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  1. Hello, You can post them here, we will see them
  2. Anything helps! More specifically, what were you doing before it happened.
  3. @Nautilus! It's great to have you back
  4. Hey all, Another very busy week here at Compulsion. On the non-development side we are finalizing some very exciting marketing details for the future. It might sound odd, but there is a lot of fun in looking after marketing details - particularly pieces that will be seen by potentially millions of people. As you can imagine, something might work for someone but not for someone else, so which is best? Is it too artsy? Not artsy enough? What does this convey to someone who has never seen the game before? All that fun jazz. This week we also welcome 2 new animators to the team! Jules and Mike. The team has grown a lot in the past 2 years. When we first started this project we were 9 and now we are 30 employees! The game has also grown a lot thanks to your support and feedback. Rest assured that we will support you and the game back after we release the final version Production Team Sam One of the less talked about topics in our weeklies is how we structure and organise tasks. Like many other teams, we use JIRA to help organise, plan and manage the thousands of tasks that we need to do to build the game. We’ve used JIRA since early 2016 (creating 7000 tasks in this time), but we’ve had a pretty loose structure - assign tasks, have a bit of chaos, and then try to tighten things up as we approach an update release. We also have only been writing up significant issues - eg cosmetic issues for AI, UI, world generation, etc weren’t worth bugging because those systems would change before release, and fixing them now would be a waste of dev time. However, now that those systems are reaching their final design, it’s time to record and fix these things… but this leads to information overload. I decided a couple of months ago that this wouldn’t work as we were trying to finish, polish and ship 1.0, so I have spent time in the last few weeks cleaning up the database, organizing, and doing all the OCD things that make me happy. Except the long weekend, where I spent Canada Day and its friends combing through our 1400 open tasks, prioritizing/questioning/chasing as necessary, and merging our story and Early Access databases to prepare for what is to come. I did not enjoy that so much. But, things are much better organized, and hopefully this will mean the next update will see a good increase in quality and in useability. I did have one great task I found though. The elusively named “sarah”, which had no description. I will ponder the meaning of this task forever. Narrative Team Alex I spent much of the week writing up the creepiest medical convention you’ll ever willingly attend. Annnnnd we’re scheduling recording sessions for Arthur, Miss Thigh Highs, the Mad Scotsman, his Special Friend, and particularly creepy Doctor. Design Team Eric This week has been stubbing in part of a mini boss fight before going back to working on the level I was working on before. It’s the big puzzle map from a week or two ago. The hard part (the puzzle) is done now, so I’m just stubbing in the rest of the quest itself, and working with Guillaume, Cary, and Whitney to art it up and create some custom machines for this puzzle. Art Team Carylitz I can finally show some of the props I have been working on! YAY! So for this week I tried to go a little bit faster and not lose quality in the process (my brain is dying), but I think so far so good. I did 3 big machines made out of other props and some new pieces. I have been following some concepts from Whitney and checking with Eric to see if the asset will work in the scene and the functions for the gameplay. I also did some corrections on secret props for Remi, so he can rig them! I think that's all for me this week, have a nice weekend! Animation Team Rémi Hello all! This week started off slowly as we began planning our upcoming weeks. We did a huge clean up in our tasks and rearranged them. We also welcomed 2 new junior animators! We helped them setup their PCs and had them play the game. A little bit more formation on our animation pipelines and they should be good to go! It’ll be fun to see what they can do. During the other half of the week, I got back to rigging. Sadly most of the props I rigged this week were Narrative/Story related. The only one thing I can show you is this magnificent Fire Extinguisher (Modelled by Marc-André): I also took some time to fix some rigging bugs. Bugs that used to slow down our animation process. For example, the feet controller orientation on one of our Narrative Rigs was facing the wrong direction. Which obviously makes it more complicated