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  1. Hello everyone! Since we announced We Happy Few, we’ve said that we want to open up our development. We want to be able to involve you in WHF’s development, both in terms of playing the game as it develops, and on being able to see what we’re doing on a weekly basis. We really like what Rust is doing for their weekly dev updates, so we’ve decided to try their approach - we’ll post up individually what we’re doing all week. So, without further ado, welcome to our very first development update! Whitney - Art Director This week I concepted a super groovy retro-tech Joy Detector Facility. I also worked on some super secret stuff for our Kickstarter campaign, which we’re gosh darn excited about. Marc - Programmer Marc is our gameplay programmer - generally, anything you can do in game, he has a hand in. Not one for unnecessary conversation, Marc just sent us a bulleted list of gameplay changes this week: Can now interact with characters to defuse suspicion, when they are not too aggressive yet There are now wastrels in the garden district, mostly at night Throwing a rock on someone stuns them and attacking triggers a finisher New weapon sounds, new impact FXs JR - Animator Hey everyone! As this is our first blog post, let me recap a little bit further than a week. Basically, what I've been doing here is all the animations of the game. Until Rémi came along, and then we picked up the pace even more! So on my side, I've been doing gameplay and narrative animations. On the gameplay side, I've been working a lot on melee combat lately. We want to offer a fun system that looks good to the eye, we focused on the impacts and the flow of the animations in a fight. So whatever you guys have been seeing at the PAX East 2015 demo (or hands-on of said event), it was a very early version of combat which didn't get a whole lotta love. Since then I worked on the timing of the animations as well as the attack curves to make sure that it's all happening smoothly. The NPCs that you will hit also move away from the player slightly now, as to avoid "stun-locking" opponents and fighting them in place while they can't do anything. I added some variation to the hit_reacts as well, and with the system that Marc implemented for combat, it will make my job easier to vary the animations and have it look a lot less static! Finally we also started working on synched animations between the player and the NPCs. While we don't want to go super complicated combat-wise, we at least want to add different approaches to the way that things happen during a fight, or even the way you instigate it (or avoid it). As far as narrative is concerned, Rémi and I are working very hard to develop the highest quality cinematics that we can achieve, given the scope and time we have! We know that narrative is important to a lot of gamers, and we count ourselves among them. With that in mind, several weeks back we started working on a couple of shots in order to establish the pipeline from Motionbuilder to UE4. Lately I have been working on an introduction scene for one of the characters in the game. I worked closely with our artists to generate the layout of the scene, and also with Alex (our narrative director) and Jose (our audio guy) to get the script and the audio to fit in. So let me stop here, as aI'm not gonna show you what it looks like just yet, but we've got a little surprise for everyone in our Kickstarter… hope you like it. Remi - Animator JR covered all the major stuff, but here are a couple of animations related to the joy detector booth: This is what happens when an NPC decides to go through the gates, but hasn't been looking after his Joy level. In We Happy Few, there might or might not be the occasional Joy detection booth. Ie, if you'd not on your Joy, this thing will totally find out (as well as subject you to completely unreasonable search and seizure - not unlike something else we all know and love). Josh - Game Designer Josh is awesome, and decided to make a video, which shows a timelapse of him creating a map to test a couple of features: Vincent - Level Designer This week, I have been working on integrating functionality into a Joy Detector Challenge. I had the blockout already working, after a few iterations in last two weeks, but it was mostly scripted in the level blueprints (built in UE4 tech), without using any systemic components yet (our custom tech). Scripting is faster to iterate and test, but isn’t suitable for the procedural map. I also found that my placeholder Joy Detector (a device that can tell if you or an NPC are taking your Joy or not) was bugging out when being used by the NPCs, while working on the AI for our scenario. So, to fix that, I decided I should make this Joy Detector work on its own, since it is a big part of that specific map. It is a quite complicated object because there are a lot of factors in play here: are the guards in position to activate the device? Are you or the NPC on Joy? And then calling all those specific animations... I've almost finished working on it, just some more tweaks on the guards’ AI and then making sure the NPCs also can use them properly. ... to be continued ...
