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    PS4: 1.7.80097 UWP: 1.7.80002 Windows: 1.7.79954 Xbox One: 1.7.79954 We Happy Few 1.7 Release Notes Patch Summary This patch contains Arcade Mode, including three separate new ways to play We Happy Few. It also includes infrastructure to handle the upcoming DLC, and general performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes. New Features • Survival mode Added. Survival mode is a return to the Early Access survival experience. It has had all story elements removed, and is a mostly systemic mode. The mode includes tiles from the story mode that have had story elements removed, new areas and tiles, new onboarding, and a scoring system added. • Night’s Watch mode Added. Night’s Watch is the opportunity to play as one of the wellies - or in this case, Constable Constable. You’ll have to hunt Downers throughout the night to make sure the streets are safe for the citizens of Wellington Wells in the morning, and includes a new enemy to fight. • Sandbox mode Added. Sandbox mode allows you to tweak and change the procedural general system We Happy Few uses, with sometimes unpredictable results. Options that might result in unusual visual features or weird AI issues are marked with warnings, so use those settings at your own discretion. Basically, this is a mode to mess around in, and cheat/have fun as you’d like. • Added game type indication to save game info when loading games. • Added DLC menu. General Bugs/Stability • Fixed a crash on consoles when loading a save game inside the Doctor HQ in Arthur’s playthrough. This should unblock progression for anyone whose saved games were consistently crashing in this location. • Fixed rare crash/infinite loading issues. • UI fixes. • Fixed issues with patrols/navmesh failing, causing NPCs to be in unusual places. • Fixed issues with NPCs teleporting/attaching directly to you during combat. • You can now equip a single gas mask when multiple are owned. • Rarely, Doctors' saw weapons had collision and could make characters bounce erratically when both come in contact. • Bobbies wearing gas mask are no longer immune to caltrops. That was quite silly. • Added missing prompt to unlock a water pump if character has a lockpick already crafted in their inventory. • Climbing onto the televisions in the streets no longer causes the camera to spin wildly. • Opening the map no longer causes the current quest map marker to persist after the quest is completed. • Player can no longer slip into areas when metal shutters open for NPCs (could break quests). • Rain should no longer show up in the interior of the joy factory. • Reloading the initial auto save will now correctly unlock the recipes for the Jolliest Brolly and Not So Jolly Brolly. • Entering a shop at the same time as night comes causes no longer causes the player to be trapped inside. • Spankers inside Wellie houses can no longer hit the player through walls and closed doors (tiny collision missing in the door frame). • Bodies you are carrying will no longer disappear if there are too many corpses nearby. • The term "non-lethal kills" in the statistics menu was dumb and now is less dumb (“takedowns”). • Subtitle/language fixes (including several Britishims fixed). • Localization fixes (including Arthur’s final cutscene - now translated correctly). • Fixed various stuck spots/locations where you could access areas inappropriately (causing issues). • Many small fixes, like animation skips, clipping art, etc. Collectibles/Achievements • Collecting a memory mask while the player character is talking will no longer result in the VO of the mask not playing. • Broadcasts: Uncle Jack shows will now unlock in all cases when listening and looking at wall protruding screens in the Village. • Fixed an issue with the “Gimme Shelter” achievement caused by failing the "A Model Citizen" quest. • Fixed an issue with the “Cat Burglar” achievement, where getting hit while picking up a fake cat statue could cause it to disappear. • Fixed an issue with the “Arthur Haste-ings achievement” caused by consuming a random obsolete phlash