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  1. Hey everyone, We are about to roll into October! Which means we are 4 weeks away from content completion...and Halloween! We are planning some fun and creepy content on our social media for the month of October. Ever heard of Foggy Jack? Us either. Production We also announced this week that we are partnering up with McFarlane Toys to bring our beloved Bobbies to life! Sam The team is busy as bees recording and integrating VO, finalising the level art, adding major changes to procedural work, animating all those little moments that piece everything together, and really just working super fast and well. Of particular note is that this week our conformity mechanics have finally been integrated to the new system, so all those weird Wellington Wells rules are back in, including the old favourite of “have you had your Joy today?” As content comes in, we also continue reviews to make sure that the playthroughs make sense, and we begin looking at which parts we want to focus on to make them really shine. That’s exciting and nerve wracking - there is a reality in game development that parts of the game need to be “good enough” but may not make perfect. It’s like trying to decide which one of your kids gets the hug. But it’s very important to make sure that we have moments that you guys will love and hopefully feel touched by. Other than reviews, the production team is beginning to collate information for ratings like a full and final script (which is a hefty, hefty beast that we’re currently estimating at between 100k and 150k words), videos of particularly gruesome moments, foul language (yes but HOW did the person say fuck?), and some things so awful you’ll have to discover them for yourselves (spoilers). T-4 weeks until content complete (in theory)! Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji Eric This week has been fully dedicated to the new introductory island. It’s coming along fairly well. Just stitching together the quest flow, and fixing some strange issues that crop up, that and a loot pass. But it’ll shape up nicely after a few long nights of figuring out why things don’t work properly. Also, Emmanuel started on the new bridge from this island (Barrow Holm) to the old first island (Eel Pie Holm), take a look.
  2. @TomRiddle I saw it last week and have been listening to the soundtrack ever since! Great movie.
  3. Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH Marc-André This week I kept working on… guess what? Story stuff I can’t show! I’m pouring all my heart in creating the best house interiors (and exteriors) possible, and I’m sure you guys will be very happy playing the and story missions. I particularly enjoy doing ‘s huge mansion-house, since it has a different style from the houses I worked on before: more victorian - and very gold. Carylitz As usual a little bit of everything, have been working in some character variations, textures variations, new props, fixing old props, making new machines, and playing with layout for some of the locations of the other characters. Again can't show anything ): , but it has been super fun to work on all these things! Guillermo Recently I’ve been polishing different Story Missions by adding meshes the level designers needed and doing some lighting pass. At the end of this week I started blocking the art for one of the last story missions. I think you guys are gonna have a ton of fun playing this one thanks to the gameplay mechanics Antoine created and the story/atmosphere of it. PH This week, I made some british style umbrellas. Lots of talk with the team because they will have a very special purpose for the player. Then I moved on to a doctor’s bag and as always, I like to collect a lot of references to create something very accurate. I’m actually working on the leather of the bag to match We Happy Few art style. Sarah This week was mostly a UI focused effort for me, but it did involve some environmental narrative work as well! Here's a groovy Newton poster I made for a special location. Editor's note: Here is another gif of Sarah. This is her face after I yell at her, for sending me her pictures for the update at the wrong address, EVERY FRIDAY. QA Team - Lee, Stephanie, JP Jean-Philippe Hello! I am a new QA guy here at Compulsion. This week I started acclimating myself with the game and getting my kit set up. I found and added a few bugs, but otherwise my week was focused almost entirely on beating my first Sandbox playthrough on Wednesday, and I began my first Story Mode playthrough. Publishing - Steve, Jeff, Mike C, Mike R, Austin, Meredith, Elisa, Kat, Kelly, Nicole, Sean, Brad, and Erick (and more) Sean Hey! I’m one of the artists on the marketing team here at Gearbox Publishing. This week, the team and I went out to a printing supply and production facility to explore ways to enhance the physical copies of the game. We checked out some cool packaging ideas that we could use to add a unique touch to the physical copies, and ran through some options for enhancing the material of the game case. That could mean anything from adding a sleeve over the game case, to using different materials beyond cardboard or plastic to help emphasize elements on the cover. Thanks for tuning in and see you next week! Compulsion Games
  4. Animation Team - JR, Remi, Vincent, Mike P and Jules Jules This week I worked on combat animation! So now our NPCs have their 3 different levels of attack integrated. The light which is already plugged in the game. And now the Medium attack with a medium windup and two strikes (like a double swing for example). Also, we have the Heavy attack, bigger windup, one only strike but watch out. You must parry it if you want to survive ! So that's my week, tweaking animation timing and posing. Test it again and again into the game. Really exciting stuff, and the greatest point for me is that it highlights our parry and block system. With this update, you can't just full spam your left mouse click and think you’re going to survive. Mike AKA. Danger Mike (In some regards less dangerous than last week and in others more) Where to start. This week has been a whirlwind through the trying to finish some animations and get them integrated only to find out there are some complications, then spending a day in spreadsheet land and ending in a takedown animation. Oh and now back to trying to fix and integrate animations. Yep, I think that’s about it. Learned a lot It’s going to be great though! Tune in next week, same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel. Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji Eric This week has been fun. It has been mostly bug fixing the main Arthur playthrough, and doing some story content for that. One of the things I’ve been working on is a new island. Thanks to Roxanne for helping me with these bugs on the core story playthrough, there were a lot, and my task list was scattered across many high priority things this week. Welcome to Flat Holm! It’s... er… not as flat as you’d assume? Or maybe it is! One thing to note about the pic, that’s debug map art, it’s not final. This new island is meant to be a little bit of an introduction to the game, its mechanics, and also to transition from the intro into the larger more open part of the game. All said, it should make the introductory bits of the game much smoother and more intuitive. Right now it’s barely stubbed in, but all next week I should be tackling this pretty hard. Antoine didn’t write anything because he’s busy working on feedback, but he’s been fixing bugs on the core playthrough he’s working on, and now he’s working through feedback to make it extra good. Antoine is a beast. Just, uh, fyi. Adam The Mad I have been hounding Alex and Valentino to write/record/import like… 500 lines I need for my part of the story. They have come through swimmingly, and I’ve plugged in 4 or 5 missions worth of dialogue. After finally doing that and playing through the missions, I realized a lot of shit just didn’t make