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  1. Hey there, I had thought we'd caught all of these situations. It would help me to understand which recipes specifically this happened with.
  2. Sam

    Generalist Programmer

    Thanks everyone, this position has been filled. However, we are always on the lookout for new experienced team members even if we do not have positions currently available.
  3. Sam

    Level Designer

    Thanks everyone, this position has been filled. However, we are always on the lookout for new experienced team members even if we do not have positions currently available.
  4. Sam

    Senior Level Designer

    We are currently looking for a Senior Level Designer to join our team on our current project, We Happy Few. In this context, we are looking for someone to: ● understand and improve game systems and mechanics, ● evaluate and review existing blueprints for stability, coherence and standardization, ● extend and enhance, or design from scratch, the moment to moment gameplay for procedurally generated or story-specific encounters/missions, ● participate as part of the design team to evaluate and improve the game as a whole through constructive criticism and creative contributions, and ● assemble story, environment and gameplay mechanics into a well-paced, highly realized experience. We are specifically looking for someone who has: ● 10+ years of experience working in video games, ● 5+ years experience working in Unreal Engine 3 or 4, ● experience in procedural level design, ● experience working with and familiarity with the business realities of independent video game development studios, ● has been involved in large scale video game projects, ● can speak English or French, ● has a high school diploma, and ● has experience in production management. This is a paid, permanent, full time position based in our Montreal office. Salary is negotiable based on experience, but will be between the range of $60,000 and $90,000. Complementary health insurance is provided at 50% cost. If this interests you, please send a CV, including previous work experience and notable projects, to jobs@compulsiongames.com Compulsion Games Inc 1001 Rue Lenoir Studio A-329 Montréal, H4C2Z6 www.compulsiongames.com
  5. Pretty much a slowpoke here, but I am loving Skyrim. Just overhead a little girl talking about how she murdered a dude in an alley. Totally creepy, loved it.
  6. Sam

    3D Environment Artist

    Thanks everyone, this position has been filled. However, we are always on the lookout for new experienced team members even if we do not have positions currently available.
  7. @ForgingLions oh but there is. You guys are doing this quest all wrong.
  8. You must feel like a terrible person right about now.
  9. Sam

    Mark forums as read?

    Yeah we need to overhall this entire forum. We haven't quite had the time yet
  10. Hi everyone Thanks for the feedback. It's an interesting discussion/debate. In creating We Happy Few, we pay close attention to names. Alex researches meticulously, and almost everybody in the game has been named for a specific reason (everyone important, that is). I don't think anybody in the public realises exactly how far he goes, possibly because even those of us here in the studio don't have half a clue about the obscure references he writes. He loves it, and it's one of the things we love about him. Harold Shipman has been intentionally chosen for this character because of the reference to the serial killer. His name isn't used to glorify what he did, but in fact to do the opposite - to suggest that you should be wary about this person. He is a bad person in-game, and it's pretty much a terrible idea to help him (I mean, he's asking you to pick up syringes in a toxic waste dump... I don't think we could be much more direct about this not being a good idea). In this way, we hope to challenge people (both to wonder if this name has more meaning), but also to add a deeper meaning and purpose to the story behind that encounter. Alex has written this in the past, in response to the same question: "I asked Constable Burne-Jones about Mr. Shipman, and he said, "I would certainly be very careful about anything that lad was up to. One gets a sense of people in this profession, and it is my opinion that he's not a right sort."" We have a tendency in the anglosphere to get very upset at offence. Yet, we also praise and value freedom of speech, criticism and discussion. Normally, we talk about sanitization of content with disdain, unless, of course, we agree with the reasoning behind the criticism. To change the game based on feedback is to sanitize, regardless of whether we agree that it should be done. Our intent is not to offend. It is, like any artistic pursuit, to challenge. Obviously there are degrees of how far you go in this regard, but we are currently comfortable with the way the name is being used. I hope this post explains why - you are SUPPOSED to be a bit affronted. To think about this person. To read, further, about the horrible crimes he committed. Now, the vast majority of players will gloss over this, as we gloss over most detail. But maybe, just maybe, some people will ask the deeper question, and understand more about the world of We Happy Few.
  11. Xbox version has passed cert, and will be rolling out across the next few hours.
  12. Sam

