I recently got 4.11 working. As an example of "broken things", all our roads and terrain had stopped rendering. It turned out that Epic had added a single keyword to a base rendering function which our roads and terrain were missing, leading to them not getting included. But even though 4.11 is ready on my end, we're holding off on the upgrade until a later date when we can risk potential fallout from integrating it. By then, 4.12 will possibly be deemed stable by Epic, too.
  24. @Cloud25XD We pushed a patch to work around an issue with repeated save games -- it's possible that this also fixed your issue.
  25. @wellet24, @OG_Jester, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I actually agree the HUD icons feel generic compared to the rest of our UI... I didn't like the idea at first, but I have to admit it's grown on me. It is very toned down, but the purpose behind it was to make the HUD better at telling you what's wrong at a quick glance. Having the needs bars plus a status icon (and the masked lady, not my best idea) didn't register very well in focus testing, but after making the change, it was clear from our first prototype that this was better messaging. So I came to accept that sacrificing style over function is the right choice in this case.
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