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  1. Hey everyone, Next Tuesday is Valentine’s day so keep your eyes peeled for a special video! But most importantly, don’t forget your Valentine! As you know, being forgetful is a strong side effect of taking too much Joy. Also, feel free to make and share with us your Made in Wellington Wells Valentine cards or fan art, we shared some of ours in this weekly! Art Team Marc-André Good Friday to everyone! These past few weeks, I’ve been very busy on a myriad of things. I’ve created a gameshow machine and fixed a bunch of visual bugs, collisions, level of details, etc. The bulk of my time has been spent arting up brand new special locations for exciting encounters coming up, such as a very special church. I also started to work on arting up new house variants to bring more variety to the Village. Carylitz Hola! I have been working on secret assets, for a secret location with new secret things so I won’t be showing 3D stuff today. But I can share with you guys some St. Valentine’s cards I did on the side! (Alex gave me the slogans.) Hope you like them and feel free to use them! Sarah What do you mean you haven't heard of Nick Lightbearer and the Make Believes?? Have you been living under a rock?? Well, now you have. Heard of him, that is. More to come! Guillaume This week and the last, I’ve been working on a new shelter. This one contains some surprises that will await in the Garden District (Mouhahaha). Have a good weekend! Animation Team Vincent Lots of little things this week: a new animation variation for electrocuted NPCs, some polish on the “Shelter of Terrooooor” (check Clara’s video, featuring Antoine (who’s still currently single)), Wellies having jolly good fun in the pub, bits and bobs in the House of Curious Behaviours… J.R. Hey guys! For the last couple of weeks, I've been mainly : - Creating animations to support the revamping of our stealth loop - Planning and animating for new encounters, which was fun and a little challenging! It turns out that some of those actually got so big--and specific--that our generic talking animations were simply not enough. So we've been looking at giving those encounters a more "cinematic" feel with unique animations. Design Team Antoine Oh hello! This week was super busy and Clara made a cool video of me babbling about the new shelters. Thanks to her for all that editing work! [Ed. note: Antoine is single.] This week we polished the new Garden District 2 shelter. Again, Vincent was my wingman this week, going back and forth with him to see the timing of animations and do little adjustments. Even though this environment is supposed to be creepy we tried to make it feel a little bit cozy. It’s a shelter, after all. I also sat down with him to look over his next assignment, the Village 1 shelter. Artists and designers are always collaborating in order to create something that’s visually interesting but also feels good in terms of “space ergonomics”. I’ve also reworked a little bit how the hacking works for the Electro Lock Shocker in order to prevent permanent blocks in the progression. There’s also a pretty cool animation used for hacking, graciously made by Mishka! Hayden Hello folks, This week I was busy polishing up Nick Lightbearer’s Pad. QA was able to get to this level and left me several, several bugs that I needed to address. Along with that, I prepped the logic for cutscenes and conversations, set up quest conditional objects, created lore items and massaged several areas outside Nick’s Pad to provide you with some interesting gameplay. I also spent some quality Compulsion time with one of our animators and our narrative team to hash out the final push for the realization of this encounter. In case you didn’t know, Nick Lightbearer is a super fab celebrity in Wellington Wells and has been known to call some of the most memorable games of Simon Says Wellington Wells has ever experienced. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been showing up lately… When you arrive at his home you’ll quickly notice all the construction work going on between Nick’s Pad and his Neighbors. When it becomes clear that Constable Hunt will not let you in to speak to Nick, you’ll need to find another way in... Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Team PS: Antoine is still single.