    3D Environment Artist

    Hello! We are Compulsion Games, an independent videogame developer based in Montreal, Canada. Our first game, Contrast, debuted in 2013 and told the story of a little girl and her imaginary friend. Our second, We Happy Few, is currently in Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One. We work on creative, high-quality experiences and are financially independent. We are a boutique team of industry veterans, who trust and respect each other and love our craft. We are looking for an Environment Artist to come and work with us on We Happy Few, an award-winning, dystopian 1960s survival game about escaping from a delusional English society that is completely obsessed with happiness. The environments of We Happy Few are stylized, while retaining high-production values. They tell meaningful stories about a location's history, and a sense of place. We are looking for an artist that combines strong technical skills with a rich understanding of cultural and artistic references. We are looking for someone who: - loves creating environment art, - has a superb portfolio, - is comfortable with the full range of 3D artist skills, including modelling, texturing, lighting, and composition, - has a commitment to creating high quality work and improving their workflow, and - is comfortable working closely with team members from other disciplines. Familiarity with Maya, Substance Painter, UVLayout, Quixel, ZBrush and/or Unreal is a plus. This is a full time role in which you would be working closely with the design and narrative teams at our studio in Montreal, Canada. Salary will be discussed based on experience. If that all sounds like you, then we would love you to come and work with us. Please send us an email at jobs@compulsiongames.com, including a CV and a portfolio of recent work.
  13. Sam

    Notes about this forum

    Hi everyone This is a new forum where, from time to time, we will be posting job opportunities here at Compulsion. We'd like to keep this fairly clean for potential applicants, so we have restricted posting/commenting in this forum. However, you are very welcome to ask questions over in the General forums For those of you who are new here, Compulsion is a ~20 person studio based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We are a studio that prizes creative work with a side of technical competence, and grow only when we find people who feel like the right fit for the team. If you are interested in any of the jobs posted, feel free to send us a question or two at jobs@compulsiongames.com! We also take spontaneous applications for jobs not posted here, although please keep in mind that we will not be able to reply to everything. Thanks!
  14. @anomie Hi there, we published a patch for the PC version late last week. Could you please confirm whether your crash is still occurring?
  15. Yeah, the lack of collision is a bit of a negative for me. Interesting choice on their part. I feel like there is a lot of misunderstanding about these types of games in the community. One day I'll hopefully find time to write a blog post about the common topics I see that just don't understand game production. And particularly how that relates to financing. In the meantime, while hype is difficult to deal with, I think they will be regretting many of the things they said you could do in game. Particularly multiplayer. Your game can't be all things to all people - you have to know when to say "no, that's not in the game". @shmerl I like the look of that game, and wish them luck. However, it doesn't look like they're planning the giant universe, procedural animation and wildlife that NMS did. So that reduces the complexity of the game they're making by a great deal (meaning that it's more likely that they'll have time to build and polish what they're aiming for). Otherwise though, they do seem very similar.
  16. @xJoshPointOh Not right now Specific area feedback is helpful, but we'll always be more interested in the feedback on new stuff and on global things like "does the progression feel good", "is the easy difficulty too easy/too hard" (once we implement difficulty settings). Basically, giving us regular feedback with new updates is all we can really ask for. @Azketta That should say version 29020. Which platform are you playing on? (And if PC, is this through GOG or Steam?)
  17. There is no difference between the Xbox One and PC HUDs that I'm aware of.
  18. @Zhuzha That's up to you. Right now they contain the same build. If you want to be part of the early previews, then you can stay on that branch. I'm not sure yet whether we will continue with this approach, but it seems pretty solid so far.
  19. @MrScoot thanks for the feedback We are reading, although don't always have time to reply.
  20. The update has passed cert, we're just waiting on Microsoft to push it live.
  21. @malexi Hi, sorry for the delay. The most recent update (which was released Friday on PC, and likely will be released tomorrow on Xbox One) should solve your issues with Faraday. For your other issues, take a look at your quest log and map - they give you hints on where to find things.
  22. @xJoshPointOh You should assume that save data will be compatible between versions, at least until we say otherwise. In this case, the save data might carry across okay, but I would recommend starting a new game. It's almost impossible to fully test save compatibility across versions because of the huge number of possible save points.
  23. @fromthewoods Concur on how hard that game was. I never came close to finishing it.
  24. I can't help but feel that there are a number of similarities between the launch of No Man's Sky and WHF, particularly in regard to player expectations about what the game actually is. It's pretty controversial, and there are a lot of disappointed people. What are everyone's thoughts on the game so far? Do you think that disappointment is fair? If so, for what reasons? If not, why not?
  25. @CookiePwnster this happens occasionally when a status that is intended to be temporary stays on too long, or becomes permanent. We've tracked down a few of these, but as it is very hard to diagnose, any information you have about what you were doing in the minutes leading up to the issue is very useful Edit: Also, saving/reloading your game should resolve this. But we'd still like to prevent it from happening in the first place.
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