  2. So, I hit a really difficult fight in PoE, and just gave up. I think I'm too low level, but one of the really annoying things to me is the limitations on the number of times you can rest. I'm at the final encounter of a keep (no spoilers), and I'm wounded, out of spells, and out of campfires. I don't want to go back to town, but after several failed attempts, I'm thinking it's going to have to happen... So I just started playing Kingdoms of Amalur instead. Really enjoying hitting things without a great deal of thinking.
  3. Ah Tintin, you little scamp. Incidentally, Tintin is awesome. It was originally distributed in groups of 4 panels - so every four panels contains some sort of joke, event, or revelation. It was only later that it was turned into books.
  4. @Muncha interesting - well, the answer is that there are three things that you find in the world, that allow you to pass through the exit. The screen should have gone all white at the end. Yeah, working on the art. What we're doing is focusing on the core pieces for each biome first, to get the art style and our pipeline fleshed out, and then over time we'll be adding more variation. Houses etc: agreed. That's the plan - we just don't have that higher level loot yet Traps: on the way! Internal layouts: agreed completely. There's more to it, because the external layout and filler systems will affect gameplay even more, but the layouts will come over time. Caution: yes, it's entirely too lackadaisical right now (always thought that word had an s, turns out, nope). We've focused a lot recently on individual suspicion reactions, and combat, but it's good feedback that we need to take more time looking at AI reactions to more random things. Having said that, much of this exists right now, but just isn't tuned that well. Escape: noted, interesting ideas on the jimmying etc. The goal of the game ties into the world narrative quite a bit, so we don't have as much room to experiment on that, but if it all goes well, you should hopefully be pleasantly surprised. Secrets: YES. @Joshua. P.S. you can now double click to craft in our daily build!
  5. @MISFIT Yes, salvage/crafting is in the game, as is a continual over-arching story. And we'll drop you in and let you fend for yourselves until your death Ultimately, whether you choose to pursue the story or not is up to you, but it'll be there when you want it.
  6. @Muncha Glad to hear it about the performance! It was one of the major pushes we made on the last update, as the build was beginning to run slowly even on our dev machines. Performance will likely go up and down all the way through development, but any time it becomes unplayable, we'd love to hear about it. In response to your other points: Unlockable slots: no, we don't have items in for this yet. The idea is that slots will become unlockable throughout a playthrough, but you'll have to craft upgrades to do it. Misplaced objects/floating weapons: this is actually two issues. The misplaced houses/objects is a known issue in the world generation - we have an entire new system planned for building placement, so we're holding off on addressing this for now. The floating weapons: this is a bug in our "liveness" manager that we haven't fixed yet. Basically, we can't spawn all of the AIs in the city at once, as it uses a huge amount of processing power to keep them going. So, as you get far enough away from them, we store them for later use. However, if you've pissed them off, and run out of range, we haven't stored their items... so they're just despawning, and the things they are holding end up hovering in mid air, untouchable. Hurray for bugs! Aesthetic: thank you, most of it was there but it wasn't laid out as nicely. The next update will be an even bigger improvement, as it won't just be The Village any more (at least, that is if we complete what we want to complete). Emergency Yam: amazing, sent that comment back to our emergency yam programmer/designer. It's good feedback though, thank you. Next update, we're going to change the controls so that quickslots and secondary interactions aren't on the same button - that's in our nightly build as of today. The Hatch: glad you like it! You can actually finish the game, ie be taken back to the main menu. If you're not there yet, you still have things to find Recipes: thanks, sounds like a good idea to me, I have passed that on. Camille might have concerns about it, we will see. Food/water: good to know, feels similar to me. We'll have to balance this later, according to the overarching meta goals in the game, but it's better to err on the side of generous for now, I think. What do you think would add to the game the most right now? (Gameplay wise.) Obviously we have our plans, but I'd like to know what people want to see the game, even at this early stage.