to pose. That’s it! There’s more rigging to come in the upcoming weeks and I’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible. Mike (*Whispers*One of the new guys) Hey folks! I’m Mike one of the new Junior Animators that joined the team this week. It’s been a great week full of getting to know the game, getting to know all my new teammates and getting settled in. Not much else to add right now other than I’m super stoked about joining the team and having had the chance to play the game a bit, let me assure you, you won’t be disappointed! I’ll be working hard to bring you the best animation I can muster! Have a good one! Jules Hi everybody, I'm one of the new animators! I’m really happy to join Compulsion Games and this amazing team. This week I mainly met people and played the game. I didn't know We Happy Few before joining Compulsion, but now after playing many hours I'm totally addicted. At every new game I discover a new epic situation or dialogue that makes me laugh. Thanks Pudge Compulsion Games Discuss this post here
  5. Engineering Team Chris and Rob Hi all! So we've almost finished the work to get a UWP build to QA. Right now, we just have to rebuild a few third party libraries to fix some app certification errors. Good news is that this means that we've begun working on our next task: HDR! There's lots of math involved to get this working properly, but luckily we have lots of Unreal examples to work from. Personally, I think that the art and style of this game is very conducive to the increased colour range and contrast of HDR. So I'm really excited to see how this turns out! But first things first... math and shaders. We'll keep you posted on our progress in the next updates! Serge Not much to say this week, I focused mostly on bug fixing and iteration of conformity rules ... it doesn’t sound like much, and it’s a little boring to look at, but trust me... it’s interesting. Take the behavior around corpses left behind by the player; we had prototype where you can make them sleep (rather than kill them) so they can wake up at some point later in the game. While in theory it looks fun, the lack of feedback make it near impossible for the player to understand plus it conflict with other gameplay so I had to cut that out from the code! Michael I’ve been working on improving the systems behind the different states of Joy. David had written up a design a long time ago, and we’re finally getting round to working on it. The idea is to get it so that you are more aware of whether you will crash, overdose or go into a withdrawal when you’re taking Joy, and to make those states more punishing gameplay-wise, because remember: Drugs are bad! Joy is a big part of the game, so you won't want to avoid it all together, but you’ll have to be smart about how and when you take it. I’ve started off by separating out each of the four states (Joy, overdose, withdrawal and crash) into separate Unreal blueprints, so that I can hand them over to Emmanuel to make the effects of each of them more distinct, beautiful, and scary. Narrative Team Alex I’ve been editing a series of encounters for Miss Thigh Highs’ playthrough. She climbs a foggy crag to find a young woman, a middle-aged woman, and an old woman. They seem to know quite a bit about her present and her future. They use the word “hurly-burly.” Sometimes they speak in unison. An encounter hub is an encounter you keep coming back to for multiple missions, like Johnny Bolton, the lad in the treehouse. One of the things I most enjoy about our game’s narrative is that we are in a town where everyone knows each other. Writers of games which start with the protagonist having amnesia don’t know what they’re missing. When people know each other, it’s easier to motivate quests. “I will give you this shiny new sword if you go to this dungeon and steal a goblet for me” becomes, “You owe me, you son of a bitch!” which makes for much more compelling television game writing, I think. Design Team Adam Well, I have been on paternity for 3 weeks now, but I still manage to check in with the team on slack every day or so. It’s actually been very nice to chat with the team about theory and rules without the backlash of actually being there. It gives me a new perspective on the whole thing. Eric Week 3 of Adam being out of the office. It’s been really good having him not be here. Jk. You know I love you Adam. This is essentially my weekly as I’ve been out of the office moving to Montreal most of the week. Either that or Quebec Holidays. I guess I did some bug fixing too, and I’m starting to work on a small boss fight. Since Roxanne isn’t here I’ll mention what she was working on. While ramping up she was also working on an encounter called Love Birds that David has wanted in