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  1. @Naila @Otherbuttons In March I nabbed all the Club Nintendo codes I could from friends, and at the end was able to grab Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and The Wonderful 101. I just wish I had time to play them. T-T But yes, I can also vouch for the amazingness of Wind Waker HD. I loved the original, but this remake fixes so many of the problems from the GC version and looks sublime. DO THE THING, NAILA.
  2. @Kronur and @Naila - I'm really enjoying Life is Strange! I quite enjoy the episodic format, because I'm always involved in so many games that it's nice to be able to play bite-sized, two or three-hour chunks at a time as they come out. That said, I can understand the other side of the argument. Right now I'm playing Final Fantasy V (working my way through the marathon still... should be starting VI within this coming week!), Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Hyrule Warriors (will never stop playing this), and probably going to get back into Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 soon, what with Mewtwo and new tracks coming for those games respectively. YAY VIDEO GAMES.
  3. @Sam I was there too! The crowd was electric, and the Caps made us sweat the entire time they were batting. But man, that finale made it all worth it. 2 balls to go, 4 points needed to tie (and win), Elliot hits a 6, and fireworks go off. It was an incredible moment. The crowd just went batshit insane, and for good reason. So glad I was there to experience it.
  4. Generally I'm not too into sports. However, I'm an American living in New Zealand, and since I know Compulsion's very own @Sam is a Kiwi I just have to say this: GO BLACK CAPS. YOU GUYS FRIGGIN' ROCKED TONIGHT. Badasses, the lot of 'em. For the record, the Black Caps are New Zealand's cricket team, and tonight they won their place in the Cricket World Cup finals for the FIRST TIME EVER. More than that, they won it with ONE BALL REMAINING. For a guy who's not into sports, tonight was a momentous occasion.
  5. @JDick I have thought of streaming, yes, but I have zero experience with it whatsoever. I also don't have a capture card, and wouldn't even know where to begin with what kind to get, how to run it, or any of that stuff. Total novice. If you've any tips or pointers, I would happily take them. As for Ori, my review should go live this weekend - but honestly, just get it. It's a solid 9/10 for me, teetering on the edge of that fabled 10. Just amazing. And this is coming from a guy who typically doesn't get into platformers.
  6. Oh, and I got a new game for review yesterday that I've started playing too. I can't go into detail yet due to NDA, but let me just say you guys NEED to play Ori and the Blind Forest when it comes out. No joke.
  7. @J Dick (by the way, your username is awful because we can't tag you properly with that dang space!) I don't have a proper collection - I'm buying and emulating games I didn't previously own as I work my way through. Previously I'd played but never completed 3 and 10, played and beat 7 (many, many times), 8, 9, 12, and 13, and never played 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 14. I've heard the best things about IV and VI, and I'm really enjoying IV so far. I'm only about a dozen hours into it so far, but the characters are amazing. If you want to check it out a bit more, I've got weekly impressions and progress updates going up every Wednesday, and I live-tweet when I play, using the hashtag #RoadtoXVin15. I've got a central hub for all my progress RIGHT HERE.
  8. Just read the welcome thread and you answered my question there already. GO KIWIS WOO. -high five-
  9. @Sam I encountered my first white-tail spider last week. It was huge, and I was not a fan. I handled it, but I didn't like it. Also, NZ indigenous wildlife is much less deadly overall than Australian fare, so I'm pretty satisfied with being here. Also also, @Sam, are you from Canada or NZ?
  10. Oh, and good call on Among the Sleep, @DingoScales - another solid indie title! Contrast was hands-down my #1 top indie game of 2013, and Among the Sleep took that honor in 2014.
  11. Man, way too much. I've recently been into Pokémon Crush Saga - erm - Pokémon Shuffle, and have been playing Hyrule Warriors fairly consistently since it came out. All dat DLC. Mostly though I've been working on a Final Fantasy Marathon for this year. Since 2015 started I've played and beat FF1 (first playthrough ever), FF2 (first playthrough ever), and FF3 (second playthrough - first time beating it). I'm currently in the middle of FF4 (also first playthrough ever). SO. MUCH. GRINDING. Currently PUMPED to get my hands on Ori and the Blind Forest and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the FFXV demo next week.
  12. I am so crazy excited to hear more. I don't often get so pumped about specific indie companies, but you guys just totally won me over with Contrast. Can't wait for the next update!
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