pill that could be found in an obscure location. Using any phlash pill should now unlock this achievement. Encounter Fixes • NPCs should no longer clip into the ground near the Rubble Pile at the Water Pumps. • Removed unobtainable chest in the middle of a watch tower in the military camp. • Fixed some save incompatibility issues and other blockers for players using saves from version 1.5 or earlier. • Fixed rare/obscure/conditional quest blocking issues with the Church of Simon Says, the Cult of Jack, Hallucinogenic Salad, Haworth Labs, Plough Boy's Lunch, Possibly Heinous Package / Superb Meat Boy, Really Bad Gas, Speaker’s Corner, Cathouse, Rorke’s Drift Bridge, Home Cooking/Connect the Dots, Duck Soup, Plassey Bridge, Military Camp, Manned Flight, So Foul and Faraday. • Ed Macmillan can no longer be lost. If you drop him, and he despawns, he’ll reappear at the point where you picked him up. • Arthur - Alabaster Bobby in Haworth Labs will no longer find an adjacent room more interesting that the room he should be in (allowing him to be fought in all cases). • Arthur - Edie Goes Downer: Loading in a game with the encounter/quest completed, no longer causes Arthur to repeat his quest completion dialog. • Arthur - English Vice: Reform Club NPC barks are no longer persistent after leaving the level. • Arthur - Future Perfect: Fixed incomplete video during "The House Of The Future" video with Jack. • Arthur - Letter Of Transit: Fixed narrative inconsistency with Arthur mentioning cod liver oil before he knows he needs it. • Arthur - Ravensholm - The Scottish Play: Ollie's model now behaves correctly with lighting during the cutscene. • Arthur - The English Vice: Using the shock baton "Tickler" no longer causes the NPCs in the Reform Club to teleport. • Arthur - The Great Stink: Fixed issue that could cause the worker keycard not to be available when needed. Any players stuck at this point should find a worker keycard either in their inventory or on the ground near the entrance to the underground. • Arthur - The Scottish Play - Military Camp: Turning the subtitle option on, at the military base entrance, no longer displays a full page of dialogue obstructing the player's view. • Ollie - Lud's Holm: Jumping under the Salamanca Bridge no longer causes the player to respawn stuck under the bridge. • Ollie - Manned Flight: No more auto-saves after triggering Manned Flight and can't manually save after completing the first objective. Fixes progression blocker in this area. • Ollie - No Place Like Home: The second Bobby no longer notices Victoria immediately. • Ollie - The Gung Hoster: The objective marker in this quest is now a location marker, and will show the location of where to find the explosives and Private Baden-Powell properly. • Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Uncle Jack's broadcast video will now pause appropriately during the cinematic for his last broadcast • Ollie - Jericho: During the intro cutscene, the items Ollie takes out of his bag no longer have a duplicated version of them already on the table. • Physics - Corporal Cheeseman and other NPCs on patrol should no longer fall out of world when hit by Ollie with an enhanced cricket bat. • Sally - Hope Chest - Worldgen: A large patch of grass surrounding the chest no longer has a kill volume. • Sally - Train Station now has a POI marker on the map. Xbox Only • Fixed several issues related to dashboard use when saving/loading. UWP Only • Fixed rare save game corruption issue. Save games could become larger than the UWP allowance, preventing them from being registered. Resolves issues encountered by Xbox Game Pass players who use the Play Anywhere feature. Playstation 4 Only • Fixed multiple Playstation 4-specific crash issues, some black textures and more minor PS4 graphical issues. • Arthur - Hostile Takeover – Disable Motilene Pumps: The electric beam blocking the way is no longer invisible. • Note that as Playstation 4 players did not receive update 1.6, their 1.7 update includes all fixes from the 1.6 update as well. Over 1000 bug fixes and optimization improvements in total.
