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  1. I am linking to our Kickstarter page as it contains the only concept art of the main characters we have released And some other fun stuff too.
  2. Hello, The Play Anywhere version that is planned is not yet on the Windows Store. We do not have a yet or info on it at the moment. If you bought the game on the Xbox One store you will only be able to play on Xbox One, same with the Steam version.
  3. Hayden the Remote Hey folks, This week I finished up some re-work on Speaker’s Corner as well as some work on bugs… But that’s not important… I also had a task to reconfigure a level that easily could have been an issue with our world generation, not to mention the dead end it caused along one of the main roads. That level is Blood in the Streets, or as we call it, BITS. The task seems simple on the surface; take the level, cut it in half, flip the back end around 90 degrees, reconnect everything and place it in a nice square package… Well, kinda square, at least. Problem is, there are so many little things to account for; from triggers located around the encounter that communicate with the gameplay script, to preserving the art that was already in place, to adjusting the spawning of the encounter. It was a lot more to it that just cutting it up and flipping it around--a common surgery, but risky. With BITS on my mind all week, I began to feel nostalgic, so I put together a photo tour of her history. Dim the lights and bring the music on down, everybody be quiet… Here we have BITS when she was just a little baby… you’ll notice an early prototype of the spanker, silly dev thought those police barricades would be enough to block all you crafty players. As BITS grew older, it was decided that she should move out on her own and protect an important area of the game. At this point BITS had prototype spankers, and the length of the level was growing like a weed. BITS soon found a home, but this new home would require a 90 degree spin and steel walls to block players instead of barricades--its network of spankers increased and everything was looking good. Time went by, BITS was slowly maturing and new systems were coming online to help with the overall experience… But little did we know, she would once again become anxious for greener pastures. BITS eventually moved to the Village. She wanted a new start; more security, stronger walls, and new friends. She had outgrown the Wastrels she knew before, her new friends in the Village were introducing her to more intense spankers that fed her appetite for blood. It was as though BITS finally found it’s place in the Wellington Wells, she had purpose, and with that as her inspiration, she began to blossom into the level you guys play today. Here we see the level just before Art was given the task to make it pretty! (Sorry BITS, fwiw, I thought you were beautiful) This would eventually become the version you guys are playing today. But nothing lasts forever, right? BITS outgrew herself once again, she recently began to present potential problems with our world generation and she had a nasty habit of blocking the flow of traffic due to the addition of the police station at the rear of the encounter… Something had to be done, and that brings us back to the task I had this week… The new BITS, ready for an art pass and hopefully her final resting place… And configuration. As you can see, I chopped her in half, flipped her around and stitched her back together again. She’s a little ugly now, but everything is there; all the parts that made this level from the first iteration are still present, the gameplay is similar, and there may even be a few new surprises. All in all, BITS is alive, doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. Have a great weekend everyone! Compulsion Team
  4. Guillaume As promised last week, here are some screenshots of what I’ve been working on. Again these are really WIP screenshots, as the lighting will change and I’ll add more objects to it, but the architectural structure is in place. See you next week. Programming Team Michael I’ve been continuing on the UI systems work this week. Feedback on the new inventory menu setup is coming in from the team which is exciting. Plenty more work to do. Here’s a screenshot of the revisions - it’s very ugly (I’m a programmer, not an artist) - but it should show you that we are moving to a weight-based system, instead of the fixed grid inventory we have now. No more inventory tetris! This way we can have larger more readable icons for all your little toys, rather than limited to their space allotment. We still want players to be making the tough decisions over what they need to be carrying, but the design of the new menu should give you all the information you need to make these choices at a glance, and there will be quick ways to sort everything too. If there is any frustration in deciding what to drop it should be the emotion of saying goodbye to all those syringes you’re sure you’ll need in the future, not in trying to find out what it is that’s really weighing down your backpack, and what item is going to make you the next wasteland millionaire. Also, the weather in Montreal has gone crazy, sometimes it thinks it’s summer and so we’ve had a chance to get back to nature and eat lunch outside. The weather has realised its mistake and is now providing plenty of rain to chase us back inside. Anyway, nothing a British person likes to do more, than talk about the weather. Serge In the last weeks, I've been working on the revamp of the A.I. so they become more predictable. You might remember my first post a few months ago where I was talking about moving away from simulation driven NPCs (non-playable characters) to a gameplay rules based approach. The first aspect of that effort has been the stealth detection which rapidly lead to the search pattern! This is that last part, the search, that has strongly benefitted from that refactoring, as shown in this video: Design Team Adam the Dance Machine Well, I’m still working on story, and will for the rest of the game. I’ve been working on 2 major locations for Arthur to explore, as well as 1 or 2 medium sized ones. Antoine Oh hey ! I’ve been working on story. Some of the locations include the very ominous Doctor HQ located in the Parade District. I love working on gloomy creepy levels. Eric the Spoony Bard Nothing much to say really for this week. The last 3 weeks I’ve been on bug fixes. This week saw some fixes for Hallucinogenic Salad, Crazy Legs, Plague Bridge, Mystery Chest (which again decided to not spawn again), Haute Cuisine, and some other random stuff around the game.
