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  1. Hello, Welcome to another edition of our Friday development update! Programming Team Matt: While we are still working on the details of how we will integrate it into gameplay, we will have support for saving your game. We don't expect everyone to play through the game in one sitting. With a procedurally generated world, there are some extra challenges in saving the state of the game. Since we don't have a static map, we can't simply write out the dynamic parts of our world. So we need to ensure that we can regenerate the static parts of our world while keeping track of any changes that have been made. Work has also started on an in-game map. At this point, as a programmer, I'm just putting together the components need to generate and update the map. Right now it's pretty ugly (which is why you're not seeing anything yet) and it will be up to the artists to make it pretty. Art Team Deven: Some new props and assets for the Garden District Whitney: Concept art for the Garden District Emmanuel: Props and assets Gameplay Team Vince: This week I added all kinds of things to make the word have more random stuff happening. Last week, I worked on random encounters in the Garden District, and I did a few of these now for the village of Hamelyn. - Cricket Club Fundraiser. Give generously to get your own official Cricket Club Bat! - Victory errand. This Victory Meat errand boy got tied up in its own shoelaces... - Bobby patrol. Bobbies securing the road and having an occasional chat. - Bobby investigation. Someone lies unconscious. What happened? These encounters will be able to spawn (soon) at roads, intersections, and I'm looking at making some others that can happen in the backyards. Also, I've made (even) more bridge encounters, especially for going from the Garden District to the Village. Most of them have now foliage on the Garden District's side of the bridge. Some of them are just variations of what I already made before, and some brand new ones were made. - Benches. Grass and bushes and a billboard leading to some benches. - Bobby and Crier. A phone booth that leads to a Bobby and a Crier. - Joy detector variation. Vegetation creeping up to a Joy Detector. - Construction area. A Joy Detector is in the process of being set up here. I also implemented a way to be able to randomly spawn a specific map from a list within these bridge maps to add to the whole randomness of the experience. and that could also be used for random encounters also. It may be another way around an obstacle, different loot, enemies, etc... I made a test on the bridge with a Joy Detector (Garden District variation) to randomly have a change to spawn a side path to go over the security wall. I should be able to add all kinds of variations now to a lot of maps. Josh: I've been working with the team in order to provide a nice new update to our current players and those who will gain pre-alpha access from the kickstarter. This includes, the new security systems, new craftable items, a revamped starting experience, more variety in the world generation, bug fixes, and a greater focus on stealth as another tactic for our players when they try to survive in Wellington Wells. I also made this neat little video on the crafting mechanics earlier this week, here it is in case you missed it. As usual, if you have any requests for updates, let us know below! Much love, Compulsion
  2. That's fantastic @Otherbuttons, I will announce it on our social media
  3. Hey @spiderman555 Right now no money has been taken from anybody who pledged, Kickstarter will collect the money only if the project is successful. If the project isn't funded, the rewards are not distributed. Yes, Early Access is a strong possibility I hope this was helpful Naila
  4. @SyAlmans Lack of polish? It looks perfect! *printing it to put on our wall* Do you mind if I add this in the fan art section of our update on Kickstarter today?
  5. I love this idea as well, I will pass it on to the team
  6. @otherbuttons Yes! I loved it too, I can't wait to play it. What was everybody's favorite from E3? Mine were: Unravel, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Last guardian, Yoshi's Woolly world, Star Fox, Rise of the Tomb Raider, FF7 and Uncharted 4. Oh Fire watch really intrigued me as well. AND the Minecraft in hololens was awesome! Soo many things...
  7. That's just...really mean, but people who are not in game development tend to make ignorant comments.
  8. @saintsflow It's beautiful!! @otherbuttons you've managed to make the old lady even scarier than what she already is, good job!
  9. Hello! As you might remember, we held an Art contest before we launched our Kickstarter. We were blown away by the amazing entries we received and we wanted to make sure that the artists were okay with us showcasing them, which is why we haven't posted any until now. Today's post is about the art we received and the artists' infinite talents Abby Schullerts Inept77 Gabriel Gagné-Rivard Tiffany Chelsie J. "RagPrincessSews" Aurora Georges Dmitry Shpilevoy Olga Bikmullina Amber Goldsby Jason H To all the participants, THANK YOU!