sense anymore, so… a few tweaks and redos here and there, and we’re finally getting somewhere. Engineering Team - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, Celine, Neil and Guillaume (sometimes) Michael I have been helping to integrate some new attack animations from Jules which are part of a design pass on the combat experience. NPC Attacks will now have different strengths: Light, Medium and Heavy. The new animations should make it obvious what is a stronger attack, and also have a longer “tell” before the attack lands giving you more time to block, dodge or parry. It’s early stages right now, but it’s already looking like it will add a nice amount of depth to one of the game mechanics which us non-conformists playing the game are spending a lot of time doing. I have also been working on adding in support for tweaking the abilities of the different player characters in the game. For one thing, they’re not all as strong as one another, so we need to be able to differentiate this by allowing them to throw things further, take more damage from the same attacks, or have less effect using the heavier weapons. Céline Hello lovely people ! I am Céline, a new programmer who just started on Monday, and I will be helping the gameplay team. I am very excited to work on We Happy Few and I am ready to tackle features and bugs ! This week, I built my desk, played the game, fixed small issues (eg, now when you respawn after death, we refill your health/hunger/thirst up to a minimal level, so that you won’t get stuck in a repeating death loop), and have been observing a ghost which likes doing weird trajectories just to enjoy a longer stroll. Neil Hello World! My name’s Neil and I’m also a new programmer proud to be joining this team! My very first task was to learn the systems behind… vomiting. There were issues in the past that would make the player character get stuck if they began to throw up at the wrong time. These issues were quickly patched up at the time, but I have the honour of ...cleaning it up. As I’ve said to my team, it’s been nothing but warm welcomes here at Compulsion, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for me! Maarten Things are looking good in Linux-build-land! Those third party libs sure were a blast - especially the ones that are basically older versions that come without Makefiles or equivalent (not looking at anyone in particular *cough* PhysX). I also hit a roadblock trying to set up a cross-compile toolchain that matched UE4's toolchain versions. Luckily I found an old Fedora 13 image that did the job nicely - 2010 to the rescue! I'm happy to announce that today I finally have a running game on Linux, running smoothly and with no (platform-specific) issues. Next up I'll try to streamline the cooking process for Linux - no ShaderCompilerWorker should need 12GB RAM to compile anything
  5. Hey everyone, Another crazy week in the studio. We welcomed 3 new members to our team, we tore down a wall and our level designers have finished blocking all of the levels! It is of course far from being finished but this is a very cool milestone. We are also in the fun phase of designing merchandise which is really tricky because not everyone has the same tastes. Do you design something that you like or something you think others will like even though it is not your style? Both? Subtle or more on the nose/fun designs? We would love to have your opinion on this. In our opinion, as long as it is classy. What is District 0? That is our new tutorial area which the team will explain below Production Sam Now that we have everything blocked in (aka all our levels are in the game and mostly functional), this week saw David and G conducting reviews of our playthroughs with our level designers. This is an exciting time, because now we can get more accurate information on how long playthroughs take, how they feel, where the player direction issues are (eg does an encounter tell you enough about what you need to do), etc. It’s the time where we really begin the assessing/polishing, as we decide which parts of the game deserve more love, and which parts are good as is. For example, while we are not building new encounters at this point, we are creating a new area to help introduce players more gradually to the procedural world (see Eric’s post below). The goal is that players will no longer feel abandoned at the beginning of the game, and will have a longer introduction to the game world. We can also now test the playthroughs for blockers and beginning to ramp up the QA team at Gearbox. Because the game is quite complex, with a procedural world, 3 characters, multiple platforms, different game modes, different playstyles etc, we need a pretty big QA team to look at it. We’re ramping up to 25 people, who will be full time on the project until we ship. We also brought on two more QA people internally here at Compulsion, meaning that we have a solid team now to help us ship the game. Finally, the team remains as ever in a frenzy of integration. Audio, UI, animation, art, design, tech, it’s all a hectic machine. T-5 ish weeks until content complete. Oh, and we opened up the wall and expanded the office late last Friday! Here’s a picture of the new narrative/QA area. It needs some love, but at least we can breathe. Before After Narrative Team - Alex and Lisa Alex Busy week today. Working till sleep time most days. Recorded 220 lines with Miss Thigh Highs, about 120 with the brilliant Joe Sims doing a variety of voices, and about 45 with an older gentleman with a menacing voice. Actors are funny critters. There are all flavours of good actors. Some are easy to work with and give you what you want just by reading the line. Some get where you want with just a line or two of direction. Some are hard to get where you want, but when they get there, they are very, very good. Some will never give you what you thought you wanted, but they have so much charisma that it kind of doesn’t matter. They just steal your character and run off, and if you’re wise, you let them. Then there’s range. A certain terrific actor we have cannot sell a joke. Another cannot play stupid. I once saw Pierce Brosnan say, “Some actors can carry off almost any role. The rest of us have this one thing that we hone, and hone, and hone. I, for example, can wear a suit.” Sometimes an actor will just not get a line no matter how much direction I throw at them. Sometimes you can just tell that the words don’t make sense to them -- intellectual sense, of course, but they are not understanding the emotion driving the character. In that case, I rewrite. It helps that I’m the writer, the voice director, and the editor. A very fine award-winning actor was having trouble with the line “You know the way out.” When I changed it to, “I think you know the way out,” it clicked. Go figure. We are also refining our barks system so people will be much clearer why they hate you. This will integrate with refinements we are making in our conformity systems so that you will, hopefully, always feel like you’re hiding in plain sight in enemy terrotory. I think I meant to write “territory” above, but I’ll leave it as is. Lisa This week I wrote environmental narrative that reveals the surprising backstory of a character you’ve already met. (Don’t you want to know who? Of course you do!) I also worked on a jaunty little guide called How to Be Happy, which Wellington Wells distributes to all its citizens. Then I wrote “death screens” for both Miss Thigh-Highs and the Mad Scotsman, so that when your character dies, you’ll see cheeky articles about how and why they went on holiday. Each mode of death gets a different article. (Collect ‘em all!) And, of course, I wrote other things that I can’t tell you about until 1.0. We’re working very hard on story, yet I see folks on Reddit who wonder if the game will have a story at all. It feels sort of like planning a surprise party for someone who thinks you forgot his birthday. Can’t wait till April, when you’ll all get to see what we’ve been up to!
