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  1. @CynicalDowner yep absolutely, Youtube is fine No rush, we might not be able to address the issues before the next update, depending on how complicated the fixes are. But I'll take a look and let you know.
  2. @CynicalDowner Thanks for the feedback! If you or anyone else gets stuck, it's really helpful for us to get screenshots of each situation. With a screenshot we can review and try and address the situation, but otherwise we're flying a bit blind. In the meantime, if you open the console with ~, and type "ghost" you will be able to fly out of the situation. Type "walk" to walk as normal. Re the Wellie situation, thank you. I've heard about this a bit on the forums and just experienced it yesterday in testing - we don't yet know what it's randomly happening but we'll look to address it before the next update. No promises though, it's extremely sporadic and these things usually take time to nail down. Suspicion indicator: thanks. We've changed this internally, it'll change with the next update. Wastrels: Wastrels are people who Joy does not work for. They're outcasts from society, and the Wellies beat them up because they bring them down. Hope that makes sense. We'll keep working on things - next update we're focusing on night time, so it'll change the way you play a great deal. There will also be some interesting combat and suspicion changes!
  3. Just to add to this, we don't respond to every thread but we do read everything. And we do very much appreciate all the feedback, bug reports and suggestions
  4. @islanola we haven't planned to test the Xbox one version publicly - just internally. However, if we decide to ask for a few Xbox One beta testers, we'll make a post about it here.
  5. Just copying @Wilson's comment from another thread, to keep this collated in one place: You asked two questions about feedback, so I figured I'd answer here. 1. She is an indicator of how others are perceiving you. If she's turned away smiling, nobody is paying attention to you; if she's staring at you then you're under suspicion, and if she's yelling then someone is probably about to attack you. I keep her in my periphery constantly. 2. I like the new container system. Makes more sense to use a canteen for water and a glass bottle for the banger.
  6. Hi folks We are looking for an Intermediate or Senior Level Designer to join our team. As a level designer, you will create interesting and engaging player experiences by blending the narrative, creative and technical elements of our games. This is a key creative and technical role within our studio. As a level designer you will: * Design the steps and details of encounters and scenarios within We Happy Few and future games * Collaborate with artists, programmers and the Narrative Director to integrate their work * Prototype different gameplay mechanics to get a feel for how scenarios unfold * Work with the Design Director to ensure the playability and consistency of the game * Plan, request and follow up on components (gameplay, AI, sound, etc.), and integrate them * Document and present your work, including prototyping and playtest results with our team and our community Requirements: * At least 2-3 Years in video-game level design production, or similarly relevant experience * A familiarity with Unreal Engine 3 or Unreal Engine 4 systems, and technical comfort with its scripting tools (Kismet and/or Blueprints) * A solid grasp of general level design principles (pacing, risk/reward, spatial design, player direction) * Being open to creative feedback and interested in what our community and team has to say about your work * Experience with programming, advanced scripting or modelling is an asset This is a full time position working from our Montreal office. Please send a CV and examples of your work to jobs at compulsiongames.com.
  7. Hi everyone Sorry for the delay on the keys. We do have to manually lock them down and charge your cards before sending the keys out (none of you were charged Friday or the weekend, although I believe we're doing it right now). Normally it's not a complicated process, and we do it at the end of the day each day, but we didn't get to this on Friday. You should get a notification shortly that we've charged your cards and that the keys are available. Re digital art book / soundtrack - please be aware that we haven't finished these yet, and won't have until right before release. This is because we haven't finished all the art or the soundtrack just yet
  8. Hi everyone, Welcome to a new edition of our weekly update! It’s another quiet week at the studio, as about half of us are on vacation, so it’s a smaller update today than usual. This week we have been focusing on NPC activities - basically, what the Wellies do all day. It’s livened up the place something grand. Narrative Team Alex I went through our recording session and pulled the best takes to use for [redacted]’s in-game barks and responses to scenarios. I’ve also been editing audio for various cut scenes in the [redacted] playthrough. Also, over the weekend, I rewrote [redacted]’s playthrough so that it’s no longer an issue of [redacted]. Sam note: This message is brought to you by the CIA and their corps of redaction engineers, and by the number 13. Programming Team Marc I worked mostly on AI passive behaviours (the things they do when they don't suspect or try to kill you). We added a few activities (we call them "points of interest") using existing animations that were not yet integrated into the game. I also fixed tons of stuff that really should have been working at this stage, including usages of some activities and general movement. Now the NPCs, mostly in the village, have a lot more variations as to what they're doing. It's just the beginning. Art Team Marc-André I continued working on the filler building I modelled last week, texturing it. Have a great weekend everyone! Team Compulsion
  9. @Numitron We will see if anyone starts ranting about the end of the world...
  10. @afrat240 Right now, it tells you how much suspicion your actions would generate, if someone were around to see you. Basically, it's a teaching tool. However, I agree that it's not really working as is - it's confusing and even if it was helpful initially it isn't necessarily that useful once you know what causes suspicion and what doesn't. The thing is, you already know your current "global" suspicion level by listening to the music. We have both suspicion and combat music that tell you what your current suspicion is, so it seems to me that converting it to reflect the global suspicion level really doesn't give you any more information than you already have. We'll look into this, as I think we can agree that it needs to be reworked.
  11. @afrat240 no, we push out new builds about once per month. Sometimes we'll speed that up (eg urgent fixes) or slow it down (because we want to wait for a major system to go in), but on average you should look out for a new update at the beginning of every month.