  5. Hi all, It has been a week now since we’ve released the hotfix for the Maidenholm Update on PC and released the Maidenholm update on Xbox One! We love getting your feedback on it, so keep it coming! In the meantime, work continues full steam ahead on our next update, and as always, on the main story. This week we also released part 2 of our Youtube segment “Building story inside encounters”. This episode is focused on the design process of encounters. Stay tuned for next week’s episode on the polish process! Animation Team Remi Hey everyone! This week, most of the animation team is still working on cinematics. For me, I worked on finalizing and polishing one of the cinematics, and started on the first pass animation of the final ending scene of one of our 3 playable characters. In the meantime, here’s a gif where you see Adam doing one of the Simon Says animations. Art Team Carylitz I finished it! Can't tell you much of this giant robot... I will let you guys use your imagination, but I can tell you a little bit about the whole process. It was super interesting because I had to do a lot of research on robotic parts and how mechanical joints work. The park was pretty straight forward, I tried to include some trees but they were not working that great so I removed them. And for the broche, I followed the concept of David (which was really clear), changed few stuff to make it work in 3D and voila. Marcos-André This week has been equally split into two parts. First, I finished up the first pass on the reporter's house. That included getting feedback from Whitney on a few things, doing the corrections and doing the light pass. Enjoy a few pictures of the new lighting After that, I started doing the blockout for the butcher's house, where a very special encounter is to come. I've been working closely with David and Ben to validate the blockout and am now ready to add all the objects, textures and lighting that will make this space feel bloody special.
  6. We have all the backstory of the world already written by the great @Alex You can take a look at his post history. We won't share it blatantly in the game, it will be here and there.
  7. That would be great but no, they are the same drugs, just different flavors. But we do have some visual effects surprises coming soon
  8. Hi everyone Here are the three main events of this week before we get to the journal: The Maidenholm Update for Xbox One is now live! The patch notes are the same as the PC release but they also include the content patch we released today on PC. The PC content patch contains a lot of optimization improvements and some fixes for some broken quests (Church of Simon Says). Full patch notes here. And finally, we released a video talking about the story inside the encounters in We Happy Few. We know that our closest players know the story is coming for 1.0, but it seems like a lot of people who haven’t played the game think our game is just a sandbox survival game with zero story. So we are on a mission to show them what the game is actually about. Here is part 1 of this series: Narrative Alex I’ve been writing encounters for weeks. Now come the recording sessions. Last night we had a good one with our wonderful Arthur, Alex Wyndham — 261 lines in two hours — covering all of Arthur’s lines for this sprint. Coming up are two or three sessions for all the male NPC lines, and one for all the female NPC lines. Up till now we’ve been covering recordings in a “rolling” fashion: I’ve just waited until I have an hour’s worth of work for an actor, and then I bring someone in. Now we’re attempting to do it sprint by sprint. Theoretically this should be more efficient. If the LDs build the encounters with robospeech, and then we throw some lines out, then it costs less than if I record an encounter and then we throw some lines out, or worse, I record an encounter, and then we add lines, and I either have to get the same actor back, or have another actor record both the new lines and the old lines. I’m not completely convinced by the New Way — I’m not sure how well you can evaluate an encounter using robospeech. For one thing, we only have one robospeech male voice and one female voice. So you have the robot talking to itself. But we seem to be getting more done in this new, more orderly fashion that Sam has, uh, fashioned. Lisa I’ve been writing environmental narrative that I can’t tell you about because [REDACTED]. What I CAN tell you is that it weaves together different bits of content you’ve already seen to make a story that you (hopefully) weren’t expecting. So on a future update, you may have a few moments of, “Ooooh! So THAT’s where that was leading!” One of our goals in Narrative is to