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  1. Thank you @Naila, glad you liked it Great one @Papermoon!
  2. What a wonderful way to announce your next game! I went totally crazy! I liked the incubus-mode trailer, run for your life dude! I'd like to remark the forced, unnatural atmosphere, that closes the trailer. The contrast between the happy background music and the (deadly?) shovel hit... well, that was creepy as hell. Again, another very interesting game from you guys, very looking forward to see more!
  3. Since i have fun making tons of games FanArts, this time I had fun playing with shadows, lights and again shadows. Here's my Contrast FanArt
  4. I'm playing Black Mirror. I love that kind of atmosphere
  5. Big dogs are often super soft to pet it's an anti-stress
  6. THIS is Sugar, he's not that fat, but he's heavy haha
  7. Compulsion games has a great story already (especially the new hole in the wall part, that was tear-jerking). Really looking forward for the 2015, it's a year all to live guys!
  8. Very nice! It's already recognizable a unique style, as Contrast had. I may be mislead by just two concepts, but i think that the new project atmosphere is quite less darker, while it still has personality. Can't wait to see what's next
  9. Hey guys, it's nice to be here I liked the old site, but it's safe to say that the new one is much more complete, and well designed too. Since i recognized the very good work behind Contrast, i've become a huge fan of you guys, man i love that game! and here i am, to bother you on your forum hahaha So, can't wait to see what Compulsion will bring us next Ciao from Italy! Luigi
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