forever. There were already 2 other attempts at getting it in that just never made it. Roxanne has done a full block in pass on this and it looks pretty good. Once art/anim spread their love all over it, it’ll be pretty awesome. Animation Team Vincent Ahoy! We spent some time this week doing some HR… Yup, we are going to welcome two new animators in our ranks… They’ll be presenting themselves in the coming weeks I’m sure. They will help us with all the animation needs for the next encounters, which will allow a part of the team to stay full time on cinematics. Speaking of cinematics, we are all three working on them at the moment, starting new ones and editing some on which the script has changed. To help with the latter, I worked a bit on a python script that allow to easily shift keyframes around on a whole scene and multiple animation layers… which is a pain to do by hand in Motionbuilder! Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Game
  6. Hi everyone, Things are going well in the old Compulsion factory. We are working and planning the August update… and something else As you know, the Joy related update will be the last major content update before the final release of the game. Some key features of that update are: new UI, new Joy effects, fast travel, AI overhaul and much more! But let’s not spoil it all, we need to keep some of it for the update release video Lately a lot of players have been asking us why we didn’t participate in the Steam sale, or in sales in general. The reason for this is because the game is currently already at a reduced price for Early Access, both because the game isn’t finished and also because we’re holding back the main story content of the game. We make a point to mention it periodically, but the price will go up as we get closer to the final release of the game. We also believe that discounting now would not be fair to the Early Access and Kickstarter players that have supported us so far, when the game had even less content than it has today. We want to be as open as possible with you guys about our decisions and always make a point to explain them. If you have any questions about why we do things, we are here ready to answer. Art Team Guillaume Today I can proudly show you what I have been working on for the past week. Tree variants! I know, I kind of showed you some WIP in another weekly but this time I’ve finished the different leaf and bark textures and they are spawning in the world. This is gonna change the way the Garden District looks and hopefully will make the game feel better and more alive. Marc-André These past two weeks, I’ve been doing the ground floor lobby of a very special upcoming encounter. It is my first time working with a brutalism interior and it’s been really fun to experiment with the architecture style! As we move into the new biome, buildings are much taller which allows us to create very nice shapes and composition. For the lobby, I created forty-five new custom meshes, including a new set of railing and new textures, such as marble for the floor. But… this location is so special I can’t show it to you guys. Be patient and one day you’ll get to discover it! Today I’m moving to the upper floors of said encounter. I have a good vibe about this! It will be one of a kind. Whitney Hi everyone! I don't post very much because my days generally consist of meetings, spreadsheets, reviews, feedback, planning, collecting references, crudely painting over 3D locations, and hastily throwing together concepts collaged from random photo sources that are purely for internal reference and in no state for public viewing. That’s the sad truth about so much concept art. Either that or the concepts are for unreleased, super secret and exciting locations that we can't talk about So I apologize, but rest assured, we're very busy working hard to make the game beautiful!! And soon, I promise, we'll have beautiful concepts to show. Sarah Well shucks, it's been a while since I've posted an update. I've been knee deep in UI mockups and meetings for what feels like an eternity now, but things are starting to take shape in a really sexy way. Here's the Map screen and Fast Travel screen Mock-ups I finalized not moments ago! I was featured with Michael in a video about the new Inventory Screen a couple of weeks ago, but what the video failed to include was Clara's heavy involvement in its development and realization. This is entirely due to the fact that Clara is the one making these videos, and is too camera-shy to take any credit for the great work she's doing, so shout out to Clara. You go, Glen Coco. Speaking of Clara, together we're juggling back and forth between the other UI screens AND some faaaaaaaancy fancy 2D animations (unrelated to the UI screens), so stay tuned!