  10. Hello everyone, Here are the preliminary recommended/minimum specs for We Happy Few. As development progresses, these will go up and down, so please bear in mind that these are temporary Recommended specs: Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster Memory: 8 GB RAM Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 660 GTX or AMD Radeon 7870 HD series or higher DirectX: DirectX 11, Shader Model 5 Operating System: 64 bit, Windows 7 and above Minimum specs: Processor: Triple-core Intel or AMD, 2.0 GHz or faster Memory: 8 GB RAM Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 460 GTX or AMD Radeon 5870 HD series or higher Mobile: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M or higher. DirectX: DirectX 11, Shader Model 4 *Graphics card hierarchy can be pretty confusing. In order to determine whether your graphics card meets the minimum requirements, please visit http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/ and search for your card. Anything with a score of 1200 or higher can be considered above the "minimum specifications" for graphics cards for We Happy Few. Last updated: 13 July 2016
  11. @its_ashley I got your email, the code should be in your inbox
  12. Hey everyone! I cannot say how humbled I am by what we raised so far. It is our very first time on KickStarter, and it has been a huge morale boost for the team to see you post and share about the campaign, and to see more people join our little family day after day. Your support and your enthusiasm is why we pull long hours at work, and take pride in our creations. Consoles We know many of you have asked about console versions for We Happy Few, and we wanted to make sure we kept you guys in the loop on what we’re doing about it. As you may know, our last game Contrast has already shipped on five platforms, four on release, and we have no doubt that we can bring the same technical expertise to We Happy Few. However, coming to console requires extensive discussions with our console partners. The more interested they are in the game, the longer those discussions tend to be. Sam and I are packing our bags today for E3, where we will be meeting and showcasing the game with Microsoft and Sony. We don’t think we’ll have firm answers for you by the time we come back (decisions rarely happen in the middle of trade shows), but we’re working hard on it, and we’ll prioritize the opportunities that allow us to make a better game over selling more copies. The road ahead You’ve also asked - where is this game headed? Every good game team has a solid roadmap towards completion, and we’ve been hard at work planning the next few months of development. However, because We Happy Few is built on generation and systems, we don’t simply tack on additional tidbits of story and content to “make the game longer”. Instead, we’ve been developing the game in layers. With each successive update we implement, the game has progressively gotten deeper, and the experience of replaying it has become more compelling. Last month - we introduced a whole new Biome, the wastes, to the city’s generation ecosystem, along with rivers and bridges. In doing so, we also introduced Wastrels; cast-outs of Wellington Wells for which Joy seems to fail. Although this new biome is still in its infancy, we created a faction system for our AIs, so they are no longer always on the same team. When the update went live, we watched as players started dragging angry mobs over bridges to create distractions while they snuck past our carefully laid out barricades; it was - admittedly - social engineering at its best. =) This month, we’re spending a large portion of our time adding content and variety to ensure that your replay sessions are different and fresh each time you play. We’re also adding more lore and story elements to the biome that make it feel like more like Wellington Wells, and not “just another bombed out English countryside”. On the game-play side, the team has been looking at incorporating more traditional stealth game-play, to expand the amount of player choice in dealing with conflict and expanding our security systems. Next month marks a very special milestone for us, as (if all goes well) we’ll start working directly with the hundreds of you who have given us your confidence by signing up for Pre-Alpha access. We’re actually very excited by this, and have planned to split our work efforts to directly address your feedback on the game while we take a deeper look at what happens during the night in the city. We’ll also move my high-tech planning system to a format that is easier for us to share, so that you guys can stay better informed of what’s coming up. E3 and You! As always - and especially this week - when the press’s attention will be on the large announcements surrounding big-name publishers at the conference, we are dependent on your help to share the word and vote of confidence among your friends and family to hop on board the Joy-train early and support what I know will become an amazing game. Thank you for being our champions: rest assured that we will work very hard to make you feel special for it. As a first small thing we want to do, while the rest of the team holds the fort this week, Sam and I will have some limited time outside of meetings to go explore the show-floor. So if you guys have special requests for games that you want to see or hear about, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to go check them out. We’ll give you what feedback we can, unless the lines are too long - in which case, we’ll take a shot of us in our We Happy Few shirts at their booths! Guillaume