  2. Hey everyone, It is hard to believe that we are already in February. We know for some of you it feels like it is taking forever to get your hands on the final game but for us, time is flying! The grind never stop. We hope you enjoy this week’s journal and as a reminder, we post a video every Wednesday on our Youtube channel that we also link in our Weekly Journals, just in case you needed your fix a bit earlier during the week Animation Team Rémi Hey everyone, this week is the beginning of a full month of encounter animations for the whole team! That means we should have plenty of things to show for the upcoming weeks. (without spoiling too much, we still want you all to discover some bits of new content ) So this week I’ve had the time to make a little video with Clara. Explaining the process that I went through to generate Facial Animations for Grunts, Convulsion, Electrocute, Laughing, coughing, etc. There’s still a lot of work to do since I’ll have to apply the same process to all our archetypes. That means, 6 FaceFX actors for the Wellette, 6 more for the Wastrel Male, 6 for the Bobby, and so on. I was also able to start the work on some Simon Says animations! The encounter is going well and I can’t wait for you guys to play it. Have a good week! Vincent This week has been all working with Antoine on a small shelter encounter involving plague Wastrels… In there is a mini cutscene that needed a bit of work to feel right, and it was a good occasion to spend a bit of time on adding variation in the plague Wastrels blinded animation! Design Team Adam In-between beers, I managed to script a pretty awesome Simon Says machine. Lots of tweaky timings and whatnot in-between animations and lights blinking and turning on/off, etc. SImon Says SImon Says SImo- Simon Sa- Simon- Simon Says Si- Yeah.. that’s what I’ve been hearing all week. See a sneak peak of the encounter in Sarah’s section! Antoine This week we started the realization phase of the new encounters. In this phase we’ll actively collaborate with all departments to bring to life all those new locations and work towards the final polish pass. I’ll go back and forth with animators on the right timing for turning a wheel in first person (an interactive object that’s going to surface more than once going forward). I did the final blocking touches to the revamped house of curious behaviors and started integrating animations for the new shelters. Changes to the house of curious behaviors are mostly to “open up” the encounter. There’s now multiple ways you can go about entering the house and it should feel a little more solid in terms of scripting robustness. I’m also doing a refactoring pass on Mine Mine All Mine. It has such a cool layout but the encounter made little sense. One funny comment of David our design director was that “it was the only encounter that completed itself”. You could watch Wastrels trying to avoid tripwires but eventually pass through them and die without you having to do anything. The encounter will now be a more open hooligans camp. I improved the layout so the player can climb in different places to avoid guard patrols and also find better loot. Art Team Carylitz Hi guys! This week I have more props to show! This are for a secret location we are working on. Have a nice weekend! Sarah If Bert had a falling out with Ernie, and shacked up with Raggedy Anne, their children would probably look something like this. I ship it, anyway. Say hello to the new and improved Spanker TV Faces, the last thing naughty trespassers will ever see before a good Spanking™. I also designed some Simon Says related goodies, here's a taste! Simon Says icon! Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Team
  3. Hey, Thanks for the feedback! Most of what you mentioned is still a work in progress and will definitely improve in the final version
  4. Narrative Team Alex Clara dropped by Signal Space (our audio partners) as I was directing Tony Robinow. Here’s what she saw: To expand just a little on that last little bit... you have to listen to your gut. When the actor is really inhabiting his character, I feel it. The studio disappears for a moment and the character is there. It's a thrilling moment. When the actor is not inhabiting the role, I don't feel it. Part of the skill of directing is learning not to pretend you feel it when you don't. Hearing what you're actually hearing, as opposed to what you want to hear, or what you fear hearing, is something children and dogs do instinctively, and teenagers and adults unlearn, and artists have to learn again. You have to remember to ask yourself, sometimes, "Did I really believe that?" The other side of directing is figuring out what words to give the actor to help him or her get from where he or she is to where I want them to go. Sometimes it's just calling shenanigans on the delivery. "I didn't really believe that." Or, with a trained actor, you can often shorthand it. You can say, "More anguish," knowing they have the tools to get there on their own. But best practices is giving the actor an adjustment in the form of an imaginative circumstance. I don't think I ever say, "Louder." Instead I say, "Okay, now project it a bit more, as if the person you're talking to is on the other side of the street." Or, “You need help, and there’s no one around!” "Okay, but now, as if you know the person