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  1. Hi everyone, We are excited to announce that Lightbearer, our second DLC is now live on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and GOG! In this second piece of handcrafted Season Pass content, you play as Wellington Wells’ most beloved rock star, Nick Lightbearer, in a brand-new story! Heartthrob, artist, and personal trainwreck Nick Lightbearer is adored by legions of fans—until disaster strikes when a Nick-centric fan convention is plagued by a string of murders. When all signs point to him as the killer, how will he reconcile the disturbing overlap between his own blackouts and the killings? It also features a brand new song from Murray Lightburn (The Make Believes, The Dears) “I Have Seen Everything”. This DLC is available for all Season Pass holders (also in the Deluxe edition of We Happy Few) or as a standalone. You can purchase the Season Pass on the platform of your choice here: Xbox One, Steam, PlayStation4 (Americas), PlayStation4 (Europe), GOG. Cheers, Compulsion Games
  2. Hi everyone, We are happy to announce that update 1.8 is now live on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and GOG! We are aware of a specific issue that was specifically affecting PS4 users where there was a chance of the game crashing upon arriving in the Parade District, this issue has now been fixed with this update. Patch Summary This patch contains performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay and UI bugs, and localization fixes. Most importantly, this patch includes a significant improvement to the memory used in the game, fixing crashes and bugs that were happening in the Parade District on all platforms but especially on PS4. General Bugs/Stability • Fixed a crash that was happening when the player would greet another character while they had equipped pickup. • Fixed out of memory crash that would occur on certain world seeds in the Parade District. • Fixed "Busy" warning message when trying to either "Quit" or "Return to the main menu" while in an area of the game where it is not possible to save. “Cannot save” text now clarifies that saving is disabled in these areas. • Fixed a bug where characters could get stuck inside NPCs when shoving them in a corner and crouching inside them when they get up. • Fixed UI message prompts when quitting a DLC game that were misleading, as it appeared to the player that progress had not been saved. • Fixed Game Settings: Lighting no longer restores to "medium" upon restarting game. • Fixed heavy flickering when selecting a DLC icon with the mouse and changing the selection with the keyboard. • Fixed pressing Back and Confirm simultaneously in the Arcade or DLC menus led to a story menu that has no background. • Fixed the absence of background image or music on game details page on function screen. • Fixed some settings reverting to their default value after restarting the game. • Fixed subtitles being truncated with certain settings. • Fixed when choosing the "Revert Changes" option in the HUD option menu, the joy HUD icon was set to off by default. Arcade Mode • Freeform: Fixed the Gameplay sub-window getting cropped when choosing High NPC Density on certain languages. • Freeform: Fixed the description of the mode being truncated when playing in 21:9. • Freeform: Moving between the white backyard tables and the stone wall behind them no longer causes Arthur to remain permanently trapped. • Freeform: All item names in the Crafting Menu with a status effect icon in their descriptions are no longer truncated. • Freeform: While in the Holy Yam zone, you can no longer see under the map. • Freeform: Fatigue, hunger and thirst meters used not to deplete once they were filled to 100%, but they now do. • Freeform: Total Score stat is now accurate on End Match screen. • All modes: Island names are now localized. • Freeform: Starting a game as a character other than Arthur, and then starting another new game as Arthur now actually starts with Arthur instead of the first character chosen. • Survival: Hunger and Thirst survival needs now fully deplete on the easy difficulty. • Survival: Current location is now displayed in all languages. • Survival: Strings are no longer truncated in the Crafting Screen. • Survival: Introduction text is no longer truncated. • Survival: Floating phone booths no longer spawn in the Garden District. • Survival: Islands can no longer be generated with several holes inside them. • Survival: The "Boat Capacitors" are no longer referred to as "Power Cells" in the final statistics screen. • All modes: Island names no longer change or are no longer missing after the first Save/Load. • All modes: Subtitles from Arthur death screen can no longer be seen overlapping the game over screen when playing in another language than English. • Wellie mode: The description of the mode is now completely inside the text box when playing in 21:9. • Wellie mode: The end of round tip telling the player to enter a popper no longer persists to the next night. Encounter Fixes • Arthur - Cult of Jack: Looting one chest before triggering the cutscene with the fake Uncle Jack no longer causes the quest to be impossible to complete. • Arthur - Future Perfect: Returning to the main menu as the “Get the Frammistat” objective appears no longer causes the player to load back in without an objective active. • Arthur - An Awkward Courtship: The Cleaver no longer spawns during the first phase of the Encounter and so cannot be picked up and break progression. • Arthur - Joy Factory: FPS no longer gets very low when