create the sense of a richly textured world, and that means having more than just the main stories that you’ll get in 1.0. You might overhear a conversation that doesn’t seem to be connected to anything but if you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll find it’s part of a story. Who knows, maybe even in a telephone booth. (Have I said too much?) We hope this tides you over until we can reveal the main story of — just a second, there’s a knock on the door. Uh oh! It’s the doctors! Art Team Marc-André This week I’ve been working on a lot of things. Between finishing up the existing extruder machines, I created an additional one named the “intake canister”. I did the modeling/texturing/UV/baking/texturing of it and it is now ready for the animators to use. Then, with references from Whitney, I got started on the house of a new encounter. I did the complete exterior pass and have started the interior, which will be ready for shows next week. I also did a new wooden fireplace mesh. Guillermo Hi everyone, this week I’ve finished my part on the underground and move on into an other that I will show probably next week. Here is a screenshot of a future combat area. Have a good weekend! Emmanuel This week I did exactly what Whitney told me to do and so I did great things! They were a lot of back and forth between concepts and modelling and the final result ended up just as planned and faster than expected. The statistics conjunction of the retroactive signal estimation determined that the creation curve is strong. Programming Michael This week my task has been to work on the inventory menu re-design. Part of the task has been to simplify the old menu system and refactor it so that more of the design work on the menus can be done in Unreal's visual editing tools. By the end of the week I should have a prototype version of the inventory screen, with elements of all the functionality, ready for the rest of the team to play with. Hopefully they can ignore my rather shocking coder placeholder art, and I can get feedback on where it's heading, and hopefully unearth some issues we hadn't thought about. Once we know it's going in the right direction, I can start tidying up the code underneath, to make sure it won't fall apart under serious use, and that it's easy to debug when it inevitably does. Animation Vincent Story. We’re all working on the story! Design Adam Story. We’re all working on the story! Eric Hey, new guy here. Only started a few weeks ago, and unlike most of the other LDs I am not working on the main story so I can sort of actually share what I am working on. For the last 2 weeks or so I’ve been hard at work going through some of the older encounters polishing them, finishing them, or otherwise fixing bugs that have existed there for a bit. Encounters like TV Altar, Mysterious Chest, Mystery House, Hallucinogenic Salad, and a bunch of others whose names escape me as I write this because I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Anyway, next update should have some good fixes for the older content. Antoine aka Captain Handsome STORY. Quality Assurance Stephanie Hi all! This week we finished testing around the fixes that went out in today's PC hotfix and Xbox One Maidenholm update that should address most of the major issues that the community has been reporting. I would also like to thank everyone who has sent us bug reports and feedback on the forums - it has really helped us track down some annoying issues Bonus dancing pixie gif: Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy doing nothing and playing games. Compulsion Games
  9. Gameplay Alpha 5.2 Hello everyone, We have pushed out a content hotfix to address performance issues and a select few encounter issues inside the Maidenholm Update, specifically: • New LOD system to allow for better performance. Includes (finally) a fix for bridges popping one piece at a time, although still needs refinement for draw distance generally. • Significant optimization on shadow generation. • Fixed some load issues with save games. • Fixed attempting to load very old (and incompatible) save games. • Fixed some crash issues related to inventory. • Fixed the Church of Simon Says not being enterable if you had visited it before meeting Nick.. • Optimized the scaffolding and other geo in Nick's house. • Optimized the House of the Inventor. • Optimized the electricity VFX. • Xbox Only: temporarily created a second Maidenholm Island, to prevent memory issues. This represents a significant amount of work, and the length of these update notes do not reflect the work put in to analyse and fix what was going on. A big thank you goes out to the programming and art teams for all their hard work.
