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  1. @Chronis unfortunately your video card is below our minimum spec, so we can't promise great framerate. However, if you take a look at our support forum, and specifically our performance thread (http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/593/faq-i-m-having-performance-issues-what-should-i-do#latest), that does have a few options that you can try to improve the framerate.
  2. @darthchewee thanks, although I think that's probably fair enough to keep in while there are still crashes from time to time
  3. @Sprod Pretty close, but we won't finish today.
  4. @SyAlmans there were a number of improvements, mostly related to audio processing times and low framerate combat fixes, which improved everyone's speeds (including AMD machines). As for what you can do, thank you, but there's not much to do right now. We believe we know what the issue is, but it is a more complicated fix than the others. It just needs time (we want to integrate Unreal 4.8, which has a new system that might solve the issue for us). Unfortunately it'll probably be next update before we push/test these changes.
  5. @Otherbuttons it'll be a while yet before that's fully sorted - part of the issue is that we don't have any AMD machines to test on! I wrote some more about this here.
  6. Happy Wednesday, everyone! This update 6.2 addresses a large number of crashes and bugs reported by the community over the past few days. It also adds a number of requested options and performance optimizations. As always, we welcome all positive and negative feedback on the forums. New features / changes - Audio options menu implemented: you may now separately customize the volume of dialogue, sound effects and music - Graphical options menu now includes the ability to customize the graphical quality, and a gamma slider - Game now autodetects which resolutions your monitor supports - New look for on/off buttons, boxes and sliders - “Save Game” removed from menu - There is now a “Resume” option in the menu Crash fixes - Fix crash occurring when repeatedly attempting to use a quick slot item while recoiling from a hit - Fix crash occurring when pressing the text for the Resolution menu entry - Fix crash occurring after taking power cells from certain security capacitors - Fix crash occurring when unequipping certain outfits after using the heal cheat code (you cheeky buggers) - Reworked the broadcasting functionality, fixing a few crashes and more minor bugs - Fixed crashes occurring when you are interrupted while taking an action Bug fixes - Fixed melee collision detection at low framerates - Reduced the number of ragdolls falling through the floor/walls - Reduced the max velocity of ragdolls, hopefully won’t fly into the sky too much any more - Goodbye darkness my old friend (fixed lighting in shelters when on low settings, hopefully no more black screens of death) - Moved places of interest on chairs so that AIs no longer sit inside armchairs - Fixed memory leak in world builder, which was causing the game to use more and more ram on subsequent saved games - The main screen menu controls have been disabled while inside the console Performance Optimizations - Re-enabled eye adaptation on low visual quality settings - Reduced overhead of audio systems For those of you on the forums, there are a few issues that are not yet fixed. The fullscreen/minimization issues a couple of you have been experiencing are not yet fixed, as the solution is fairly complex (until then we recommend using the -windowed workaround). Likewise, AMD cpu machines are likely to experience an increase in framerate in this update, but some more underlying issues need to wait until we integrate Unreal Engine 4.8 (until then, we suggest waiting until the Navmesh Generation is complete - keep an eye on the bottom left hand side of the screen). So, we'll be working on more optimizations and performance improvements for the next patch, but as the major issues should be fixed, we are going to get back to work on the game itself in preparation for update 7. In the meantime, have fun in Wellington Wells!
  7. Hey folks - just a quick update that we've put live what we hope is the final version of 6.2 on the preview branch. We're going to test it just a little bit more, and then providing there are no major issues, we'll push it live to the main branch on Steam You're welcome to try it out in the meantime, just swap over to the preview branch.
  8. Thanks everyone, this is really helpful. As you can see, even from these brief few responses, designing difficulty in a game is pretty challenging because people play in different ways, at different speeds, for different reasons. One person's easy is another person's "god damn it". It was one of the big challenges on Contrast, because if you make puzzles too hard, many players give up and not finish the game, too easy and it shortens the game and takes the challenge away from others (we tried to tread the middle ground on Contrast). I'd be keen to hear from the rest of the forum, too. Specifically what people find easy (the simplicity of the ending, as mentioned above, is a good example) and/or difficult, will help us better design the different difficulties. When we get to that, of course
  9. @VictorySalad @AirRaid it actually does for the most part, but if the collisions above the object aren't 100% sorted sometimes it can still get you stuck. In the meantime, if that happens, just access the console using ~ and type "ghost". Then move into a clear space, ~ then "walk". 6.2 update: we've fixed a whole load more things, testing the update now. Might be today, might be tomorrow. I'll post a full changelist when it's ready.
