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  1. Thank you! We do plan to continue with Paypal funding. We're likely to set this up next week. And yes, all funds through Paypal will contribute to the stretch goals, at least for a couple of months If we pass our existing stretch goals, we'll also come up with more.
  2. Hey folks! If it goes into Early Access, we'll give everyone their keys at that point. The main thing we want to make sure is that we spend as much time as possible working on the game before then, both so the game is the best it can be, and so that pre-alpha backers get good bang for their buck.
  3. @Alianin thank you! We're very pleased, as you might imagine @BeyondSpectrality nice idea - @Naila and I will look into it!
  4. @Wifom that's a great idea. We had a couple of post-mortems internally, but we never really wrote about them publicly. However, we learned a great deal - including a few probably hard but necessary lessons - and it might be nice to write about one day. For now, we're a little busy with the Kickstarter, but we could definitely write up something in a few weeks.
  5. @Otherbuttons thank you for those - they are incredible! And the drawing of [insert character name here] is fantastic! I think you'll like him, in-game.
  6. I'm glad you're finally able to play! That's good news. Onto the more specific feedback: 1) Wastrel district: the plan is that not all characters will start here. Agreed that we need to teach that mechanic better! But you'll see that the Wastrels are a little bit more reasonable in the next update. 2) Alarm sound is already changing! You will see. Having said that, people really did like it, as it creates a massive shock for the player. 3) Rubbish piles: agreed. There are actually a couple of interactions that have the same issue and we understand exactly what you mean. It's in the works. 4) You won already?! That's it, game has to be harder 5) Interaction ideas are great, thank you. Passing them on to the team. The gift of rotten apples is so good though! Here, take my poison, and eat it, damn you.
  7. @Otherbuttons you guys vandalise road cones as well? Oh man. The good times I've had. And yes. We're going to push out a new update next week that focuses on new content, but the "Kickstarter" build will probably be a week or so later - we want to spend that time making sure it's a bit more optimized for a wider range of PCs. We'll have to wait and see, plans could change on this.
  8. Hey Michel! Thanks for the feedback. Responses: Looting/Crafting: agreed on the weapons. They're pretty first pass right now, and we will be adding customization/improvements of some kind. However, I wouldn't expect that for a while yet. Atmosphere: aye, variations are planned down the line. VFX: agreed! Don't know when we'll get to this, but it's likely to be once we finish up getting all of the core art assets ready. Combat: agreed too. It's a bit easy to game right now, and is likely to go through a few more rounds of changes. Status bars: in our current builds we have enabled a new option in the Options menu to have them display all the time, which does help power users. Nice idea on the shortcut, that sounds like something we can do, but I'll have to check with Camille on that Hideout/Map: we should have a map in the next update Food poisoning: yeah, we need to do something about this. It's been in the game as a quick prototype, but we've never fixed it. It'll get reviewed at some stage, but for now, don't eat rotten things Joy level: I hear what you're saying. We're solving this in a different way - you'll see! Progression: This is the one thing we won't be changing, for now. It goes generally against the idea of a hardcore roguelike. However, providing some level of consistency to the player's progression across playthroughs is something we want to address. Thanks! There should be a new build coming out fairly soon, it'll be helpful to look at that once it's done
  9. Hey, it's a pretty interesting idea. It is quite a departure from how we're intending to tell the story - we'd have to entirely rewrite the world, characters, cutscenes and gameplay - but some of your ideas are along the same lines of what we have planned. For example, when you start as a character, we're planning that you will have an intro cinematic/gameplay moment. It'll explain a bit about your motivations, and should hint at where to go next. We're also planning a journal that will remind you what to do to advance the story, although it probably won't hold your hand too much. Finally, it's likely that we'll have a "story mode" that is a little bit easier/has some core changes that make it more accessible - while we are designing the core game for hardcore players, we also want the story to be played through. Exactly how we go about this will depend on what issues/challenges/opportunities we encounter during development, but story is a big focus for the game and has been since the beginning. As for how we do on this, as you're a story person, I encourage you to check in a little later on - we'll release the story when we fully release the game, and you're welcome to check out a few reviews/Let's Plays at that point and see how we've gone. We will come to consoles eventually, it's just a matter of timing, so you will be able to play if you choose.
  10. Hello! Thanks for believing in us. 1) Probably not a few hours later. It should be no longer than two weeks, but ideally it'll be faster than that. We're looking at distributing maybe 1000-ish keys, so we need to figure out a good way to do that first (email has proven to be pretty unreliable in the past, and some people have missed out). It will be a Steam key 2) Great idea! The first stealth takedown will be put into the game in the next update, but it hasn't been extended to people in beds yet (unless you get behind them ). We'll look into this. 3) Haha, my man, we're way ahead of you. There is one already in game, but a few more should be coming in the next update. As for the Bobby clothes, I think that's interesting, passing that back to Josh too. Your ideas are fantastic, and your English is great!
