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  1. compulsion

    Talent Manager

    Compulsion Games is looking for someone special to help us care for and find other special people. Our team and our team’s culture are what define our actions and thus are the most important things to us. We are at an exciting juncture in our history as we join the Xbox family to become a Microsoft studio creating worlds full of wonder and creativity. If having a central role in shaping and nurturing an international team of creatives sounds exciting to you, then read on! We are looking for someone who will: Build relationships with key candidates and recruiters to find the best people. Ensure the interview, hiring and onboarding process is a good and positive experience. Work with our social media team to share our studio culture and values. Be a champion and evangelist for our studio within the game development community. Work with studio leadership to standardize our review and compensation process. Communicate and liaise with Microsoft HR teams in Redmond. Liaise with our immigration lawyers and work with the governments of Quebec and Canada to obtain and renew work visas. Qualifications: You are bilingual and can communicate clearly in both French and English. You understand how to articulate our values to candidates. You have experience working in a creative field and can interview technical, creative and artistic people. Knowledge of Quebec provincial labour laws. Tact, diplomacy, and high level of discretion. If you are interested, please send us your application at jobs@compulsiongames.com now.
  2. compulsion

    Business manager

    Compulsion Games is looking for a Business Manager to drive and support the growth of the company in the coming years. This is a central role in our operations team. We are at an exciting juncture in our history as we join the Xbox Family to become a first-party Microsoft studio creating worlds full of wonder and creativity. If this sounds exciting to you, then read on! We are looking for someone who will: Build financial projections on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, Report to the different Microsoft financial teams: accounting reports, budget planning, cash-flow management, Handle all government related missions: filing income and sales tax reports, generate tax credits applications, answer to punctual audits, Manage external fiscal advisers and daily internal bookkeeping Be in charge of procurement, Take care of payroll, and Manage game sales and revenue streams, including tracking and forecasts. Qualifications: You are bilingual and can communicate clearly in both French and English. You are an accountant and you have an excellent understanding of Quebec and Canada’s accounting and fiscal practices. You are comfortable with building forecast and analysis. You are rigorous and organized. You want to be working with a team of creatives. If you are interested, please send us your application at jobs@compulsiongames.com now.
  3. compulsion

    Writer / Narrative Designer

    This position has been filled, thanks.
  4. compulsion

    3D Animator

    Hello! We are Compulsion Games, a Microsoft studio based in Montreal, Canada, where we enjoy trudging through snow in the winter and Montreal's festival scene in the summer. We started in 2009, and focus on creating new intellectual properties. Our team is a bunch of passionate, excited people, with a range of experience from very senior to junior. The two main things that we have in common are passion for video games, and a desire to create amazing original work. We're looking to expand slowly with the right people. Our first game, Contrast, launched on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4 in November 2013, and on Xbox One in May 2014. It was a game about a little girl and her imaginary friend, set in an adult world of film noir, cabaret and gangsters. In August 2018, we released We Happy Few on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It's a game set in a retrofuturistic 1960s England, filled with paranoid citizens, where a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people try to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial. We are currently looking for a 3D Animator to join our animation team on a fixed term contract basis for the DLC of We Happy Few. We are looking for someone who will be: Animating first person cinematics, including facial animation and lip sync. Creating ambient or conversation specific character animations. In-engine work: Setting up small scripted events in collaboration with LDs. Creating conversations using in-house tool, combining existing animation. We are looking for someone with professional experience in animation. This is a fixed duration (3 month), full time position, depending on your availability. Salary will be dependent on your experience. You would be required to work on site in our Montreal office. Please send a CV, as well as a reel including previous work experience and notable projects, to jobs@compulsiongames.com.
  5. compulsion