  10. Alex After several weeks of feverishly writing encounter dialog for the current sprint, this was my week to sit with the level designers and make sure the dialog I wrote has something to do with the levels they’ve built. Fortunately, it mostly did. Thanks to folks’ reaction to the rat piñata, we will have a really amazing, possibly quite alarming, encounter with Reg Cutty, our Butcher. You’ll also have a chance to hear what Doctors say when they think no one’s listening. And we’re starting to work up a carnival ride through the Doctor headquarters in the Parade District (although you won’t see this one for a while). It’s taken us a while to smooth out our production process, but we’re building encounters much more quickly these days, which means I’m writing and recording quite a lot more. Fun! I’m also pondering giving a talk at MIGS… but I have to figure out about what? I have some ideas, but it’s hard to know what other people don’t know. Any devs out there want to know something about what we’re doing here, technically, with our narrative? Art Team Carylitz This week the art team spent some time optimizing our 3D models, so that things run well on low end systems. Big part of the week was about that, so with the time left I had the chance to finish my prop from last week. As you can see the prop went through some changes, this is because in the making I was bouncing ideas with Remi, and after a bunch of test in game this was the result. Marc-André This week, I spent a good three days in hell optimising encounters. Notably, I went back to Nick’s house to heavily decimate the scaffoldings. The amount of polygons for them decreased more than tenfold. I’ve also merged all the little pieces of scaffolding together to reduce the amount of elements in the level, reducing the amount of draw calls (which always is a good thing). I’ve also merged the level building’s exterior and interior shells together. I also got rid of a few very complex lights in the scene, that impeded performance. After that optimisation, I was able to get back to creating some masochistic machines. It’s scaring me. I’m really starting to wonder where David gets these sick ideas. What are these machines going to be used for? I’ll leave it to your imagination. Work in progress nearing completion: Guillaume This week and the last I’ve been working on a new underground place. The idea behind this underground is that the Wellies found and restored an old underground to build a high tech facility. Bare in mind that it’s still very work in progress. Have a nice weekend! Design Team Hayden Hey Folks, This week I spent some time working on our Old Soldiers Encounter. I mentioned this one last week, but in case you missed it, this encounter centers around an Old Soldier, his heinous caretakers, a long-lost brother and a dog that came between them. It’s a sad story. This encounter will now be passed off to art/animation for more realization. Also, this week I revisited Speaker’s Corner… The original design called for posting some fliers for the speaker; I reworked this interaction, including how we will communicate where to post the fliers. The system makes a lot more sense now, you should quickly be able to determine where to post the fliers and each location will include an increase in challenge in order to complete the objective. For now, enjoy a sad photo of our friend, Thomas Lawrence. Veteran, Brother, Father… We salute you. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion team
  11. Hey all, We hope that you have been enjoying the Maidenholm Update! We’ve had some great feedback so far, which we’re looking forward to working on. This week’s journal is a little lighter on the development side as most of the team is either on story content or fixing bugs, but it is heavier on the production side! Xbox players, we have just completed a couch test on the Xbox build (one where we sit down to figure out what else needs to be done on performance), and we may finally have a date in sight. We are hoping to release the Xbox One update next Friday, but we will confirm this early next week. This date may change, but we wanted to give you something. Likewise, the bug fixes, changes and optimizations we have made for the Xbox build will be converted over to a content fix for the PC Maidenholm players around the same time! We would usually have a video for you guys today, but are working on a 3 part series, 1 and 2 of which should be available next week. In the meantime, a few months ago Autodesk passed by our office to film some interviews, and we received the first out of a three part series about the studio and We Happy Few