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  1. Gameplay - The Peeper has arrived in the Village! These little mobile alarms are quite shocking. - Plague Wastrels roam the Garden District. They speak a very curious dialect. Bonus points for guessing what it is. These guys are not nice. - Hooligans will now patrol the Garden District at night, and guard some water pumps all the time. You may know these guys from such encounters as Shibboleth, and now they roam free. - Second Wind repurposed. Instead of “dying” and waking up in the dying state, you now just fall into the dying state as your health/needs gets low. This applies whether you are on Permadeath or not. - Dig spots have been fully refactored, with many new spots added! Across each island, a range of dig spots are available to be dug with your trusty shovel. You’ll need to find the maps to track down the dig spots though. - Compliment machines have been added throughout the Village! These creepy robots love telling you exactly what they think of you; the only issue is, they have very loud voices. Male machines only so far; female machines will come in a later update. - Certain bushes, flower pots and carts can now be used as hiding spots, for all your comic-stealth needs. - Infection/Bleeding changes: Wastrels no longer apply Infection, but instead apply Bleeding. After 5 minutes untreated, Bleeding has a 1% chance every second to cause Infection. And then you're bleeding AND infected. Infection has 2 tiers now: Infection reduces your max health by 20%, Septic Infection reduces your max health by 50%. If Bleeding causes infection, the 5 minute timer resets for the next tier, so you can't go from nothing to septic in a few seconds due to bad rolls. Dirty Bandages have had their probability of causing infection reduced from 50% to 10%. It's still a risk if you cure Bleeding that way, but at least you'll be infected and NOT bleeding. Recycled bandage now available. - Reverse polarity devices have been tuned. These now last a certain amount of time, as opposed to indefinitely. This makes Street Blockades substantially less powerful, so plan your polarity reversals strategically. - NPCs grab items better now. - Toxic fog has been improved. It still looks ugly, particularly the transitions, but it should be much more effective. - A loot balancing pass has been done across all random spawn containers (everything except quest rewards). This dramatically changes the resource availability across the entire game. UI - New “new game” flow. While the style of UI is still temporary, we have implemented a new “new game” flow to make sure that players get the information they need to start the right type of game. Aka, “now we won’t get people yelling at us when they chose Permadeath without realising it, because selecting Permadeath requires a conscious choice”. - Five save game slots are now available. - Steam cloud saves are now available. - Improved subtitle support has been added. We now use a scrolling subtitle system similar to Source engine games, where lines area displayed sequentially. You can also customize the size, background or outline. - The cleaver and enhanced cleaver icons have been upgraded. Encounters - New encounters! A whole raft of new encounters have been added to both the Village 1 and 2 islands: Mother’s Little Helper. The Church of Simon Says. Following orders has been elevated to an almost religious experience. Super Meat Boy. Ever wonder what being a butcher’s apprentice might be like? No? Well it turns out that it’s violent but not in the way you might expect. The strange saga of Nick Lightbearer, including But I’m On The List and Sympathy for the Devil. Go behind the scenes with Wellington Well’s resident rock star. What Have We Buried. The Butcher quest line. It appears that the butcher has an agenda. The agenda involves you. The Odds and Ends quest line, including the Hoard House. There is a house full of hoarders and their hoard and you have to find a singular item. Along the way discover the secret lives of Criers. Do not get caught. The Chemist is now open for business. The Pub is now open for decidedly not-business, and there are colourful characters to meet there. A new house variation has popped up. This one has multiple paths through it to better allow you to avoid those pesky home owners. Speaker's Corner (more to come later on this one). - New, more challenging shelters have been added to: St. George’s Holm Maidenholm Lud’s Holm - The water pumps in the Garden District are now guarded by hooligans. It’s almost as if they think the water might run out and want to keep it all for themselves. - Street Blockades have been visually improved in the Brutalist architectural style. - Mystery house containers now have loot so don’t forget to search thoroughly before you exit the house. - The House of Curious Behaviours has been refactored to allow for more varied gameplay scenarios. Break into the house using a jimmy bar, conform your way in or find that sneaky vent to bypass the bobby. (Antoine loves vents.) And there is a new quest involving Madame’s Magic Wand. It’s not what you think. Well, okay, maybe it is. - Mine Mine All Mine! has been refactored to feature a better stealth/combat scenario. The hooligans have taken over the location and are digging in--observe their actions and exploit them. - Plague! Plague! has been refactored and improved with a cutscene. This encounter now better explains the dangers of plague on the island. - The Odds and Ends shop has been refactored. - The 30rpm record houses have been refactored. - The Walkabout ghost is slightly ghostlier, and now does what it’s supposed to do. - The Yam is even more cosmic and appears to be emerging from a wormhole. - Fixed a bunch of bugs in the older encounters.