  7. Hello, Agreed! But rest assured this will change in the future
  8. Never says never! But not in our current plans
  9. Hey! No worries, the reason we are doing UWP is because we have obligations with Microsoft to do so. Linux is still planned for the release
  10. @Octo The Doctor will make an appearance before the final release. But we will really see him in all of his glory in the final release
  11. Art Team Carylitz Secret props for me again so I can't show, but I can say that I spent most the week sculpting, doing retopo and fighting with Maya to work with my decimated mesh and the retopo tool, but almost there! Narrative Team Alex I have been off in the wilds of the Hamptons, but nothing stops progress! On Monday and Tuesday, we spent three and a half hours with the fabulous Samantha Lee, Woman of 1000 Voices. She is at least one of the voices of our Posh Wellette now, and she is at least one of the witches you’ll meet on a rocky crag. I notice I’m recording a lot more lines per hour than when we started. At the beginning, I was getting something like 60-80 an hour. Now we’re up to 120-150 an hour. What’s happening? Mostly, we’re working with better actors. Over the years, we have found truly superb voice actors, who work fast and can do multiple voices. They’ve also learned our quirks. For example, typical voice directors seem to want the actor to repeat each line a bunch of times. I want the actor to put everything into the line once, and then tell him how it should change, if it’s not what I want. I find that when an actor does two takes in a row, often neither is right. There is a sort of quantum interference. They’re not deciding what delivery they most believe, they’re just trying to create a range of deliveries. We’ve also learned a lot about working with British studios and British agents. When we started, I didn’t know how to get a casting breakdown out. In the US, you can put a casting breakdown up on Breakdown Services and get a bazillion submissions. You can do that in the UK, too, through something called Spotlight. I would imagine we’re also benefitting from the game getting a bit of attention. We get submissions from actors who might not have given us the time of day some years ago. And now, I’m writing encounter dialog. That’s always fun. It’s also surprisingly hard. It is very easy to write “oh look at that I should do this” sort of lines, but creating surprising and compelling characters and offbeat encounters requires more thinking than writing. Thanks for tuning in! The Compulsion Team N.B: We also wanted to share this cute story from a member of the Reddit community. "So I've played this game a lot over the last eleven-ish months. My boyfriend has watched me play it a bit and I'm sure he's picked up on a lot of the game by hearing it in the background so often. So this weekend he proposed (yay!) and said some stuff about how he wants to spend the rest of our lives together and such. then he goes, "And I promise I will help you find peachy so you can get your ephemeral linen!" So, thanks we happy few for being a part of a huge moment in my life. this game is awesome."
  12. Hello everyone! We have a little update concerning future plans, more specifically our Early Access/Game Preview updates. Originally we were planning to release two updates before the final release of the game: the Joy related update, and an update that would have contained the Parade District (a brand new biome). We have decided to push out only one major update between now and final release. This will be the Joy update, a bit later in the schedule (it will now come out around mid August), to make it bigger and better, and keep the Parade District for the final release. There is, of course, a reason for this decision. Early Access is amazing, but it’s becoming very complicated to maintain both a regular update schedule and lock down the story. The Early Access build is currently separate to the story build; they share a code base, but the content is slightly different. So far, the content has been able to coexist side by side, but as we add polish and really lace everything together, but this is changing. The Parade District, in particular, is intertwined so heavily with the story that we don’t think we can deliver a good “Early Access” version, unlike the other biomes. By moving to only one final major update, we can merge the Early Access and the story builds earlier, so that we can concentrate all of our efforts on making the story the best it can be. If you have any questions about this, please let us know in the comments. Design Team Roxanne Howdy! New designer here! Happy to be part of this great adventure. Ramping up this week, but also working on revamping a quest that never quite made it to the game: Lovebirds. Or did, briefly, but then we took it out to redo it. Hope you’ll like it! Eric Oh yeah, working on another new huge level that Guillaume is loving. He loves it when he gets these huge levels to art up. What a guy. Such a team player. I think he really likes working with me. Or not… Anyway…….Instead of a crazy roller coaster this one is centered around a big slide puzzle in the center of a big facility. It’s been fun as hell to make. Should be pretty fun to play too, so yeah, that’s been my week. Scripting this beast. Hayden Hi folks. This week was a bit short for me, but I was still able to start