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  1. Hey guys! These songs are great! I'm so happy see some Delia Derbyshire in here. For me, aesthetics and design are more inspired by audio than anything else. That Electronsonik's song is really really interesting!! It's definitely the right combination of optimistic, futuristic and off-putting. While I can't talk about our real soundtrack, I will give you some songs that I've used as personal inspiration for the visuals and atmosphere. I'm usually listening to something while I work to stay in the mood;) --
  2. Hey there The women's clothing was heavily inspired by famous mod 60s designers - examples being Pierre Cardin and Mary Quant. I wanted to make sure our societies clothing was as iconic and accurate as possible so I took different elements from the original designs and twisted and combined them for our ladies. The men were inspired by various British 60's references. Turns out turtlenecks and blazers were all the rage back then! It was important to me to push the fun, dandy, mod, space-enthused side of the 60s in their clothing. Hope this answers your question!
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