near the green goo being released to the right-side of the Joy Factory. • Arthur - Parade - Future Perfect: Dying right after talking to the director no longer causes multiple issues leading to progression breaks. • Arthur - Slaughterer's Apprentice: Performing a save/load while the package is mounted and ready to sabotage no longer prevents mounting the package again. • Arthur - Sandbox - Survival: NPCs cannot close the metal shutter of the rear entrance of Lawrence Residence anymore when they lose aggro and return to their position. • Arthur - Mother's Little Helper: Performing a save/load after interacting with the diary but before defeating Mrs Chaney no longer prevents the player from completing the quest. • Ollie - No Place like Home: Dying right after giving Victoria her pills no longer causes the player to get stuck on the Death screen. • Ollie - The Jack-o-Bean Club: Streaming out the encounter instead of picking up the fire extinguisher no longer causes it to be non-interactive. • Sally - So Foul and Faraday: Fixed issue preventing Nick's Hideout from being accessed on a specific worldseed. • Sally - Don't Cry Over Tinned Milk: Dying near Lionel's shop after speaking to him no longer causes the game to crash. • Sally - Don't Cry Over Tinned Milk: Dying near Sally's alley after crafting baby milk no longer causes the game to crash. • Sally - Millihelen: Returning to the Main menu as the Cultists start to drink a poisoned cup, no longer causes the game to crash. • Sally - Bad Dreams: Performing a save/load inside Mr. Ramsay's house no longer causes Sally to respawn under the terrain and die. Xbox Only • Added graphic options. Gamma can now be adjusted. UWP Only • Game now pauses when minimized. Playstation 4 Only • Added graphic options. Gamma can now be adjusted. • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: the game no longer frequently crashes when save game option is greyed out over an extended period of game play and navigating through the DSIR. • Platinum Trophy is now localized. • "Jack The Nipper" weapon electricity particle effect no longer draws a vertical line when the player swings. • The camera no longer clips through the Bee Cannon while the player harvests bees. • Trophy Pack for DLC is no longer labeled incorrectly. • Balloons now have the correct texture. • Survival: Black terrain textures no longer appear through the world on PS4. Known issues • We have identified an issue where the navmesh generation sometimes hits the maximum number of tiles, which can cause NPCs to behave in strange ways (including potentially blocking progression). This has been fixed on PC but is still live - although rare - on PS4 and Xbox One. It can be fixed by returning to the menu and reloading your save. We are preparing a small hotfix with the intent of fixing this issue next week.
  3. Hi everyone, We hope you enjoyed this little teaser trailer, stay tuned for the full trailer on July 30th when Lightbearer launches on Steam, GOG, Xbox One and PS4! In this groovy thriller and second piece of DLC for We Happy Few, you play as Nick Lightbearer, notorious Wellington Wells rockstar and Joy aficionado. But Joy, sex and rock n’roll comes with a killer price. Stay also alert for update 1.8 launching later this week on all platforms! Update 1.8 contains an array of significant fixes for the main game across all platforms but most importantly, it fixes some pesky memory issues we were having on PS4 which was causing some crashes for certain people who got dealt a specific world seed. We are glad to say we were finally able to track these down! See you all very soon
  4. Hi everyone, We hope you enjoyed this little teaser trailer, stay tuned for the full trailer on July 30th when Lightbearer launches on Steam, GOG, Xbox One and PS4! In this groovy thriller and second piece of DLC for We Happy Few, you play as Nick Lightbearer, notorious Wellington Wells rockstar and Joy aficionado. But Joy, sex and rock n’roll comes with a killer price. Stay also alert for update 1.8 launching later this week on all platforms! Update 1.8 contains an array of significant fixes for the main game across all platforms but most importantly, it fixes some pesky memory issues we were having on PS4 which was causing some crashes for certain people who got dealt a specific world seed. We are glad to say we were finally able to track these down! See you all very soon
  5. We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. This is a known issue that can occur rarely for some users on certain worldseeds. We understand it is very frustrating. The PS4 version of We Happy Few contains some issues we are having a tougher time containing, compared to other platforms. This depends on the world seed you get when starting a new game. Since the game is procedural, it is a question of luck. However, we are making progress and are still fixing bugs for our next update, 1.8. One of the changes involves toning down the graphics in the Parade District which should prevent a memory crash, at the cost of a less polished district. We are working on a patch which should hopefully fix the issue you are having. Something you can try which has worked for some other users is to clear your PS4 game cache: 1 - Turn off your Playstation 4, do not enter rest mode. 2 - Once the indicator light on the Playstation has stopped blinking and is completely off, unplug the power cord from the console. 3 - Wait 30 seconds. 4 - Plug the power cord back into the Playstation and start it up again as normal. 5 - Load your last save and attempt to continue Arthur's story. Cheers,
