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  1. You're probably playing with permadeath on. Pay attention to the options when starting a new game.
  2. We just pushed out a hotfix that addresses some of the more glaring and frequently reported issues. • Fix crash when consuming items while inventory is full. • Fix crash when respawning a second time with permadeath off. • Fix crash when accessing resolution list on certain multi-GPU configurations. • Fix crash when starting game on certain Steam installations. • Fix game mode information (Day & Time, Permadeath, Second Wind, Map status) getting reset on continue. • Fix player getting stuck in conversation mode when loading if on the diary step of "If You Give a Pig a Pancake". • Fix ghost not moving during "Walkabout". • Fix rare crash in video decoding. • Fix rare crash when carrying corpses. • Fix attempt for rare issue where terrain is invisible when continuing.
  3. Cannot get the game to launch. Ive seen a lot of comments above and in other discussions but all going back to 2015 whereas it now Dec 2016 and I'm running Win 10 with 16GB and Radion RX 470 Phenom x6. The links to update things go back to win 7 issues in 2015 and clearly my system is more up to date. Its there a suggestion as to how I can try to make it run? Thanks The information might be older, but it's still relevant for Windows 7. One thing you could try which might give us more information is to launch the game directly. First shut down Steam, then navigate to steamapps\common\WeHappyFew\GlimpseGame\Binaries\Win64 and run GlimpseGame.exe. Sometimes, for whatever reason, launching through Steam hides error dialog boxes which would otherwise tell us what's going on. If there's no error and the game advances far enough to create log files, then the Saved directory will have these logs as per Stephanie's directions.
  4. If you have two controllers plugged in it will try and read both at once. That's entirely intentional. We're not a multiplayer game so there's no sense restricting inputs to one controller -- you should just be able to use whichever one you happened to pick up. Exactly how does this make anything "rather difficult"?
  5. @tec is correct. The goal of the quick loot window that first shows up is to allow the player to loot at a glance without taking control away. If you want full control, you can bring up the inventory by pressing the player menu (TAB/Back) button while the window is active. We try to limit container contents to 1-3 items so you don't have to make that sort of decision too often, but that's not always going to be the case.
  6. Also maybe a more obvious "starting point" for said cursor while in the inventory would be helpful as well instead of the seemingly random placement of the cursor upon opening of the screen. It starts out precisely where you left it.
  7. Regarding Joy, we do want to do a lot more with it, a lot of which is actually fairly close to what you suggest! Hopefully we can make all of those ideas big enough to warrant their own big "Joy" update. But we're saving that for a later date, for now we want to improve the game off Joy before taking care of that.
  8. Back in my day we had to read up the lore on the game manual, or the quests might not make much sense at all. Many games did not tell us what to do whatsoever. So its funny when someone says "the npc told me what to do, but it doesnt help" haha. I dont mean to make fun of you in any way, it just gave me a genuine laugh. I actually sort of want to have a "Old School Mode" which disables a lot of the assist currently available in the game. Instead of having map markers, you'd have to figure out where to go for a given quest. But the current half-half situation isn't acceptable. What markers we have should be responsive and update properly with quests. That is the main focus of this coming update, along with quests breaking outright. There should already be a distinct improvement on the preview update. We have more fixes prepared but decided not to trigger another 1-2GB preview update, so they'll come in the actual "live" update.
  9. Hey @mefionir, Thanks again for this round of feedback! We're thinking along the same lines for a few of those and they are already on the feedback board. The needs icons not showing when drinking/eating above 50% is actually an irritating limitation of the implementation that I've really been wanting to work around, but have been putting off since it's not going to be an easy fix. That said, I do think it should be addressed sooner than later, so I've added it to the board too.
  10. That sounds like an issue that occurs when save data gets corrupted. The good news is we've addressed that scenario so it shouldn't crash when encountering corrupted data, and we've also improved some areas that should make save data less likely to get corrupt in the first place. In the meantime, you'll have to delete your save data, which can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%/GlimpseGame/Saved/SaveGames. -Camille
  11. Your save data likely got corrupted when your game initially crashed. The good news is we've addressed that scenario so it shouldn't crash when encountering corrupted data, and we've also improved some areas that should make save data less likely to get corrupt in the first place. In the meantime, you'll have to delete your save data, which can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%/GlimpseGame/Saved/SaveGames. -Camille
  12. Map markers staying active are bugs and for the most part should be addressed in the update. Tracking is also ready, as well as custom markers. I'm aware of scrolling being clamped while zoomed out, the reason for this is simply to avoid panning outside of the map's surface area. But this was done before the map reticle was added, and it's on my list to fix the reticle to work regardless of zoom level.
