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  1. @miscellaneum_studios have you tried verifying the integrity of your game cache? And/or reinstalling?
  2. X-com 2 baby. Little bit sad that I can't play on Iron Man until I beat the campaign, because it means I'm save scumming like a terrible, terrible person. Good game though. I really like the way they've improved upon the original, while retaining links to the original series, and not losing much of the essence of X-com. I'm only 16 hours in though (so for a first playthrough, where I don't feel that I'm anywhere near the end, this is damn good value).
  3. It's a toss up between: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFO:_Enemy_Unknown (the original Xcom) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_of_Orion I got them both in a Micropose two-pack. Legit manuals and everything (the covers are the first pictures of the wiki page). One of the few times my folks bought me games. Obviously they have excellent taste, because I still play both these games from time to time.
  4. @thomascomics Right, thanks. Could you let us know what you picked up, and when this was? As Camille said, we published a fix for this on 7 February, so I'd like to make sure that the fix is working. We also need to know if you've picked up items that are used as parts of recipes - sometimes they are not.
  5. @thomascomics Recipes should unlock when you pick up their ingredients. It's not the intended design, just a stop gap solution until we get a whole bunch of new content in. If certain recipes aren't unlocking, please let us know which ones. We've tested everything, but something might have slipped through.
  6. @Otherbuttons It's just the beginning - it's still very punishing, so we'll be interested in everyone's feedback.
  7. @LionSlicer I can appreciate that. Obviously we have our reasons, but the most important thing to know is that Microsoft's support is a really big deal to us. Microsoft has been super enthusiastic about the game, from the beginning, and want to help us out - that's a rare opportunity. If you launch simultaneously on both platforms, unless you're Call of Duty you don't get help. We're also planning to go into Early Access / Game Preview - we can't do that through Sony. So I hope that makes sense. We did this the other way around on the last project, launching Contrast on PS4 6 months earlier than on Xbox One. Ultimately, we want to make the game great on PC and Xbox One. But we're also committed to doing the best we can by our community, so please don't think we've forgotten about you.
  8. @Danymaster20 We're unlikely to have voices in multiple languages (except perhaps, maybe, French), but we will have subtitles in major languages. Think English, French, Russian, Brazillian Portuguese, German, Spanish and Italian. I'd also like to do Polish, Turkish, Japanese, and a whole range of others, but that will depend on finances/timing etc. Edit: ps, I moved this to the WHF general discussion forum.
  9. Sam

    Pre order?

    @Danymaster20 It will, but not for a while. Once we have a good idea of release dates, we can talk to Microsoft and Valve about setting up pre orders
  10. @josiah0601 hello! Welcome to the community At this stage we've closed our crowdfunding campaign, as it gets very murky keeping them open for a long period of time, so it's a bit hard to donate monetarily. However, keeping an eye on our weekly/build updates and progress, and helping us spread the word, is an even better way of contributing right now. We'll need all the help we can get as we approach Early Access.
  11. @Incarnaden Yeah, we saw that! We're very lucky to be there. The number of views of just one gif, it's mind boggling. Thank you, guys and girls, for all that you do for us.
  12. @Astro Maybe - but right now, it's too early to tell. We'll post up a specs threads until we have more definite requirements.
  13. @islanola you know, we're still not entirely sure who said "holiday season" So inspecific.
  14. @ZombieRobo No problem posting here. The game should run at 1080 just fine on low/medium settings on your PC, but it's really to early to confirm this with any accuracy. I'd check in again closer to Early Access launch; we'll have a better idea of how a range of PCs run at that time.
  15. Happy new year everyone! Apologies for the absence, we're back now. It's going to be a big year ahead. I've been planning to write a 2015 retrospective, and let you all know a few things about the coming year, but I'm struggling to find the time right now. There have been a lot of changes relating to the game and our studio, which are all exciting, but I'll only mention one of these for now. Previously, it got around that we would be coming to Early Access and Xbox Game Preview "this holiday season". We keep etas like this deliberately vague, because sometimes you need to either accelerate or delay production, depending on how we think the game is going. We have decided to invest more into the project (thanks in no small part to the Kickstarter), to make sure that we live up to everyone's expectations. As a result, we need to push back our Early Access launch, to make sure we give this the best shot we can. We'll be continuing with pre-alpha builds (and hopefully will get more and more feedback!) as normal. I hope that makes sense - if you want to ask about this, please do, I'll work in responses to any questions into the blog post.
  16. @yazan I'd say it's more of a not yet than a no
  17. @Shibou thanks The world's edges are going to undergo some fairly radical change over the next few updates, so we'll look forward to the feedback once it comes in.
  18. @Shibou yes thanks, we are aware. It's deliberate, because running a dynamic light like that on low absolutely kills performance on low end machines. While we work on a better solution, for now we have increased the ambient light in important areas on low settings.
  19. @Vercci it's up to you - some people prefer screen name, others real name
  20. @HORROR7 Ranged weapons yes (we have them already, although they're basically just throwable weapons right now), guns no. Or at least, not as you'd know them.
  21. @Vercci Actually, your name will be displayed in the game itself. Think something like the Pillars of Eternity gravestones, or lists in-game. The idea is that there will be something in the game (or maybe more than one) with a list of names in it, to immortalise the pre-alpha backers inside the game itself
  22. @melhadf Well this is a strange one. Your specs look fine, so it shouldn't be that. I hate to say it, but we'll need to wait a little bit before we can help you out. It is the Compulsion Christmas party tonight (starting right now, in fact), and I cannot promise we'll be totally kosher tomorrow. Camille is likely to ask a bunch of questions starting Monday. In the meantime, could you let us know if you upgraded to Win 10 before you played last, or between then and now?
  23. @raidensmith I'm afraid not. We may look into this in the future, but we can't promise it.
  24. @Nuclearwars maybe, MAYBE as a paid DLC/expansion. Something like Don't Starve Together, but you're right - if we did this, it would be considerably down the line.
  25. @Shibou try right now We are unlikely to update again before Christmas.
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