  6. My bad, I read "worked on Bioshock". Yes we played Bioshock but none of us worked on it.
  7. Thank you for this kind message, we really appreciate it! ❤️ If you have any art questions, feel free to message us, our artists will gladly help.
  8. Hi, We are happy to announce that our very first DLC, They Came from Below is now out on all platforms! James & Roger return in an all-new We Happy Few story. Wellington Wells stands besieged by a robot uprising, but the mechanized menace isn't the only thing threatening to tear our pair apart. Play as Roger and team up with your boyfriend James to Find Dr. Faraday, explore a vast underground laboratory, and discover the source of the robot invaders before it's too late! This DLC is available for all Season Pass holders (also in the Deluxe edition of We Happy Few) or as a standalone. You can purchase the Season Pass on the platform of your choice here: Xbox One (Play Anywhere), Steam, PlayStation4 (Americas), PlayStation4 (Europe). Cheers, Compulsion Games
  9. Haha nope, none of us did, but since we've been compared to them so often that this our little easter egg about it.
  10. PS4: 1.7.80097 UWP: 1.7.80002 Windows: 1.7.79954 Xbox One: 1.7.79954 We Happy Few 1.7 Release Notes Patch Summary This patch contains Arcade Mode, including three separate new ways to play We Happy Few. It also includes infrastructure to handle the upcoming DLC, and general performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes. New Features • Survival mode Added. Survival mode is a return to the Early Access survival experience. It has had all story elements removed, and is a mostly systemic mode. The mode includes tiles from the story mode that have had story elements removed, new areas and tiles, new onboarding, and a scoring system added. • Night’s Watch mode Added. Night’s Watch is the opportunity to play as one of the wellies - or in this case, Constable Constable. You’ll have to hunt Downers throughout the night to make sure the streets are safe for the citizens of Wellington Wells in the morning, and includes a new enemy to fight. • Sandbox mode Added. Sandbox mode allows you to tweak and change the procedural general system We Happy Few uses, with sometimes unpredictable results. Options that might result in unusual visual features or weird AI issues are marked with warnings, so use those settings at your own discretion. Basically, this is a mode to mess around in, and cheat/have fun as you’d like. • Added game type indication to save game info when loading games. • Added DLC menu. General Bugs/Stability • Fixed a crash on consoles when loading a save game inside the Doctor HQ in Arthur’s playthrough. This should unblock progression for anyone whose saved games were consistently crashing in this location. • Fixed rare crash/infinite loading issues. • UI fixes. • Fixed issues with patrols/navmesh failing, causing NPCs to be in unusual places. • Fixed issues with NPCs teleporting/attaching directly to you during combat. • You can now equip a single gas mask when multiple are owned. • Rarely, Doctors' saw weapons had collision and could make characters bounce erratically when both come in contact. • Bobbies wearing gas mask are no longer immune to caltrops. That was quite silly. • Added missing prompt to unlock a water pump if character has a lockpick already crafted in their inventory. • Climbing onto the televisions in the streets no longer causes the camera to spin wildly. • Opening the map no longer causes the current quest map marker to persist after the quest is completed. • Player can no longer slip into areas when metal shutters open for NPCs (could break quests). • Rain should no longer show up in the interior of the joy factory. • Reloading the initial auto save will now correctly unlock the recipes for the Jolliest Brolly and Not So Jolly Brolly. • Entering a shop at the same time as night comes causes no longer causes the player to be trapped inside. • Spankers inside Wellie houses can no longer hit the player through walls and closed doors (tiny collision missing in the door frame). • Bodies you are carrying will no longer disappear if there are too many corpses nearby. • The term "non-lethal kills" in the statistics menu was dumb and now is less dumb (“takedowns”). • Subtitle/language fixes (including several Britishims fixed). • Localization fixes (including Arthur’s final cutscene - now translated correctly). • Fixed various stuck spots/locations where you could access areas inappropriately (causing issues). • Many small fixes, like animation skips, clipping art, etc. Collectibles/Achievements • Collecting a memory mask while the player