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  1. @ericbomb hey, thank you, this is excellent feedback! Exactly what we're looking for (along with all the technical issues we're resolving). I'm forwarding this on to our game designer to take a look at. He'll hopefully come back with some nuanced responses, but I think much of what you have said here makes a great deal of sense. Edit: oh, and I should also add that we're well aware that the game is too easy right now. I think this is roughly what we'd consider "easy mode" right now, and we will ramp the difficulty back up for the next update.
  2. @Hidude Hey, welcome! You'll be able to get access to a key through BackerKit itself. However, as it's still the first few days (it hasn't been 24 hours since we set it live), we're waiting on a new set of pre-alpha keys from Steam. Once they come through, and BackerKit updates the code bank, you should get an email saying it has arrived I don't want to give you any false hope, because I really don't know when the codes will come through, but hopefully it will be Monday.
  3. @Rorgfist no worries - I moved your other thread and am closing this one.
  4. @Rorgfist Unfortunately, your machine is below our current minimum specs. We have various options that you can try here: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/593/faq-i-m-having-performance-issues-what-should-i-do#latest Please try these options in order, and make sure to close every other program on your computer (potentially including Steam) to have a better chance at running the game. I'm also moving this thread to the Bugs and Technical Support forum.
  5. @StarSpangledEggs Yes we have recently implemented this, but only for Update 6.1 - you'll need to be on the preview branch on Steam to access it. It should be fairly obvious once you're in! We're likely to push that build to the main branch on Steam soon, but we're still working on fixing some stability issues.
  6. @SyAlmans Yes. 32 bit is definitely out, and UE4 does have some reasonable requirements. The game itself requires 3GB RAM right now, so any machine with 3GB or less will not run the game. 4GB might, if you meet the CPU/GPU requirements and don't run anything else on the PC. You'll need to close every process that isn't Windows related, potentially including Steam itself (you should try running the game directly from the .exe on your hard drive, once you have installed it through Steam). Edit: we've just added minimum specs above. Basically, anything under 6GB is going to have trouble, so we've placed the min spec at 6GB. For graphics cards, make sure to check out http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/ to check where your card sits. Anything with a score of 1200 or higher can be considered above the "minimum specifications" for graphics cards.
  7. We love our shovels around here. We spent a lot of time making sure when you hit someone it felt solid Still need to work on the fists though, they are way OP, especially in 6.1.
  8. @nayrmurdoc thank you Looks like I got off lightly tonight, only needed some advil. I can appreciate how shitty they could be for others though.
  9. That was a bloody solid idea, should have told us earlier The "final" build candidate is ready, just doing some last minute testing.
  10. @15beneky We have just set up a new way to get access, you can check that out here: https://we-happy-few-welcome-to-wellington-wells-you-saucy.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  11. Hey @Bugs63 and everyone, just a heads up: we are setting up a page, but it will not be Paypal-based. We're using BackerKit, a system that plugs into Kickstarter and has this functionality built it. It's really nice for us, as it means all our backers will be in one place, as all our Kickstarter backers will be migrated across as well. The page is going live in a few minutes! You'll be able to access it here: https://we-happy-few-welcome-to-wellington-wells-you-saucy.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders BackerKit uses Stripe for payments, which is exactly what Kickstarter uses. It's pretty slick, but I'd love to have feedback from it! edit: the page is live!
  12. @Muncha a special update for you, my friend. Today, we implement automated crash reporting! No more random dump file uploading! Hurray!
  13. @shmerl it's not a bad comparison, if just at a much smaller scale. Endorsements, grassroots campaigning, clear messaging... yeah, I can definitely see it. It's a crazy amount of effort. But even then, we already have ideas about how we could have gone about it better. Like announcing mac and linux on Day 1 But, you live and learn.
  14. You guys are both right. The Wastrels are the people in Wellington Wells that Joy affects badly. For some of them, this makes them withdrawn, psychotic, etc. They are deeply sad. They stay segregated from the Wellies, because the two groups just do not get along. Don't mistake a Wastrel for a Downer though... while wastrels are mostly Downers, not all Downers are Wastrels. @Alex might be able to answer a little bit more. However, the voices in the build are actually stand-ins. We'll have new Wastrel voices in either this update, or the next, depending on whether Marc has time to implement them. So that'll give you a bit more of an idea of what they're about
  15. Hi everyone! I wrote a really, really long blog post about Kickstarter, explaining a little bit about why we decided to go down that route, in comparison to the various other funding options that are available. If you are interested in reading it, we have posted it on our news page, here. If you have any questions, I'll be very happy to answer Sam
  16. @Vercci The reason the codes are coming Friday is (a) to get our code distribution method in place (which should be done in the next couple of days) and (b) because we're so close to this, we want to wait for a new build that contains a bit more content and, most importantly, performance options for low-mid range PCs (which will be done on Friday). However, it's not surprising this is confusing - we said "immediately" in the tiers, but said "as soon as we can figure out a good distribution system" in the FAQ. We wanted to let people know that it would be immediately after the campaign, just as soon as we could get the right systems set up, but it wasn't clear. This is my fault, and I apologise. Unfortunately we couldn't change the tier description once we realised the issue. Kickstarter doesn't let you update a tier description once 1 person has backed at that tier (which was immediately after the launch of the Kickstarter). This is why we stated it more clearly in the FAQ, and continually throughout the campaign, including in a number of updates: so that we could be as clear as possible about timing. I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if I can clarify anything else.
  17. @Mechgenius7532 we don't have a firm date yet, but it'll be at least 3/4 months down the track. Price is likely to be ~$5 more than the Kickstarter price (so around CA$35 / US$28), but don't hold me to that yet. There will be no discounts during the Early Access period - that's not something we're a big fan of.
  18. @bananaflame Thanks for letting us know! Focus runs this website, so I've forwarded it on to them. Hopefully they'll have a chance to fix it
  19. Sam

    Beta Testers

    @SaltyPup Hey Jake At this stage, we're not planning to send out additional beta keys. Never say never, but as people have pledged extra for pre-alpha access on our Kickstarter, we're not too comfortable sending out additional keys at this stage.
  20. Thank you! We're over the moon, and really excited about the game we can now build. I do hope we'll get to that stretch goal too - we'll have to see And I echo your comments, the community has absolutely made this campaign. Very, very cool!
  21. Both options are worthwhile. The key is to make sure that we respect the player's time - part of that is done naturally through learning the rules of the game (subsequent playthroughs are easier because you have greater knowledge of the world and skill), but we do want to have some sort of consistent progression/unlock system like FTL. The characters are one of these things, but we're looking into other ways. The Binding of Isaac is a really interesting example. We may well be able to do something along these lines, although we'll have to wait and see on that. One option might be, for example, always dropping crafting blueprints in the world, but those blueprints will always be for things you haven't unlocked yet. That's an option, although we're still not certain if we'll go down the blueprint route.
  22. It's been our pleasure, although you're right, it has been a surprising amount of work! Really worthwhile though, we've learned a lot, and obviously have raised enough to keep us going for a good while! It's going to be exciting
  23. Thanks @lucigen! This is great feedback, and some excellent ideas (particularly simple healing items as regen, I like that). Sewing kits are, indeed, in the game. But they are hard to find. I'll reply a little later, but will forward this to the team.
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