  13. Hey @Jackyman When there is a Kickstarter, the rewards are not distributed until the project reaches its funding, once we do we will distribute the pre-alpha keys
  14. Hey everyone! First up, we want to say thank you, because we have blasted past 3000 backers, and raised over $135,000 CAD! We’re grateful for all your support, all your sharing, and your messages of support Especially because next week will be crazy, with the gaming world’s eyes on E3. It’ll probably be a slow week for all the studios on Kickstarter, but we’re going to get stuck into the update groove, and tell you guys as much as we can about the world of We Happy Few. Now, onto the fun stuff. Jim Sterling Plays We Happy Few In case you haven’t yet taken a look at some of the people playing the game, we suggest you check out Jim Sterling playing through our pre-alpha build! In his words, “Pre-alpha, and already better than a lot of finished Steam games.” Thanks for the kind words, Jim, we’ll keep coming up with inventive ways to get your character into trouble. Weekly Update At the end of every week, we post up on our website and forums what we’ve been working on. We thought you guys might like to see that too So, here is what we’ve been up to this week at the studio! Gameplay Team Josh spent a bunch of time working on improving our “Anti-Downer” devices, and other mechanics this week. So, here’s his take on “Mechanics 101”: Vince: I’ve worked on a bunch of street scenarios, which I’m really excited about! But, they’re not ready to show just yet, so stay tuned for a later update on these puppies. JR: A couple of weeks back, I said that I wouldn’t work on combat anymore. That was a blatant lie, don’t beat me up… here’s what I did since then! - Created some combat animation variants for the Wastrels, as well as their very own run cycle. - Updated the animation for picking up stuff, it used to be a pose blend so I added a little something just for flavor! - Exaggerated the poses for the suspicion state of the NPCs, to see a better distinction between each state. - Updated the animation for stealth takedowns, which are back in the game, yeah! It’s now fully functional on common NPCs, such as Wellies and Wastrels. Here’s a short video to show some of the things I mentioned. Enjoy! Narrative Team Alex (Narrative Director): Mostly I’ve been writing journal entries for the main characters’ playthroughs. I’m recording Wastrels and Wastrellettes and some additional dialog for when Wellies approve of what you do (they’re not always angry!). Oh, and I wrote some blog posts! Remi: I worked on secret cinematics Art Team Deven: I made some props this week, here is a picture of one of them Emmanuel: I worked on the interior of a house in the Garden District Programming Team Marc: I fixed a lot of bugs discovered while watching people stream the pre-alpha Camille: With the big Kickstarter push out of the way, this week has been an opportunity to revisit my UI backlog and do a polish pass over many different things. When it comes to UI design and programming, it's not always apparent to the programmer whether a feature is intuitive or not. As I put together the different UI screens, I had written down some areas that could be eventually be improved as minor polish... But with the influx of new streamers, some of these "minor" polish issues have turned out to be much larger than expected. So I went ahead and bumped up the most pressing issues that I could see. There's a lot of minor fixes, but the biggest changes you can see will be better handling of drag & drop into equip slots, quick moving (through right-click) moving into existing stacks first, and the quick loot window will actually tell you if your inventory is full instead of silently closing. I've also fixed a terribly embarrassing inventory crash inadvertently discovered by Charlie at Polygon while he was streaming the game. Oops! Love, The Compulsion Team
  15. Hey @Upgrade! Yep that was the inspiration for that propaganda poster, also fun fact, that is me on the poster
  16. Hey! It would be on Steam only as GOG does not have a reliable early access system. But we do plan on releasing the finish game on GOG, we are awaiting a response from them.