    Writer / Narrative Designer

    When the position is filled, so please apply asap.
  6. compulsion

    Writer / Narrative Designer

    Hello! We are Compulsion Games, a Microsoft studio based in Montreal, Canada, where we enjoy trudging through snow in the winter and Montreal's festival scene in the summer. We started in 2009, and focus on creating new intellectual properties. Our team is a bunch of passionate, excited people, with a range of experience from very senior to junior. The two main things that we have in common are passion for video games, and a desire to create amazing original work. We're looking to expand slowly with the right people. Our first game, Contrast, launched on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4 in November 2013, and on Xbox One in May 2014. It was a game about a little girl and her imaginary friend, set in an adult world of film noir, cabaret and gangsters. In August 2018, we released We Happy Few on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It's a game set in a retrofuturistic 1960s England, filled with paranoid citizens, where a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people try to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial. We are currently looking for a Writer / Narrative Designer to join our narrative team on a fixed term contract basis for the DLC of We Happy Few. Reporting to the Narrative Director, the Writer will have to: contribute to the DLC’s story, collaborate on the environmental narrative and lore, write scripts, assist with the casting of voice actors, and collaborate closely with other departments (audio, level design, art) to assemble story, environment and gameplay mechanics into a great game experience. We are looking for someone with professional experience writing games, TV, plays or fiction. Knowledge of Unreal 4 is a plus. This is a fixed duration, part-time (20h+) to full time position, depending on your availability. Salary will be dependent on your experience. You would be required to work on site in our Montreal office. Please send a CV, including previous work experience and notable projects, to jobs@compulsiongames.com. Please also send one 2-4 page dramatic scene, meaning a scene where two people talk to get things from each other, revealing their characters while moving the story forward.
  7. Patch Summary This patch contains performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes. General Bugs/Stability • Framerate improvements across all platforms. • Memory use improvements across all platforms. • Can no longer use seating when occupied by NPCs. • NPCs can no longer slide while in idle state, or when interacted with in specific circumstances. • NPCs no longer start gliding off benches and remaining in sitting stance. • Talking to one of the two NPCs sitting on a Bench as a couple can no longer cause the other to slide off. • NPCs now sit on benches correctly in all cases. We hope. • WorldGen: Large cliffs will no longer spawn in front of bridges, blocking main path progression. • Worldgen: Eel Pie Holm can no longer spawn overlapping into Barrow Holm Island. • Fixed a number of rare and random crash issues. • Fixed crash caused by soaking for an extended period of time in-game, in the Pause menu or in the Player menus. • Fixed rare crash caused by continuing a previously saved game from the main menu. • Ollie: Fixed crash caused by hitting continue after death. • Ollie: Fixed rare freeze when NPCs are defeated by punching the Spiky Suit. • Ollie: Having more than one unique item (Padded Suit in this case), will no longer permanently place it in the inventory when moving it to and from the stash, which previously lead to a loss of functionality. • Fast traveling past toxic fog in V01 to V01 will no longer cause the player to lose health. • Pipe smoking NPCs no longer float a few feet in the air. Unlike Canada, Wellington Wells does not believe in being high. • The player can no longer take damage while the game is loading as a result of running through the village • Sally - Ratholm: Multiple yellow flower patches no longer cause a performance drop while hiding in them. • Sally - Unsafe House: General Byng now has facial animation when he screams while he attacks. • Sally: Fixed rare cases of players being stuck in a black screen for 35 seconds after feeding Gwen and answering the door. • UI - Sally/OIlie: Starting max weights for Ollie and Sally now appear correctly from the start (previously appeared as 100 until a save/load was performed). Quests • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: Fixed rare crash caused by using a save from 1.0, then obtaining the ''Shut Down the Quarantine Protocol'' objective. • Arthur - Beginning of the Endocrine - Bring the Extracts to the Chemist: Fixed infinite cutscene occurring when talking then moving away and skipping the cutscene before Stewart starts talking. • Arthur - Looks Like Rain: Mrs Pankhurst no longer occasionally immediately becomes hostile or remains hostile stopping Arthur from