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  1. Those pipes are EVIL! That said this is only a temporary "ending" in the build right now. We put this here as a goal for people to aim for. This room will be removed from the game once we do a proper progression update. That said who would like to see this nasty pipe room still be hidden off somewhere in the full game? Kinda like a Random Scenario. Maybe we'll even show what's beyond the door...
  2. @DrBeardfacé Thanks for these!! Once we wrap the work on the PAX build I wanna download these for my cars. What did you tag the paintjob/decal with so I can find it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback Fire and thanks for writing it here on the forums. Glad the new spawn point system provided a better starting experience.
  4. A little delayed. But when this happens you can e-mail me your stuff directly.
  5. So many games... Elite Dangerous(PC), Star Citizen (Not REALLY a game yet)(PC), The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds(3Ds), Dying Light(PC), Evolve(PC), DC Universe Online(PC), Heroes of the Storm(PC), & Far Cry 4(PC). Oh and The Order: 1886(Ps4) come Friday. So many games so little time.
  6. We'll talk in house today to figure out where people can upload that information. We might also request it per case, so people don't have to upload logs for things that might be fixed in the next build. Thanks for playing WooFer.
  7. This is amazing!!! I'm showing my wife this tonight! She's gonna love this. Thanks for the post!
  8. Here is Chez Reborn's one and only, Harold The Cat! - He's sleeping and he is fat.
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