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  1. @Nautilus I have no idea how you managed that last Bobby. He looks awesome.
  2. @ZombieRobo We can't answer this with any certainty just yet - it's too early. You are within the minimum specs, so will be able to run the game, but we won't know for a while how well it will run.
  3. @Nautilus Are you my mommy?
  4. Hi @Iris_Lockspur and everybody, We've decided to make a slight change of plans: we're going to hold off on publishing April's update until just after PAX. I wanted to give you guys a bit of an explanation why, because it means no update for a couple more weeks. PAX is a really big deal for us. In order for us to have a great launch, and reach as many people as we can, it's extremely important that we impress everybody at PAX. And I mean extremely - it's kind of all been leading up to this moment. If we release the demo before PAX, press/streamers/youtubers etc might think "oh people already have access to this" and so not come check it out. Obviously this is the exact opposite of what we'd like to happen. So, instead, we'll update the pre-alpha with the PAX demo/map shortly after PAX. In the background we'll be working on the last major pre-alpha update, and push that out to you guys some time in early May. I hope that explains why we're doing things this way. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. @bigjerm724 don't worry bigjerm, Xbox One and PC are still planned to be out at the same time
  6. @OG_Jester We understand. We will have an easier setting, for exactly the reasons you're suggesting, but it likely won't come in for another couple of months. We will be making some changes in the next update that will add variety to difficulty settings, but won't make it easier just yet.
  7. @Nautilus @Hidude I have to agree. These are really nice! Although you may have to redo the Bobby next week. Tito's been fixing him up, and he's looking even better.
  8. @Iris_Lockspur Similar to that, but even smaller! You'll see. A familiar place will be returning. Military zone, honestly, I'm not sure. It may not make it in until 1.0 (with the narrative).
  9. @Iris_Lockspur whoops. I meant for us to expand on that, but forgot to in the rush on Friday. Basically, we want to focus on a small section of the game this time around. We'd like to get feedback on all the little things, and it's best to do that on a small map - you'll understand why next week We want to try and polish up all the things we've previously said "it's too early to address this". We'll still have the current build available as a branch on Steam, and the subsequent update (after the small map) will revert back to the main map and should be a pretty big one.
  10. To be honest, formatting on the forum is pretty limited right now. We're hoping to improve it once we find some time, but until then the Simple Html button right below the comment box is the best guide we have.
  11. @snowballs2010 I should also add, we moved this because we did not, in fact, make Bioshock
  12. @Shibou well, why don't we talk about this around 2pm tomorrow. Maybe 1pm. 1pm, but we'll probably be late. How's that for a non-specific tease?
  13. Hey guys - I'll be able to expand on this in early May.
  14. I just played Day of Defeat: Source for the first time in something like 6-8 years. It's still great. Loved it. Crawling under tanks to shoot Germans/Americans in the foot, intense feelings of inadequacy as I get destroyed by people older than me... good times
  15. @Iris_Lockspur @TheTeaWolf thanks guys! This screenshot is a good start. If you can remember anything unusual about what you were doing, it might help us reproduce it
  16. Hi guys - can you please post up some screenshots of situations when the lighting is too dark? We've experienced something similar internally once but had thought we'd fixed it. Edit: it is possible that this will be fixed in the next update - we've been changing the global lighting a bit the last couple of weeks, and this may have the result of fixing the issue. Having said that, because we haven't been able to replicate this, I can't confirm if it will be fixed yet. So, any screenshots (whether it is now or next patch), along with a description of how it occurred, would help us a great deal!
  17. @domo915 It's not available yet. Once it is, it will be available through the Xbox store
  18. @MattyMatt Thanks for your patience. We've looked into this - Contrast was built on a version of Unreal that doesn't support it as a launch option (it did launch in 2013). Unfortunately, we're not going to be going back and providing support for it, so third party solutions are your best bet. We Happy Few does have the option available in the in-game menu (and most of us use it), so it won't have the same issue.
  19. @Horrorshow we couldn't possibly comment. Thank you, though
  20. @muaet hey, thanks for the offer. It's a pretty big project, but I'll send you an email and we can chat privately about it.
  21. @ZombieRobo We don't have anything more than temporary specs right now, but your system should run okay. It's really too early to give you an answer with any certainty.
  22. @Shibou that was the old, really placeholder version Camille has hated it for as long as it has existed, and we will all celebrate its non existence next patch.
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