  2. Hello everyone, We are delighted to present to you: The Maidenholm Update for We Happy Few! The Maidenholm Update is an exciting collection of new content that drastically changes the way We Happy Few is played. This represents the biggest change to the meta gameplay of We Happy Few since we launched on Early Access, and potentially the biggest since we made permadeath optional in 2015. We would love to receive your feedback on what you like or don’t like. We are particularly interested in feedback on the new loot balancing, the playstyles and the general level of difficulty inside Wellington Wells. We’ll look forward to hearing from you, so please come and visit us on our forums, or on your social media of choice. Major Changes - New island! The long-awaited second island of the Village of Hamlyn has arrived: Maidenholm. (“Holm” is an old British word for an island in a river, by the way.) Read the in-game newspaper for more information. - Playstyles have arrived! When starting a new game, players can now choose the Birdwatcher, Downer or Vigilante Playstyles. While these settings affect difficulty, they vary gameplay more significantly. This is a first pass implementation and will evolve over time: Birdwatcher: No hunger/thirst, game pauses in the menu, items are instantly equip, NPCs are easier to kill and aren’t as bloodthirsty, more resources (only partially integrated; more to come on this). Designed for more casual players. Downer: Hunger/thirst at normal levels, game does not pause in menu but items will instantly equip, normal resources/NPC threat. Vigilante: Hunger/thirst intense, game does not pause in the inventory or shops, delay on equip, more dangerous NPCs. Designed for the masochists among you. - Permadeath remains available as an option for all three playstyles. - Procedural music has been implemented. The in-game music has been redone, allowing for better blending and more variation and combinations across the various states of the game (suspicion, combat, Joy/non Joy, etc). World Generation - Support for regions in the Garden District has been added. Regions such as hamlets, forests, meadows, etc will be dotted around the place, as opposed to the island consisting of just one big town. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. It is a little empty for now, but this will change. - As a result, Garden District 1 island is now unintentionally shaped like a dick 70% of the time. That’s what Matt says, anyway. - Scavenger cars should no longer spawn very close to one another. - Bridges have been refactored to require you to “open” the gate to go through to the next island. This helps us control the loading experience a bit better. - A number of generation bugs have been fixed, so there should be fewer instances of filler buildings overlapping with encounters or interactive houses. Having said that, with the new region system, we expect a bunch of visible bugs to exist (although these shouldn’t affect gameplay or block your progress).