completing the quest. • Arthur - Oh, Behave! - Watching the Uncle Jack etiquette minute show no longer gives the "I Hear You - Whose Uncle Are You? " collectible - collectible must now be gained in the intended way. • Arthur - Speaker's Corner: Fixed rare crash when navigating to the third flyer location. • Arthur - Start Spreading The News: Idle chat about coffee from the co-workers in the office no longer distracts Arthur during the cutscene with the chief. • Arthur - The Faraday Cage: Fixed crash when player was sprinting to complete the quest. • Arthur - Walkabout: Mum's ghost can no longer go through hills and then stay stuck underground. • Arthur - The Great Stink: Fixed crash caused by entering steam stream on 3rd floor of control room 3. • Arthur - The House of the Inventor: Fixed the game crashing on rare occasions during the loading screen after dying from the poison gas trap. • Arthur: Fixed uncommon crash caused by using a save from 1.0, when Arthur exits or enter the Wellington Under shelter via the ladder. • Ollie - Jericho: Fixed freeze caused by loading a 1.0 save file and then obtaining the ''Defuse the Bomb!'' objective. • Sally - "The Salty Dog": One of the Cap'n's chests can no longer be opened before acquiring the key. • Sally - Connect The Dots: Navigating to the Garden district during the objective "Visit Arthur In The Garden District" no longer causes an infinite load screen. • Sally - Millihelen: Corporal Hardy, like other pipe smokers, no longer floats in the air while smoking a pipe in the boathouse. • Sally: The apothecary's inventory is no longer occasionally empty. • Sally: The prompt to feed Gwen is no longer present after installing the Baby Feeder and progressing. Also fixed old save games that ran into the permanent debuff issue. Collision and Stuck Spots • Fixed invisible collision in Nick Lightbearer's house causing a stuck spot when jumping near the table. • Arthur: Fixed stuck spot when jumping down from the Health Institute's area to a lower section in the District Parade. • Arthur: Fixed stuck spot when mantling the right side of a fountain located to the left of the Health Institute in the Parade District. • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: Fixed stuck spot on the second floor to the right behind a white cart. • Arthur - Barrow Holm: Fixed stuck spot by climbing on a broken building nearby Edenham and jumping behind some debris. • Arthur - Barrow Holm: Fixed stuck spot when jumping between a tree and a rock on the left side of the Headboy Camp. • Arthur - Brittania: Fixed several stuck spots caused by jumping from the steam blower that's just before the Joy Detector. • Arthur - Britannia: Fixed stuck spot located behind a few wooden crates to the right of the stairwell after the downer detector booths trapping Arthur. • Arthur - Britannia: Fixed stuck spot in the control room, between the wall and the file cabinets. • Arthur - Britannia: Fixed rare crash when using a 1.0 save from the start of Britannia, when going back to the main menu and loading a save from the first objective. • Arthur - Haworth Labs: Fixed invisible collision behind a control panel and a stack of barrels located in the second part of the conveyor belt area trapping Arthur behind them. • Arthur - Haworth Labs: Fixed invisible collision behind a few objects in the secret office causing Arthur to remain trapped behind them. • Arthur - Haworth Labs: Fixed invisible collision between the cylindrical container and tarp covered containers causing Arthur to remain trapped. • Arthur - Lilies of the Field: No longer possible to bypass the collision on a set of cardboard boxes inside the shed found in the secret garden temporarily trapping Arthur. • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot in the debris of an unmarked ruined house near the left corner of the map. • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot located in the debris of a broken down home near the abandoned house containing the motilene. • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot in a broken building next to Dr. Faraday's house. • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot located in the debris of a broken down home near the abandoned house containing the motilene. • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot to the left of the large wooden entrance of the altar of the yam. • Arthur - Malpractice of Doctors: Added collision on the upper wall of a corner on the second floor of the Health Institute, preventing the player from getting outside of the level. • Arthur - Military Camp: No longer possible to mantle out of the camp using the tank that Arthur jumps into during the cutscene. • Arthur - Mystery House: Fixed stuck spot when Arthur jumps onto the second large tree found in the courtyard near the rear entrance. • Arthur - Mystery House: Fixed stuck spot between the piano and the bookcase in the left part of the ceremonial room. • Arthur - Parade District: Removed invisible collisions present on the road at the junction