on the block-out for a new Parade District encounter and it’s coming along swell. It’s one of my favorite type of encounters; another gauntlet of sorts… You can see your goal, just out of reach, but getting there is never as easy as it looks. Designing this sort of encounter is more about striking the perfect scale for the area of gameplay (the game-field, if you will), timing elements, such as hazards, and creating safe locations for the player. Equally as important, is planning the routes of NPCs and the placement of loot and narrative objects that fall along paths most players would navigate - so it’s a lot like choreographing a delicate ballet of rewards, hazards, and… timing. I guess, something like that. Back to it! Programming Team Lionel Not quite crop circles but the placement patterns I worked on this week might spice up the countryside areas around the Garden District. Procedurally generated but game designer controlled, they are far from complete but look promising. The goal of these things is to provide smaller, more systemic, areas for gameplay, to fill in the areas we currently have in-game and provide simple and varying challenges for obtaining different types of resources... Rob, Evan, and Chris (Our new friends from Snowed-In Studios in Ottawa, who are helping us ship the game) This week was focussed on getting UWP's XBoxLive connection to work, so we can verify that our Achievements code will work. This has been a bit of a battle, with Microsoft's Achievement Sample (outside of Unreal) successfully signing in, but our code failing to sign in even while using the TitleId from the sample. The good news is we had a breakthrough just this afternoon, and after setting up our own XboxLive sample based directly off of Microsoft's fork of the Unreal Engine, it appears the problem was in the Live (UWP) part of the Engine itself. So, I've grabbed the most recent version of Live for UWP, and been able to sign in to Live with the same credentials. So the next task for next week is to merge these changes back into our engine and verify that sign in works, then to switch over to the proper credentials, and turn Live services on for our game. After that, we will focus on issues from the UWP stress test, and then on to investigation/merging to start to bring in HDR rendering. Finally, Evan is jumping on to the project today. He's a programmer who'll be helping out with the UI system.
  13. That is very interesting and would indeed be great. But the only songs we can put in the game are public domain songs and original songs written exclusively for the game. Otherwise we would blow our budget on getting the rights for the songs With this being said, our original songs are amazing and done by popular bands and we cannot wait to reveal them
  14. There is more to come, but I can't say how much more sorry!
  15. Hey everyone, Nothing major to announce this week except that the team is working hard towards the next update. We also had a call with [REDACTED] for the soundtrack for We Happy Few and we couldn’t be more excited! Any guesses? Art Team Marc-André ​ This week, I have been doing a bunch of fixes here and there. Visual gameplay issues, material tweaks, etc. I am in the process of improving the first two garden district islands, adding variation to the building shapes and materials. The goal is to make them feel less repetitive and uniform. I have also started to tweak the buildings that will later appear in a new biome - the often rumoured Parade District! I added decorators to them and fixed the most glaring material issues. Near the end of the week, I did a sign integration pass for the two underground construction levels. I also fixed footstep sound issues for the majority of the next update's encounters. Carylitz This week was all about fixing things, so the first task was to add some Joy booths in some parks and art them up. I also created the material for the buttons of the Jubilator, and made some bug fixing in the bridges, again. After all that I had some time to start on my first location! But this I will show next week (: Narrative Team Alex Every now and then we tear ourselves away from the day-to-day of building encounters to tear down and rebuild one of the playthroughs. These past few weeks, it’s been Miss Thigh Highs. I think it’s fair to say our cutscenes are fairly complex and cinematic for video game cutscenes. I don’t know how much carnage other teams have, but I suspect most dev teams don’t iterate as much on the cutscenes as they do on gameplay. We’re iterating on both. So I’m rewriting almost every single script in the playthrough. Naturally this means a flock of new recording sessions coming up. We also felt that one of our character voices wasn’t as charismatic or as menacing as we wanted. So I proposed recasting. That meant looking at about 200 submissions from Britain, listening to 70 demos, sending 15 actors an audition text to record, doing a directed callback with seven actors, all in order to pick the guy we thought was the best. I’m pretty sure most dev teams don’t recast. It’s expensive. But why not take advantage of the iterative nature of videogame development in the story as well as the gameplay? If someone’s not bringing it, why leave the results in the game? Every game teaches you how to make that game. If we ever have to make exactly this game again, it will be super