earlier this week. So, if you are not too tired of hearing us ramble about the game and want to see more of the studio, you can check the interview here. Movie Adaptation In other news, you may have heard but last Friday we posted the news that a We Happy Few movie is in the works! We’ve partnered with dj2 Entertainment and Gold Circle to produce the movie (DJ2 are also working on the Life is Strange and Sleeping Dogs adaptations). This is of course very exciting news, and you can read the full article here. But, we want to clear up a few things. This in no way affects the development of We Happy Few. Movies take years to make and by the time we release the game, there might not have been any further news about the project. In fact, a lot can happen to a movie from this point onward. That being said, we’re still really excited, and we’ll be doing our best to help this project succeed. Production Roadmap Sam As we near 9 months spent so far in Early Access, we’d like to give you a short roadmap for when and how We Happy Few is likely to be finished. I’m not going to mention dates today, because as you know these always change, but I can give you a rough snapshot of what we plan to do as we approach launch. We are planning two more major updates (like the Clockwork and Maidenholm updates) before 1.0: - Next update: major theme is Joy and conformity, with an AI rework, UI overhaul, and some fantastic encounters in the pipe. - Next + 1 update: this will bring the Parade District, the final island in Wellington Wells, improved world generation, and more encounters. - 1.0: this will bring the stories of our three characters, plus a bunch of other surprises. As I mentioned last week, these updates are on a roughly 3 month cycle, and we’re currently part way through one. I would expect the time to finalise 1.0 to take longer than a three months period. You may be wondering “what happened to the 6-12 months in Early Access!” Well, release happened, you guys happened, and our plans had to change. The early feedback we received was overwhelmingly convincing - we needed to spend more time on the systems underlying the game, particularly the ones that dealt with encounter stability and storytelling, to get the game where it needed to be. This culminated in the Clockwork Update in December, which meant that those first 6 months were spent on work we hadn’t anticipated. While we hope you agree that the Clockwork Update was time well spent, that added roughly 6 months to our plans. As you can see, this is one reason why developers are reluctant to share dates. Things never go as planned in development. That being said, we hope this helps give you an indication of where we’re going, but please do remember that this roadmap is not a promise. While we’re confident enough to put this out there, it is very likely to be revised and will change over time. We’ll keep you updated as we go. Animation Team Remi Most of the animation team is on story cinematics this week, and it’s going quite well. Some cinematics are finally getting their last polish phase! Fortunately for you guys, I still had a day early this week for some rigging work. I got to do the final tweaks on Arthur arms and did some RnD for twist bones. For those who don’t know what twist bones are, they help with the deformation of the mesh around articulations. It’s quite common to have them in games nowadays, but we didn’t have them on the first person arms until now. Why? Simply because I wasn’t there when they were first made! So since I was already working on the arms, might as well spend some time on twist bones! Now, the issue is that we already have tons of animations. We had to be careful and do some tests before implementing them. We need to make sure we’re not breaking anything. And this is where I ended up finding a very useful node in our animation blueprint that does exactly what we need! This node procedurally adds rotation values onto a specific bone (the twist bone) relative to another (in this case: the wrist bone). That means we get to have this nice deformation on all our upcoming AND previous animations. It is a big relief for us in the animation team, since we were constantly constrained by the maximum rotation we can apply on the wrist without breaking the mesh. We always had to find creative ways of twisting the arms, hands and shoulders to prevent the issue. We can now animate in peace without having to worry about it. Here’s a little gif to illustrate the difference between twist bones and no twist bones: Narrative Squad
  12. @AndyDavies We are so sorry about this But we are still working on it and have no time frame at the moment.
