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  1. We're looking for another Level Designer to join our team. The Position We are looking for a Senior Level Designer to help us craft rich and unique player experiences on We Happy Few, an award-winning, dystopian 1960s survival game about escaping from a delusional English society that is completely obsessed with happiness. As a Senior Level designer at our studio you will: Create and craft dystopian narratives and gameplay in a rich, procedural world Plan, play-test and integrate the work of talented artists and programmers Help and mentor junior and intermediate Level Designers Work with industry veterans (20+ years) in both design and programming. We are working with the Unreal 4 engine; and are looking for someone who combines a strong technical know-how of our tools and pipeline with the creative capacity to craft rich, well-paced experiences. The Requirements You must be able to quickly assimilate our existing narrative, design and features to generate compelling moment-to-moment experiences that marry the game's narrative with its core mechanics. You are at ease working with all disciplines in game development. Strong technical skills (working with Blue Prints and/or Scripting) A good sense for layout, locomotion, player pacing and gameplay. Be self-directed and self-motivated to learn on your own; Creative minded; capable of designing narrative-rich experiences. A team player; who can work closely with our programmers, scriptwriters, and artists.
  2. Hey Aaron - the star stats in the UI don't always have enough granularity to showcase difference in stamina and damage costs. We'll see if we can tune the visual range they're displayed at in the future. As for the range of the pointy stick - we've noted it among other players. You can expect us to tune in for a future update. Thanks for bringing it up! Guillaume.
  3. Hey @JDMFK - "Guess it's just you and the bobbies indeed" . Thanks for being patient. We're going to look at whether we can reproduce this and prioritize a fix for it on Xbox. Guillaume.
  4. Hey @bradc50000 - you need to pass "-console" on the commandline to the game executable. The main EXE is named GlimpseGame.exe and is under Glimpse\GlimpseGame\Binaries\Win64 folder of your root installation. Let me know if you can make any heads or tails on my explanations .
  5. Hey @JDMFK You should have died falling in the water. If you're truly stuck (ie - quitting and continuing doesn't solve it) you can launch the game by passing -console as a parameter to it (using the GOG / DRM free version) or adding it to your steam options on steam (Properties/general/Launch Options). You can then open the console with ` (on US Keyboards that's the ~ key next to 1) and try killing yourself with the command "suicide". Let me know if that fixes the issue. We'll look into why the player might not get killed by falling into the water. -G.
  6. Hey @chzaar and @rainbowCheezburger - sorry for the delay in replies - and thanks for your patience - we're getting a lot of traffic today. ' Missing api-ms-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll tells me you are on Windows 7 or Windows 8. You need the universal C Runtime for Windows to run the game. It should normally get installed alongside the game, but it may fail if you're missing certain windows updates. Try making sure to install KB2999226 first - you can find here (make sure you install the X64 version for your operating system -- We Happy Few does not support 32bit operating systems): https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/kb/2999226 And then try installing the VC Runtime for 2015 here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=48145 If you are still having trouble launching the game with both of these updates or are running Windows 10, please reply to this thread and I will investigate further, Guillaume
  7. Hey guys - Thanks for reporting this. We were able to reproduce this problem today, and it's gone on the priority fix board. G.
  8. Hi @ReconV2 - I'm sorry to hear it. Can you let us know if you were able to successfully continue your game? It takes a bit longer for us to get crash reports from the game on Xbox - but we should have reports in a few days and hopefully address/patch any instability issues. Guillaume.
  9. Hey @Acetrologer. Unfortunately, both of your computers are below the minimum specifications for the game, which requires a minimum of 6gb of RAM. I will attempt to give you instructions on how to get the game to run on your Windows 8 machine, but we cannot guarantee that it will run on 4gb of RAM. It will likely run out of memory. You need the universal C Runtime for Windows to run the game on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Normally it gets installed automatically by Steam and GOG - but may fail if you don't have the proper Windows Updates. First make sure you have KB2999226 Installed as an update which you can find here: (Note: Download the X64 package for your operating system - 8.1 - not x86 - We Happy Few is not supported on 32 bit operating systems) https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/kb/2999226 Afterwards install the C Universal Runtime for Windows which you can find here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Cheers! Guillaume.
  10. Hey Raiden. People crack games, and then they share them. In fact, It's known that I myself got my very start in the demo-scene, a scene dedicated to cracking and sharing games illegally in the late 70s and 80s. But we already share updates freely and DRM-free. We are not afraid of the piracy scene. We simply believe we can make games you guys (and gals!) are willing to pay for, so that we can keep making great work. G.
  11. Hey @Iris_Lockspur! Thanks for reporting the crash. We'll be putting up a patch today with a few crash fixes - it should fix the molotov crash as well. Guillaume.
  12. Hey @JohnHankies! We try to be inclusive in all the work we do, but we also hope you guys have an understanding and appreciation of the creative direction we decide to take for our games. I - for one - read every e-mail and forum post you sent us. But the story we have to tell this time around just isn't something suited for children. I'm in a unique position to appreciate what that means as I've had to explain this to my own two daughters: the work daddy was working wouldn't be something they could experience until they got older. Faranheit 451 was a fantastic movie, for which we have a lot of respect, which has inspired a few (as of yet undisclosed) elements of the game. So is Clockwork Orange, 1984, Brazil, The Prisoner, even early James Bond movies, or more recent depictions of the era, such as Austin Powers or Tom Hardy's fantastic performance in Legend last year. We spent thousands of hours studying fashion, trends, movies, gender psychology, architecture, and we carefully consider the comments or advice you guys give in the forums, even if I wish we had more time to spend to participate in discussions more actively. However, in this instance, unfortunately, the story we have to tell is mature in subject. We've kept very quiet about its nature, but there is simply no way the ESRB rating board would ever approve of it for minors... and that is also exactly why it won't be "generic", or attempt to please as many people as possible. I hope you find my response respectful, and that we can - as a result - close this thread. I also hope that - in light of understanding how much all of your opinions matter to the entire team at Compulsion, that you keep contributing on future projects we might undertake. Guilaume.