toward the DSIR building. • Arthur - Point of Departure: Removed stuck spot in corner of the rocky mound after exiting the first window and viewing the second cutscene in the train station. • Arthur - Point of Departure: Vaulting back up the left part of the cliff near the garbage can and pile of debris on the bridge no longer can cause Arthur to remain trapped in the ground. • Arthur - Rorke's Drift Bridge: Save/Load after prying open the vent no longer keeps it locked. • Arthur - Rorke's Drift Bridge: Vaulting over the stone base of the statue in front of the church can no longer cause Arthur to move into a permanent stuck spot. • Arthur - St-George's Holm: Prevented stuck spot from climbing an invisible collision near the Workbench inside St-George's Holm secondary hatch. • Arthur - The Faraday Cage: Fixed misaligned collision on the left wall of the Faraday house, previously allowing Arthur to bypass the wall and remain trapped. • Arthur - The Great Stink: Fixed stuck spot between a pipe and the window in the room with the poisonous gas. • Arthur - Thomasina House: Fixed Arthur being able to vault out of the window located up the right stairwell and then remain trapped within the walls of the house. • Military Camp - Distillery: Climbing on top of the Maintenance Cabinet near the tree no longer causes the character to get into a stuck spot. • Military Camp: No longer possible to reach a stuck spot when jumping from the roof of the Depot building and mantling on top of a wired fence. • Ollie - A Dead Man's Best Friend: The player obtaining the Salty Dog before obtaining the quest no longer causes a progression break. • Sally - Ex Cathedra: Fixed stuck spot by the exit of the train station • Sally - Ratholm: Fixed misaligned collision on the large tree near the keycard reader, previously resulting in multiple stuck spots. • Sally - Ratholm: Fixed stuck spot between the wall and a pipe on the right, near the toxic waste water pipe. • Sally - Ratholm: Fixed stuck spot on top of toxic waste pipes between a pipe and the catwalk • Sally - Reservations: Fixed stuck spot between a couch and the wall, in the room with the poison pot. • Sally - Sally's Place: Fixed stuck spot between the wall and the round chair inside of Sally's bedroom. Localization/Subtitles • Arthur: Weapon "The Staff" now is translated across all languages. • All notes should now appear in the player’s language of choice. • Arthur - Subtitles: Many lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the bunker now correctly appear in the player’s chosen language (and not English). • Arthur - Subtitles: Multiple lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the Train Station Tower now appear in the player’s chosen language (and not English). • Arthur - Subtitles: Two lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the train station now appear in the player’s chosen language (and not English). • Chinese: Long dashes no longer appear as two small dashes in Chinese. • French: Wakey, Wakey: Translation for "Blower" is now "Tube Pneumatique" and not "Expirateur" in the objective. • French: Trespassing warning message no longer has translation error. • French: The gender of "Joy" is now (correctly) female instead of male. • French: Every instance of Foggy Jack's "c'est tout pour aujourd'hui" has been replaced with "c'est tout pour vous aujourd'hui". • Spanish: Fixed translation error for "¡Los Cabezones molan!" • Ollie: "The Jacobean Society Rules" note is now translated in Chinese. • Phenocycline Jab flavor text is now translated in supported languages. • "The English Vice" objective is now translated in all languages. • The Targeting Reticle (Game & HUD) option in the menu is now translated in all languages. • Two strings when entering into the Odds and Ends no longer appear in English when playing in any other language. • General fixes for Chinese. • General fixes for French. • General fixes for Italian. • General fixes for Japanese. • General fixes for Portuguese • General fixes for Russian. Playstation 4 only • Game audio no longer crackles constantly while playing and will not cut out or slow down during gameplay. This may still occur over very extended periods of play but can be fixed with a save/load. • Arthur: The title could crash after death by falling during 'Escape Wellington Wells' objective. • Arthur: You can no longer be stuck at a respawn location (bench) in the Parade post-crash. • Arthur-related and global trophies have the correct trophy icons in Japan. Xbox One only • User sign-out will no longer rarely block user from entering the Main Menu. • Fixed rare crash when running around Eel Pie Holm. • Ollie: Fixed memory leak when waiting on the Train Station ground floor. UWP only • Throwing all your items on the ground and quitting to main menu no longer makes the game crash if it’s running on “Ultra” graphical settings. • Arthur - No Exit: Game no longer crashes when Arthur attempts to enter the Lud's Holm shelter at night while in combat with a hooligan.
  8. compulsion

