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  1. I LOVE the Wastrels idea, and their desings are AMAZING!
  2. I think, this will be the first time I will support a Kickstarter project All of you are treating us so kind!
  3. Really really cool guys!! I'm so expecting!! I love so much colorful stuff but I like the most the dark side like the picture about foliage system he he he All my good thoughts for you!! (I don't know any expression in English to express this, maybe "cheer up!" but it's more for being sad, I think. So, If some of you know Spanish: ¡¡Mucho ánimo!! >u<)
  4. My favourite one is House on Fire too! (~ -u-)~ ♪
  5. REALLY?! Of course! Twitter, Instagram... whatever you want! It is an honor for me! >u< If you want to mention me... I'm @_MayuTsuki_ on twitter and @mayudreamer on Instagram xP
  6. Yeah I think so! But I think is not only the case of being different but also a social critique about the social control of the people
  7. Hehe I wonder... what about if Dawn ends in We Happy Few world? Maybe she would surrender to that situation (drugs and that stuff) I think she is stronger but... It's funny to imagine! So, here she is! -I can't put it smaller! ( )
  8. @Guillaume you make me happy!! Thank you a lot!! >u< I'm one of those "happy few" now
  9. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! >U< It seems spectacular!!!
  10. oh, thank both of you!! >u< Naila, in Animal Crossing New Leaf the mole doesn't annoy you! It's great!! Joshua, I hope your wife like them
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