you're talking to. You're not only betrayed, you've been betrayed by your best friend." "As if" are the most important two words in the director's toolkit. (See John Badham’s book on directing, I’ll Be In My Trailer.) I can give a line reading, but when the actor is mimicking my delivery, it almost always comes out sounding hollow. I then have to say, “Okay, now make it your own.” If I have to give a line reading, I’ll try to use a paraphrase of the line rather than the words of the line themselves, and I won’t use a British accent; I’m trying to convey the emotion, not the delivery. A believable performance isn't the same as a "realistic" performance. It's the emotional truth that carries the line. A big, stagey but emotionally truthful performance is believable. (I believe it's often called "opera.") A performance that mimics what a real person does, but doesn't convey the emotion behind it, won't convince the audience. When the actor inhabits the character, it's amazing. A line you wrote fifteen minutes ago can catch you off guard and make you laugh as if you just heard it for the first time. When I laugh, I know the line's a keeper. Art Team Marc-André Upon getting feedback, I spent the beginning of the week finalizing a few minor details of the environmental art pass of the train station. Afterwards, I remade my old holly bush tree from scratch. Across the past year, by trial and errors, I learned quite a lot on how to create foliage that is optimized and stylized. Trees are highly complicated objects that can't be represented in-game without a lot of hacking. Because of technical constraints, we can't represent all of the tiny branches and leaves as separate geometry. We instead combine them into planes with areas which have transparency. You can see down below the textures that have been used. I also updated the old barrel mesh (and at the same time, the flower pots) mostly with textures we already have in-engine. After that, I started to adapt the church to the level designer's layout. Throughout the week, I've also been helping the level designers on house layouts and workflow. Carylitz Hi guys, I’m the new environment artist! This is my second week at the company and I have been doing a little bit of everything. One of the main tasks was to optimize the assets. We have a lot of them in our libraries and some are old or not used anymore. So I have been going through a list and deciding which ones we should delete, keep or improve so the game looks even better! After cleaning all the assets in the libraries we started having our Death cubes* everywhere that I replace after with new props. *We use this asset to replace with the old one so it's easier to identify where the asset was. It’s better to have something glaringly obvious than something subtle. I have also been fixing some bugs with disappearing bridges (where parts of them appear at distance but others don’t, making them look strange), so they won’t disappear in the future. So far I think that’s all for me, have a great weekend! Programming Team Serge Hi all! I am new programmer here at Compulsion Games and this week I will talk to you about Artificial Intelligence. From a programmer perspective,when it comes to the artificial intelligence of our game, we have chosen to move away from a pure simulation approach for every AI. But what does that mean, you ask? Well, partly this will help to achieve better performance, but the real goals are to improve the readability of the characters in relation to the player's conformity, and also to improve our control over group behavior! It is our belief that in some situations, the easier it is to predict a character’s reaction, the better, because you want to reward the gamer that uses good strategy. If it’s unpredictable, it becomes less about strategy and more about reaction. Artificial intelligence is a really popular subject these days with a ton of research funded, from self-driven cars to personal assistants. For a game, it is more about creating a good action-reaction loop with the limited resources available! In next entries, we will update you with more details on how that will affect the gameplay, so stay tuned. Production Update Sam Hi folks! At the end of last week, we mentioned that we’d talk about 2017 plans in this week’s update. This begins with talking about the Clockwork Update from last year. We released the Clockwork Update on December 8, after releasing the game in late July. As you may know, an update like this (where we’re refactoring stuff to improve the quality of our work) means that we need to add some time to the end of the development, or cut existing planned content. We don’t want to cut content, and we’d rather spend more money and time on the game. So, the updates will keep coming along, it just might take a bit longer to get to 1.0. As usual, once we have firm timing on updates and the release date, we’ll let you know. We want to be up front and open with you guys whenever we face challenges or delays like this. But, to leave on a positive note, 2017 is going to be awesome. We have an exciting next few months planned, including: - The next update! We hinted at this last year, and it will contain the playstyles listed above, the second village island, a whole bunch of new content to play through, and more. - New partnerships to help expand the game world! This sounds like a boring corporate thing, particularly because we can’t announce them yet, but we are very excited. We’ll announce them soon, and hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Team