  10. @Cthulhu30 yes, they've let us know that we have a couple more steps still to go yet. My apologies for the delay, I hadn't appreciated that we'd need to do these extra things. We're hoping it'll be good to go before the weekend, but that's a pretty tentative estimate. I'm sorry we couldn't get it to you on your day off @jones just to confirm, did you pledge at the Pre-alpha or Downer tier? Only pre-alpha codes have been sent out so far.
  11. @Seafort that's not optimization related, that's likely a bug. If you haven't yet posted on the support forums, I recommend you do so. However, I would wait until update 6.2, as we have a bunch of fixes in the works that may solve your issues. @Tarune yes, unfortunately it's just too misleading right now. We'd prefer to try to deal with the crashes themselves than leave this option in.
  12. @Otherbuttons that's a really nice shot, bug or not! Also added to my wallpaper collection. And thanks, everyone. This is one of our scenarios, with actual "story content". The plan is to have more and more little moments like this, which we'll add as much as possible throughout the rest of development.
  13. Hi everyone Since Friday, we have been working on fixing up a bunch of the crashes in the game that existed under 6.1. We have just put live a test version of Update 6.2 on the "preview" branch on Steam, with the following fixes: - Fix crash occurring when using repeatedly attempting to use a quick slot item while recoiling from a hit - Fix crash occurring when pressing the text for the Resolution menu entry - Fix crash occurring after taking power cells from certain security capacitors - Fix crash occurring when unequipping certain outfits after using the heal cheat code (you cheeky buggers) We're also working on a range of other major bugs/optimization issues (one specifically targetted at performance optimization for AMD cpus), and even a few new options, so there will be more to come. So, if those crashes have been irritating you guys, then feel free to upgrade to the preview branch. It should be more stable than the main branch.
  14. @Sprod @Cthulhu30 I'm actually not sure what the holdup on the new keys is - it's all done on our side. I'll chase BackerKit and see what's going on.
  15. Yep, we're planning on having skin colour variation in the game, to line up with the very low population diversity historically in southwest England in the 40s. There are lore factors to consider, but we're not talking about them (it's part of the narrative). We also don't have the budget to do more than skin variation.
  16. Thanks for the heads up on the save issue, folks. I agree, there should not be a "save game" option in the menu, it's entirely too confusing. The point of the save system is so that you can stop your game and quit, without losing your progress. It is not intended to allow you to save scum, as it breaks the design of the game That's the whole deal with roguelikes - it's the minute to minute tense decision making that makes it special. We'll remove it. Rebindable key options: thank you, great suggestions. Audio options: they are coming. @Suglasp performance options, we will add these over time, so people can customize beyond just low/med/high/ultra, but bear in mind that Intel cards really aren't very powerful. There is a limit to what we can do with this. In the meantime, I suggest using the Low quality settings. @Tarune this is related to how we're lighting those areas. We're looking into it
  17. I think this is a great subject to discuss. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be either or - with this game we're likely to have multiple difficulty modes (one easier one focused on the story, and one more hardcore version focused on, well, challenge). We've said from the beginning that our primary goal is to cater for more hardcore players, but we also want to make sure people can finish the story if they want to (sometimes you just want to finish a game, especially when you don't have as much time for gaming as you used to). So with that in mind, it'd be interesting to know what people find difficult currently (@CaptnGlitch your perspective is a really great start), and what they don't find difficult. This can relate to absolutely anything in the game, and would be very helpful to us.
  18. It's not actually ~ that is bound but `, at least on US keyboards. That isn't the apostrophe, try as I might I can't actually find its name. But basically it's the thing that looks like an apostrophe - have you tried that?
  19. Sam


    @Mj_40 good lord, no. That was a stretch goal on Kickstarter, my friend, and we won't be able to implement that for quite some time. We have focus on the core game first!
  20. We also have just pushed 6.1 live to the main branch on Steam - you should see it ready to download. You could try changing the graphical quality settings to low. While this will reduce the visual quality of the game substantially, it will increase the framerate considerably.
  21. @Z3K0N15 All our Kickstarter pre-alpha keys have been sent out! The slacker backer keys will take a few days to come out, as we're waiting on codes. If you backed during Kickstarter, then please check your spam (and promotion, if you use Gmail) folders. @Nikkib231 Sounds like a possible glitch - did you put the power cells in both consoles?
  22. Update 6.1 is live! I'm going to close this thread, please let us know how it goes.
  23. @Cthulhu30 hello! Thank you, welcome aboard! We're waiting on a new batch of codes from Steam. Once they are available, BackerKit will let you know Unfortunately I don't have an ETA, but it is in the works.
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