    CE 34878-0

    Bonjour, Je pense que nous vous avons répondu également par courriel, mais juste pour être certain : nous sommes bien conscients des problèmes que vous rencontrez et nous sommes désolé. Nous faisons tout notre possible pour résoudre ceux-ci aussi rapidement que possible. Le prochain patch sera disponible dans les jours qui viennent. Merci de votre patience, L'équipe Compulsion
  9. Hello, The Kickstarter and Early Access players are getting a bigger version of the game than they did previously. You’ll also receive the Jolly Brolly weapon! It’s a silly item which should make for some fun gameplay moments. For Kickstarter backers, we wanted to make sure that you received the Season Pass for free. None of this would be possible without you. And, as a small surprise for the beer tier, to prove that even a little support has a big impact, we’re sending all of you a free digital copy of the game. Thank you for believing in us.
  10. compulsion

    New forums

    Hi everyone, As you can see, we migrated our forums to a new interface. Hopefully this will allow us to do more things in the future. However, this means your posts from yesterday have not been migrated. Feel free to ping us if needed!
  11. compulsion

    Weekly Journal - Inventory

    Early Access Throughout the remainder of 2015 and early 2016, we began substantially changing the game. The community’s response was super exciting, but we realised that a lot of the assumptions we had made were wrong - people were happy with the gameplay but what they REALLY cared about was what kind of story we could tell. This brought about a very significant change where we started adding a lot of character, love, and story into the game. This also increased the average playthrough/run time substantially. For Early access, we decided that we did not want the game to pause while in the inventory. Gameplay wise this would add a layer of pressure to the player, for a more hardcore survival experience. After all, we really wanted our game to be about paranoia. However, not pausing while in the inventory meant that we had to ditch the fullscreen, so we had to make the best out of a limited space. The player could now see directly his survival stats and the time and date in the HUD, so we didn’t need them in the inventory screen itself. Currency was added, so the player could now buy and sell items to merchants. However, the initial Early Access feedback told us two important things: inventory management was becoming a chore (a side effect of adding more and more craftable items and things to use in the game), and the number of hardcore survival fans in our audience was dwarfed by the number of people who just wanted to be in a cool world. Nothing changed for the in-game quickslot. However, with the expansion of useable items, the criticisms about inventory tetris applied to the quickslots too. Life in Technicolour The current Early Access build (Life in Technicolour) is our attempt to solve these issues, and another huge turning point in the life of the inventory. By the time this update came out in mid 2017, we had been in Early Access for over a year, which means plenty of discussions with the community had happened by that point. We heard all kinds of feedback about the inventory but one was truly prominent, players were spending too much time in their inventory organizing it. Some loved it - they loved to organize things exactly the way they liked it - but many more players hated it. Inventory tetris just isn’t that popular. We knew we had a choice to make, because the game length was increasing - we didn’t have bite sized playthroughs any more. We Happy Few was looking less like Day Z and more like an rpg. Based on the feedback above, we felt that players were spending too much time in the inventory instead of the game. So, we bit the bullet and moved onto a weight based system. That makeover was so drastic that we had to make a video explaining it at the time. Aesthetically and thematically we finally had time to do what we wanted - it took a long time to plan, but we were happy with it. We added filters to the inventory and now had room for item descriptions, so players could sort their inventory and learn what items were a lot more easily. We were also able to add quest items as undroppable (and costing no weight), which allowed us to avoid a ton of pesky gamebreaking bugs. The quickslots got their first overhaul in a while. We experimented with autopopulation of quickslots - the top slot would automatically choose a healing item, and the bottom one autopopulated with all tools you could use (and you could cycle through it). We thought you’d urgently need health, but maybe not other things. The weapon slot would also autopopulate with the next weapon once it got broken. Current The new system has been the subject of a lot of discussion. Players were frustrated at not being able to see very many items, but otherwise it received a lot of praise. Some players didn’t like the new quickslot system - the health slot was too inflexible and the tool slot was too flexible (too many choices). We have adapted the system to reflect that feedback, and here is where it is today: For technical reasons, we decided to revert back to pausing the game while in the inventory. While not pausing did bring tension to the game, it also could create a significant number of issues. We realised that restricting weapon/armour swapping would do the job well enough. As a result, we felt