  3. I love this! Thank you for making those and sharing them with us
  4. Animation Team Mishka What’s up guys. Anniversary milestone update huh? I have something to show you today! I started working on the Jubilator this week. Here are some first locomotion animations for this corpse-absorbing-monstrosity of a machine: This thing is meant to collect dead bodies at night. There will be other animations for it very soon once we finish the logic on the programming side. At the same time, I also started the polishing on a pretty complex story cinematic. To not spoil the narrative, we can’t show it to you guys just yet. However, BE EXCITED as it will be awesome! Vincent Happy birthday updates! No frolicking doctor video today, but I’ve continued to work on him all week. Rémi Hey all! 100 updates is pretty impressive! I wish I had something epic to share with you on this update. Remember the video a few weeks ago about FaceFX ? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all week long! A few weeks ago was for RnD and finding a way to achieve the result we wanted. This week is full on production! I’ve been creating all facial expressions and animations for each type of bark that we have in the game! And yes, we have a lot! I then have to re-create the same animations and facial expressions for every character archetypes we have. Just for you to imagine the scale, we have 7 character archetypes: Wellie, Wellette, Wastrel, Wastrellette, Bobby, Crier, Doctor. And then we have 13 types of Barks and Grunts. If you do the maths, there’s A LOT to be done. But the end result will be worth the amount of work! NPCs will soon open their mouths and have facial expressions when they attack you! We are sure that adding this level of detail will make NPCs feel a lot more believable. Sadly, I don’t have a video to show you this week, since the work isn’t finished yet. But here are some pictures of facial expressions in the meantime: J.R. Hey everyone. So yeah... wow! 100 updates… time goes by! It’s pretty special, so I wanted to write something for you guys. I would SO love to show you a little secret something. As you know, there’s a pretty neat story under development. That’s what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks and I simply wanted to give you a tiny peek… Sadly, some people just like to watch the world burn, and there’s no way around that. (I [redacted] you Sam) Kidding aside though, it truly is for a good reason, also not entirely under our control, and it’s only going to make the reveal of the story--and the characters--that much better. Please forgive me for teasing you with nothing. I hope you’re excited to know more! Quality Assurance Stephanie Lee and I have been testing around the last few changes being made for the next update - no amusing gifs this time but here is my favorite graphical issue of the week: Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  5. Design Team Adam Update 100, huh? I’ve been continuing work on one of our underground encounters. A Jubilator boss fight! This week I’ve been reworking the puzzles in the area and having the other designers playtest them and giving feedback. I also received feedback from our design director, David in the form of “yeh…. It’s alright I guess”, which is a monumental achievement. I’ll be recording a full walkthrough of the level for Clara so she can work her magic. On the super secret side, I have been working on a major location for the story mode. Needless to say I cannot mention exactly what it is, but it’s going to be sweet. Antoine 100 updates. That’s 100 weeks and boy did the game change in the span of a 100 weeks. To underline this let me scavenge some pictures off the good ol’ hard drive to do a quick retrospective of one of the levels I worked on extensively: the house of curious behaviours. I got the concept from David around mid February 2016 and it was supposed to be this small encounter taking place in one of the “regular houses”. You’d hear some suspicious noises and eventually find a room with people shocking themselves with the Shock Batons. Being a huge fan of Deus Ex and Dishonored I thought “ohhh I get to be the one making the whore house level or the red light district area”. Always loved the wrong ambience of the Golden Cat level or the Red Light District in Mankind Divided. So I thought we could push the concept a little further and turn this into a full fledge club. There was a part of the level (the entrance) where you had to pay 5 coins in order to be invited inside, something we eventually axed because it didn’t correspond to any of our gameplay pillars (conformity, stealth or combat). I’d say that early access facilitates those kind of decisions. We get to see people play our levels on Youtube or Twitch in the comfort of their home and comment openly on what they like or don’t (sometimes they hold back when coming in the studio for a playtest). Here’s some old greyblocking pictures of the start of the encounter: I decided to add a little courtyard in front of the house so that players would feel a little more free to experience the encounter without having to always be confronted by the Bobbies patrolling at night. The pay fee was replaced with a simple button that only Constables are supposed to use. This echoes our conformity pillar. If you don’t care about rubbing people the wrong way you’d simply click the button and open the doors giving the red bobby inside a reason to smash your face in (because you didn’t follow the rules!). If you do play along the conformity axis you’d probably be talking to the red bobby and see what he’s got to say and look around for clues in the environment as to how to get in with minimum inconvenience. Hope you like the changes in the update next week! If you ever stream the game or post let’s plays on Youtube I’ll be watching… and analyzing