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  1. @Shibou This will potentially be fixed in the next build update. We're implementing a new loot system to better control how/where things spawn, and the red bobby looting will be updated as part of that.
  2. @hiroyuki232 unlikely. Never say never, as we'll likely look back on this over time, but it's not planned right now.
  3. @Shibou it's not in there right now, but it will come back eventually
  4. @Hayhay1Nasty Hello! Monday morning. Naila processes the key requests at the beginning and end of every work day (it's Sunday afternoon here in Montreal), so I'm sorry for the wait. Your card won't be charged until we do.
  5. @thekingofdallas a fair question. No - June 2016 was the estimated date of full release for the game, on Kickstarter. Early Access / Game Preview was planned for early 2016, but exactly when we haven't announced. I don't want anyone to feel like they were short changed - it's very important to us. This is exactly why we're closing the pre-alpha purchases at the end of next week - around Friday 4 December - because we want to make sure there's a reasonable amount of time to get involved and give us feedback before we go into Early Access. We announced that a month ago, so hopefully we're being as transparent as we can about this stuff without announcing a date - let me know if you have any concerns, and please don't feel any pressure to buy in at this stage.
  6. @Ellia at this stage, no. Another reason for closing the campaign is so that we have firm numbers about how many books, physical boxes and t-shirts we need to create. If all goes well, once we finalise the design we'll be able to look into other ordering methods (eg an online shop), but I can't promise that we'll find something suitable.
  7. @Shibou It's intended to be dark - the flashlight comes on automatically. If you're not seeing it, it's likely due to a graphical quality setting. Either way, we'll be implementing something new for this in the next update, so we'll make sure that it is visible on all settings. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. @thekingofdallas hey, sorry we didn't reply when you posted this. I completely missed it. Release date planning is always a little fluid, but yes. We had earmarked late January, but we are likely to push that a bit later. The main reason is to make sure we put the right amount of effort in pre-Early Access, and is one of the reasons for the additional team members Naila mentioned here. We're doing this for very positive reasons, although I appreciate it can be frustrating (which is why most devs are always so wary to use firm dates). Once we've got a better idea of when and how we'll launch, we'll let you know.
  9. @kilik693 just to add to Otherbuttons' comment, you'll need to add it to your library first. You do that by: "Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account. Click the Games Menu. Choose Activate a Product on Steam... Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process." That will start downloading it for you.
  10. Sam

    Steam List

    @Otherbuttons cool. I am not a big groups user, but I have joined.
  11. Thanks @Jon1renicus. Nice work on that first dungeon, you asshole. I think we can close this topic at this point, as we've made a bunch of changes to the lady based on everyone's feedback, and the water system seems to be working well. Thanks everyone!
  12. Sam

    Steam List

    The official Steam group can't be made until we go live on the store, if I remember correctly. It's something we'll be confirming before the end of the year. In the meantime, go ahead and make a group. It's no skin off our nose, and you definitely do not need our permission
  13. Yep, that's the plan. We did for Contrast, and will do eventually for We Happy Few. Not a big priority right now though
  14. @ImperfectPlains Not yet. We're likely to come to Early Access some time in the new year - it will likely go up on the store a couple of weeks before, once we have a launch date, and you'll be able to put it on your wishlist then.
  15. @Cannibal_Octopus I thought you were going to ask us to become CoD or Fallout. No more dogs! We haven't looked at dogs for a couple of reasons. The first is technical/workload - it's a completely different model, with different types of animation, and would require a whole lot of support to get it working. The second reason is to do with the lore of the world, but I'll have to leave you guessing about what that might be. Instead, we're planning on having a special AI type that will act as a "sniffer dog" type character. In the pre-alpha this is effectively what the Criers - little old ladies - do, but this is temporary. Exactly how this will work is in flux at the moment, but you'll see it soon enough.
  16. @Astorica definitely not a false alarm! It's important feedback, because we really aren't telling you what's going on. That's not the best approach, and having it highlighted like this is really useful. In time, we would like to add a recap/death screen eventually, to give you this kind of feedback. But it might not be in the next update.
  17. Hi @maddiethehuman! No problem at all. The full policy is here if you'd like to check it out. Otherwise, happy streaming!
  18. @Frost yes, we do plan to have some meta progression. That will come in later on.
  19. @Wilson maybe today, maybe early next week. We've had a longer delay than usual on this update, the next one won't be so far away.
  20. @mtark3 @Camille Actually for top secret reasons it will not be next week - likely to be the following week, around about the 15th.
  21. @CynicalDowner Thank you! I'm just adding time codes to help the team review these. 1:25 wow, that's weird. Genuinely surprised you are stuck there. 3:06 equally surprised. The random Downer cries etc are potentially due to a bug we have where suspicion shooting from 0 to 100 far too rapidly. It's rare, but we haven't narrowed it down yet. However, we do have a fix for when you're fighting Wastrels alongside Wellies - the specific example you showed at the bridge shouldn't occur next time around. 8:35 thanks for pointing this out - it looks like collision debug information. 9:30 not necessarily a bug. We're going to redesign the Crier (the little old lady) but at this stage she is a HYPER suspicious character. She's basically a walking "avoid at all costs" NPC, and is extremely dangerous because she tags you as a Downer for all to see. We used to have a "Tagged as a Downer" status effect, but we took it out in the hope that it would be more immersive. We may review that, we will see. 10:20 the best thing to do with crashes is to submit a crash report - if the game crashes it should bring up a window that allows you to submit a crash report, along with a box to describe what you were doing at the time. If the crash reporter isn't coming up, make sure you have the latest version of the game and up-to-date drivers. If it still happens, and no box comes up, let us know here and we'll take a look (because the crash reporter not coming up is something we need to address). 12:40 yup, you drew his attention. The mistake you made was sticking around after jumping through the window - they really don't like it when you loiter 13:20 thanks for this, definite bug! 15:40 also looks like a bug, thank you. And finally thank you for the shout out We'll be looking at some of these before the next update.
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