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  1. We feel that in the next update, with the changes to the length of day (going from 20 to 30 minutes) and the needs depletion rate, this won't feel like an issue anymore. Also as its been mentioned, it's too easy to exploit the menu to pause the game in times of need, in or out of combat. Think about it this way : *You're running for your life, deeply wounded with barely any food left. Yet you're being chased around the city, starving and scared of taking a wrong turn. You don't know if they're close anymore but for now you seem to have lost them...* If you open the menu and it pauses the game completely, this feeling of urgency vanishes. Even if there's no imminent threat, there should always be this "but what if?" feeling. What if you open your bag and you get hit on the head with a lead pipe while reaching for an apple? What if you're bleeding to death, but you're panicked and--where the heck is that damned bandage?? They are just examples. But those instances become irrelevant the second the game pauses to let you manage your stuff calmly. Anyway, as I've mentioned the new rates and the new day length are coming up in the next update. Hopefully it will feel better. After all, life goes on even when you play with your toys Sure there's an argument to be made for being in the shelter, but it still feels odd to to me that we'd have this "magical space" which makes you immune to time and hunger... I'm not sure how that helps the game in any way. This was my own opinion, feel free to keep the discussion going!
  2. You have been numerous to report this to us and we have listened! Day length will be upped to 30 minutes from 20, and the rates at which needs deplete will also be balanced. All in the next update. (among other things!) Check it out when it goes out. =)
  3. Thanks for the kind words. We're going to push changes to day length, depletion rate of needs and fixes to quest/map icons in the next update, among other things..! You should check it out. =)
  4. Hey cinemabaroque, I like how you're thinking. I'll go through real quick. - I absolutely agree for the mobs, I think that's one of the great selling points from our reveal trailer. - I think you're making a very fair point for the "organic quest system", we'll need to look into it. - Drugs are still a huge chunk of work that needs to be dealt with. In the end, we'll have a whole assortment of drugs that will have different effects and consequences. But your observations are not wrong, though everything may not be as it seems... - And again, you're right about the architecture. The artists are working super hard to make the city look as authentic as possible. What you've experienced in the first early access release are the foundations of our procedural system. Hopefully, Wellington Wells islands won't remain big squares! Keep giving us feedback if you get the time! We really appreciate it. Check out the update when it comes out later this week =)
  5. That's right, the player character usually interacts differently with Wastrels than with Wellies, for instance. That's why you'll get a lot of "loony" dialogue in the Garden District. The story in itself will be revealed at launch (1.0). In the meantime though, there's a lot of micro-stories scattered around the world, so you can still learn a lot if you're curious! The map markers is a known issue, thanks. Concerning the subtitles problem... that's a very good question, we certainly haven't tested with that big of a screen yet!
  6. Hahaha that's so weird, I loved it... dat scream!
  7. I tried getting back into GTA V this week end, I hadn't played much of the heists back when I first stopped... so that was nice, and I was pleased to see all the new world activities as well as the new bling! (I'm SUCH a customization nerd)
  8. Well, there are a couple of games I can think of, but because of the memories and the time I spent playing it (and grinding my characters to lvl99 in dinosaur forest), I have to go with Final Fantasy III (VI) on the SNES. Even before I owned it I used to play it co-op at my best friend's place. Actually, we also used to play 1 vs 1... how do you ask? We'd go to Narshe and get into a fight with Leaf Bunnies, each controlling 2 characters, then we'd just attack each other until one of our team was defeated. So much fun! Then later on in my early teens, out of nowhere, one of my eldest aunts came up to me while we were at the cemetary. She'd heard that I was into video games and she asked if I'd be interested in her copy of the game. I was blown away... not only that she played video games (to me, she was way old) but the fact that out of all the games, she gave me this one... And it was boxed, with the booklet, the guide and the map. I still own it to this day and despite its very good trade value, I don't think I'll ever part with it! Fun fact, the Final Fantasy series is also what helped me most in the process of learning english as my 2nd language! Oh and I couldn't talk about this game without at least mentioning the masterpiece that was Uematsu's soundtrack. Even in its original midi format, it's still one of my favorite OST today. A legit shout-out to a couple of other games that easily could have made it to the top spot : - Donkey Kong Country - the legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time As a kid, this wonderful triad of games is what formed my gamer identity. I beat those so many times, I would probably still know them by heart 15-20 years later...
  9. Hi Danymaster20 ! Let me first say that we did consider it at different stages of the production. Since the very early days of We Happy Few, back when the animation team was much smaller (i.e. when it couldn't be called an animation "team" yet), we had decided not to have legs for the player character. As the team grew, it was among the ideas for stretch goals and such, that we had planned for the kickstarter. Sadly we had to make some decisions, often money & time related, and we decided not to have legs in first person for gameplay characters. I understand that this can possibly be problematic for immersion, but we try really hard to work around it as best as we can. Cheers!
  10. Who are these "Beatles" anyway, right?
  11. May I say that while I see there is a need for better, seamless orientation in WHF, a "mini-map" maybe isn't the right way to go. The way I see it, exploration and survival -in any virtual environment- is better experienced by your own awareness. As Marc said, looking at the mini-map to orient yourself breaks the immersion completely. When we say immersion, think about all the crap that's really going on in Wellington Wells, the things that went on for a long while and all the Joy that those people had to take. That feeling of always waking up in a new place, a city that you don't know anymore, cringed by paranoia. For me, the mini-map eliminates that. Don't you think that getting lost in a heart-beating chase is part of the fun? But it could also be a matter of taste, and I'm sure that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for minimalism. So we'll take your feedback really seriously, keep in mind though that the immersion is more than important in WHF. Nonetheless, thanks for your help and ideas guys!
  12. We should do a Rocket League party. I never played it but I've looked a it, it looks completely crazy, almost as fun as hockey!
  13. Interressting! I've had that quite a lot in my life, never thought it had a name, I thought they were just regular nerd dreams. I used to have "WoW" dreams and "CoD" dreams, they're the ones I remember most anyway! I think I had a dream of being a pirate once, back when I was playing Black Flag. Cool stuff!
  14. Keep it up guys, they are awesome screenshots and we love it!!
  15. Hi @SyAlmans, This is either a quickslot issue, or a combat/items conflict, in any way, looks like something new! We'll look into it, thank you!
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