your thoughts and behaviors… (creeppppy). I also want to thank all the people of the team who worked really hard on this level. There’s over 6 people that were involved into realizing this encounter (average amount of people involved for any encounter to be honest). Art Team Guillaume Hi people! This week and the last I’ve been working on our new systemic encounter system that will allow us to fill the new open areas between hamlets. Those are gonna be bunkers or cellars that will spawn randomly in the world, differently each time, giving you new challenges and the most important stuff... loot!!! Oh and I also did a coffee vending machine as a bonus. Have a good weekend. Carylitz I have no pretty pictures with sick props to show this week, but I have been working on a big prop! I had some technical and pipeline problems but I'm sure it will be ready to show next week! Sarah Good news on the UI front! We're charging ahead with our redesign, and I've had my head buried in the Inventory Screen all week. I've been meeting back and forth with David, G, and Whitney to make sure it's headed in the right direction. The fact that David wouldn't throw it in a dumpster fire means we're in a great place! Striking a balance between having a satisfying aesthetic and intuitive functionality has been really challenging, but since it's a screen that players inevitably spend a lot of time looking at, it's important to get it just right. It's nearly ready to share, so keep your eyes peeled! Happy 100th y'all! Emmanuel I generally work in the shadow these days, on obscure secret conspiratorial story related massive and fascinating locations and FX but I had also the chance to do the environments for the new Hoarder House, Murder House, Butcher Alleyway, Joy control gate for the village and to redo the old place holder crafting station! Yeay! Whitney Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I did a GDC talk about the art direction for We Happy Few! Public speaking is very scary but with enough practice not as horrible as I had once thought. I might not look like I was having fun but that's just because I was worried about forgetting to say something. Anyway, I hope you find it informative! http://gdcvault.com/play/1024239/You-Look-Smashing-Procedural-Art
  6. Hey everyone, The Maidenholm Update for We Happy Few is arriving on PC on 29 March. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store: The update will drop on Steam and GOG first, and the Xbox One version will follow some time shortly after. The Xbox One version has been giving us a bit more grief thanks to the huge amount of new content, so it needs a bit more time in the kitchen. Please give a round of applause for Clara and Sarah who created this amazing teaser. We are also a bit surprised because today’s post marks the 100th update since we started updating our Kickstarter backers with progress. This evolved into our weekly journals, so it’s a good a time as any to say “100 journal updates”! As a result, we’ve made an extra effort this week to post up some interesting material. We hope you enjoy it. Production Sam Holy shit, 100 updates. When we started doing this weekly journal, I don’t think we fully understood the change it would bring to our studio. It’s very unusual for a studio to do this (and thank you to the team at Facepunch for inspiring us with their work on Rust), but it has become a core part of what we do. Sharing this with you every week is one of the highlights of my week. Thank you all for reading and supporting us. As you can see above, we are going to be bringing the Maidenholm Update to you next week. The team has done incredible work on this update, and it sets the stage for the work we’ll be doing this year. It feels like we’ve ramped up to full speed on the game, and the next couple of updates will be even bigger. I’d like to write at some stage about how we are building our updates, to give you some insight on our production processes. However, time is a little tight as we prepare for the update, so instead I want to show you something Naila and I put together on Thursday: our Early Access update history. http://steamcommunity.com/app/320240/discussions/0/135512305401468442/ I figured it might be interesting to publicise our update history, so anyone can look back at the updates we’ve made and read the build notes in context. We have also opened up a couple of public branches on Steam with old versions of the game, which you can download and play at any time. Probably this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of you interested in game design (or digital archaeology, as I like to say), we’ll be happy to answer questions about why we made the changes that we did. Ninja Team Clara Since it is the 100th update (hurray! an excuse for cake!), I figured I would show you a bit of what is happening right now in the ninja department aka the videography department (This was not supposed to be a thing but since it slipped through a few weekly journals ago…). With the arrival of the Maidenholm Update, I have been busy working on videos, videos and more videos, in-between the weeklies and the PAX report. As you guys probably saw today, Sarah and I did a very tasteful teaser for the update coming next week. It took some storyboarding and designing here and there, a couple of coffees and a lot of giggling but we are pretty happy with the result! We really hope you will enjoy it and that it will make for an exciting interlude before next week’s update. To this end, I have been working on the big update video. Sarah and Sam went back behind the mic for a new round of upcoming features and improvements, all condensed under 5 minutes... which was not an easy task this time. Hopefully it will give a good insight on what awaits you in the Maidenholm Update! And now, let's talk about that cake.