easy. As soon as I’ve re-recorded and re-cut all these scenes, it will be up to the animators to block (and in some cases re-block) the scenes. It’s a lot of extra work, but I hope you’ll be pleased with the results. Design Team Hayden Hello folks, This week my focus was on realization for two of our encounters (and a third to follow next week!); though most of the work fell onto our animators, artists and programmers—who have done such an awesome job at complementing our design vision. To explain it a little better; let’s assume we already have the idea for the encounter squared away, the narrative is in place and the level is built, all the basics are there (I won’t speak for everyone, as a lot of folks here can nail their shit down on the first attempt; for me, it’s a totally iterative process—sweet, sweet layers of “cool, that works!” and fixed mistakes). During this realization phase, we lean on the animators and artists to help bring in the bells and whistles, the sparkly bits and bedazzle beads that help create a cohesive vision. In this case, I’m fortunate to be working with these guys; as they not only have these amazing artistic chops, but they also bring a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo to the table—totally helpful. Let’s put it this way, there is no doubt in the world, the combined ability of this outfit can construct anything your video game brains can think of – it’s just a matter of time. With that said… A lot of my week was talking with artists and animators, prepping and repairing script for placement of matinees and conversations, fixing bugs here and there, reworking previous ideas that fell short, and to put it simply, keeping my head above water and completing these levels—as a friend of mine from Beijing once said when asked how his day was going, “Work is many!”. It’s true, work on this project is many… But so fucking worth it. Adam Long week. But a good one: I started on the final character's playthrough! Eric Ditto’ Adam’s long week comment. Getting near finished on the underground level I am working on, and making a pretty crazy playable sequence that I’m sure we’ll show something from it soon. Making it work has been easy, making it work and look perfect has been a strange challenge. It should be pretty wicked when it’s done though. I’m pretty happy with it so far. Next week should start back on some fixes for some of the old encounters to sneak in a few more fixes for the next update. Programming Team Michael I have started working on a new gameplay system, Fast Travel. Now that our procedural worlds are getting so big it makes sense to give the players a way to cut down the amount of playtime they spend traversing across the islands when they are heading somewhere specific. The fast travel in the game will make sense within the world, and will even explain more about the functioning of Wellington Wells. To start I have built on top of the current respawn code, which already moves the player to certain points in the world. I have also added a little interface on top of the map menu which lists out the locations that the player can currently travel to. It won't be possible to just open a menu and move anywhere in the world; Fast travel will be possible only between a discrete locations that the designers have placed in the world. It’s early stages, but it should be very cool and add a lot when it’s finished. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Team Discuss this post here
  16. @Octo It does something hilarious for the remain of the bodies
  17. Clara Back on UI this week again. We are getting closer and closer to something efficient that looks like... something. It’s still very shaggy but it’s definitely going somewhere. My main focus this week was building and adjusting the shop screen based on Sarah’s design. Not quite done yet as we are missing description panel for the objects, but you’ll be happy to know that stacking is a bit more effective now (thanks to some coding magic from Michael): Before After Animation Team Rémi This week, the whole team shifted back to gameplay/encounters. This means I had to start the month by rigging a few machines. Because obviously, we need the machines rigged before we can animate them! Mechanical rigging is usually easier, since we don’t have to deal with all these organic parts. We just bind the skin so it follows certain bones at 100% and it’s done. I’d say that the most important part for mechanical rigging is the planning. Make sure you know what the machine will be used for and what kind of movement it will have to do. Ideally, you get to sit with the modeler and level designer before you create the model, so you can make sure everyone’s on the same page. These machines are very… interesting! I’ll let you guys try and guess what they are used for. If you think you’ve guessed right, let us know in the comments. J.R. Hello again ! Like Remi said, we are again focusing on gameplay and encounters this month. On my end, that meant working with the level designers to get the scenes set up with all the actors, new animations and new conversations. I also had a lot of fun playing with the Jubilator™ recently. A very intriguing vehicle to say the least! I started by polishing the existing animations, basic locomotion mostly. Then I started doing some more fun stuff. I mean you have to wonder, what is this machine for