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    Hello all who see this I hope you love my bobby cosplay as I do :)
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    Hi everyone, We Happy Few 1.7, including the new Arcade Mode, will be coming to all platforms on Monday March 25th! In the distant past, during our Kickstarter campaign in 2015, we promised that we would build additional modes for We Happy Few - at the time, loosely titled Sandbox and Wellie Mode - and we have been working on what this would look like since launch. Today we are excited to finally present you: Arcade Mode! Arcade Mode is a free game update for We Happy Few which contains not two, but three new modes that will showcase a different part of the We Happy Few experience: Survival, Night’s Watch and Sandbox. Survival Survival is a return to the Early Access survival experience. As its name suggests, Survival mode is all about surviving in a harsh and unforgiving world, and is designed for those of you who enjoyed the survival experience in the past. You will need to hunt for food, water and shelter, and you’ll need to use all of the stealth, crafting, and combat skills at your disposal to last as long as you can in Wellington Wells. Scoring is based on survival time but to keep things mysterious and exciting, there is also a way to escape the island. Night’s Watch Have you ever wondered how it would feel to give a jolly good thrashing to those pesky Downers? In Night’s Watch (formally called Wellie Mode), we bring to life one of the most requested characters by the community, allowing you to play as the most notorious Bobby, Constable Constable. As a constable, and a man of high duty, you’ll need to keep all the filthy Downers out of town through fast paced combat while making sure you do not run out of Joy. Each night will become increasingly harder as hordes of Downers start pouring around town. Upgrade your weapons, take your Joy and keep the streets Downer free! All with a great big smile on your face. Sandbox Sandbox is a non-narrative/non-goal based game mode, which allows you to experiment with our world generation systems and gameplay options. This isn’t a skill based mode rather than a calmer experience, designed for players who want the freedom to create their own version Wellington Wells. So, if you’d like to pile 50 corpses in a bathtub, or see a very unusual procedurally generated world, this might be for you. With a whole arsenal of cheats at your disposal, chaos in this mode knows no bounds. Update 1.7 and other stuff Update 1.7 will drop on Monday March 25th for Steam, UWP, PS4 and Xbox One. Along with Arcade Mode, Update 1.7 will contain an array of bug fixes and improvements for We Happy Few. Along with these additions and fixes, Update 1.7 also includes the infrastructure (eg the menu option) that we need to deliver the Season Pass DLC. We're very close now to talking more about the first DLC. Stay tuned for more info soon! Finally, we have just about fulfilled the last of our Kickstarter requirements. With Arcade Mode coming out, we’ve completed all our project stretch goals! We’re just about finished with the final physical rewards, including the final parts of the collector’s box. Thank you all for your patience. Patch notes to come. Compulsion Games
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    Hi all, On Monday, November 11th at 11am ET, update 1.9 of We Happy Few will drop on all platforms along with a little something else! We Happy Few 1.9 Release Notes Patch Summary This patch addresses general gameplay issues, and a few bugs that were happening in some encounters. General Bugs/Stability • When crafting with weapons as reagents, they no longer appear as fractions. Partial items can now be used to craft. • Fixed the bug that caused systemic NPC conversations and POI interactions to not trigger properly, not play audio or loop repeatedly. • NPCs no longer instantly stand-up and clip through their beds when startled by noise. • Female Wellies/Wastrels and Criers no longer lack lip sync when talking to them. • Dead NPCs don’t spawn alive anymore after loading into area. • Encounter-specific Bobbies no longer create a temporary loss of functionality when bribed. • Epilogue Cutscene: Performance issues no longer cause the final cutscene to hang and the audio to not be synchronized with the visuals. • Fixed the bug that caused fast travelling to the Shelter in the "Secondary St. George's Holm Hatch" to prevent the creation of a "Last Shelter Visited" save file. • Fire and smoke no longer clip through the wall on the second floor of the House of Doctors. • Hopscotch POI can no longer spawn under multiple assets on the sidewalks, fixing the bug where Wellies can clip through them as they hop across them. • Intro loading captions at the start of each character’s story no longer appear only in English. • DLC Specific: Custom difficulty no longer includes survival needs difficulty which is not present in the DLCs. • Missing SFX when navigating and selecting slots in the Load Game Menu are now in the game. • Placeholder textures for the Frying Pan, the Rolling Pin, Mother's Little Helper and The Double Plus Wood are no longer showing when they break. • Collision issues (sticky/stuck spots) are no longer present around the small fences along the 2 sides of the Thomasina House. • The Histoplasma hallucination music now plays without the Lightbearer DLC installed. • TNT no longer goes through floor when dropped. • HUD will no longer take between 5-30 seconds to update after a change in Status Effects or Health when a PC/console is starved of resources. • Uncle Jack (Wakey