  7. I am playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it's awesome, I can't put it down.
  8. Hello, Yes the game will also on be mac but only once we get closer to the final release of the game.
  9. Ohh very cool! I hope you guys got a good grade
  10. Hayden Hello Folks, This week I focused on a good handful of bug fixes for the next update and writing docs for our next set of encounters. I was able to actually get in the editor this week and start blocking out a house that will be used in one of the new encounters, as well being set up for a generic house you would find around town. The new encounter that I’ll be working on is all about this workaholic reporter, I can’t tell you what story she is working on, but it’s big… big enough that some folks around Wellington Wells are willing to break into her home… Downers. I’ll have more to show you next week as I move into blocking out several other homes and encounters. For now enjoy an early pic of the reporter's home. Programming Team Michael So the programmers are mostly working on getting all the new content into shape ready for release, which doesn’t give many exciting things to talk about. Just optimising and bug fixing new content. This week did see the beginning of construction on Compulsion’s new cyborg employee. We’ll see if it passes probation. Animation Team Vincent Heya! This week has been mostly spent on animating the Doctor! Yes, one day we’ll finally bring the Doctor into the game. It’s far from finished on the AI side, but I’m making sure the programmers have everything they need once they jump on that. Looks like the Doctor is very happy about being able to (finally) move about: Apart from that I worked a bit on the Export Script I mentioned last week. As anticipated, there were a few bugs that were promptly squashed. I also added a few quirks to it, like automatic settings saving. Here’s it’s lovely interface, a simple click on the top-right button, and your animation(s) is ready to import in Unreal : Shameless plug, if you’re into 3D and like to have script do boring stuff for you, I’ve got a little blog of my own, with some cool homemade tools in it : http://scriptsandtidbits.blogspot.ca/ Art Team Carylitz This game is just getting crazier every week! I started making normal props like a hat, a suit, you know normal stuff, but then I made a brain inside a jar, after I started working on some bones, trash bags with strange shapes and now this amazing vehicle, and for what I know, this is not even close to how crazy this game is gonna get! Marc-André This week, I’ve spent three days doing fixes and tweaks. I went back to a bunch of old encounters and fixed sound materials, collisions and a bunch of trivial issues. I fixed huge negative scales bugs that affected the Xbox One build. Pieces of walls were floating around in the Garden District. This obviously was a major art and gameplay concern, and will now be fixed in the coming update. I also took a look at hundreds (310, to be very specific) of unoptimized material instances in order to lower their memory footprint. I did the same for some UI textures. After getting these bugs sorted out, I’ve started to work on new art assets for the game, such as a radio. There are also other props in progress which are close to be done but not yet ready for show. You will see them in next week’s update! Thank you for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  11. Hey everyone, We are back from PAX East, after a few of us took a short trip down to Boston at the end of last week. We didn’t have a booth but we wanted to meet some players, check out where the industry as a whole is moving, and play some indie games. We played some fantastic games and even filmed a video about them, so keep your eyes peeled for next week’s video! We have finished content and most of the QA work on the new update. We were going to announce a date today, but we are going to wait just a bit longer, as the game is so big now that we can’t get away with the old optimization processes we have been using. So we need a bit of time to figure out how to make this run well on low end systems. But it IS coming and we even have a cheeky video to announce the date, once we’re ready. The good news is, we know now for sure what’s going to be in the update, and there is a lot of cool and new content such as: a brand new Island (not the Parade District, yet), the new playstyles, new encounters (Simon Says anyone?), THE PUB, new enemies and even brand new bugs never seen before! But let’s not spoil all the fun before you get to play it. And of course once we drop the update, all feedback will be very welcome. Narrative Team Lisa Wonder why Joy isn’t working for everyone in Wellington Wells? Want to know what causes plague? Curious whether