  5. Hey everyone, This week we have a journal packed with juicy information. What is on the menu you say? An in depth explanation on upcoming difficulty settings (or as we call them, playstyles), our plans for the year 2017, a behind-the-scenes video of our Narrative Director’s recording process and much more! So grab your cat, a cup of tea and enjoy. Design Team David Hi Most people have an opinion about game balance; resource distribution and most of those opinions are valid in one way or another. Unfortunately it is not possible to address or support every individual preference and still create the overall game experience we are targeting. What follows here may give you some insight into the design philosophy behind “selectable player experience” and difficulty settings. As we have found from interacting with you and reading the forum posts, players of WHF generally group into three categories or playstyles. For this reason we are taking a playstyles rather than pure difficulty settings approach to make balancing the game for each category of player a realistic proposition. Explorers: These gamers are story oriented or simply want to investigate the world but usually do not want to spend lots of time looking for food and water to stay alive, and are generally not looking for an arduous combat challenge. Adventurers: These players prefer a more balanced gameplay with some challenge but not too much difficulty. They may or may not care about story but probably don’t hate having it around them. In this setting the game is a blend of survival and traditional action game elements - pretty similar to the game that is currently playable. Survivors: These gamers prefer the more hardcore aspects of survival games and love a punishing, if motivated, challenge. In this setting, the game increases the importance and demands of survival game mechanics. Our tentative names for these categories are BIRDWATCHER, DOWNER, and VIGILANTE for now. Sarah has mocked up what the selection screen elements might look like: Each of these playstyles brings inherent difficulty/challenge adjustments, but they aren’t purely about difficulty. Think of them as “packages” that tailor the experience more to your personal preference. The sorts of changes associated with the packages include but are not limited to your starting inventory items, the AI aggression, durability, and suspiciousness, crafting prerequisites, resource amounts and distribution, carrying capacity/encumbrance for your character, rate of food spoilage and weapon/item degradation, effects and duration of various drugs and other buffs, and much more. The baseline for tuning is the DOWNER playstyle from which BIRDWATCHER and VIGILANTE are modified. Additionally, if you want to further control the challenge or flavor of a playstyle, you have the opportunity to choose whether you play on “second wind” or permadeath. We’re getting rid of the existing second wind mechanic (see below), and this mode will basically be normal - you can resume playing after death with modest penalties. However, permadeath kills you forever. We felt that the existing second wind mechanic didn’t make much sense (“waking up” from dying in a damaged state), and it led to a bunch of problems with respawning, design (what happens if you can’t get a healing balm?), and problems in the story mode etc. So instead, as your health (or food/water/disease on Downer or Vigilante) gets low, eg 10-20%, you’ll enter that dying state without blacking out. Overall, our intention is to address your varied desires for a game set in the world of Wellington Wells that is both a survival game and not a survival game; that is about the exploration of narrative mysteries or a focus on stealth, combat, conformity and crafting, or a game that is something in between. In all cases we think that WHF has a configuration for almost all players. Adam Hello all, This week I have been cleaning up the script to the Church of Simon Says a bit, and have also completed a first pass on a Retirement Home for little old ladies. This place is dangerous! They will not hesitate to call the Bobbies as soon as you are seen. This is partly because they call the Bobbies at any given opportunity, and not necessarily because they’re in danger… naughty old ladies. Antoine Hello good people! I’ve been working on making sure we can play through Arthur’s story from beginning to the end. It’s of course in a rough state but you can do all the missions and get to the end and actually finish the game. Exciting! I’ve also been working on some new little challenges. We are now treating the shelters as areas you need to “unlock” in order to use them. Like in the new intro shelter, where you have to fight a Wellie that went “wakey wakey”, other shelters will feature small challenges. Some will have you explore completely dark environments with the torch, or you may have to navigate a live wire running through water.
  6. @Complexity This is one of the games I look forward to the most in 2017!
  7. We are really happy to have such eager PS4 fans! At the moment we are focusing on Xbox One and PC (we are not a big team), but who knows in the future.