  17. Hey @SyAlmans! Yes, all the artwork is on this page http://compulsiongames.com/en/10/we-happy-few
  18. Hey everyone! Today our Narrative Director, Alex Epstein, is going to take over our blog as a guest write! We've been getting a lot of questions about the sort of narrative that we will have in We Happy Few, so who best to explain it but the man who wrote the story himself Alex writes frequently in his blog, you can check all of his previous entries here! On our Kickstarter we've been getting a lot of questions about the sort of narrative we'll have -- the sort of narrative we can have in a procedurally generated world. We Happy Few is a roguelike, which means that each time you die -- and you will, a lot, at least till you get the hang of it -- we will generate an entirely new world for you. The Train Station will be over here instead of over there, the Fountain will be over there instead of over here; and there may be entirely different microscenarios in some of the houses. Well, we are going to have a lot of traditional narrative in the game; we're just not putting it in the pre-alpha build that we're showing to people. We'll also have a lot of environmental narrative. Traditional Narrative I have already written complete stories and dialog scenes for at least three playable characters. What a traditional narrative in a procedural world means for us is: there are scenes out there for you to discover. But you have to go out and discover them. For example, let's take the guy in the middle. His opening scene is going to give you a hint that you might want to find a guy who's living in the Train Station, out in the Garden District. (That's what the Wellies call the bombed-out areas of town. So jolly, our Wellies. Nothing gets them down.) But where is the Train Station? You'll have to find it, won't you? Fortunately it is quite tall (and rather beautiful): You can spot it from afar. Also, if you are clever, it occurs to you that Train Stations are often attached to train tracks. When you get to the Train Station, a scene awaits you. You'll meet a character, and learn about their past together, and the world's past. And maybe that will offer to meet you at another location. If you'd like the story to continue, off you go to find that location. This one will be a little less easy to find, but still not that hard — except that simply surviving in our game is hard. And so on through a few more scenes that tell you a complete story. You can also, at any point, abandon the story and simply craft the things you need to get out. That will be harder, but you never have to complete the story to complete a playthrough. Once you unlock another character, you can play as him or her. He or she will have their own story, and different strengths and weaknesses. So our stories are your basic linear stories. The "procedural" difference is you have to go out and find them, without a search radius painted in yellow on the minimap, or footprints illuminated in red because you used your Witcher Senses. And any given scene will be in a different place each time you play. Also, of course, our dialog is more nuanced. People in our game never say exactly what they're thinking, or what they mean. They don't even necessarily say what they want. We have messed-up people in our game, whose flaws get in their own way. Environmental Narrative But, as I said, we're saving all those yummy cut scenes for later. (And they are yummy. I've already recorded and edited scenes with Alex Wyndham (Rome), Charlotte Hope (Game of Thrones) and Allan Cooke, and they are some of the best actors I've ever had the pleasure to direct. I've also cast some amazing other actors we haven't announced yet.) But in the mean time, there is quite a lot of environmental narrative. There are Uncle Jack's broadcasts. You can't miss them. They're everywhere, except in the Garden District. We've recorded about two hours of Julian Casey's brilliant Uncle Jack, including some bedtime stories you will probably not want to tell your kids. There are the "signs" you will see throughout. Graffiti in the Garden District. Propaganda posters from different epochs in the recent past. Useful items you can find or steal here and there that also tell you about the world and how it got that way. There will be micro-stories, or scenarios, to discover in buildings throughout the various biomes we are creating. Some micro-stories will tell you about the overall history of Wellington Wells. Most will tell you about how the people who live in that house in the Village are dealing with life, or how life went wrong for the people that used to live in that house in the Garden District. And, if all goes well with our Kickstarter, passive dialog. Lots and lots of passive encounters. We hope to get the Wellies talking among themselves. No promises, but I have written pages of conversations, including one which might be inspired by the Monty Python "Cheese Shop" sketch. So we are planning a rich narrative, set in a procedurally generated world. See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Alex
  19. This is great, passing this to the team, thank you very much! I am going to move this thread to the bugs forums
  20. Hey all, Wow, what a day we had yesterday! The response to our Kickstarter campaign so far has been amazing. We are completely overwhelmed by the love and support from all of you. We are close to 30% from our goal in the first 24 hours, with almost 2,000 backers! We’re immensely grateful for all your support. Since we launched our Kickstarter we’ve been getting a lot of questions on every media possible, and we are trying our best to answer them all. We have a FAQ section in our Kickstarter page but we always try to go into more details if we can. So, we have decided to run an AMA on Reddit on Monday June 8th at 12pm EST on /r/Games. Come ask away or just chat with us Usually on friday we post development updates. This week we all prepared for the launch of the Kickstarter, so the Kickstarter page itself is our update for the week. But, just to not leave you hanging, Josh our Game designer made a very neat gameplay video! You can check that out here: Love, Compulsion Games
