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  1. the power cell should be dropped at his feet, if there was a bug and it fell through the floor for instance, there's still another way out, stealing a constable keycard from the bobbies at the apple tree
  2. thanks for the feedback. yes the bug with the crier purple splashes was because we used the same animation as the one in the specific encounter, that will be fixed.
  3. We may have reviewed Mrs Stokes quest, but we removed the lids from the trash cans in the street....
  4. Thanks for the feedback, we did identify the issue and it will be fixed in the new release. The problem comes from the way we optimise AIs by hiding them and pausing their behaviour when they're too far and out of sight of the player, there was a problem with the logic that triggered their behaviour back and not their visibility. Game programming is fun, but most of the work is taken up by bugs coming from things we just don't think about, there are just so many things to think about
  5. Berserk effect are indeed unreliable, affected NPCs aggro indiscriminately on anybody, that include the player. it's best used as a distraction object.
  6. And there will be facial animations for all characters.
  7. The hiding under bed mechanic is a great example of the complexity of game design. It would make sense to allow the bobbies to search for you and drag you out of the bed, but it means: 1/ a new animation for the player to get under the bed, that needs to be synchronised to the beds (and we have at least 4 different bed types) 2/ a better look/peek mechanic 3/ a new search behaviour for AIs 4/ a new animation for AIs to look under the bed 5/ new animations to drag the player out. and it needs to be synchronised animations, AIs and player, which are more difficult and prone to bugs than standard "alone" ones. 6/ decision as to what the effect should be: beat the player up immediately? enter standard combat? we're easily reaching weeks of work for a few people. it was so much simpler to forbid the player from hiding under the bed if he's seen, not animating the entry and exit, and using the hiding spot as a "safe" haven. It is a bit OP indeed, and we are thinking of how to handle that, but the answer is never simple, as we need to juggle good design with what we can afford to do.
  8. Check your keyboard setting in the language bar, when not on an english keyboard there can be some issues with this key.
  9. Good find using the bench or similar objects to decrease suspicion shouldn't work during the curfew.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbarian:_The_Ultimate_Warrior#/media/File:Barbarian_(Palace_Software)_-_Gameplay.png Yeah, I'm that old
  11. I replied on the other thread tl;dr : Multiplayer is hard and require significantly more effort than what people think, and it wouldn't necessarily fit into our narrative.
  12. Hi @Danymaster20, There are a few reasons why we don't intent to do co-op at the moment, in my opinion (doesn't imply the rest of the team agrees with me). One is that it doesn't really fit the world or the story. Being with someone else would remove a lot of the intended feeling of survival in the city. The player is alone in a city of crazy people, being with a companion would kind of break the spell. But the main reason is technical: multiplayer is hard to do, lots of thing that are very simple in single player become problematic when several players are involved (for instance we need to add third person versions of all the first person animation so you can see what your partner is doing), and we don't have the workforce to support all the gameplay features in multiplayer, for the moment at least. Split screen is also its own beast, lots of studios have dropped it in recent years (even though I agree it's a really cool feature in some games) because the performance suffers a lot and the game doesn't look very good, and it also requires specific effort (the HUD elements for instance: some need to be shared, some need to be split. Music and sound also have elements that are sometimes split and sometimes shared), etc. Simply put it's not just adding an extra player and an extra camera. It's not something that is totally ruled out, but it's definitely not planned for the moment.
  13. It's true it seems like just a simple thing, so it's a bit difficult to understand the amount of effort involved in doing that: rigging the whole body for the player, redoing all the player's animations so they animate the legs properly, adjust a lot of things so it's not too ugly when walking on uneven terrain and it doesn't clip too much, and more. As a very small team we have to cut some corners as we just cannot do everything that is expected from a AAA game with a team of 300 people, this is the kind of thing that have a relatively high cost with a relatively small return: it would improve immersion but not having it doesn't affect the overall experience too much.
  14. @Iris_Lockspur, It seems that seeing the end of the arms like that only happens because your FOV is set so high, it's quite difficult for us to makes animations that looks good for any value, and at the same time we don't want to restrict you if you really want to play with such a "fish eye" FOV. The axe problem is a bug with the object itself, will fix soon.
  15. You can craft a banger, that has a bit more impact than throwing a rock, and we definitely have plans for quite a few projectiles with different effects.
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