there’s a Big Bad? You’re not alone! This week I wrote environmental narrative for an intrepid reporter who’s tracking down some of the same questions a player might wonder about. Eventually you’ll see her reporter’s notebooks and rejected (i.e., not happy enough) articles, as well as her “crime board” (one of those crazy bulletin boards with photos and news clippings, like what the FBI uses on TV crime shows). One or two things might even be written in code you need to decipher. Hope you like a mystery! Design Team Adam Hello all, I'm back from PAX East. What an amazing event. I got to meet a ton of fellow developers and check out their games. A huge congratulations to all of them, and I look forward to playing the release. A shoutout to Bill Gardner at Deep End Games, working on "Perception" http://www.thedeependgames.com/ To the Deetman brothers at Keoken interactive, working on "Deliver Us the Moon" http://deliverusthemoon.com/ To Sean Slavik down in Brazil at chance6 games, working on "Colina Legacy" http://store.steampowered.com/app/371650/ and finally to Giuseppe Enrico Franchi at 34BigThings working on "Redout" https://34bigthings.com/ There are tons more I wish I could list.. but.. no business cards =/ Oh, and play Brawlhalla, it’s amazing. Now, onto business. This week, I have been putting together an underground level, entitled "Jubilator Attacks!". I don't want to give away any spoilers, but we will have some exotic gameplay from the Jubilator trying to run us over at 4 kph (Google tells me that's 2.49 mph). It sounds easy to avoid, but all the other tricks up its sleeve will make that quite tricky. Antoine Hi! I think I can say I’m officially recovered from PAX. That was an awesome 3 days for us getting to meet people from all over the world (yep, Croatia, Germany, Russia, Italy and so on) doing some really inspiring things. Hats off to all of you. Shout out to all the peeps mentioned by Adam, you guys rock. Shout out to this crazy game called The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. Very awesome seeing devs pushing a stylized look with UE4. http://theartfulescape.com/ Shout out to the peeps at Runic Games! Thanks for letting us occupy their booth after a long day at the convention. We named this the Compulsion Occupation of 2017. https://www.runicgames.com/ Soo, this week I’ve been grey blocking a new encounter currently titled as “Cub Reporter”. Here’s some pictures. As always I’m trying to push the use of vents and small secret passages which I always find exciting when I encounter them as a player. We are also working on a more systemic approach to honey collecting. The plan is to have “honey trees” scattered throughout the world. You’ll need to find a suitable way of taking care of the bees if you want to harvest their honey safely. Bees will also now pursue you until a certain distance. If you happen to be very close to an NPC the bees will change their target and pursue that NPC instead leading to some quirky situations.
  12. Yes it will! But we don't know when just yet. Most likely once the final version is released.
  13. Hi everyone, Another big week for us as we finish up work on the next update. We’ll be on bug fixes only from Monday onward, so expect a date for the next update hopefully next week! Next week, 6 people from the team will be going down to Boston to attend PAX East 2017. We won’t have a booth but we will be walking around the convention wearing our WHF T-shirts, so if you see us, don’t hesitate to say Hi! We will also be having a gathering on Thursday March 9th at 7:30PM at the 6B Lounge in Boston, to talk We Happy Few and hopefully meet some of you guys. Don’t be shy and come have a drink with us! (must be over 21). This week’s video features Sarah, one of our Concept Artists/Illustrators. She takes you behind the scenes of the signage around Wellington Wells and jokes about venereal diseases. Design Team Adam I’ve been working on finalizing several encounters, as we lock things down for the next update. Hoard House has a ton of new VO and animations plugged in. The Church of Simon Says is as polished as it can be! Murder House is… well… I’ve been playing Resident Evil 7 a lot. Oh, and I also fixed up the bridges so you have to actually interact to spawn into the next island (airlocked). This is important because it allows us to have more control over when loading occurs, meaning that we’ll be able to optimize loading better in the future. I also balanced the loot drops for encounters in the first Village island and some of the first Garden District island (and the bobbies!). Art Team Marc-André This week I have done a myriad of small tasks. I transitioned our environment art assets folder and backups to a new computer. I updated the lighting, signs, textures, layout