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  1. I think it would be cool to be interviewed or call in to talk to Jack. For top donors most likely.
  2. I didn't think it was too hard, I think I just made some stupid decisions.
  3. I wrote out some more transcripts. I wasn't going to, but then I realized because I wasn't taking notes the only thing I really had was my experience. Hope it still helps! I tried opening the steam overlay while it the game was loading/creating, but it didn't work. When the game did load I started in the inventory screen and was unable to close it until the scripted events to start the game had ended. Anyways, back to the story... I wake up and look around the bunker. There are helpful words in the sky now. Maybe I've been taking too much of the ol' happy juice. I craft a lockpick. It crafts instantaneously, and I barely even realize it happened. I expected some sort of loading circle like when I loot people. Ok, I've definitely been taking too much. I go to leave the bunker and I am compelled to stop. I get the irrepressible sense that I have missed something. I look around once more and find a drawer I forgot to check. Woot, more loot! I leave and the same chap from last time gets it right in the face. 2 for 2 buddy, maybe tomorrow. I walk down the streets looking for a shop. I've been told there are some shops but I have yet to see one. I see an old lady walking down a street, so I take the other street. I notice this time that most trash bins have stuff in them and I am soon rolling in dirty used syringes and rubber bands. If only my mum could see me now! After several unremarkable B&Es, I break into a building and do the quick one-two-bam on the resident, giving him some sweet dreams. When I attacked him he seemed to temporarily become a wacky waving inflatable flailing arm man. It was no danger to me, but I don't believe arms and necks are supposed to bend that way... Or stretch that far... I start to explore the house, finding a bunch of duct tape and other random rubbish. When I get to the stairs leading to the top floor I notice there are two trap lasers on it. But these lasers are going on and off! I've played this game before, this will be a piece of cake! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT! Ok, sod it. I run as fast as I can up the stairs and duck into the room. Inside I find another safe! My love, I have found you once again! I go to open the safe, and it won't budge. Don't I have lockpicks for this? I do... But they don't work... I guess it doesn't work on safes... But then how the hell do I get this open? My thoughts are interrupted as I start to, as far as I can tell, trip mad balls. My screen gets all fuzzy and grey and I suddenly hear the sound of many citizens screaming in anger and attacking with their weapons. Are they coming through the floor?? Am I taking damage?? What's going on?? I realize the visual disturbances are because I am starting to starve, but I still have no idea where all the ruckus is coming from. I start down the stairs, and when I get to the final staircase I see the entire town is in a huge fight with several policemen. If there was ever a place I didn't want to be it was in that mosh pit. I turn around and decide to take the third floor window out of the house. Bad idea. GG WP Alright, let's try again. The voices in my head tell me to search the bunker again, even though I'm sure I've already searched everything. I continue out into the world. Ouch! Still no luck there buddy. Keep at it, you'll make it some day. I almost immediately find a pawn shop, where it is listed that things can be bought and sold. I already have a cricket bat, but this one looks nice and shiny, I think I'd like that. I pick up the bat to examine it, while wondering what I could trade for it. Obviously I misunderstood the situation as the cricket bat seemed to be an old family heirloom and I was not allowed to touch it. The shopkeep and everyone in and outside of the store knew how precious this cricket bat was to him and decided to help him kick the shit out of me. Jokes on you! Now I have two cricket bats! I take out all my assailants and then help myself to the rest of the pawn shop's goods as repayment for the injustice I have suffered today. Oh, what's this? A key! Groovy... I go through the back door leading into the shop keeper's home and lock the door behind me. I find several unremarkable things as well as some KNO3? Nitrogen compounds? Ok. Not sure how to use those. I carry on. As I go to leave the way I came I find a couple of citizens standing flabergasted at all the sleeping people in the store. I close the door and jump out a back window. I am slightly wounded from the battle earlier and I look around for some health. I find a door and think to myself, whatever I can pick this lock, there's only like one guy who can see me. As I pick the lock and the man runs at me I stop picking the door and bat him in the head. As soon as I do this all the other bystanders join in once again. I'm not dealing with you people, I need to find some health. I run away, but I soon turn around so I can see all the people chase me, since this does not reduce my speed anyways. As I run I notice that, even though I am not doing anything suspicious, all other bystanders we pass by immediately get aggressive and join in the hate train. Whatever, it makes no matter to me, I can outrun you lot for days and da- what the hell is that?? A yellow box? A cannister? Is it a rubber duck?? Whatever it is it's flying right at me! Who's throwing trash at me! Before I can decide to turn around and start sprinting the soaring object crashes into the ground at my feet and explodes like a nuke! The blast radius looks gigantic, but it's hard to tell exactly how big, because I now have a face full of cement. GG WP
  4. Roger that! I'll take a look after dinner!
  5. Glad to hear I was of some help The emails would be really helpful for me, as I check my emails on my phone regularly. And then I'll be able to log on for each update! I'll try to play some more this week so I can help you guys out pre-PAX. Is there a cutoff time for feedback?