  8. Hello, This isn't supposed to happen. It sounds like you might have had permadeath and second wind on. Let us know!
  9. Lovely day for it! We are back from our holidays, and back into the trenches. Did you play any amazing games over the break? Did you eat too much? We did! This is going to be an exciting year. Next week we will post our plans for 2017 (and a quick 2016 recap) so stay tuned. As a brief taster, we have some major announcements this year, several updates planned, we will finally begin talking about the narrative, but we want to caution that it won’t be about release dates. It will contain some discussion on timing, but we want to be clear that we won’t be announcing dates until they’re set in stone. In the meantime, here is our journal for this first week back. Narrative Team Alex I am not very good at vacations. Writing is more of a jones than a job; if I don’t do some sort of writing, I get cranky. Moreover, those long car rides are really great for banging around ideas and solving story problems. At least until we get off the Thruway and onto the unremitting horror that is route 17S. So I wrote a bunch of encounters out in the country. More importantly, I played the story map. That’s the instance of the game world in which there are characters that trigger cinematics. “Hah!” you say. “Pull the other one!” No, truly, there is a story version of the game. You could play it right now, except we won’t let you. It’s exciting when you not only have loot to find, but story to find. Even if you wrote the story yourself. Today we had a lovely recording session with Tony Robinow, who voiced some creepy doctors you will regret meeting. When a line catches me off guard. Upcoming soon: recording sessions with Alex Wyndham; She Who Must Not Be Named; Simon Peacock; and probably Alice Kensington, though she may not know it yet. Animation Team Vincent This week consisted in a lot of planning for every team, and animation is no exception! Huge heaps of work to do, so little time… Art Team Guillaume This week I’ve been finishing some props and started on a new secret location that I can’t unfortunately show you now. Marc-André Since the last weekly update, I’ve been working hard on crafting a special story location. I’ve spent most of the time working on environmental layout and lighting. Here is a small sample of my work. Sarah Happy New Year, Chickadees! If your holiday was anything like mine, then it probably involved a lot of over-indulgence, followed by the inevitable self-hatred and desperate pleading to any and all deities that might spare you from your own gluttonous misery. Such was the perfect mind-set for making an illustration that I'm now told is too spoiler ridden for this update. Sorry, chaps. Please instead be satisfied with this in progress drawing of an anthropomorphic bar of soap flossing his butt with a towel. A Clean Worker is a Keen Worker! Design Team Adam Happy New Year everybody. This week, I have been working on the “Church of Simon Says”. A gameshow where you are leading the charge, trying to get people to fail. Something goes horribly wrong towards the end, and mild shock turns into a nightmare. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  10. Hey, Thanks for this, we love seeing Let's Plays. Believe it or not , it helps us a lot to watch people play
  11. Hello, I think this is a pretty good suggestion! However, we do not want the players to have to read the notes in order to solve something, the notes are just there for lore. Any *optional* note that makes things easier reduces the gameplay challenge / reduces content. However, we do have some notes in the game that will help make your life easier.
  12. Now live on Xbox One as well! (@tec)
  13. @Xsagaroth Our first suggestion would be to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Nvidia: http://www.nvidia.com/download/index.aspx AMD: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download If this doesn't work, could you send us the following information so we can look into the issue: DxDiag 1 - Press Windows + R 2 - Type dxdiag and press enter 3 - Save All Information… 4 - Attach dxdiag.txt to email Saved Data 1 - From your Windows desktop, press the Windows key + R together. This will bring up the “Run” dialog. Type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GlimpseGame and press Ok. 2 - This will bring up a File Explorer window showing the directory where the game stores its local data. You should see a folder called 'Saved'. 3 - Right-click on the Saved folder, select Send to and then Compressed (zipped) folder. 4 - This will create a zip file called Saved. On your system it may be called Saved or Saved.zip depending upon your settings. If you can’t tell the two apart, look at the “Type” column and note the zipper on the icon of the compressed folder. 5 - Send the compressed zip to: support@compulsiongames.com
  14. @Alex_L That explains it. It is currently not enabled on Xbox (we were having trouble), but it will come
