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  1. @Gemma123 I'm assuming you are playing on PC. Can you confirm that with the most recent update, this issue is still occuring for you?
  2. @Haethel thanks for this, you're absolutely right. 64 bit was listed in French, but not in English. We have updated the specs.
  3. @xJoshPointOh As many of these have been fixed, you may want to wait until the next update is available before reporting more bugs - it will say version 29020 on the main screen That should come to Xbox One within the next couple of days.
  4. @LoLetEmKno thanks! These should be solved by the next update - this should be coming within the next couple of days to Xbox players
  5. @karen as @tec has mentioned, there are two different programs. Xbox Dash Preview - this allows you "beta" access to Xbox One operating system updates. You must be invited to take part. Xbox Game Preview - this is a program that allows game developers to release games that are still in development (it is very much like Early Access on Steam). This is available to everyone, no invite required. It upgrades to the full game over time, as it is developed. We Happy Few is part of the Game Preview program. This means it gets updated throughout development. As tec says, you get updates all the way through. Yes, Microsoft's marketing deserves a jolly good thrashing for naming them so similarly.
  6. @11chris22 I'm afraid that you were playing the 45 minute trial. To play further, you'll need to buy the game. @Made4GameZ 6-12 months from now. Still under heavy development
  7. Sam

    Forum search?

    Agreed. It's on the to-do list - frankly we need to give this whole place an overhaul. But it's going to take a bit of time to do it
  8. @CateArcher hello! It's a little under 30fps right now, but we will be aiming for 30 on release. Also, I have moved this to the WHF General Discussion forum
  9. Hey, thank you But I think we'd all rather deliver something that people don't want to pirate, rather than worry about people who do.
  10. @DustinGRojas hey, sorry for the late reply. That's a very, very low resolution. While technically the game might run on ultra low res, it's not something we recommend. What graphics card / cpu are you running?
  11. @Iris_Lockspur Sounds like something I'd say. Very wise and accurate.
  12. @WeThoughtfulFew No pre-order because Xbox Game Preview games usually do not allow preorders. This is the same for Early Access on Steam. Unfortunately, time /played is a little bit difficult to answer. For the current build, right now, it takes us between 3 and 7 hours to complete a run through, depending on who is playing. But that's based on two years of playing the game and knowing exactly how to finish it. We will not know for quite some time exactly how long the final game will take to finish. We are aiming for a regular run to be between 5 and 7 hours, once all the content is there. You'd have to play through all three character's stories to "finish" the game, so 3x 5 to 7 = 15 to 21 hours is a very rough, very early minimum time to complete the game. But we just don't know - this could go up or down pretty easily, and likely will not remain there. If you are the kind of person that chooses whether to buy games based on a $/hours played value judgement, then I suggest you take a look at reviews post launch to see if it suits you. That's really the only way we'll be able to get a good feeling of time /played.
  13. @Reedo We're unlikely to remove them completely. The needs icons were implemented specifically because new players weren't understanding how important food, drink and fatigue were. Having said that, there are a number of additions to the needs icons that we will be making down the track. We're also happy to receive feedback on why you prefer the old style - could you give us some indications of what information you'd like to know? Likewise if you have suggested improvements, we're happy to hear them.
  14. @Reedo Thanks! It's something we're constantly improving. We know about sneakers, but if you have other suggestions, let us know
  15. We talk about our game very differently to most studios - eg Alex posts every week what he's doing, in exhaustive detail. This is really nice, and is a big departure from what most studios do. I'm really happy that we've gone down that route, and I hope you guys are too. But it does come with some challenges. It is really, really hard to keep everyone from talking about stuff when you're in open development. I still don't know if it will have any long term hype effects - it was the big question we asked ourselves when deciding on Early Access. The story of the game is so interesting, and so unique, and I just hope that we'll be able to get people excited about it when the time comes. But it's harder when little things slip every week. Because it's very open, it's hard for everyone (including me) to draw the line between what we can talk about, and what we can't. So Iris, you're not alone there It's okay to talk about Alex Wyndham as Arthur, and Julian Casey as Uncle Jack... just ideally not everyone else Not yet, anyway.
  16. Hey @LuminalSquid. All topics are welcome - and thank you for posting. Any posts you want to make will be welcomed and supported here. I can't answer for anyone, and I have very limited experience with this subject. However, members of our community and of the public have drawn the parallel a few times since we announced the game a year or so ago (I have seen it in blog comments, reddit posts, etc). So, even if people don't reply on here, there may well be others thinking along the same lines as you are
  17. @Hidude Yes - not for some time. Because we're going into Early Access, the soundtrack will likely come later in the piece, along with the art book. That's a bit unavoidable, unfortunately, because we have a lot more art/music to create.
  18. @StrangeBean Thank you, this is really thoughtful feedback. It's great to get before Early Access, not necessarily because we can respond to it before then, but because it will be on our minds as we start working on the first post-Early Access update. We've had some hearty debate inside the studio about your feedback already today, and I think you've given us a lot to think about. I will say that the Early Access version will address some of your comments, as will planned updates later on in development. I'll leave it to others to respond about certain points (if they have time); I just wanted to say thank you, we'll work on it.
  19. We casted a young Percy. We wouldn't talk about anything that's not yet in the game...
  20. @Horrorshow Wow! That's incredible! Super, super impressive, congrats
  21. @antca87 hello! Unfortunately not. We will be distributing Steam/GOG.com keys as planned. Xbox One keys won't be available, nor will Win 10. (We tried to get this to happen a year ago but it's not doable once a Kickstarter closes.)
  22. To add to Naila's comment, we've just integrated 4.12 internally. This means we took all of the changes Epic made to the engine between 4.11 and 4.12, and reconcile conflicts with our existing code/ways of doing things. For example, the new version of the engine might break how we display menus, so we need to go in and figure out why that's happening and how we want to deal with it. Generally we integrate on a continuous basis until we get close to launch and need to lock everything down. @Camille can give a much more eloquent response, as she's the one who makes the whole process almost completely painless.
  23. @Iris_Lockspur mother of god. So many things. Very impressive.
  24. @Iris_Lockspur it is still the plan, although we're not fully back to work until tomorrow. Thanks guys! I think I speak for the team in saying that @lucigen and @Karovate coming to hang out was one of the highlights of the trip
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