  7. @MISFIT Thank you I don't want to interrupt your theories, I just want to say that you'll know some of this in just a few weeks. Got some really cool stuff planned for the Kickstarter, hopefully you guys dig it.
  8. @Bowmanoflight thanks for the feedback! I moved your thread into the feedback forum. Really glad to hear about the paranoia - it's pretty much the main feel we're going for. Yes, we do know about the laser bug. We're in the middle of a slight rework of the security systems, but as it's mostly cosmetic right now, it might stick around until we do a full overhaul. Trash can + lamp post spawning is known as well - it's not a serious problem, although it does mean you can't loot the trash can. It's on the to-do list, but as it's not super high priority, it's likely to be fixed when we do a proper review of the decorator system. If I may ask, how are you finding the combat so far?
  9. @Mucha Glimpseeees. I have no idea. We really have to change the path name Thank you, I'm sorry this happened. In this update, we moved the user folder from steamapps/Glimpse/Saved (your first folder) to the second, mostly so that local user data wouldn't cross over between installs on the same PC (and because it's what you should be doing with user-specific data). Well, at least that's my non-programmer explanation, Camille probably has a more accurate one. Still surprised the saved data caused a crash, but it may have to do with the leftover data. Or it could have been just one corrupted file that Steam's verification couldn't catch. Either way, glad it's working again!
  10. @Otherbuttons I, like many other people, really hate listening to myself talk! So hopefully I didn't say anything too awful
  11. @Mutiny_he_cried thank you
  12. @lucigen thanks for the feedback! Your notes are great, no apologies necessary at all. Glad you're enjoying the combat - it's not only a bit harder, but there's a lot more variety to the weapons and animations. It's definitely supposed to up the stealth aspect of the game - sometimes standing and fighting is not as smart as running. On your other points: Silly tree, what are you doing there. Thanks, we had thought we'd solved most of these issues, but we'll keep an eye out. Separate towns: Yes, known issue. That's to do with the road planner trying to fit things in around the train station (it's missing the tracks right now, so I understand the castle comparison), which is also causing the terrain issues you mentioned. Much of this will change over the next few weeks. Train station! And the question is, do you really want me to just tell you what it is? Shopkeys: thanks, Josh probably is aware of this but I'll let him know. V-meat store: yes, you are Good to know, will keep rocks on terrifying setting. OD - thank you, I tested the functionality but didn't take a look at the day counter! We'll fix this. Hmm, did he spawn/disappear while you were watching? Bobbies have a mind of their own right now, and often come running/run away without any apparent reason. Interesting that you're finding it more difficult to become self-sustaining. What do you think is the cause of that? The reduced inventory space, the increased combat difficulty, etc?
  13. @mesklinite thanks! We're working on it.
  14. Hi everyone! We've just pushed live a very minor update to version 4. This includes: - some tweaks to combat (Bobbies are less aggressive, Wellies now operate a bit more like a kung fu movie when you're fighting them, and combat has been rebalanced so that all weapons are different from each other), - AIs should react faster, - the big giant building has more lovely giant textures (it still doesn't have a floor), - inventory fixes (as we've limited the inventory, and it's now possible to do a few more things in the game, we became aware of certain issues with putting loot into containers; these have now been fixed.) If you haven't yet played Update 4, which I'm assuming is pretty much everyone at this point, please do! We'd love to hear your feedback on the changes.
  15. @lucigen you know, I totally thought about that afterwards too. Colour me embarrassed
  16. @shmerl I tend to agree, mechanics suggestions make a bit more sense as stretch goals, rather than reward tiers. Some great ideas in here everyone! Keep 'em coming. We have had a bunch of them internally, so once it looks like we've got an interesting collection, we'll ask for some feedback on them. We can always look at new ideas that come up over time, too. If you'd like a prompt for ideas, one question I have is: what could we do, inside the game, that is reasonably simple for us to do but could offer something genuinely cool for you guys. Eg, the graveyards in Pillars of Eternity was a neat way of getting unique, interesting content (here lies Sir Fluffy Marshmallow, the softest knight of the realm), but I'm not sure that would work for our game.