really...? Here's a video to give you a peek at the Jubilator's™ most important role in the respectable districts of Wellington Wells. Vincent The week started by rigging duty on the big construct (err… robot, looks like I played too much Torment lately) that Cary showed you some time ago. I did a little test animation to make sure everything works well : There was a few tricky details in the model like pistons and wires, they added a bit of work but they help give some believability to it… Next step along with Ben is having this baby animate well, it needs a proper Animation Blueprint and co. On the side I also did some quick tests to see how the Jubilators could ‘vacuum clean’ the streets of corpses. Yes. That is weird. Playing around with rag dolls would avoid having to align properly the Jubilator to the characters. Of course, that could also introduce some bugs. But who really hates rag doll bugs ? They’re always entertaining to say the least. Thanks for reading! - Team Compulsion
  18. Hi everyone, We have a pretty fun and compact Journal for you this week. Python like machines, human sacrifices, fashion shows, these are a few of our favourite things! Before we get into it, here is our third and final episode of our series on “Building story inside encounters”. Narrative Team Lisa It’s May, but I’m still thinking about Easter eggs – the game variety, that is. We Narrative Few give a lot of thought to small things you find in the game. For instance, this week I was asked to write nameplates for each reporter’s desk in the Hamlyn newspaper office. That meant the reporters all needed names. So here’s what I came up with: Currer Bell, Nuptials Charles Dodgson, Tea Parties Eric Blair, Television Critic Clive Hamilton, Chronicler Mary Ann Evans, Ladies’ Page Mary Westmacott, Crime Players who enjoy literature or Googling will realize they’re all British novelists with pen names. Our television critic is famously not fond of telescreens. Mary Westmacott likes to solve mysterious deaths in the Village. And so on. I also mulled topics for new Uncle Jack shows this week, and realized that they could have Wellington Wells sponsors. So you may eventually hear ads for things like “Summerisle Matches -- great for birthday cakes and other celebrations!” (If you haven’t seen The Wicker Man, Summerisle is a town that enjoys burning human sacrifices.) So, yeah, that’s where my brain is. Alex and I hope someone somewhere might get a laugh out of these homages. But even if names and signs are just viewed as background, we believe that using real British names helps make the world of Wellington Wells feel rich and real. Art Team Marc-André This week I did a bunch of small stuff: -Monday: Kept working on level art for the Butcher’s house. I added lights and progressed staging some areas that hadn’t been completed yet. Added new missing elements in the scene, such as clothes/rags to preserve the georgian-styled walls from many blood stains. I fixed a few Jira bugs (visual & sfx). I also did some cleanup (level merging and moving actors to their proper layers). -Tuesday: I arted up the speaker's corners' community billboards (3 levels), which are now full of Sarah’s illustrations. These will be scattered across one of the village islands. There will also be an alternate way to initiate some of the quests. -Wednesday & Thursday: I spent most of those days doing the 2D Art / Environmental narrative pass for the newspaper office and the reporter's house. I optimised, imported and laid out a lot of signs and notes from Sarah. I created some 2D art of my own (awards, labels, etc.) for the newspaper office. After that, I created various pieces of meat with the most intricate shapes. They will show their purpose soon enough. -Friday: Spent the day doing the 2D Art / Environmental narrative pass for the Butcher’s house. Also improved staging & lighting (it’s never good enough) throughout the level. Rewired the material to support button colors for additional gameplay feedback. Guillaume Hi! Same as last week, I kept working on the underground, adding a new area. Carylytz More props and maps! It has been a really busy week (a lot of work to do before flying away for a week) so I have been helping and supporting the team with some props for their encounters and making some art passes to some maps. Design Team Adam I have been working on Arthur’s last shelter: the Parade District Shelter. This one is a fun one. It involves a fashion show. It’s in pretty early stages, so the art isn’t all pretty yet… but it will be. Programming Team Michael This week has been a bit less focused for me than the previous two. I’ve been going round cleaning up tasks that have been building up while the inventory screen was taking up my time. We had an issue where all the glorious writing that was going into the game for the encounter objectives was regularly getting deleted by our editing tools, so that seemed like a good thing to fix. Also an improvement to the merging tools our artists use to optimise levels. So two things that don’t actually affect the game, but help us make it. The inventory screen continues to improve with new features and fixes. This week we were thinking about the feedback we want to give the player when they are in the shop screens, particularly when the shopkeeper doesn’t want something you have. Here’s my inspiration: Maybe too much.