  11. Dota 2 Reborn Update. I haven't played in two weeks (thanks E3) but this whole new engine thing looks neat. The dota menu UI has been abysmal for some time, so I'm hoping this makes a big difference in getting people to play and understand the game. Otherwise, playing some Don't Starve Together. I resurrect others, nobody resurrects me. Such is life.
  12. @jbond1010 glad to hear it! It's the sad reality of most games that performance makes or breaks it A dedicated card is definitely necessary right now. Once you understand more about the world (where things can be looted from, how to get access to more spots) you begin to loot a lot more frequently. It's not super balanced right now, so once you get good at the game, loot comes fairly frequently. Have you got into the Village yet?
  13. Thanks guys, we'll take a look at what we can do
  14. Thanks for posting this! Unfortunately, the error doesn't contain anything we can use to track down exactly what caused this. However, we suspect it's probably a particularly nasty crash we have found related to how we're playing Uncle Jack's shows. Edit: Whoops, nope, we have not fixed the media streaming crash. This one is out of our hands, as it relates to Epic code (ie it's engine related). We're hoping they'll be able to fix that reasonably soon. Edit 2: Looks like Epic are making a bunch of changes to movie streaming when they push out 4.8. So, hopefully, they've caught what was causing this issue! I don't think we'll be able to integrate 4.8 before the next patch, but there are a couple of really neat features that we might end up taking advantage of (dynamic navmesh generation, new landscape systems, etc).
  15. Hi everyone! We've had a few people asking for more updates over on Kickstarter, so we're going to start updating more frequently. We'll probably do in-depth looks at various parts of the game, like a new alarm system we're putting in, how we created the Wellies, etc, but Naila and I wanted to know: what would you guys like to see? It'd be great if we could actually answer some direct questions as well as just ramble about stuff that we think is interesting
  16. We really did - your streams have been really, really helpful to everyone on the team! Pause: Yes, I think we all agree on that. It's gimmicky and doesn't make sense in a survival game. Map: working on it. Exactly how this will work right now (or even if it'll work) we don't know, but we'll hopefully have something in the next build. Miracles: we'll make that one just a little more subtle over time But it's doing what it needs to right now, so it might be a while before we fix it. Running: that's a tough one. I agree with you, in principle, but then the game becomes very punishing. We're making a couple of changes this patch that will affect this (but not in the way you think), so we'll take a look at what's going on once we've got these changes in. Breaking and entering: yes, that's a problem. The loot system needs significant balancing, as you can skip a lot of content right now. Glad you liked the maze! We had doubts about it, but put it in anyway.
  17. @Otherbuttons hey, thanks for letting us know. I'm pleased to see the comments are a little unhappy with how they treated it. We're fairly used to polarised reception for Contrast. I didn't listen to the video (I doubt they say anything we haven't read in the past, and I'm not that fond of listening to people shitting on a game that frankly we're very proud of), but the reality is that some people love it, some people don't. Some people play Call of Duty, others play Gone Home. Can't get upset about that. Can only focus on looking at legit criticism, trying to make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes we made, and spending more time on the positive, nice reactions from people than the haters
  18. Hmm, that comment can be a bit confusing when read in isolation, my apologies. We're actually not offering a physical disk - that's why the reward tier for the Collector's Box says an additional copy (digital). In a game that's constantly changing, it's just too inconvenient to offer updates outside of GOG or Steam for a team our size, and unless people want to wait for a month or two after launch to get their boxes, then it's just a very limiting option to have to go through a full physical gold mastering process. It's not about Steam vs GOG. Hope that makes sense.
  19. @StupidBunny a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step No such thing as a small contribution.
  20. Hey guys - sorry about the FAQ, it's actually a bit inconsistent and very confusing. I clarified the FAQ, that's my mistake, and I apologise. Right now we're not committing to linux, mac, or consoles, for reasons I can't yet explain. I know that sucks as an answer, but believe me, I would if I could. @shmerl, I sent you a private message explaining a bit more about the situation. Hope it makes sense.
  21. @Otherbuttons that's a good question! To be honest, we're still 100% finalising them. There are some pretty cool ideas in there, I'm hoping you guys will like them
  22. @Otherbuttons agreed, this is hilarious. @PepperTitan thanks for letting us know!
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