  6. Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji Eric Well, last week to stub or rough in encounters and everything seems to be going mostly ok. Have been working on story missions I can’t talk about, but the big one I am doing atm I think is going to be really cool. Some Evel Knievil type stuff. Art Team (This is Cary’s BDAY, happy biiirthdaaaay!) - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH Marc-André I have been working the entirety of this week on the new house that is going to be very special and fancy. While I can’t show the level (since it’s linked to the story), I can show you a picture of the wood paneling I have created for the interior ceilings. We usually do something very simple for ceilings, but for this location we wanted something more fancy and elegant. It can be tweaked in-engine so good/gold colors and reflections can be completely different (even independently) depending on the effect we want to achieve. Emmanuel This week I redid entirely the Shell Menu map and character selection with the new buildings, props and also it’s a great opportunity to rework the look and feel of the village we want for the final release! So far so good! Sarah Hey y'all! This week I focused on the Shell Menu (that's the very first menu you interact with when you launch WHF). The efforts here will probably escape most people's notice (or interest, tbh), but on the off chance there's a little weirdo out there who's into this sort of thing, this update is for you! The Devil's in the details, as they say, and the Shell Menu is no exception. If I've done my job right, the design will be visually consistent with the rest of the UI, and will help the player navigate into sweet Wellington Wells dystopia smoothly and clearly, with minimal swearing and keyboard slamming. Everything from colour palette, to fonts, to button placements need to be done carefully and consistently, at which point I can lob this over to Clara for implementation and animation. Emmanuel has been building the background shot in 3D while I work on 2D bits n' bobs, so props to Emmanuel for taking abuse from Clara and I all week about the precise placement of bunting and mailboxes. <3 Editor's note: This gif of Sarah perfectly illustrates her journey towards perfecting the Shell Menu. Do not tell her. PH Hi all! Props week for me. I made some electronics for a special place in the story. It was very cool to model these big buttons, Vu Meters, knobs and handles they used back in the 60’s. Ninja Department Clara Hello all ! This week, pretty much like last week, I’ve been derushing the Uncle Jack shoot (reviewing the footage and pulling selects) and going over that-episode-we-can’t-talk-about-just-yet. I also worked closely with Whitney, Sarah and Emmanuel on the revamped shell menu. Right now I am more of a moral support, and should be getting more helpful when we get to the implementation -- I am slowly getting accustomed to speaking programmer. 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111? (nah just kidding, they actually speak klingon.) Engineering Team - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, and Guillaume (sometimes) Serge I'm really happy with the progress I made on the combat system this week. We added a cheering behavior for passive NPC that would get caught within a fight without reason to engage the player. I also iterate on its token mechanism to allow a far attack (like throwing rock) in parallel with a melee attack (their frequency and quantity will be tweaked during our polish phase based on difficulty). Finally, I started the prototype of what we called the annoyed-conformity rule which was really lacking in our last update! Many of you noticed that citizen won't aggro to you for crouching or sprinting in streets without reasons (which is part of the whole conformity gameplay so precious to our game). I apologize for that regression but that's such a powerful rule that it needs to be properly set before being shown, otherwise it can create many side effects on the whole experience. Don't worry, that will be back in the final game with even better feedback than before! Michael I have been looking into how the animation networks for our NPCs work particularly in combat, so that I can help out Serge and the animators getting the fights in the game looking and feeling a bit more solid. Publishing – Steve, Jeff, Mike C, Mike R, Austin, Meredith, Elisa, Kat, Kelly, Nicole, Sean, Brad, and Erick (and more) Steve Hi folks! I am Steve Gibson, and I run Gearbox Publishing, a sister company to those folks at Gearbox Software who are working on a few other games with a bit more of a famous president. Our company is working on making sure as many people as possible get to see and play We Happy Few. This week we visited Compulsion to brainstorm on when and how they would be ready to show off the story campaign, as well as ideas for future videos heading towards launch next year. Hopefully you enjoyed the first we created in conjunction with the Compulsion team. Also we're going to rename the Collector's Set to be called the "We Happy Few Time Capsule” before it becomes available to order next month. This thing is really intended for many of the We Happy Few fans who have already paid for the early access version, so it seemed a bit redundant to put in another copy of the game but the name, as you guys pointed out, kinda felt like it might. Don’t ask for my advice on naming your future children. As our team does other things in cooperation with Compulsion perhaps a few others of us will pop in here sometimes. I don’t think we'll want to bore you guys though with things like how we're managing the logistics of boxes and stuff, but if you are interested in that, let us know! Please don’t tell Erick I said his job is boring (it is). Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  7. Hey everyone, Really busy week here at the studio as the team is finishing most of the content for the game. We are also adding 3 new members to the Compulsion family next week! Which is really exciting but it also means the office is currently really noisy due to all the desk building. Today’s journal is a bit special as we are showing a little snippet of someone we’ve never shown before! Production Sam Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re blocked! Well, almost. By the end of the day today, or maybe squeaking into Monday next week, all of the levels (gameplay areas) will be blocked inside the game. This means, for the first time, we are able to play through all the stories of all three playable characters - all main quests, all side quests, all bridges, all houses, etc - basically, all of the encounters we have in the game. There are no bells and whistles - these are just the basic building blocks - but you can play everything (in theory). We still have a few things to do - eg bits and pieces of Arthur’s story that aren’t able to generate in the world yet (they’re too big so they blow up the world generation, meaning we have to specially test them) - but by and large this is a very exciting milestone. After 3.5 years, we’re very, very happy to be here! The next step for the project is content complete: aka, integrating all our cutscenes, VO, art, animation and sound/visual effects. We have six weeks, in theory, to go until we’ve got all of this done, and it’s going to be a whirlwind. It’s exciting, because this is the time where it all starts coming together. In other news, we are extending the office on Monday - cutting a door into what previously was a wall and adding 25% more office space - and doing a lot of rearranging of desks and teams today. We’ll post up some pictures next week. Animation Team - JR, Remi, Vincent, Mike P and Jules “Dangerous” Mike (kind of still new, but with just enough experience to be dangerous) Hey there! So this week I wrapped up the animations for a quite cringeworthy way of getting things out of the inhabitants of Wellington Wells. Think of going to the dentist who’s only got 3 fingers on each hand, has the shakes and doesn’t believe in anesthesia. An interesting experience for all I’m sure! Check out the GIF for the full experience. So yeah, that’s about it from my end of things. See you next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel! Jules Hi, folks! For me, I spent my entire week on an awesome task! I created a few new attacks for our NPC's combat system. So now all of our NPC's have 3 different levels of attacks. The "light attack" which is already in the game. The "medium attack" and the "Heavy attack". As you can imagine the medium and the heavy attacks are slower, but they do more damage. But an animation is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately I can’t share something now, because all of these animations are very rough. This is very exciting, see you next week for more news (and gif) about it. Narrative Team - Alex and Lisa Alex I’ve been out of commission on the weekly a bit, because I’ve been a bit too much in commission writing lines. As the Level Designers rush towards content lock, they are finally spitting out the heaps of encounter lines they need, which I am turning into dialog, and then recording. So that’s a lot of writing and a lot of recording. That’s a full time job. Another full time job I have is testing the story playthroughs. They are still not 100% complete, but they are complete enough that a fellow can play through them... and make copious notes on all the things that are missing, or scrambled. It took three days for me to play through Arthur, even cheating to give myself lockpicks and power cells and such, even not doing side quests. When we started out, the idea was a playthrough was four hours. Hah. Odd writing note: sometimes you come across illogical things in the game. For example, for design reasons, Miss Thigh Highs currently can’t go out her back door, even though Arthur, in his play through, goes in that way. However, you do not necessarily need to justify them. Sometimes it works just to “hang a lantern on them.” If Miss Thigh Highs says, “What is wrong with this door, it’s always jamming on me!” then it feels like there is an in-world reason why she can’t use that door, even if we don’t get a terribly good explanation for it. By addressing the problem, it doesn’t feel as much like a logical inconsistency. Oh, and, we’re working on a new trailer. So there’s a bit more writing. Back to it! Lisa Ever wonder what the Doctors do in their spare time? Well, you’ll soon know! This week I wrote environmental narrative for their house, which interestingly used to be a house for something else -- something else that no longer exists in Wellington Wells. Shhh! Can’t wait until you folks see the entire game so I can stop talking cryptically!