character is talking will no longer result in the VO of the mask not playing. • Broadcasts: Uncle Jack shows will now unlock in all cases when listening and looking at wall protruding screens in the Village. • Fixed an issue with the “Gimme Shelter” achievement caused by failing the "A Model Citizen" quest. • Fixed an issue with the “Cat Burglar” achievement, where getting hit while picking up a fake cat statue could cause it to disappear. • Fixed an issue with the “Arthur Haste-ings achievement” caused by consuming a random obsolete phlash pill that could be found in an obscure location. Using any phlash pill should now unlock this achievement. Encounter Fixes • NPCs should no longer clip into the ground near the Rubble Pile at the Water Pumps. • Removed unobtainable chest in the middle of a watch tower in the military camp. • Fixed some save incompatibility issues and other blockers for players using saves from version 1.5 or earlier. • Fixed rare/obscure/conditional quest blocking issues with the Church of Simon Says, the Cult of Jack, Hallucinogenic Salad, Haworth Labs, Plough Boy's Lunch, Possibly Heinous Package / Superb Meat Boy, Really Bad Gas, Speaker’s Corner, Cathouse, Rorke’s Drift Bridge, Home Cooking/Connect the Dots, Duck Soup, Plassey Bridge, Military Camp, Manned Flight, So Foul and Faraday. • Ed Macmillan can no longer be lost. If you drop him, and he despawns, he’ll reappear at the point where you picked him up. • Arthur - Alabaster Bobby in Haworth Labs will no longer find an adjacent room more interesting that the room he should be in (allowing him to be fought in all cases). • Arthur - Edie Goes Downer: Loading in a game with the encounter/quest completed, no longer causes Arthur to repeat his quest completion dialog. • Arthur - English Vice: Reform Club NPC barks are no longer persistent after leaving the level. • Arthur - Future Perfect: Fixed incomplete video during "The House Of The Future" video with Jack. • Arthur - Letter Of Transit: Fixed narrative inconsistency with Arthur mentioning cod liver oil before he knows he needs it. • Arthur - Ravensholm - The Scottish Play: Ollie's model now behaves correctly with lighting during the cutscene. • Arthur - The English Vice: Using the shock baton "Tickler" no longer causes the NPCs in the Reform Club to teleport. • Arthur - The Great Stink: Fixed issue that could cause the worker keycard not to be available when needed. Any players stuck at this point should find a worker keycard either in their inventory or on the ground near the entrance to the underground. • Arthur - The Scottish Play - Military Camp: Turning the subtitle option on, at the military base entrance, no longer displays a full page of dialogue obstructing the player's view. • Ollie - Lud's Holm: Jumping under the Salamanca Bridge no longer causes the player to respawn stuck under the bridge. • Ollie - Manned Flight: No more auto-saves after triggering Manned Flight and can't manually save after completing the first objective. Fixes progression blocker in this area. • Ollie - No Place Like Home: The second Bobby no longer notices Victoria immediately. • Ollie - The Gung Hoster: The objective marker in this quest is now a location marker, and will show the location of where to find the explosives and Private Baden-Powell properly. • Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Uncle Jack's broadcast video will now pause appropriately during the cinematic for his last broadcast • Ollie - Jericho: During the intro cutscene, the items Ollie takes out of his bag no longer have a duplicated version of them already on the table. • Physics - Corporal Cheeseman and other NPCs on patrol should no longer fall out of world when hit by Ollie with an enhanced cricket bat. • Sally - Hope Chest - Worldgen: A large patch of grass surrounding the chest no longer has a kill volume. • Sally - Train Station now has a POI marker on the map. Xbox Only • Fixed several issues related to dashboard use when saving/loading. UWP Only • Fixed rare save game corruption issue. Save games could become larger than the UWP allowance, preventing them from being registered. Resolves issues encountered by Xbox Game Pass players who use the Play Anywhere feature. Playstation 4 Only • Fixed multiple Playstation 4-specific crash issues, some black textures and more minor PS4 graphical issues. • Arthur - Hostile Takeover – Disable Motilene Pumps: The electric beam blocking the way is no longer invisible. • Note that as Playstation 4 players did not receive update 1.6, their 1.7 update includes all fixes from the 1.6 update as well. Over 1000 bug fixes and optimization improvements in total.
