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  1. 10/10, would read again. Seriously, this is great, thank you. There is a bunch of stuff in here that's confirming things we want to improve in the build, some bugs we know about, others that we didn't, and some great insight into how you were playing. The most exciting thing is that you've done exactly what we hoped you would, which is pick up on some of the suspicion rules in the society. There's still more to explore in the build, so we'd love to hear the next round As for your last question, night time is not yet dangerous. But it will be. Enjoy the freedom while you can! In the meantime, so you know we're not pissing around over here, we're currently working on: - putting a stand-in "start" location that'll help teach you a bit about how the game works, and makes it so that you don't have to immediately run around to avoid drawing the Wellies' suspicion - fixing a couple of these crashes - maybe even implementing some lighting, who knows? We're hoping to update the build at the end of this week, and add a bunch more players to help get us some feedback. Keep it coming!
  2. Dota 2. I can't give it up, it's just so damn good. Also running through XCOM: Enemy Within on Classic Ironman. I'm on my 5th/6th attempt, it's driving me up the damn wall. So much more bloody difficult than the original!
  3. Hey everyone We've just pushed out a small update (build 5672) to address a couple of crashes and fix the save/load system. While we were doing that, we also: - cleaned up the loot/threat system in the houses a bit. - unintentionally broke the medicine cabinets. - tightened up combat - AIs now attack you properly. Be warned, they're vicious little buggers right now. - enforcers can now break down the door to a house you're in, if you make too much of a ruckuss. - you can now shove people out of the way (left click when you have no weapon or weapon is holstered). This might just be temporary. - achievements are working, which will give you some initial things to do in the game. There's three to go find (We'll have a reset achievement button in the next patch, but for now if you want to get them more than once, you can use the console command "reset achievements".) Let us know what you think! Sam
  4. Hey all - we have a general welcome thread in the main part of the forum, but I wanted to add a short one for the friends and family crew. Welcome aboard! If you don't know me, I am Sam. Together with G, I look after the production side of things, and I look after as much of the business duties for the team as possible. I'll be looking at a lot of the feedback to try to understand better how to prioritize things on the development side.
  5. We'll do our very best to make sure that patches are crash tested as much as possible before we update the main build, but they will slip through from time to time. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to live game development! If you have a crash, please let us know by posting in here. You can find your crash logs in the game's user data folder. The easiest way to reach it is to paste %localappdata%\GlimpseGame\Saved in the address bar of a Windows Explorer window: Then navigate to the Logs folder, which should contain various .log files, as well as a .dmp file in the event of a crash. If you could upload the .log and any dump file and add a link to the post, that'd be great! We hope to get automated crash reporting up and running fairly soon, but for now this would help us a great deal.
  6. That wasn't a typo. (Shut up, my mum thinks I'm funny.) Seriously - thanks for letting us know about the things going wrong with the build. We will eventually open up the Trello bug board we have, so that people can see what we have covered so far. However, for now: - if you'd like to report a bug, please include the version number (it's the 4 digit number at the top of the screen) and as much information as you can (including what you were doing up until the bug occured). - we're here to get your feedback, not use you as cheap labour! Please don't worry about rigorous bug testing. If something affects your gameplay significantly, or nags at you, we'd love to hear about it. But otherwise, things are going to change so much, that really we're only looking for things like "this is really god damn frustrating" and "I cannot currently move, wtf Compulsion" - please don't host any screenshots on public hosting sites - let's keep things private for now.
  7. Greetings Wellies! (This is what we call the people of Wellington Wells, which now includes you.) Jolly good day for it. If you're out and about, and are looking for some things to do, might I suggest you use these controls: In-game wasd – move / strafe mouse – look around space bar – jump / mantle (hold) shift – sprint control – crouch c – crouch (toggle) mouse 1 – attack (hold to charge if you have a weapon) mouse 2 – block / parry mouse 3 or r - shove f – switch to quickslot mouse wheel – cycle through quickslot items 1, 2 – select weapons q – holster/unholster your weapon (you should use this) e – use / interact v - secondary use / interact esc – access the menu tab or i – access inventory b - access crafting In the inventory right click to auto equip (a weapon will equip in the main weapon holsters, a consumable will equip in the quickslots) double click to use (eg food, painkillers, water) (note that status and journal screens are not currently implemented, you also can’t swap items)
  8. Getting a quote function in here has got to be my #1 priority. I love big dogs and I cannot lie.
  9. Hey dude, we sure did. Dota2 team is just me now, I have been abandoned. I will carry on regardless.
  10. You know, sometimes people ask me what it is like to live in NZ, give all the usual horrifying antics that take place there. A common question is "how do you deal with the spiders?". A thread on reddit popped up yesterday that covers it pretty nicely - check it out.
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