  21. Hello! If you were at PAX and were a winner, then you should have received an email saying "Claim your code!" but it seems like some people didn't get that second email for some odd reason. So if you know you are a winner but didn't get your code yet, email me at naila@compulsiongames.com from the email you signed up with and I will gladly help you
  22. @Jiedre I believe I've got you covered. @FloridianDemon If you could email me at naila@compulsiongames.com from the email that you signed up with, I will take care of it
  23. Hey @FloridianDemon We sent emails last week, did you check your spam? If it's not there send us an email from the email you signed up and we will hook you up
  24. Hey all! As you might know the Kickstarter is now LIVE! I am going to post the FAQ in here, as that's where the meaty details are: Why Kickstarter? We started prototyping We Happy Few in January 2014. We grew our team from 7 to 13 with two full time team members working remotely, with everyone started on the project by March this year. The game we have right now is a really great base. So, we’re here on Kickstarter for two reasons: 1) We want to know whether you dig this game as much as we do. If you do, and you contribute towards this game, then we can make it bigger and better than we could do on our own. As the game is completely systemic, additional development money just means more, better quality content to play through. 2) We believe that this game will be made better by open development, and by securing additional funding early. By getting lots of engaged people involved at an early stage, it helps make sure we do things right. Which platforms will We Happy Few release for? We plan on releasing on PC, Mac and Linux. We’ll launch on PC first, with a simultaneous Mac and Linux release as a stretch goal. We plan to come to consoles after launch, but we want to focus on the PC version for now. We’re likely to launch first on Early Access, on Steam. However, the more successful this campaign is, the longer we’ll be able to continue working with our pre-alpha players, and potentially not launch on Early Access at all. When will it release? That depends very largely on how much you guys support us! But, if all goes well, we may release fully in 2016. Until then, you’ll have to keep playing the pre-alpha When can I learn more about the narrative? Not for a while: we will not be revealing anything more about the narrative until the full launch of the game. We can promise meaty, nuanced, dark, morally ambiguous stories of the kind you rarely see in video games. We also have a plan to do something clever with the interweaving stories that we’ve never seen done in a video game. But it’s all secret for now. Why CA$250k? We have the money to make a game. But, we don’t have all the money we need to make the game we know it can be. CA$250k buys us 2-3 more months of community-focused development. If we hit stretch goals, we can keep going, expand the scope of the game, and deliver more We Happy Few goodness. Honestly, we’d ask for more, but don’t want to seem greedy. But, at the same time, you get what you pay for, you know. We can promise that 100% of the funds of this Kickstarter (except for any taxes/fees) will go towards development of the game. What does “pre-alpha access” mean? It means access to the current version of the game, plus monthly updates, via a Steam key, after the Kickstarter campaign is funded. How soon after depends solely on us finalising the way we’re delivering keys. It does not mean access to narrative content. To make sure that we’ve got a surprise left for launch, and people interested in the story don’t lose out, we’re developing the story behind the scenes, and will release it on full launch of the game (i.e., post Early Access, if we go down that route). Will you implement every request the community makes? No - while we’ll be listening to everyone’s feedback, we won’t get carried away. We’ll always make sure that our changes remain faithful to our vision for the game. If you say “I want dinosaurs”, sorry, but that won’t happen. However, if you say “guys, I’m throwing my mouse out the window because you’ve nerfed the cricket bat, and I really liked it, you bastards,” then we’ll see what we can do And if you say, “I really want to be able to throw a body out a window to make a distraction,” well, a couple of people did say that, and we have already done it. You can now throw bodies off or at anything you want, and yes, the Wellies tend not to like that. Hurray. You sick bastards. Why not Linux and Mac? Because we hate fun, and life, and we are complete assholes. We do have a reason, but we can’t talk about it yet. How long/hard is the game? Good question! This is a roguelike, so the game is based on the concept of replayability - you don’t only play this game through once. It is a challenge, and you need to learn the rules to try and beat the game before time runs out. Chances are, you’ll probably die within 5 minutes the first time. But, the next time you’ll last 15. And then 30. And so on, until you can escape before time runs out. Each run through should be a maximum of around 3 hours to complete (this isn’t Don’t Starve, so it doesn’t continue indefinitely). Although, that may change if (a) you die, or (b) you find a way to speed it up. However, for the people among us who don’t like we will also have different difficulty settings, to allow people to experience the story without wanting to pull their hair out. What else do we need? If anyone has any questions you think we should answer, please comment to let us know!
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