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  1. Or But I like your eye-deas more!
  2. Damn! That's "House on Fire," from Contrast!
  3. The lack of story choice - with the exception of Arthur's two big choices - was partly a result of bandwidth. We just didn't have enough level designers and animators to make small story choices. However, it is key to the story that certain characters are terrible to certain other characters. Everyone in our world has been broken by the experiences they've had. If we let the player play these characters as less terrible, then that might come through intellectually, but maybe not emotionally. To get back to Bioshock Infinite, it kind of lets you off the hook, doesn't it? You can throw the baseball at the announcer. But the truth of the situation is that lots of ordinary, decent people would throw the ball at the interracial couple, and then feel horrible about it, and then attempt to justify their actions to themselves for the next thirty years. Our story is about memory and denial. Those have a terrible cost. If you felt uncomfortable, well, then you entered into that. Which is awesome, and thank you.
  4. You can look them up on the Internet Movie Database. People with more than one role are generally listed according to what we felt was their best or biggest role.
  5. It will be available on Steam on launch day, August 10.
  6. There are four procedurally generated islands on which the majority of events take place, and assorted hand-crafted locations.
  7. We will have audio flashbacks that you can collect in each playthrough and play in the Theatre. So something like the audio logs in Bioshock.
  8. If you have the Early Access version of the game, you have already paid for the full game. Kickstarter backers will receive the Season Pass as well. The Time Capsule Bundle will not contain the game, because it would cost too much to add a physical disk to the Time Capsule.
  9. You are welcome to write and post all the fanfic you like here! If we get a lot, maybe we'll make a forum section just for that. As the writer of most of this, I have no objection at all to fan fiction. Your story about Arthur does not change my story about Arthur. The movies of Lord of the Rings does not change the books of Lord of the Rings. I'm mashing up fairy tales and legends and cultural archetypes and whatnot all the time. Hell, my novel's about the half-sister of King Arthur (The Circle Cast). A great story is a story that gets told in each generation, in a way that makes sense to that generation. The Once and Future King does not diminish Le Morte d'Arthur. All of which is fancy talk for sure, go ahead.
  10. If the bobby does well, we'll think about making more action figures, I would imagine.
  11. Much, much bigger, with much more content, more and better mechanics, and player character stories. Also more music. It's the different between boot camp and actually jumping into Normandy.
  12. Either that, or someone's having his diary ghostwritten.
  13. Cheat code? Slomo 5 = run time five times faster.
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