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  14. Programming Team Michael A lot of excitement this week, stomping out as many bugs as possible before seeing the new update out the door. For most of the week I have been looking into the inventory UI overhaul. I’m working on the code side of the player menu makeover. Hopefully it will be even prettier to look at, and have a bit more life to it to. There could also be some gameplay improvements in the way the player gathers and uses their items. Animation Team Rémi Hey everyone, this week was pretty much the continuation of last week. I finished the whole 91 FaceFX actors! That was more painful than I expected… I’m still waiting on some audio renaming stuff before I can start generating all the animations, but it’s mostly done. For the rest of the week, I was able to do something EVERYONE wanted: First person arms variants! We’ve had lots and lots of comments and requests from the community to change the visual of Arthur’s clothes when we switch suits. And I am proud to say that it will happen. Our great character modeler, Tito, has been creating all the clothes variants for a few weeks already, and I finally got to the part of rigging the first ones. We are still missing some of the models like the padded suit, spikey suit. But the work has begun! This will add a lot to the immersion and I am very excited for you to experience it for the first time once the next update comes out. Until then, here’s a few screenshots for the hype: Design Team Adam Been fun watching you guys break my quests in every possible way. Thank you for that. I’ll be fixing all that stuff for patches at a later date. In the meantime, I’m going to take a bit of a breather (with Antoine) on weekly updates, as we work quietly in the background on the story playthroughs. Hayden Hey Folks, Had a lot of fun this week working on some new encounters, I got to actually build some new houses for Wellington Wells, a task I really enjoy doing… For me, it’s kind of the best of both worlds--as far as a task goes, it is without a doubt design, but it also has that element of architecture/art to it, which is something I enjoy. One of the encounters that I’m working on is part of a series of Reporter encounters, so it’s always interesting to watch as the whole bit comes together to form a part of the narrative. The other encounter I’ve been working on takes place in two separate locations, and as much as I hate to say it, working on this encounter has revealed that there are some seriously disturbing and horrible people that live in Wellington Wells—if you had any hesitations about choking out a Wellie, after playing this encounter, you’ll find yourself relishing the thought, and you’ll know exactly who deserves it most. So much fun… have a pic… Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion
  15. Hi all, This week we launched the Maidenholm Update on Steam and GOG! In case you missed it, here is the update video, and the patch notes are available here. The Xbox One version still needs a bit more time. With the introduction of the new content, we’ve had to rework our loading and streaming systems, which is a non-trivial task. The good news is, the work we’re doing now will make it faster to create updates in the future. As soon as the update is ready on Xbox One, we will let you know! We also released earlier today a hotfix for the Maidenholm Update which should address crash and performance issues. If you have been experiencing these, make sure you are playing on version 38678 (the latest one). Thank you all for letting us know about your issues and sending us your logs, they have been very helpful in narrowing down the issues. The game might still experience some problems, so feel free to let us know and we will keep on working on hotfixes. Production Sam Hi folks! I hope you are all enjoying the Maidenholm Update. Today I’m going to talk about something that causes immense boredom in most people, but makes me super happy: production pipelines! One of my responsibilities is to look after how the team works together to create our updates. First, we begin by planning what’s going to be in an update. This begins with David’s (our design director) design, and gets built out into a gigantic planning spreadsheet: These are some of the encounters we created for the Maidenholm Update. X means done, and a gap can mean we have more work to do on it (in this case we want to do more work on the digging spots in a later update). Also note that these are dev names - the names you see in game are what they become after Alex has his way with them. We look primarily at encounters because these are the critical path for an update, and they require ~80% of the team to work together. You can see here that we have a ton of columns referring to the different parts of each encounter. We generally have one level designer, one artist, and one animator who look after any individual encounter. We also have Alex and Lisa working on environmental narrative and VO, Sarah on all the 2D art, Valentino and Chris on our sound, Weili (who you’ve probably never heard of) working on VFX, David checking in on the design at all times, Whitney looking after the overall look, QA testing for logic, save/load issues, stuck bugs, etc, Matt and the programmers looking after everything working correctly, and me making sure that people aren’t blocked on what they need to do. All in all, it’s quite complex. Over time, our production has evolved into this: Each column refers to a 4 week “sprint”, and we have 3 of these per update. Each sprint represents a different phase of development, and each team has different focuses inside each phase. We’re currently at the end of phase 1 for the next update. This helps a great deal when we’re planning the overall production, for example, if art isn’t needed on update content in a sprint, they can work on story content. While we’re not a super agile team compared to pure software development, because we have an overall plan/design we’re working towards, this system makes it easy for everyone to understand when we’ll be doing a certain thing. It’s easy for us to respond to player feedback – eg by fixing/improving encounters in phase 2 – and also bring new content in an efficient way. \ As you may expect, it isn’t always as clean as these charts make it out to be. But having the process and being flexible is much better than not having one! Narrative Team Alex I’ve been writing encounter dialog this week. Yards and yards of it. When we started this game, we had no idea how much dialog was going to go into it. The first few encounters had very little. But you guys seem to like run-ins with strange people. So I just finished an encounter with 180 lines of dialog. Can’t tell you what it is, but if you liked the rat piñata, you’re going to love it. Art team Carylitz Update week yaay! I have been watching a lot of streams and youtube videos, it is amazing! But well as I promised last week, I finished my big prop and did two more. I won't tell for what these props are for, but I can tell you that David and Whitney are behind this crazy idea and guys, I gotta tell you, their imagination has no limits. Hope you like them and if you have any guesses on what the props are for, let us know! Marc-André These past few weeks I’ve been working on props (objects). It had been a while since I had done so much modeling and it is really cool to get back into it. Notably, I’ve been working on very special machines, one of which is called “The exsanguinator”. I’ll let you figure out what this one is used for. I also worked on a wheelchair and a silver welding exhaust ducting pipe (yes, it’s the true name of the thing). PS. New sadistic machines coming next week! Emmanuel This week I did exactly what Whitney told me to do and so I did great things! They were a lot of back and forth between concepts and modelling and the final result ended up just as planed and faster than expected. The statistics conjunction of the retroactive signal estimation determined that the creation curve is strong.