of some rooms of the House of Curious Behaviours. I finished working on the level art of a depressed musician’s house and backyard. I spent a bit of time going through Jira to fix some bugs. I also started to sculpt the dig spot mesh, since the one we have currently in the game is horrid. This is an opportunity for me to dive into sculpting organic meshes, which is something I haven’t had the chance to do a lot. New signs from Sarah have been implemented into the game. As we’re in the last stretch for the current sprint, this week was mostly about putting last-minute stuff in so the art of all of my encounters feels coherent and, very importantly, finished. Sarah Hey y'all, busy week! It was the last chance for the team to pump out a bunch of last minute items for the update, including lots of art. This week I made icons, little gameplay relevant signs (such as "go over there" and "don't f*cking touch that"), you know, the usual. I also had a nice chance to give this poster some love! This is going in Nick Lightbearer's house. I thought it might be cool to show you guys how it evolved, rather than just show the money shot. The first image is a screenshot of a staged pose that I asked JR to set up in Unreal. From there, I adjusted the lighting and colour balance, carefully touched up his face and hair, sexed up his eyes with some last-night's-eyeliner à la Steve Tyler, and gave him a lil' pout. Throw in Lisa's headlines, and voila, you've got yourself a trash mag. Oh yeah, I was also featured in the weekly video talking about signage! I would say "Sorry, Mom!" for the tasteless joke at the end, but there's no sense pretending that kind of talk wasn't openly encouraged in my house growing up. Hi, mum! Narrative Team Alex We have now, finally, at the last minute, got everything recorded for this sprint, including at least seven little old ladies for Hoard House. Guess how many actors? Have a listen when the update comes and tell me how many you think there are. As I mentioned last week, I did a massive casting session for a character named Ed MacMillan, affectionately known around the office as Meat Boy. (Obviously he is in no way an homage to anyone associated with the game Super Meat Boy.) I found an amazing actor, Joe Sims, who has won all sorts of awards for his radio work. (I didn’t know he’d won awards until we cast him. I generally ignore CVs when I’m casting voices. It takes much less time to listen to a voice reel and decide whether the actor is inhabiting the roles he plays.) Joe will break your heart, I hope, as Meat Boy. He’s also assorted bookies, bobbies, lads and soldiers. We had fun. In other news, affordances. Affordances is a fancy word for “things look like you’re supposed to use them a certain way.” I read a great book by Don Norman called The Design of Everyday Things. It’s about doors that you can’t figure out whether to push or pull on them, and how to design things so they’re intuitive. It’s actually super helpful for game design. You might dig it. Well, we put some phone booths in the game, because, you know, iconic. Can’t have Britain without red telephone boxes. But then you guys said, “We want to pick up the phones and hear something.” So we put some voices on the phone. And a baseball game between the Dublin Dukes and the New York Yankees. But then you guys said, “There’s voices, but there’s no gameplay.” Gosh, you people are demanding. So Lisa and I came up with a story and some gameplay for the phone booths. It won’t be in this update, but maybe it will be in the next. So I hope y’all feel the love. Animation Team J.R. Hey guys! This week was spent on a bit of everything, aiming for the end of the sprint. Nick Lightbearer is done, with fixed cameras, sound and VFX. Also he finally has facial animation (for those of you who pointed out that he didn't in our ), and let's not forget his dashing new outfit! Otherwise I worked on many NPC conversations, namely for an encounter we like to call "The Butcher". And finally, I once asked Cary for some props to sell a “potential” broken leg... and she delivered. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a--somewhat disturbing--clip starring our poor delivery boy. Have a lovely week-end. Enjoy your legs while you can! Vincent Well, the next encounters are coming along nicely… One of the characters you’ll have to deal with has had a pretty bad day! As you can see, this week I did a very small bit of texture work, in between animations and integrations, to give some uniqueness to that poor lady. Can’t wait for you to find out more about her little story. Spoilers: something isn’t quite right with her. Have a great weekend! Compulsion Games
  14. @Mertva_syluet This is the current price but it will go up as we approach the final release of the game.