  8. J.R. Greetings my mates. Another secretive week under the belt! Trust me, if you’re getting impatient about the story, I am equally if not even more eager to show you bits of narrative. Again this means I don’t have much to show you, but it keeps moving forward. This week I finished working on the longest scene in the game, it was a lot of fun and took me a couple of late nights. Otherwise we are getting underway with effectively closing the shots. This means we’ve been scrolling through every completed scene, making sure everything is nice and tidy in order to sign off on the final animations and mark them audio ready. Adding check marks and colouring the sheet in green is exciting! Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji As is now customary, the design team is working on story quests/encounters, meaning that most of them have to be very secretive. Eric The Fantastic Last week or two has been story encounters. Mostly bridges. Waaaay too many bridges. Mostly just making the existing bridges work for all 3 characters. Plus some more department of science quest stuff #secrets. Cary made a sweet computer console, and hooking up all the buttons so they work in game is gonna be fun. Antoine Still well, alive and scripting! My head is 100% dedicated to deliver the playthrough of the second character (miss fancy pants). She’s got some very surprising mechanics, probably things that you don’t see a lot in video games. I’m currently going through her playthrough from beginning to the end and cleaning up any blockers that I come across. Progressively coming out of blocking phase. I wish I could openly talk about the story in the same way we talked about the sandbox but… of course we want to have a surprise effect (with a side dish of jazz hands ?). Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH Carylitz I have been doing really small changes everywhere so I feel like I haven't done much this week! I have mostly been fixing problems here and there, alongside lots of meetings with Remi to implement new textures on old models (gotta make the old stuff look as good as the new stuff) and finally I started working on secret new stuff. Whitney Hello everyone! This week was a bit of a blur. I'm helping out on some environmental narrative for some fun new locations that I REALLY wish I could talk about! Here's a little teaser image: Another thing that I can finally share is this concept of Arthur Hastings. I rarely have time to spend getting images up to my liking, but I allowed myself that luxury for this one. I was really trying to get the feeling of the classic, slightly neurotic, bureaucratic Every Man. As you can see he's got a lot on his mind Marc-André This week, I have been working on modifications for a story level to align better with narrative. We have cinematic flashbacks occurring in the level and they were too close to one another. So design has been adapted to lengthen the size of an area - and I’ve been doing an art pass on top of it. Afterwards, I was able to go back to the special house I’m working on. It will be the biggest in terms of detail and work involved - and will be very iconic. Can’t show pictures for both locations since they are story related. Programming - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, and Guillaume (sometimes) Michael This week I convinced the sun to move in the correct direction. There’s been quite a few of you who noticed that the sun does not rise in the east and set in the west. This was not part of a deeper conspiracy in our world, compass makers are still as trustworthy as ever. It was just a bug, which has now been fixed. After that I added some new events into the code for the weapons to allow Ben to create some cool gadgets, including the bee cannon. Unlike our other weapons you can charge it and fire it, instead of just swinging it at your enemies. Lionel This week it has been mostly surgery of my creatures. Some encounters were not spawning correctly. Well, not spawning *sometimes*, it would have been too easy otherwise. For example, in the new worldgen, crossroads were a rare event, but were mandatory for some new part of the scenario. So, I kidnapped a game designer (thank you Antoine ! ) and with his help, we did some good sleuthing, and found what the problems were. Good times. And yes, I let him go. Serge Since last week, I've been working on the combat system in order to improve the whole experience. The first step was to fix some issues related to navigation that were preventing our AIs from working as a group. Then, with design, we iterated on the formation they should aim for, meaning that while some characters will keep you busy in close combat, others will throw stuff at you from farther away. On top of that, we will also implement people that cheer the mob but I'll come back to that in a later post. The idea is that combat will be more threatening, and more varied. Toward our polish phase, we will have more attack variety so ensuring that our system can support that in an efficient data-driven approach is also at the heart of my efforts. Working closely with the animators in order to reach the design intention is a big part of being a gameplay programmer and that is so fun because they are highly creative persons (and I love that, isn't it why I do game in the first place? or because I'm a gamer myself, hard to tell). Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  9. Hey all, This week’s development has been focused on finalising encounter blocking for the last stretch of the story, along with finally recording those additional Uncle Jack kickstarter shows! It’s great to finally complete these recordings, as it means there will be even more Uncle Jack as part of the final version of the game. It’s a busy time for our level designers as they create the remaining building blocks of the game, and we work to lock down all the features in the game. We also spent additional time with Gearbox analyzing the regional pricing for the game after several discrepancies were brought to our attention. Here are revised price points for several regions, effective immediately: Production Sam Hi folks! From now on until we ship, I’ll be adding weekly production updates so that you can keep up with our progress towards finishing the game. To start with, I want to explain where we are in the production cycle: in 7 weeks, we are aiming to be “content complete”. This is the point where we effectively “lock down” what’s in the game, to submit to ratings. After this point, we can touch things up, fix bugs, and add in missing pieces (eg recorded VO for which we used robo voice previously), but can’t create new things. In order to get there, the first step is to make sure that all of our levels are “blocked” - aka the point where the levels can be played, but the supporting things like VO, animation and journal text are not final. We will not be blocking any new encounters after the end of next week. That means this week, and the past 2-3 months, have been all about blocking encounters. To give you context, we launched the Early Access version of the game with around 50 encounters. As part of the quest rework, the Clockwork Update shipped with 61 remade/reworked encounters. 94 encounters were in the game by the Maidenholm Update, and 110 in Life in Technicolour. These range from big encounters like the Butcher, or smaller encounters like bridges or Crazy Legs, but does not include things like interactive houses. Once we have finished the current content creation, we will have significantly more encounters, which should make for a much richer world. As part of this, Alex is furiously writing VO to be recorded, and we will be having probably 1-2 dozen recording sessions over the next month and a half. Narrative Team - Alex and Lisa Lisa Wakey, wakey! In addition to writing environmental narrative for the Parade District, I wrote a fun scene in which Uncle Jack’s Fan Club breaks into a melee, arguing about whether his 1951 Christmas Special is part of The Uncle Jack Show’s canon. I’ve also been coordinating with the art and level design teams to make sure the amount of environmental narrative feels right for the newest locations. (For instance, if someone is trying to kill you when you’re in a certain room, that might not be the best place to hide lots of diaries and letters.) I usually start with my own list of character-related documents I want to put in a location, but honestly, some of the most fun stuff happens when another department tells me, “Figure out what this room is used for.” Ninja Department Clara The Great Cheese Hello everyone, So much news this week from the ninja department! Last Monday we gathered our film gear, scripts and Wellie masks to shoot more Uncle Jack shows with the amazing Julian Casey. It went really well! (Julian, aka Uncle Jack, and Bruno Gatien, our wonderful make-up artist!) We managed to shoot about 12 shows which will add even more diversity on all the tellies and radios of Wellington Wells… plus a special episode which I can't talk about just now. Secret secret, you know the drill. A hundred coffees later, I also started syncing footage and cleaning everything for the team to review, while going back to my daily tasks of retouching the UI, planning the next weekly video and reworking some of our loading screens to make them fit even more seamlessly in the world of Wellington Wells. Animation Team - JR, Remi, Vincent, Mike P and Jules Mike (Kinda not the new guy anymore) Hey gang! So this week I did some work on some atmospheric conversation stuff and started animation on a new takedown for the player. Can’t mention anything specific, but if this thing doesn’t make you shudder just a bit, you might be a robot. It’s a little on the terrifying side of things. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait till 1.0 to see it! But it’ll be worth the wait! That’s it for me, see you all next week, same bat time, same bat channel! Jules Hi, folks! So for me during the first part of the week, I finished another POI (point of interest) animation. As you can see it's a poke fire animation. Now the NPCs have another interaction with their fires, I'm going to take a break from the POI animations and move to an exciting task, updating combat animations! The goal of this is to improve the feeling of intensity during the fight for the player. We want more variety for the attacks and really want to make the player feel how much the NPCs hate them (because you are a Downer...). Vincent Hoi! This week, I joined the Ninja Department for a bit, and switched my animator hat for a driver hat! Then I quickly returned under my secret cinematics animator hat.