like we no longer had a reason to see the game world in the inventory, so we moved back to fullscreen. This solved a few issues automatically, such as the amount of items that could now fit comfortably on screen. We kept the status icons in the top left, but overall we think this is now in good shape - although we may still make some minor tweaks as we approach release. The most recent quickslot system also had refinement - we wanted to keep the autopopulation, because we believe that convenience is more important here than urgency, but improve how it works. There are now (again!) four quickslots, which are autopopulated and each can be cycled through individually. The categories are healing items, survival (such as food and beverage), gadgets (rocks, distraction devices, and the torch), the last one for Joy and other drugs. These categories are matched by new filters in the inventory, so you can see easily what is populating in each quickslot. And that’s it! This, plus some polish and minor improvements, will be the inventory and quickslot system that we ship with. It feels pretty good to play, and we hope you all agree. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  12. Hi everyone, This week we would like to chat about a topic that was trending a lot during during Early Access, the inventory! In this journal, we will go through the major changes it went through, and explain in a bit more depth why we made the decisions we made. We’re also tackling the holsters and quickslots, as you can’t really have one without the other. The inventory changed radically to meet the needs of the game as it evolved. As we received feedback from players and changed core mechanics in the game, the inventory and the quickslots needed to adapt to the new designs. This meant that the story of the inventory is a tiny summary of the entire game’s development. The Beginning Back in the early days, the game was a lot simpler. At the time, the game was looking like it would be a roguelike/survival game, and so we looked around at systems other games were using (Day Z, Rust, Minecraft etc). At the time, we had relatively short playthroughs in mind - something you could play in a single sitting. Here is a picture of our very first inventory in 2014 - keep in mind that in early development, programmer art reigns supreme. In the first version, what clothing you were wearing would determine how many slots you had available to use in your inventory. The jacket above would allow you to carry four items and the pants, eight. Finding a better suit would have unlocked more slots etc. The third slot was for Arthur’s briefcase, which he could also upgrade as you went throughout the game. You could think of it as finding jackets with extra pockets, or suitcases that just got bigger. At the time, all loot was physicalised in the world. We wanted to be able to use both weapons and items in regular gameplay, so created a holster and quickslot system that you would use both in the inventory screen and in gameplay. The quickslots were extremely simple, with two weapon holsters and one quicklsot for an item (food or bandage) that you could cycle using your mouse. The quickslot items would be chosen by hand in the inventory and didn’t stack, which was pretty cumbersome. Naturally, we thought it was great. PAX 2015 - first publicly playable version By the time PAX 2015 rolled around, our inventory had gone through quite a major change already: a step closer to what we really had in mind. To simplify looting and inventory management, we moved to a single, unified inventory - ditching the fixed slots system for a grid. Clothing no longer gated the inventory size, but instead became fully about conformity and other modifiers (which remains the case to this day). NPCs, the ground, and chests were now containers - aka loot was no longer restricted to being physically in the world, and NPCs (or containers) could have “inventory”. This was represented in the left panel above - you could open this via looting prompts or by just going into your inventory. We also moved “player menu” categories to the top, as opposed to on the side of the screen. We still had two weapon holsters, but added an extra quickslot. Throwable weapons had been added by then, and took up a weapon slot. The in-game quickslot became smaller and cleaner. One for a weapon and one for an item. This horrible programmer art remained in-game for YEARS. Kickstarter Progress continued throughout 2015, expanding on the system. For the Kickstarter playable build, the gating returned not only for the inventory but for the weapon holsters and the quickslots. The player could find expansion kits (briefcases made a brief comeback!) around the game to unlock them. The survival meters were also now present in the inventory because we didn’t have a status screen yet. The player menu screens are now icons, instead of names. The quickslots did not change much apart from getting button prompts - we started turning more and more attention to how we communicated things to the player, rather than just building systems (that we already knew how to use). We also added durability for weapons, and weapons could no longer be swapped in the middle of combat, which meant that getting that holster upgrade became more important. At the time, the game was still supposed to be a relatively short duration. However, once Kickstarter players got their hands on this build, we realised that everything would need to change.
  13. compulsion