  6. Hellooo! Today's transcript will be from myself! I don't claim to be as good of a writer as Toast, but I can try. I didn't get time to play that much this weekend, as I was pretty busy, but I will post about the one session I did play. Here goes! Woke up, fell outta bed, dragged a comb across my head. I'm in a neat little bunker in the subway it seems. Pretty spiffy place I got here. After popping on the tele I look around at my various things, my first aid kit, my mechanical workbench, my locker which I can't open for some reason, and I head up the ladder to greet the day. Wakey wakey! I try my best to sneak out of my little hole in the ground when a man runs up to me and gets bipped in the head by a bobby. The man gets knocked out like a sack of bricks, and the officer looks at me. I'm sure he said something, but I can't remember. All I can recall how his smile did the total opposite of put me at ease. I wander around town, enjoying the excessively happy music, looking in trash bins for... I don't know. Something. I'm getting hungry and thirsty. I find a telephone box which has been kitted out to conveniently supply me with Joy. I decided to see what all the fuss was about, since "everyone is doing it". I immediately regretted it, as I was suddenly barely able to see. There appear to be no positive side effects to the drugs, so I hope they will wear off soon. Nevertheless I continued my wandering. I found a house in a back alley that had its window open and I decided to pop in for some morning tea. Unfortately, they had neither tea nor biscuits. Just an angry man who was likely on his way to Cricket practice. He'll be late for that one, I'm sure. I left the house when I triggered one of the seemingly unavoidable ankle-high lightsaber alarms. I found another open window and this time I found a loaf of bread in the oven. These guys have been hiding the goods! I confiscate it and make on my merry way. Before I'm down the block I find myself getting peckish again. Lousy bread, I thought it was supposed to be filling. I duck in a back alley and suddenly I'm on a beach with a bunch of trees. I try to go for a swim, but it's the shallowest lake(?) I've ever been in. I decide to go for a long walk on the beach instead, as I've claimed I've enjoyed so many times before. While doing so I happen to find another open window. Since another of my hobbies includes B&Es, I jumped up through the window. This house had a different layout, so I didn't have to worry about any of those nasty foot lasers. This house did, however, have someone standing in the kitchen. I made quick work of him and closed the front door to remain inconspicuous. I began my search of the house, but was continually interupted. The residents of this house must have been expecting guests, because people kept barging in to attack me, despite the door being closed. I made my way upstairs to avoid the malicious houseguests. In my hurry to find some hidden cookies or chocolates to calm my extremely fast metabolism I accidentally walked halfway up a set of stairs with upwards of a million lasers (in my paniced state I may have miscounted, but I was close). Seeing as how there were more lasers below than above, I bit the bullet and ascended the rest of the stairs, now with a sliver of health. I made my way into a bedroom, and was looking around for something to heal, or eat, or anything that would help, when I saw it. It was glorious. Waiting for me in the corner was a dream come true. A safe. I started towards the safe when the door opened. Bollucks... I attacked the woman at the door but... Uh... Where is my weapon? It's not equipped?? BONK! GG WP P.S. The game looks great, but looks like it has some sort of couch fabric filter over it. Just me?
  7. Awesome trailer, dudes! I can't wait to see what will happen with this game out in the wild!
  8. I just got my internet up and running at my new place, so when the update comes out on Friday I will play, and I will win! Looking forward to it! Very excited about the announcement tomorrow as well!