  10. @Misanthrope Yes that might most likely fix the issue.
  11. @Nautilus Holy new screenshots! And yes I love them, thank you so much! I will use it for the next weekly journal
  12. Mike (less of the new guy than before) Sup folks! So this week I finished up that character animation I have been droning on about for the last few weeks but couldn’t tell you about. Well that situation hasn’t changed so…. Guess you’ll have to wait to play the narrative. In any event I have now moved on to helping the level designers with encounters. So yay! Breathing some life into narrative is FUN! But again, mum’s the word, cloak and dagger kinda stuff. Like a nerdy Ninja. That pretty much sums it up for me this week. It’s been a slice, tune in again next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel! Rémi & Vincent Amongst the usual top secret cinematics animations, Rémi has been working on a little scripted event in which the player destroys a wall in order to circumvent a recalcitrant door. He broke the walls to pieces and then simulated the behaviour of the exploding chunks. Once this was done, the only thing left was to get all that mayhem in Unreal. Unreal kind of prefers skinned meshes, so I gave him a hand to make a small python script that puts a bone on each piece and transfer the objects motions to the bones, then skin the pieces back on the bones. Hope you’re still following. After some hair pulling (because Maya has its very unique and ‘charming’ way of doing python), we managed to get it working, and that’s how it looks: As you can see the art is not quite done yet, the hole doesn’t have ‘thickness’. Of course there’s gonna be some extra effects added, like smoke, particles, cam shakes and co! Programming - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, and Guillaume (sometimes) Lionel When you’re mad scientist, sometimes, you let your creatures in the world and they come back broken. So it was with last week new city layout : something unexpected happened and things broke (specifically, a whole bunch of necessary features stopped spawning in the world with our new urban layout). So I investigated what exactly happened and spent quite some time on the blackboard to improve it. At the same time, a few improvements were added to city layout to make it more structured. Maarten Hey guys! I've been working in the shadows for a while now, but since this is my first weekly: Hi! I'm Maarten, working as a freelance programmer, mostly tasked with engine support. That means my stress levels are *slightly* lower than those of the other programmers, and I get to work on some fun stuff! You may know me from such features as Video Support or Community Localization, but this week I'm hacking away at the Linux build for We Happy Few. Good news for our Linux fans, we're making good progress there. We sorted out all compilation issues, and are now fixing third party lib per lib. It's a cumbersome process, between switching to/from Linux, toolchain mismatches, having to figure out each lib's build process, etc - but hey, the thrill of the challenge is what we're programmers for, right? [Ed note: this one’s for you Shmerl.] Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic weekend! Compulsion Team
  13. Hey all, Welcome to a new weekly journal! This week we released the second hotfix for PC and the combined hotfix for Xbox One (both patches into one). If you are still having issues, feel free to post on the forums or to email support@compulsiongames.com It is a long weekend over here, so response time to some posts might be a bit slower. But, they will come! Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH Marc-André At the beginning of the week I finished a brutalist building interior for the Parade District. After that, I started working on a very special victorian house that’s going to be very grand and girly. There will be gold accents everywhere and new architecture pieces! So far, I’ve adapted the level design blocking for art and have started adding wallpapers and tweaking rooms per color palette, as well as adding props and tweaking their materials. Can’t show anything because it’s related to story, but progress on the new locations/encounters is going faster than ever. Emmanuel This week I’m doing a final art pass on what is by far the biggest level of the game and maybe our most iconic piece. It looks already pretty amazing but I’m aiming for “mind blowing”. It’s also a secret for the time being, as it’s a core part of the story of Wellington Wells. PH This week, I tried to catch up with the artistic team since I’m new here. I learned a lot of technical stuff and super interesting things about shaders. Then, I started making some props that will be used for the story. The Design Team, LLC - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji This week we have all been working on additional story content, but Adam and Antoine in particular have been working on the main path. Good news, we can now play through all stories for all characters! (hypothetically) Here’s a fun screenshot that I can actually show for one location. In one character’s story, the store is open, in another character’s story it’s broken: Animation Team - JR, Remi, Vincent, Mike P and Jules Jules Hi! This week I made a few new POI (point of interest) animations for our NPCs. After the picking ear and the sneezing, it was time for the picking nose and a soft variant of coughing. I had a lot of fun making these animations. I can’t wait to see them in the game.