  11. Hi everyone, We Happy Few 1.7, including the new Arcade Mode, will be coming to all platforms on Monday March 25th! In the distant past, during our Kickstarter campaign in 2015, we promised that we would build additional modes for We Happy Few - at the time, loosely titled Sandbox and Wellie Mode - and we have been working on what this would look like since launch. Today we are excited to finally present you: Arcade Mode! Arcade Mode is a free game update for We Happy Few which contains not two, but three new modes that will showcase a different part of the We Happy Few experience: Survival, Night’s Watch and Sandbox. Survival Survival is a return to the Early Access survival experience. As its name suggests, Survival mode is all about surviving in a harsh and unforgiving world, and is designed for those of you who enjoyed the survival experience in the past. You will need to hunt for food, water and shelter, and you’ll need to use all of the stealth, crafting, and combat skills at your disposal to last as long as you can in Wellington Wells. Scoring is based on survival time but to keep things mysterious and exciting, there is also a way to escape the island. Night’s Watch Have you ever wondered how it would feel to give a jolly good thrashing to those pesky Downers? In Night’s Watch (formally called Wellie Mode), we bring to life one of the most requested characters by the community, allowing you to play as the most notorious Bobby, Constable Constable. As a constable, and a man of high duty, you’ll need to keep all the filthy Downers out of town through fast paced combat while making sure you do not run out of Joy. Each night will become increasingly harder as hordes of Downers start pouring around town. Upgrade your weapons, take your Joy and keep the streets Downer free! All with a great big smile on your face. Sandbox Sandbox is a non-narrative/non-goal based game mode, which allows you to experiment with our world generation systems and gameplay options. This isn’t a skill based mode rather than a calmer experience, designed for players who want the freedom to create their own version Wellington Wells. So, if you’d like to pile 50 corpses in a bathtub, or see a very unusual procedurally generated world, this might be for you. With a whole arsenal of cheats at your disposal, chaos in this mode knows no bounds. Update 1.7 and other stuff Update 1.7 will drop on Monday March 25th for Steam, UWP, PS4 and Xbox One. Along with Arcade Mode, Update 1.7 will contain an array of bug fixes and improvements for We Happy Few. Along with these additions and fixes, Update 1.7 also includes the infrastructure (eg the menu option) that we need to deliver the Season Pass DLC. We're very close now to talking more about the first DLC. Stay tuned for more info soon! Finally, we have just about fulfilled the last of our Kickstarter requirements. With Arcade Mode coming out, we’ve completed all our project stretch goals! We’re just about finished with the final physical rewards, including the final parts of the collector’s box. Thank you all for your patience. Patch notes to come. Compulsion Games
  12. Hi, We gave an update on the DLCs in January but we haven't communicated yet on the release dates as we're hard at work on it, but we'll do that as soon as we can, so stay tuned! http://compulsiongames.com/en/news/186/new-year-update-xbox-one-patch-announcement-and-dlc-news! Thanks for your patience.
  13. Since we are close to patch 1.7 and Sandbox, we might be skipping 1.6 and go straight to 1.7 on PS4! However, we do not have an ETA yet.
  14. Hey Laki, We are currently working on it. It will contain a bunch of PC specific fixes, that's why it's taking longer. Once we have more concrete info, we will let you know.
  15. We’re excited to announce that We Happy Few is now available on Xbox Game Pass! If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber you can download the game here. If you’re a new Xbox One player of We Happy Few and have any questions about the game, feel free to take a look at our forum or send a ticket to our support team here.
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