  9. Glad you liked it! Hopefully we'll see more of her adventures.
  10. Toast has recently played Glimpse and decided to write out a transcript of her playthrough. She decided to send this to me instead of post it on the forums, so I am here acting as her medium (sort of like those ghost whisperers, but for Toast and other breads). I hope it is as educational as it is entertaining. Transcript: "First play: Had to click to get mouse to disappear. Disappeared. 10/10 - Better than Evolve. Had a swing about with the camera, found it too sensitive, put it down to 3. Clicked 'Apply'. Game crashed. Second play: Had to click mouse. It worked again. Consistency! Walked around. Bumped into a stuffy-looking, short old lady. Stared her in the eyes. A bubble over her head was yellow. What does yellow mean? Is she screaming 'Help'? What? Yellow bubble and 'help' attracts local policemen. Yellow turns red. The chase begins. I run around and around and manage to lose the hoard, but one stubborn bastard continues to chase me despite my sick dodging and elusive doubling-back skills. I run into a shop and hide behind a display. The woman in the shop has a yellow bubble - but I ain't hurting no body! You don't even KNOW me! Her bubble turns red, a baseball bat - WHAT? - materializes in her hand (well, close enough) and she proceeds to stare at me with distrust. A man and another woman run in, also equiped with blunt objects. They beat me to death. Third play: Click mouse. 10/10. This time I dodge into a shop immediately and poke around. A woman comes into the shop, gets suspicious and proceeds to beat me. I run out of the shop and around the buildings again, attracting further policemen and vigilantes. I try doors that have the 'E' action and search Trash Cans on the fly. I find nothing and no doors open. I pull my weapon in a final stand. I beat a woman to death. I try to loot her or pick her up but the buttons don't do anything. Her friend pulls a sneak attack on me and I beat her to death too. I try to search her. Put my weapon away,press 'E' to search. Nothing. I press F to carry her corpse. Nothing. I hold F and there is a little circle thing - ah-ha! I am beaten to death trying to lift her dead weight off the ground. Fourth play: I walk around town, never stopping (apparently that is suspicious?), never looking anyone in the eye, never bumping into anyone. Oh yeah. This feels natural. I search lots of Trash Cans, but everyone else is too, so how am I supposed to get any loot? I find a rag and a spring. I draw the conclusion that there is crafting in this game. I find no other loot until I get to a bunker of sorts behind the boarded-up underground entrance. A funnel, a tube and another spring! Woo! Where does this go? Oh. No where. There are beds. Is there sleeping in this game? My vision is super blurry. I'm apparently dehydrated now. Where does one procure food and drink without suspicion? Do people throw life-supporting water into Trash Cans for poor homeless and hated people such as myself? I find a rag. I learn that I need to craft a charcoal filter or find chlorine pills as well as a tainted bottle of water. How? I am slowly starving and thirsting to death. I almost prefer the beatings. --> After tabbing out to type this I try to get back into the game. I cannot exit the inventory screen now but something concerning has happened. Did my character starve/thirst while I typed this? Their inventory now contains tea and whiskey and more ducks than before. The tab button is trying to work. I can hear voices after pressing it, but nothing of the world is on screen. I don't know how to drink my tea or whiskey from this screen! --> After tabbing out to write THAT the game crashed. I think it tries to go back to the main screen with the announcements on it if you tab out? So when you tab back in the game puts you there but maintains the inventory screen for the game you were playing. Clicking 'Continue' gets you back in the game but doesn't fix the inventory to the screen so you get stuck in the Inventory Screen.(?) Fifth play: Press 'Continue' instead of 'New Game'. Ooooo! I spawn into a swanky looking building - a hotel of sorts. Two men fly away from me and fall to the ground instantly dead. Jesus Christ. I hope no one saw that. I turn around and inspect the kitchen. The dishwasher, cupboards and fridge are all useless. I drink from the tap and stop dying of dehydration. Score Toast! I see there are some stairs - but wait! There is a lady and a man there. They're fully blocking the stairs. I try to get past but bump into the lady. I back away, don't make eye contact and try to walk around the now cramped feeling room. Hum-de-dum, nothing suspicious here. I glance back at the stairs. The lady is gone! There's a super loud voice behind me that scares the crap out of me. Turns out she followed me around the room while I tried to appear harmless. She has a yellow bubble. I cut my losses and hurry past buddy and up the stairs. Wanting to put more distance between us I go up the second flight too. There's a loud... beeping sound? Some sort of bleep. I ignore it and search some bookcases. Rubberbands! Woo! Wait, what's the red laser-looking thing on the stairs? When did that get there. Oh crap. The music definitely is picking up like I'm being hunted. Maybe I can just... jump over the banister and fall down the stairs without touching the lasers again signalling possibly more policemen of my intrusion into this lovely house? No. Apparently not. The window! It's open! It's only the third floor. I can jump that far! I can't jump that far. I've stopped for now. This was fun I love the artwork/style and the rainbow road (As I am calling it) - it lights up at night! What do I do at night? Am I suspicious at night? Where do I find food without attracting suspicion for wanting to sustain myself? :D" Until next time. I remain, Jake King
  11. I will still play with you, my friend. I can support you in these hard times.
  12. Looks like you guys got a cool new website! Congrats! Keep up the good work, guys! I love you all! P.S. I hope the Compulsion DOTA 2 team is doing well.
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