  14. Life in Technicolour Hotfix 1 Gameplay Alpha 6.2 This is the second PC hotfix for the Life in Technicolour update, and contains a bunch of code and content fixes to improve the game. Encounters: • Fix case where player could get stuck after riding the Jubilator in I Sing Body Electric. • Fix case where an objective would not complete in Mystery House. • Fix case where NPCs would be missing upon returning to Mushroom Log. • Fix an issue with map marker not updating correctly upon posting flyer at 1st location in Speaker’s Corner. • Fix the map marker for finding Margery’s diary in Give a Pig a Pancake. • Fix for unexpected failure of Speaker’s Corner quest. • Mysterious chest will now open again after finding a bell in it. • Fix case where Faraday would not talk into the window after you drop off the bucket in House of the Inventor. • Make sure eviscerator will spawn on reload if it is needed. • Fix for the dealer not being invisible inside his cart. Gameplay: • Create recipe for metal tubes - can be used to create some hard-to-find items. • Using any health/stamina/regen boost will now give you back an empty syringe in your inventory. • Fix detection direction on worship animation. • Canteens no longer disappear after use. UI/HUD: • Allow button hold to move stack of items in a single action. • Fixed HUD status effects not updating while in the inventory screen on Downer and Birdwatcher. • Fix missing bound key for consumable items in inventory. • Fixed problems with time passing and stat calculations when fast travelling. • Fixed an issue with key binding displays not updating after they are changed. • Fixed double clicking to track quests on quest screen. • Fixed an issue where some of the input displays weren't always updating. • Added mouse over sounds for the player sub menu buttons. • Fixed a problem where an invisible UI element was blocking legend entries from being selected. • Crop status effects in the status effect screen if they are too long. • Fix for some icons not showing up in the map. • Fix an issue causing journal entry tracked and unread icons to overlap. Engineering: • Fix a few more cases where HDR support could be enabled in old configuration data. • Add loading screen videos while streaming in-game. • Fix cases where interaction between vomiting and using a Joy Booth would cause the player to be stuck inside the booth. • Fix crash on talking to NPCs in Shibboleth quest. • Fix a number of other crash cases.
  15. PH Hi guys, My name's Pierre-Henri (PH), I'm the new artist in the team. I'm so happy to have the chance to work on We Happy Few, the team is really awesome and I’ve got a warm welcome. First mission: trying to catch up and learn the very dense and complex workflow that a game production involves. Can't wait to start creating awesome props and stuff. See you! Sarah You're either sick of reading this, or relieved to know that I'm also working on story specific content! Sadly I can't share those images with you just yet, but I can tell you they include MORE icons!! Thrilling, yes. This week also involved a lot of feedback combing on my part, to see what people's impressions are of the new UI, and you guys did not disappoint!! The crafting screen was by far my favourite rework, and I'm glad it got such a positive response (lil baby's growing up!). The Inventory screen needs a substantial amount of tweaking, especially where the filters are concerned, so thanks to everyone who took the time to provide feedback! My week also included designing some options for the Collector's Box (posters, stickers, and box art!) so stay tuned, and thanks for the continued support! Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji The design team has worked primarily on story quests and bug fixes this week, so there’s not a lot we can show without spoiling content or boring you to tears! That being said, here’s a couple of good ones: Roxanne Fixed an issue with the NPCs in the quest An Awkward Courtship. They were previously leaving because of the night curfew, making them absent of the mushroom log. Now they ignore curfew (these young rascals!). Also worked on a bunch of new content. But it’s a secret! Adam As you know, we’ve all been busy fixing bugs for the hot fix, and when we have some downtime from that, we work on story content. We want to thank everybody who has helped us by reporting other bugs we had missed, and sending log files for weird issues. Thank you so much! We would also like to thank Naila (our Community Manager) for her amazing work this week. She is a trooper. Hayden This week I focused on bugs for the hotfix and also had some time to work on a rather large story content level featuring some of our other characters and their search for resources. And also fire... Which is always nice, right? Animation Team - JR, Remi, Vincent, Mike P and Jules Jules Hi! This week I focused on the ambient animation for our NPCs. That means creating a few animations that will be played randomly when the NPCs walk on the street or just waiting on a bench. None of these are particularly glorious actions (but everybody does it, I know you do). I am talking about picking your nose, picking your ears or sneezing. All of these animations can play on male or female, in a stand up or seated position. So for this week, that's twelve new animations. I'm a little proud of me ha-ha. Mike Hey guys! So this week I kept working on character animations for a supporting character I can’t talk about, because we haven’t mentioned her yet. Super secret, mum’s the word, ya know; wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean! So needless to say I have nothing much to report to the community at large. But I will say that it’s been a learning experience and has been fun. So there’s that. Well that’s it for me, see you next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Programming Team - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, and Guillaume (sometimes) Our programmers have had a bit of a rest this week after a very busy two weeks leading up to the update. The ones who are here have been working on crash and bug fixing for this week’s and next week’s hotfixes. Back to new features next week! Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  16. Hey everyone, Another week, another journal. This week the team continued their hard work on the build. It’s becoming very busy as features come in and content gets created, and it will continue to be very busy most likely until April. We released a hotfix earlier this week on PC, which fixed the majority of our known crashes. We will be releasing hotfix 2 on PC early next week that addresses quest blockers and other fixes, and a combined patch will go out to Xbox players early next week too. We’d like to recap a few things we have discussed on our forums and in responses on reddit, just so that everyone is on the same page: We still own the IP on the game and Gearbox is not involved in development. They are helping with QA, user research and looking after marketing the game. They are not providing development funding, they’re a partner to try and help ship the best game we can make. They’re also pretty nice people and have been very supportive. We're in the process of adjusting price points down in several regions. Some regions had prices higher than the US and we’re not comfortable with that. We’ll let you all know what the revised prices are once they are final. Finally, we have had a number of very vocal players upset about the partnership with Gearbox. We understand you feel strongly, and are happy to talk through it. However, please remember that we are human beings just like you. So, feel free to disagree but lighten up on the anger and remember that we’re are talking about a video game here. Narrative Team - Alex and Lisa Alex Lisa and I have also been writing new Uncle Jack episodes, both as part of our Kickstarter and as part of the increased scope of the game. My goal is to have 35-40 pages’ worth, which is the maximum we are likely to be able to shoot in a day. I try hard to have more to record than we have time for. The alternative is possibly running out. He’ll have some surprise guests on his show! Sort of. Lisa This week I’ve been writing “layered” environmental narrative that tells you both what a location is now and what it used to be, and what happened there. It’s sort of like archaeology, but with documents. This fall, Alex and I will be giving a talk at the Montreal International Games Summit, where we’ll discuss how we’re creating the narrative world of Wellington Wells. So if you have questions about that, let us know (though be forewarned, no spoilers!). Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH Marc-André These past few weeks I have been working on secret story locations for which I can’t mention specifics. However, I can show you guys a few screenshots to create some sort of intrigue. There’s a house and a HUGE concrete building that will come out in the new biome. Doing the landscaping around it was also quite fun! I have also been working on some sort of police station - that is almost done as we speak. By this time in production we are working very efficiently. Levels get arted up in a matter of days and we have more and more modular pieces to work with - which makes things easier. With tight deadlines and a lot of existing levels, it becomes too easy to use and reuse the formula we already have. Making every new location fresh and unique is a challenge. But it is what makes the process creative and interesting! Whitney Hey everyone! I wish I could share everything I've done this week, I really do... but I can't But one thing I DID do is design some fun mannequins for a secret locations - pose credit to Jules. World generation was also a hot topic this week. One thing we would love to do is add land formations closer to the islands to help with general composition. Here you'll see some quick sketches exploring this idea. And lastly, I've been sifting through ancient concepts to start organizing our art book. Here's a very old concept for the face of the male, village NPC. Carylitz Hey oh! Been doing several things this week, some locations, new props, props corrections, and other stuff, a little bit of everything, trying to keep up with the crazy schedule. But the thing that took most of my time was this location so I will leave a sneak peek for you guys!
  17. @AbsDaMannIII This seems to have been fixed in the hotfix we are currently preparing. It will be released early next week.
  18. @tec The season pass will be 20$ but it is not yet available for purchase
  19. Hi, Happy to help you! The game has been released on Early Access in July 2016. We sent the keys to the backers a week before we released on Early Access. Follow this link and it will take you to your project profile. https://we-happy-few-welcome-to-wellington-wells-you-saucy.backerkit.com/ Use your Kickstarter login and password. Find digital downloads and expand and it will show a green claim button. As for the Art book and the soundtrack, we are still working on them and they will be ready closer to the release The Mac version will arrive shortly after the final version which is scheduled for 2017 (we haven't announced a date yet) Cheers,
  20. Hello, 1- Yes it will, we will post about it when it is available 2- It will come closer to the final release. It's a bit far from launch so selling the Season Pass now while the game is still in Early Access is not the message we want to send. The reason the Deluxe edition is available is because retail stores demand it. 3- As soon as the main part of the game is there
  21. Hello, Yes this is still true but it will not be on Play Anywhere until the game is available on the Windows store which will be when it will be completed. This doesn't apply to the game on Steam since Steam belongs to Valve and not Microsoft.
  22. It won't be available on Steam until closer to the release. Not into the idea of selling it while the game is still in Early Access
  23. @Lizardtongue97 you should have it by now. Do you have automatic updates maybe?
  24. @MefistofeleOnirico Your avatar looks like a Wellete! Do you have the full version? It looks very pretty.
  25. Gameplay Alpha 6.1 This is the first hotfix for the Life in Technicolour release and addresses some of the crash issues players were encountering. A second hotfix to address blocking issues in quests will be released in the near future. Hotfix 1 Changes • Fix a number of crash points while moving around the world. • NPCs should no longer have ridiculous quantities of loot. • Some NPCs that should not be out in the day (or the night) should now better respect their schedules. The plague wastrel invasion should be no more. • NPCs should no longer slide all over the place for no good reason. Any sliding should now be intentional sliding. • NPCs in Mystery House had a weird backward cone of vision. Cones now face forward. • Disabled in-progress support for HDR displays that was causing washed-out graphics for some users. Players may need to restart the game if they still see issues after this update. HDR displays will be supported in our 1.0 release. • Fix some issues where players couldn’t remap key bindings. • Joy use and coin collected statistics are now reported correctly. • Fix for infinite loading screen at the end of the Escape quest. • Tab key now closes the inventory menu. • Fix some of the loading screen movies that weren’t displaying properly. • Added extra checks to localization tool to catch some issues with submitted files
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