  19. Hi everyone, Short update this week as a lot of people are working on the story. We now have a full playable story walkthrough in the game! We will be talking about this more towards the end of early access, but we just wanted to keep you updated. It still needs a lot of tweaking but it is an exciting step forward. Programming Team Michael When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When the team gives you a great design for a new inventory menu, start building the new inventory menu, and buy some lemonade because it’s going to be a lot of work. Based on our new weight-based inventory system that I showed last week, Eric (one of our designers, not the runner) has gone through and given each item in the game a weight, which is exciting! Did you know that a ‘Head Knocker’ weighs 6kg? I do now. As a result, the inventory screen is in the game now for testing, along with something else I’ve been working on: the new quick slots system. We decided to rework both the inventory and the quick slots so that you spend less time managing your stuff, and more time in the game itself. So, the new system for quick slots doesn’t require assignment (like the current one does, where you have to assign an item to a slot before you can use it), but instead allows you to scroll through usable items outside of the player menu - aka, when you’re running around, in game. We’ll also be assigning healing items to an always active quick slot, so that you have quick access to it whenever you’re in a spot of bother (you won’t have to scroll through all your items just to find a healing balm). Clara I’m a programmer this week! Sort of. While Michael works on the functionality, I’ve been using his system to upgrade the UI art. This is where I’m up to: Before After We’re using Unreal’s built in UMG system, which has meant lots of time spent learning a new system. This is my experience with Unreal so far: Art Team Guillaume Hi people! This past week I’ve continued working on adding more details to the undergrounds and lighting that will give more personality to each room. Carylitz For this week I got to work on textures. I got the chance to work on a character that we have in game. We needed him to be not alive or sick, but something different… it was quite an experience, and it required some really interesting research. I also worked on a rusty iron chest, a board for one of the new quests and a pink box. When the props were done I had some time to go over some park maps to update them, and I will be working on this for the next week too. Marc-André This week I worked on one thing: the butcher's creepy house. I finished the blocking of the main stairs and started to lay out the props and do a lighting pass. I laid out his machines throughout the house. I also worked on his cooler room and laid out the base for his cellar. I created a few additional props such as a victorian bed, ventilator and protective sheets. I believe that, when it's completed, it will be one of the most iconic encounters of the game. I'd give more details (and show screenshots) but I don't want to spoil the surprise! Design Team Adam Mostly been working on story stuff this week, but I did get a chance to update bits and pieces of the Jubilator Attacks level. We now have a functioning car wash (jubilator wash). A fun fact: we now have a completely “playable” story walkthrough, front to back. The rest of the design team has been fixing up bugs from older encounters, while we wait on art to finish up with the new stuff. Animation Team Vincent Hola! This month has been all about cinematics animation, but brace yourselves, for next month, we finally start adding animations to new encounters the LDs have been milling though during this sprint! Wish us luck. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  20. Well it definitely wasn't an April Fools joke but only time will tell to be honest. You never know with Hollywood.
  21. It will take a bit longer as it is considered "polishing" and at the moment we are focused on building the core of the game still
  22. We are moving to a brand new system for storage that will solve this but it won't be in until the next update.
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