  15. Hey all, Thanks for your feedback! We will be redoing the inventory system entirely
  16. You are our first little old lady! You look fantastic!
  17. @tec Yes for now, we are testing on PC to see that they work as indeed and then we will push the hotfix on Xbox (this week)
  18. Hey everyone, Wow, here we are, the final weekly journal of 2016! What a year it has been. We created a really weird and creepy booth at PAX East, debuted We Happy Few internationally at E3 and launched on Early Access a month later. Some of you have been with us since we first showed a demo of We Happy Few and some of you are new to the journey, but one thing is certain is that you guys are sticking by us through thick and thin and we couldn’t be more grateful. Yesterday we released a hotfix on PC for several crashes that were reported after the Clockwork Update. You can find the hotfix patch here. Thank you to everyone who submitted crashes and issues, and to our programmers and QA for working around the clock to get it done! If you are still getting crashes after the hotfix, you can send us your saved data to support@compulsiongames.com and we will look into the issue asap. We will also be updating on Xbox One once we’ve confirmed the hotfixes are stable. It’s also -25C outside in Montreal right now, so it’s definitely the winter season. Our nostril hairs are freezing, so it’s time to quieten down for a long awaited rest. So, this will be our last weekly update for 2016, and we will return on Jan 6 next year. Design Team Adam This has been a crazy busy week for me, but a very productive one. Some of my time has been spent working on secret stuff I can’t show yet. The other half has been spent working on communication efforts within the team. I have been breaking down future encounters into “work sheets” to make sure everybody can be updated easily about changes, requests, features, etc. On top of that, I have finished my first draft of the Crafting breakdown. We have already noticed some surprising numbers of objects truly needed vs objects we find in the world, and it will help us go through a fairly large balance pass. Lastly… I had a tiny bit of downtime while waiting for some art to come in, so… I got a head start on an encounter I’ll be working on next year. Look forward to this one. Animation Team J.R., Mishka, Rémi and Vincent This week has been fun, it’s been a mix of a lot of different small--and less small--tasks. Rémi worked on the facial rigs for new NPC variants, such as merchants and Parade District residents. J.R. created animations for a new encounter near the train station, as well as a whole new conversation with the Bobby guarding the Parade District bridge. Mishka worked on a secret location, improving the conversation animations, and created new animation sets transitions for the Bobbies. Here is a video of Rémi and Vincent showcasing the new animations/behavior for the plagued wastrels. Enjoy! Art Team Marc-André This week I've been focusing on creating an old payphone and a new wooden trim modular set. All of this modular set is mapped to a 1K tileable wooden trim texture, which is still in progress. This texture will be very useful in many situations. This is an example of the texture, without wear and tear. Wear and tear is being sculped and is work in progress. Sarah We worked our frost bitten butts off on the last release, and we hope you guys like the improvements! This week I finished off the last of the painted pub signs, and made a lil' holiday illustration, commissioned by the community management team. I hope you find a warm place to spend the holiday season with the ones you love, see you next year! Thanks for tuning in and happy holidays everyone, we will see you back in early January! Compulsion Team
  19. We just pushed out a hotfix that addresses some of the more glaring and frequently reported issues. • Fix crash when consuming items while inventory is full. • Fix crash when respawning a second time with permadeath off. • Fix crash when accessing resolution list on certain multi-GPU configurations. • Fix crash when starting game on certain Steam installations. • Fix game mode information (Day & Time, Permadeath, Second Wind, Map status) getting reset on continue. • Fix player getting stuck in conversation mode when loading if on the diary step of "If You Give a Pig a Pancake". • Fix ghost not moving during "Walkabout". • Improve pathfinding of hostile wastrels near "Where's the Power". • Fix rare crash in video decoding. • Fix rare crash when carrying corpses. • Fix attempt for rare issue where terrain is invisible when continuing.
  20. Hey @Alex_L, were all the houses boarded up? They should not be, only a few should and also just some entrances. It also depends on which Garden you are in, one has more security than the other one.
  21. @Alex_L Are you playing on Xbox or PC? The leaves and water do move on PC And thank you! The path is long but we will get there.
  22. Hey, I have no idea why you guys would see such bad graphics as we have improved the graphics since we released the game in July. If you have any screenshots I could compare them with the previous version of the game and see what's wrong. @Alex_L That's great feedback!
  23. @Xsagaroth Not at all! This is the kind of feedback that will help us make a better game Being in a different location when loading is on purpose. We now have Arthur spawn in the middle of an intersection or on a bench to avoid issues. We would love to take a look at your saved files and crash logs if you have any and send it to support@compulsiongames.com with all the info.
  24. @AndyDavies I believe we will change them to Boilersuits. Please let us know if you find any other examples like this
  25. @ForgingLions You are absolutely right and we are working on this currently
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