  15. Hello, If you buy Early Access you will not have to buy the game again, you will already own it
  16. @BadWolfSally That is correct! The game is procedurally generated, which means that every time you start a new game, the map changes. You also won't always see the same quests. Isn't that exciting?
  17. As a Star Wars fan, I would love it if we had this line in the game!
  18. Hey everyone, Since this week was Valentine’s Day, we decided that our weekly video should be a community appreciation video. After all, we love you! We hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us know what kind of video you wish to see more of! PAX East 2017 PAX East 2017 is coming up fast and we would like to let you know that while we will not be having a booth, we’ll be there! We are going to hang out with the community, and to support other games. We are organizing a gathering on Thursday March 9th, in a bar. So if you are in the Boston area during that time, feel free to come have a drink with us! And don’t you try to get us all liquored up to get some info on the story, Sam will go streaking before we leak anything. We will release more details on the time and location soon. Narrative Team Alex We are coming towards the end of our sprint, which of course means there’s nothing but tidying up a few loose ends… …ah hah hah hah hah hah! We get ideas, you know, good ones. “Arthur gives a fellow some flowers” becomes “Arthur plays Cyrano de Bergerac”... and that means dialog has to be rewritten and re-recorded. But the sprint deadline does not move back, no, so it gets a bit frantic. Recording does not sync well with sprints. Actors come in one hour containers, and a good actor can do on the order of 100-120 lines in an hour. A typical encounter has, say, ten lines for one actor. Many of them are ten lines for Arthur and ten lines for the NPC, so that’s all right. But Hoard House has, for example, about seven little old ladies; and no voice actor I know, not even the amazing Sammy Lee, can record seven little old ladies so that they sound distinct. In other news, G did not cotton to Lisa and my idea for the epilog, so we wrote a completely new epilog, which I hope is at least as mythic and Neil Gaiman, but clearer and more in the voice of the game. You will get to see it ... eventually. Art Team Carylitz FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MÁ! In other news, I am working in my first location! It is a small cute little park and I did a small shed for it yaaay! The rest is still work in progress. Guillaume This week, I’ve finished a second shelter. This one was really cool to work on. I had to add some sci-fi elements to it while keeping this old bunker style. Have a good weekend everyone! Sarah You're never going to guess what I've been working on. Wait, did you say signs? Oh. Then, yeah, okay, you're pretty good at this. If you're anything like me, you're over Winter and could use a lil' floral pick-me-up to get in the mood for Spring. This park is not only full of flowers, but 100% Certified Downer-free! There will also be some Peepers for good measure, because you can never be too safe. Marc-André This week I kept working on house interiors and some very cool stuff for a special and secret encounter you guys should be hearing about soon! Animation Team Vincent Ahoy! Still milling through encounters animations, here’s a pot-pourri ! J.R. Greetings friends. In this week’s video, a peek at Nick Lightbearer’s peculiar state of mind! In terms of progress, this is pretty much the level of polish that we’ll see for bigger “encounter cinematics”. You will notice however, that the facial animation hasn’t been generated yet. I still hope you’ll enjoy the show! Have a great week-end. Compulsion Team
  19. Hello! Right now it is too early to tell about free content after the release but one thing is sure is that we will continue to support the game for quite a while
  20. Hello, 1. I think they would spot you right away 2. We are still working on more NPCs 3. [Redacted]
  21. Hey @Era, 1. We have one internally but we are hesitant to share it. We are currently testing that we can reach the deadlines of the plan we created and if all is going well, we might share it in the future, but no promises there. 2. That is the plan for the main story. It will all make sense You should still have plenty of time to explore the world and will also be able to do so in Sandbox mode (not yet in the game, it was one of our Kickstarter goals) 3. Combat is a constant work in progress, there will be more weapons. Parrying is already in the game. As for dodging, I am not sure how that works in first person, you can definitely move away from a hit by just moving. Keep in mind, the main character is not really a skilled fighter 4. You find books throughout the game that improves some of the character's stats such as stamina, but your character will not learn new abilities as it's not really an RPG. 5. Yes 6. Not in the plans 7. Not in the plans.
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