    Weekly Journal - Last journal as we know it!

    Maarten Hey guys! Last weekly in the current format so one last report from your humble engine-coder-in-the-shadows. We're hard at work prepping a build for the first PS4 TRC sweep. That means we have to abide by a whole set of rules Sony provides, and entails a lot of different tasks: we're preparing and testing PSN trophies, getting all the package details right, hiding our debug menus, fixing localization issues and last minute PS4-specific rendering bugs, updating the PS4 SDK we build against, removing debug libraries linked in to our package, ensuring safe areas are respected etc etc. So yeah, a hell of a lot of i's need dotting. Luckily QA gives us great support in flagging any potential issues, and based on our Jira, we're almost ready for that first sweep! Thanks for reading, I hope you guys liked these weeklies, and I hope you're all looking forward to the release as much as me! See you then! Narrative Team - Alex and Lisa Alex Well, we have had a first stab at finishing voice recording, and then a second stab, and now we are onto Elevensies. That is to say, I have three more recording sessions lined up, and then we really, truly will be done recording. Unless it turns out we have to do some more later. I had an amazing session with [redacted], who plays [redacted]. She’s become a really superb voice actor. Also, Allan Cooke, who plays the Mad Scotsman, and the translucent as-yet-I-think-still unannounced [redacted] who plays Sally. I’ve just finished editing a slew of audio flashbacks for the Mad Scotsman, which will reveal all sorts of interesting things about how he got where he is now. Have to figure out where to put them in the polymorphing geography of the game. And I’ve been trying to help the localization folks, who need to know what “Awa an bile yer haid, ye weapon!” means, so they can translate it into other languages. Google Translate does not seem to cover Scots, alas (it’s not the same as Scots Gaelic). Production Sam Adam is just jealous. As the producer on the project one of my most important tasks is to keep us focused on shipping. We can build and build and build, but at some point we have to start tightening, and be content with what we have. I am very proud of the team’s progress on this front, as we have been very efficient with the time we have had. Another part of my role is to play cheerleader for the team, and support them through to the finish line. While this isn’t directly related to the game, as part of this, I fully shaved off my beard at the end of October, and since then have been growing a “shipping beard”. I occasionally trim the sides, because otherwise I look like an old toothbrush, but the length will stay growing until we ship this game. We’re all in this together. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about how we have created We Happy Few! We’ve certainly enjoyed having you here. Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games
  14. compulsion

    Weekly Journal - Last journal as we know it!

    Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary And PH PH It’s officially optimization time! Yeahhhhhh… (sarcastic voice). There’s so much to be done in the art side. But we want to give you the best experience possible and optimization is one of the great pillars of a good game. So I’ve just started to review some levels trying to decrease the numbers of assets. It’s huge! There are thousands and thousands of assets in each level. It will take a while but definitely nothing impossible. Sarah Dang, gang, this is it!! The last couple of weeks, Clara, Michael, and I took on some MAAAAJOR major HUD overhaul, and I think you guys are going to love the improvements. It's way more readable, whether you’re alerting the suspicion of NPCs, trespassing, or dying from something unpleasant. There's also a dippity dope new visual way to track your Joy intake (I'm especially excited about that feature!) The HUD is sleek and minimalist, with all the information you need to navigate, without being a complete eyesore. I mean, I hope it is, that was the goal anyway. In addition to these exciting changes, I’ve been polishing existing assets, making the last of the pick-up item icons, and making the odd scribbly sign. I'm going to miss these updates. It's been such a privilege to share this journey with you, and I can't wait for you guys to play! Ta ta for now Carylitz I spent some time doing small levels and fixing small tasks, a little bit of everything really, having some fun here and there! Unfortunately I have nothing substantial to show this week, but it’s been a pleasure showing you guys some of my work for the past 2 years. Also, have you ever noticed that sometimes the name of the team members would be in spanish? It was me all along! jajaja Engineering Team - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, Céline, Neil And Guillaume (Sometimes) Lionel I would like to quote something from the Big Lebowski here but nothing comes to mind. Anyways, this week the work continues on curved roads. There are a tons of constraints to respect if I don’t want to break the game but it is getting there. I am also working on shortening the bridges between the islands. The new placement system for the islands put them a bit too far from each other, so I am adding a compression pass to make them closer. After that, it’ll just be bug fixes until release! Céline Hi everyone. From now on, it is going to be full-time super fun bug fixing! Gotta fix ’em all! The game is coming along nicely and it is very different from the early access version (for the better). Please look forward to it, I cannot wait to hear your feedback when the game releases! Michael Things continue HUD-ing in the right direction, but seriously now, the HUD is really starting to look pretty cool. We've got a solid design where all the elements are fitting well together stylistically, or at least that's what the artists tell me. My favourite thing about working on the UI and HUD is the design element of working out what information is useful to let a player know, when you need to know it, how urgent it is to make you notice this before you get in trouble and how important it is relative to the rest of the information being presented to you. For the HUD we did a good job of feeding these questions through many members of the team to make sure we captured all the issues, and then took those requirements to determine how things should look and be represented. It was a good process, I like good processes. Anyway, It’s still all coming together, and looking better everyday, Thanks for reading! Serge Hello world (I never get tired of that line), There's a system in our game that we call 'Point Of Interest' that is used to keep the NPCs busy when the player is not a threat to their happiness. They are meta data placed in the level by the designers, with the animations and the archetype it needs to be started! This mechanic has evolved a lot during the development and we started observing some conflicts between archetypes who were trying to do the same tasks, so I spent the week understanding all the dependencies and refactoring the code to make it more robust. That's what 'bug fixing' is all about: finding the gaps in code logic that came from initially prototyping a feature, and then adding more and more specific environments or interactions to that feature that needed custom support during the game development. I hope you enjoyed our regular updates; I really enjoyed the feedback we received from you.
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    Weekly Journal - Last journal as we know it!