  13. Hey @dash; It's the first time we encounter this message. The build should not be encrypted in any way. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling. If you're still getting the error after that, I'll parse through the message board and ask Valve if I don't find the issue. In all cases, please accept my personal apologies if you're having trouble running the game! Guillaume.
  14. Hey guys! Thanks for sharing your opinions. We don't set out to make a game "Mature", or "Teen". The inclusion of Mature content in We Happy Few is not a commercial decision, but an artistic decision on the story we are trying to tell. We could try telling it with a PG rating, but it wouldn't be the same story, and it wouldn't have the same impact. If this is difficult to understand, I'd suggest Pan's Labyrinth as an example. It is a movie masterpiece, and consistently named as one of the best of the century. It is also very violent (much more so than We Happy Few), and it would never achieve it's artistic integrity without juxtaposing the violent reality of Ophelia's surroundings with the dream-world she creates to cope with something she is not yet old enough to comprehend. That is a story you cannot tell compellingly with a PG rating. We Happy Few touches on very strong (and inherently mature) subjects that are still current today: Drug use, Denial, Social Conformity. It is our feeling that we cannot treat these subjects with integrity, nor tell the story we want to tell in it, in a PG Game. I'm genuinely sorry if this disappoints some of you. We may well make another PG rating game in the future, but we're firm on the direction and our vision for this game. Guillaume.
  15. Hi @Pavatti! I'm sorry you're having trouble. Have you tried the steps at the top of this thread? It would make it easier for us to figure out the problem (and - failing that - sending us your log file). Thank you! Guillaume.
  16. Hi @Otherbuttons. There's a lot of personal material in Contrast that feels a little heavy for me to revisit creatively. But I enjoyed working with Didi as a character, and my daughter loved filling her virtual walls with her drawings. If the circus show gets on the road, we'll consider giving the story a second act G.
  17. Hi @oOoVILENoOo! I'm happy that fixed the issue. Aside from being an amazing programmer, Camille is also a lady. Guillaume.
  18. Hi @oOoVILENoOo! I'm sorry you're running into issues. Have you followed the instructions at the top of this post? It is very difficult for us to diagnose the problem unless you can give us more information. Does the game crash? Does it write out a log (see above)? Have you tried the safe mode launch steps described in the FAQ? Thank you! Guillaume.
  19. Hi Kalaxus! Single-core machine aren't likely to be capable to run the game properly - there's just too much load between rendering and the game thread. We currently already use 3-4 cores on an average play-session, however the engine can reconfigure itself for 2 cores; I'm just not sure how well the game will run on those systems, since the hyper-thread load is likely to be pretty high on the two CPUs. Guillaume.
  20. Hey @Otherbuttons! There should be a very big difference in framerate between Medium and Low on your machine. We can work on fixing the issues in low quality. Could you post a screenshot of the lighting bug when you get a chance? Thanks! Guillaume.
  21. Hey @OtherButtons! Thanks! That's encouraging! We'll be hopefully pushing another build update next week (We're still sorting out the logistics of it with us being at Gamescom in Germany - but we'll at least push something to the preview branch), so it's probably best to wait until that update before doing any kind of extensive tests. The programming team has done more work on performance since the last update, and we'll likely move to features again after this patch. If you could send me some performance reports on the next patch (as per my instructions in the FAQ on the subject) - I'll be able to see if the game can run properly on your laptop. Guillaume.
  22. Hey @OtherButtons! 1. There should be a log file generated (it should already be present when you get to the menu). Are you sure you are checking in the right directory? It should be in %localappdata%\GlimpseGame\Saved\Logs (you can type that in internet explorer - and it should bring you to the right place) 2. Have you tried to run the game in windowed mode? If there are windows that pop up (crashes, etc) you'll see them more easily in that mode. 3. Make sure you run in low quality, as that currently uses less RAM. We'll be working diligently on the memory in the next month, but in the meantime, the game will likely not run on other settings. Thanks! Guillaume.
  23. Hey @quanmon! Just look here - the second point explains how to launch the game in a specific resolution and in windowed mode: http://www.compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/598/faq-i-m-having-trouble-launching-the-game-what-should-i-do#latest Guillaume.
  24. Hey @TheCaitularity, I'm sorry you're having problems running the build. It sounds like you're dealing with an installation issue. GetProcessImageFileName( ) is the call that asks the Windows what directory the game is installed in, but it seems like the game cannot find the standard Windows DLL. I've searched this on-line since it's somehow related to your installation of Microsoft Windows - I found various tidbits that talk about ensuring you have all the latest service packs installed, but it seems Microsoft itself is not super helpful with it, they just tell people to upgrade to Windows 7: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2010-office_install/the-procedure-entry-point/7d3b9a16-f313-4f66-ac78-e5db2941966d?auth=1 I've also searched the Unreal Engine 4 forums which seem to indicate that Windows Vista is not supported: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/176576/how-do-i-fix-a-entry-point-not-found-error-for-the.html We're going to have to follow-up directly with Epic (those who make the Unreal Engine) to see if we can find a solution to it. Thanks for your patience! Guillaume.
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