  13. I addressed this a while ago. You can see what it looks like on the feature tracker, it's already in the Steam update preview and will make it in for the Xbox One update next.
  14. Already done! You can see what it looks like on the feature tracker or, if you happen to be playing on Steam, in the preview branch.
  15. Still no change for the subtitles too small in 4k. Really come on Have you looked at the subtitle options? You might just be pleasantly surprised.
  16. But with all the bugs and slippery rooftops, im leaving second-wind on for now. This is essentially why second wind was added in the first place. Permadeath is fine and dandy, but permadying due to getting stuck in geometry and getting mobbed to death is not. It might not even be a bug as much as a balance issue. Or perhaps, like you said, you just get a bit too ballsy and/or greedy and suffer from it. The idea was that at least Second Wind would give you a chance to recover from these scenarios. Unfortunately, this also makes it hard to put limitations on the mechanic. We're trying to eliminate all bugs and imbalance so all deaths feel fair, but it's long road there. Until then, if we put a limitation on second wind like a cooldown, and the death that occurs during the cooldown happens to be unfair, the feature essentially failed.
  17. It's being worked on and should make it in for the next update. https://trello.com/c/JWXeharv/24-custom-waypoint-map-marker
  18. It's being worked on and should make it in for the next update. https://trello.com/c/JWXeharv/24-custom-waypoint-map-marker
  19. We've had a few reports of this and believe it's caused by save data being invalid in such a way that the game ironically crashes when trying to determine the save file's validity. We're trying to prevent this from happening and have already modified the saving process to be more robust and hopefully prevent these situations. In the meantime, in order for us to know what happened with your particular save files, would you mind sending them to us? 1. From your Windows desktop, press the Windows key + R together. This will bring up the “Run” dialog. Type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GlimpseGame and press Ok. This will bring up a File Explorer window showing the directory where the game stores its local data. You should see a folder called Saved. 2. Right-click on the Saved folder, select Send to and then Compressed (zipped) folder. 3. This will create a zip file called Saved. On your system it may be called Saved or Saved.zip depending upon your settings. If you can’t tell the two apart, look at the “Type” column and note the zipper on the icon of the compressed folder. Send this compressed zip to support@compulsiongames.com. Once you've sent in this in, you can delete or move the SaveGames folder from within Saved and that should hopefully fix it. If it doesn't, try deleting or moving the entire Saved directory. -Camille
  20. @Iothil, you're right. Losing manual buffs from softcore death is steep. It's also not supposed to happen. I've added it to our issue tracking board.
  21. Add -console to your launch arguments (Properties > General > Set Launch Options). That should make it accessible again.
  22. so maybe instead of humouring a negative comment you could maybe have a constructive conversation with ppl who are trying to give there best ideas to help We're listening. There is so much activity that it can be hard to respond to everything, especially given the amount of repetition there is. Unfortunately, when there are 10 new posts all saying the needs go too fast or other common issues, it's quite hard to distinguish wheat from chaff. As a result, we might not take the time to reply to every post and individual point (if I did, I wouldn't have time to work on the actual game!) and I apologize for that. But we're still listening. As a matter of fact, you'll find that essentially everything mentioned on this page has been collated on our feedback tracking board. It's 22:00 over here and I'm testing and wrapping up the quest tracking and compass indicator so it's ready by next Friday.
  23. The reason it's so short is because it essentially stops your needs for the duration, but those needs catch up proportionally when you crash. If you spent 15 minutes on Joy, that'd mean 15 minutes of food and drink condensed in 1 minute of crashing! We also want people to be able to have a decent amount of control over how long they want their Joy effect to be. This is easier if consumables give a small amount at a time. That said, there's been enough feedback to that effect, so we'll look into increasing Joy duration without making it too harsh or imbalanced.
  24. No, that's the first I hear of it. I'll give it a shot, thanks for bringing this up!
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