  12. @MattyMatt Mate, not sure if you're trolling, but if you aren't interested in listening to our responses then there's not much we can do here. If you have specific concerns/questions, then let us know and we'll answer them.
  13. Hey Epic, yes, we do. From our Kickstarter: "In We Happy Few, you play as a Downer - someone off their happy pills. We have three Downers for you to unlock and play: Our playable characters are not typical video game heroes - they are flawed and not particularly heroic, warped by the trauma their world has been through. They are haunted by terrible things they’ve done in the past, and they each have something they urgently need to accomplish. Each one has a story to play through. Their stories all interweave, so by playing one character, you can unlock new ones. And, each character has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, which change how you play the game. Our stories are definitely Not Appropriate For Children, unless your children are already reading Neil Gaiman novels, in which case, good on you. But don’t worry, it’s not all frowns and sadness! It’s also laced with dark humour, hope, and even a spot of redemption." We've not released any further info on the story, and won't until we're close to the full release. But I can tell you that it'll certainly be something
  14. We'd like to do this, no eta though.
  15. @AirRaid Alleyways are indeed on the way - the grassy areas are temporary. This is a major system that we've put a lot of work into, but it's not yet ready. It'll come in during the pre-alpha period, but exactly when we don't know yet.
  16. 1) Righto, and you're correct that it affects your stealth and conformity. Basically you are less noisy/suspicious when you're walking 3) Yes, that is an issue. We had plans to fix it, but until at least one more major generation system is in, there's not a lot of point trying to fix this issue. We're hoping to bring that in within the next couple of patches. 4) Yup, this will evolve over time. We're always looking at balance, but until we have difficulty settings in game, it's unlikely to be to everyone's liking.
  17. Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for putting your playthrough online, that'll be really helpful for us as a reference. Rotten food: chances are this will change. We just added the debuff and the expiration so that it actually did something. Island sizes: agreed. The island size will revert in a couple of updates, and we'll go back to more islands. This is a temporary thing for us to figure out some performance improvements, which will benefit low-mid end PCs (including Mac and Linux, once we get there) and consoles - basically the world is so big that it's taking a long time to generate. PCs with lower end CPU/GPUs take way too long to generate the world. The water system is changing - I'm a little surprised that people aren't using the water purification system, but that's good feedback. Joy detector and joy booths both need more testing - they're not robust enough right now. Padded suit: feedback noted, thanks. These are mostly tests to see what we and you guys find useful, and I think the padded suit is the least useful of the higher tier armours right now.
  18. Thanks Turnip This is all good feedback, and don't worry about appearing to be negative - constructive criticism is exactly what we're looking for. If people just said "this is GREAT!" we'd not exactly be able to improve it! 1) Walk button: are you referring to walking (caps lock), or to crouching (left ctrl or C to toggle)? We could add a UI option to allow you to toggle walking. Crouching you can already toggle using C. 2) 10 NPCs on top of each other: Yeah, the NPCs in this update aren't working quite right. Something broke their POI system (places of interest - basically the things that they do in the world), so they walk around more mindlessly than normal. Marc and Vince are on that right now, and the next update will fix this, along with adding a bunch of new things for the NPCs to do. 3) Getting stuck: If you have specific pet peeves, please let us know. It's a bit complicated, because the stuck/movements issues caused by the procedural system are something that we have to get to later on. However, we can look at geo in houses and things like that - so if there are major areas that are causing you grief, it would be helpful for us to know which parts are the most annoying. (We have a bunch of them lined up, but as this is mostly a polish issue, we've been focusing on creating more content rather than touching up the existing stuff.) 4) Combat difficulty: two issues here: one, the permadeth/player continuity question (we will be implementing something around this, but not for a few months), and two the HUD feedback about what you're doing, why it's bad, why it's okay, etc. We're well aware of this. It's caused by (a) crazy rules that aren't that familiar to you, but that we haven't told you about yet, (b) unimplemented features, and © genuine bugs. Every update we do our best to improve all of these things, as it's a constant process of iteration. Again, if there are specific issues, we'd love to hear them
  19. @TheTeaWolf Hi guys - need to clarify something here. The only way we're distributing the pre-alpha is through Steam. The key you get will become a retail key on release, and will be updated from now until post-release. This means you won't get a DRM-free option, because you'll already have the Steam version. In hindsight I'd add more wording about this to the Kickstarter campaign, as obviously it wasn't clear enough, but that's the gist of it. I hope that makes sense - please send me a PM if it's an issue.
  20. @Storefront thanks! Wallhugging would be good, it's not in the plan right now though. It could be useful as part of the stealth gameplay though, so we'll keep it in mind.
  21. @noahgibbs @Zenaxa they'll be getting even worse in the next update You just wait.
  22. @Twinbowser that's not intended, don't worry. Our long term plans for this will take some time to come in properly, but we have some ideas about how to fix it temporarily in the next update.
  23. @Cthulhu30 @Hidude hi guys, we're on the final step now (BackerKit is just reviewing everything). Basically, once they have that done, then we'll be able to process payments and send out codes. I'm afraid it's likely to be Monday or Tuesday
  24. @elaverick 21:9, is this some sort of witchcraft?! We can look into this. Edit: it looks like support for this is already in, it's just not categorized properly. The 21:9 resolutions are bundled into the "16:9" aspect ratio setting. Could you please take a look inside the 16:9 resolution options to see if an appropriate res is there?
  25. @dash first is a bug yes, second is intentional After all, you do look very fancy.
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