  16. @fan345 It will most likely take a week. @dmtaliengod I am not sure I understand but we intend to complete the game on both platforms
  17. Gameplay Alpha 5.1 Hello everyone, We have pushed out a hotfix to address crash and performance issues inside the Maidenholm update, specifically: • Fix crashes related to the liveness manager and recent optimization • Fixed a performance regression that was affecting some PCs
  18. @dmtaliengod The update is not yet available on Xbox, we are still working on it, we are hoping to have it ready in a few days but nothing concrete yet.
  19. Hello everyone, The Maidenholm Update is live now on PC (Steam and GOG) and will be coming to Xbox One soon. We are delighted to present to you: The Maidenholm Update for We Happy Few! We would love to receive your feedback on what you like or don’t like. We are particularly interested in feedback on the new loot balancing, the playstyles and the general level of difficulty inside Wellington Wells. For a list of all the changes, check here!
  20. @BritneyS91 The Xbox One version has been giving us a bit more grief thanks to the huge amount of new content, so it needs a bit more time in the kitchen, therefore no update today for Xbox One. Hopefully a few days but we can't promise anything at the moment.
  21. @Adwel This is a safe zone, you can talk about anything The Xbox One version has been giving us a bit more grief thanks to the huge amount of new content, so it needs a bit more time in the kitchen. So hopefully a few days but we can't promise anything at the moment.
  22. Engineering - Improved graphical autodetection settings. The game will now attempt to optimize for framerate (60fps), at the cost of visual quality. You can always reset it to the quality/framerate that works for you. - Added "auto" selection in graphical options menu. - Rebalanced the low/medium/high/ultra settings to show a bigger quality/framerate improvement between each setting. - Optimized lighting for low spec machines. - Added support for mixed rendering quality (where the world is rendered at a different resolution to the HUD). - Experimental support for dynamic mesh streaming (lowering memory footprint) has been enabled for Xbox One. - FaceFX, audio and animation streaming on demand has been implemented (again lowering memory footprint). Bug Fixes - Fixes for negative scale mesh issues on Xbox One - this means no more weird shit protruding out of buildings on Xbox One. - Bridges should pop uniformly, as opposed to piece by piece. Still a work in progress. - Sporadic, rare crash fixes. - The Campfire duck no longer falls through the world. It gets thrown to a new, safe, location. - Collecting the junk in Biological Hazard before the 'Tidy the pond' objective will no longer break the encounter. - Mrs. Marley's body should no longer disappear in Bring out your Dead. - Middle mouse button can now be bound to controls other than 'Shove'. - Note: AI will be a major part of the next update, so non-game breaking AI bugs remain in this update. - Corner pieces on sidewalks in the Village of Hamlyn should display properly and no longer flicker. - Many, many more minor bugs. Miscellaneous - Updated credits - Updated welcome screen text - For those of you who play on Steam, we have created new public branches to access our previous public updates. Right now, we have the Community Balance update (Gameplay Alpha 2) and the Clockwork Update (Gameplay Alpha 4) available as public branches, and hopefully we’ll be able to add some very old pre-alpha versions as well. GOG.com players already have this functionality, as part of the Galaxy client. Thank you!
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