    Animation Team - JR, Rémi, Vincent, Mike P, Jules, and Raph Jules Hi! This week I finished the takedown of Sally for all of the NPCs! Basically, to be able to perform a takedown when playing as Sally, you need to craft a syringe. The animation of this takedown is shorter than the takedown from Arthur. After this task, I moved to the famous Jolly Brolly! As you know, if you have preordered the game or have backed us on Kickstarter or Early Access, you will receive this fancy weapon! You will be able to shove the NPCs with style. That's it for me this week. Thanks everybody for your comments during all these weeks, I really enjoyed reading them. MikeP Sup folks! This week in the amazingly exciting land of the animators, I have been busy making little interactions. A surprising amount of them actually. Also posing a few dead corpses along the way. I kinda feel like the Swiss Army knife of the animation department this week, as I have many tools, people generally forget me in a drawer till they need the corkscrew or that screwdriver bit that doesn’t actually properly fit the screw your trying to tighten and then completely strip before you give up and drink that wine you just opened, in defeat. So actually maybe not completely like a Swiss Army knife, except for the wine drinking part. Anywho, here’s a picture of a guy that probably didn’t die peacefully in his sleep. That’s it for me this week folks, tune in next week, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel! Actually, that’s not true. Apparently this is my last personalized post, so… As Edward R. Murrow famously said: “Goodnight, and good luck!” Vincent Bonjoir! Mostly organizing stuff this week, trying to make sure nothing gets forgotten and the playthroughs have all the anims we need! Sounds a lot like ‘not getting actual things done’ (to me too), but important nonetheless. Among all that task writing and bug fixing, we joined a bit the optimization front by compressing thousands of animations. Whoo! That was easy. As to not disappoint for the last ‘up and personal’ weekly, let’s leave on an extremely exciting note: I’ve started working a bit on having the first person hands not clipping inside the surrounding geometry. It’s just quick tests, but we should not be the shame of the whole industry when the game’s out! See if you can spot the subtle difference: Well, it’s been a pleasure, seeya in the new weekly format next week maybe! J.R. Hi! You wonderful people you. Remember me? This week marks the last traditional weekly, as we'll be moving to a cool new format until release. So I'm sneaking out of my secret-stuff hole (that didn’t sound right) momentarily to say one thing... thank you. Thanks to those who have been there since the beginning, and those who came by and said hi when we were at PAX. Thanks to the fans who kept sending nice mail and sweet, sweet art to the team. Thanks to the new blood, the fans who came around to support us over the years. Thanks to the guy who noticed that my "lost NPC" animation looked like Vincent Vega at the intercom. Thanks to the youtubers that reacted to our trailers, for some weird fucked up reason I can't get enough of these. Thanks to the guys at IGA for bringing the booze for Fridays... So many others, but all in all just thank you. I wish I would have been able to show you more of my work in the last few months, but I reckon the rest of the animation team did a great job of keeping you guys informed. In the meantime, I'll move back into my shroud of secrecy and hopefully when the game comes out, you'll be enjoying the cinematics at least a little bit! Much love, bless you all, and don't be a downer. QA Team - Lee, JP and Stephanie Lee Hey everyone. I haven’t posted in awhile as we’ve been very busy locking down the build and making sure we’re in a good place for our submissions leading up to 1.0. This has involved creating loads of test cases and making sure they’re up to date with the latest design. These test plans help us and our friends at Gearbox ensure the game is as bug-free as possible before release. There’s a whole lot of game here compared to the early access release and we can’t wait to show you all the amazing additions the team has been working on when we launch later this year. Jean-Philippe QA is gearing up for the final few phases of testing. This involves creating a lot of test plans to cover pretty much everything in the game as thoroughly as possible. Test plans to cover Stealth, Combat and Encounters have been created, among others. There are still many test plans that need to be created in an effort to help polish the game. Some verification on ensuring consistent WorldGen was also performed. Ended up with a rather fun bug where Wastrels will fall down the very steep road incline.