  17. @Jiedre, re talking: @lucigen is right. You're welcome to talk about your experience with the build at PAX We moved this here to the private part of the forum just to collate everything in one place. If you'd like to talk about it to friends, family, etc, or just the users on the forum, that's fine with us. We'll open up this part of the forum soon - we just want to get one more update into the wild before we do, to add in our final batch of friends and family players. The update after that will be the big one, where we send out keys to you nice PAX people. Oh - and ideas are awesome! Sorry to interrupt the discussion. Many of these ideas are on the way, but some specific comments: - Overdose exploitation: you almost said that we should remove the player's inventory, which sounds like a pretty neat idea to me. Not sure if we can get it in for the next build, but that's a great suggestion. - Bad Joy: haha, oh, you just wait. - Currency: good question. Early on, we had planned to have a bartering economy. However, that's taken a bit of a backseat. I has a lot of solid design value, eg allowing you some control over what you find in the world, similar to how FTL does it, but it's also fairly involved and we're not sure yet if it'll be worth it. So, watch this space on this one, we'll likely revisit the decision later. Same with jobs - @lucigen, nicely spotted on the painted-over shops. Not many people saw that - Worldbuilding: planned, but not yet implemented - this will come in over time, as we are focusing on gameplay assets first.
  18. @Firehair12000 nice! Big fan of the shot overlooking the circus/the pirate ship. I love that pirate ship.
  19. @reederrabbitt123 Yep, when we look at linux, we'll also be looking at Mac.
  20. A few of us in the studio are playing Pillars of Eternity. Spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2, which got me so excited that I backed it on Kickstarter. Went in completely blind, haven't read a thing about it. So far, it's great! It's totally got the BG2 vibe, with some of the frustrating parts of the game removed. I barely understand a damn thing about it, so fairly sure my party/character builds are going to be shit, but I'm optimistically quite excited about how it'll play out.
  21. So, this is a pretty fair question to ask, and yes, we've put a fair amount of thought/design work into it already. However, as narrative is the one thing I can't be super open about yet, please bear with me if I can't answer everything. To me, dealing with story in a procedurally generated world has two extremes: completely procedurally generated story (ala Dwarf Fortress) or a custom narrative that slots in on top of the world. For us, we wanted to tell a specific crafted narrative, so option 2 is where we're going. The way we're doing this, as @lucigen said, is to layer the narrative on top of the generated world using custom set pieces. The PAX build contains a number of tests for that; areas or buildings that are uniquely crafted and scripted for gameplay, but are randomly placed throughout the world. An example from the PAX build was the "An Odd End" scenario. Right now, there are a bunch of "Odds & Ends" shops in the world, scattered throughout the map. However, one of these shops is unique - it looks a lot like the other shops, but something has gone horribly wrong, and you need to figure out how to break in to get the juicy loot inside. This was an initial test for the narrative systems, and it's likely we'll create additional scenarios in the main build over time to test out what we want to do on the narrative. But, we're still working on all of this. I want to try and write a few in-depth posts about how we're creating things, but we're focusing on preparing the Kickstarter campaign first, then will work on the more regular updates. I'm happy to keep answering questions though
  22. We're listening Quite seriously, if you guys have ideas, we'd love to hear them.
  23. Sam


    You lucky bastard, that would have been incredible. The crowd was unreal, for NZ 45k is the most we can fit in a venue. Now we just need to get you into test cricket, and you'll earn your stripes to play beach cricket with the best.
  24. Sam


    @Zotaku87 you beautiful man. WHAT A GAME. HOLY CRAP. The timing in this part of the world was just terrible - I had to head to bed when the rain came down. Scary scary time, AB is a phenomenal player, and I just wasn't sure how things were going to go down. And, what's worse, is that I've totally been an Elliott doubter... but not any more! Welcome to the wonderful world of NZ cricket. It's the best time to join Many, many of my family and friends were at the game, and I've never seen my facebook feed so taken over by cricket.
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