Wakey) collectible videos are no longer unlocked even when the radios are turned off. • Fixed the bug where video in pre-rendered cinematics could be delayed but not their audio, making them out of sync. • White Tree Park: NPCs no longer sit on top of each other on the benches. • Infinite loading when entering Act 2 after completing Arthur's playthrough is no longer happening.. Arcade Mode • All modes: NPCs no longer clutter in areas such as Cozy Tea Park. • All modes: Player does not see footprints of most NPCs while sneaking • All modes: Some NPC Wellies don't sit properly on the benches (clipping, floating and misaligned). • All modes: Honey can now be harvested from all Honey Bee Nests. • All modes: Encampment terrain now fits the terrain around it. • All modes: Last Shelter Visited is now saved in Village Hatches. • All modes: All Fast Travel Hatches now have their proper name. • Freeform: The street park is no longer floating a little above the ground. • Freeform: The 'Reset Skills' cheat is now functional. • Freeform: Old Fountain Park level no longer floats above the island • Freeform: Terrain is no longer floating in the Garden District. • Survival: Fixed stuck spots. • Survival: Performing a Save/Load inside the hidden room of Abbott Estate no longer causes the player to load back into a swarm of bees. • Survival: When 2 NPCs try to interact with the same object, one NPC no longer circles around the one that interacting with the object. • Survival: A Custom Waypoint is no longer present during the loading screen when starting a game in Survival Mode. • Survival: Water beside the bomb no longer cuts off abruptly. • Wellie: Items that cure certain status no longer have the bad ailments written twice under the item's description. • Wellie: No longer possible to have a negative number for the "Money Earned" at the end screen. • Wellie: A 'You Are Bleeding' message no longer appears on the intro screen. • Wellie: The string "Weapon Of Choice" at the Death screen no longer appears only in English. • Wellie: Infection no longer persists into the next round (now behaves like other status ailments). • Wellie: Money Earned stat is now accurate on the end game screen. • Wellie: The "Recent" sorting option now also apply to Wellie mode. Encounter Fixes • Arthur: No longer possible to get trapped inside the Mystery House grounds as the gate will only open when the histoplasma mushroom status effect is active. • Arthur: Office Workers in “Start Spreading the News” are no longer upstairs attempting to sit on the same couch. • Arthur: After Nick's bathroom electrocution cutscene, there is no longer a random assortment of items floating where player was standing. • Arthur: In the Faraday Cage, James no longer falls through the floor when startled. • Arthur: In the Still of the Night, Andy Alim will no longer teleport to or fall through the outhouse floor when getting up to attack Arthur. • Arthur: In A Malpractice of Doctors, performing a save/load inside any building separated by a loading (DSIR, Haworth Labs), and then progressing continuously to the Coconut Joy cutscene, without doing any other save/load no longer causes a blocker. • Ollie: Performing a Save/Load during the Jericho mission, at the Check out the Alarm objective, no longer causes Ollie and Margaret VO to stutter and repeat itself. • Ollie: The Uncle Jack video that plays in the lobby of the tower's subtitles no longer gets cut off in Japanese. • Sally: Small animation corruption after lowering the boat on the water is fixed. • Sally: Stuck spot between debris on the second floor to the left of the bed. PC Only • Game no longer becomes unresponsive when minimizing and re-opening the game multiple times during loading while on Fullscreen and without the pause in background option. • Game no longer becomes unresponsive when minimizing during the booting screen while on Fullscreen. Xbox Only • Suspending the title for an hour or longer will no longer kick the user back to the main menu with no in-game functionality on the gamepad.
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    Just when I thought I couldn’t love this game any more, you’ve proven me wrong. After spending several hours playing each new arcade mode, I just want to say you guys have done an incredible job. Thank you so much!! I am definitely looking forward to the DLC content!
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    I really really really liked the game. I wish Ollie's Act was longer, i really like his character. The things that come out of his mouth. hoo boy
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    Hi there, v1.8.85815 was just released late last week (this will appear as 1.08 in the PS4 menus). This includes a fix to address memory issues during the Malpractice of Doctors quest. If you update to that version, do you still experience this crash? If the issue is still occurring after the update, please contact our support team at < https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new > and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers, Lee
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    Hi everyone, We are excited to announce that Lightbearer, our second DLC is now live on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and GOG! In this second piece of handcrafted Season Pass content, you play as Wellington Wells’ most beloved rock star, Nick Lightbearer, in a brand-new story! Heartthrob, artist, and personal trainwreck Nick Lightbearer is adored by legions of fans—until disaster strikes when a Nick-centric fan convention is plagued by a string of murders. When all signs point to him as the killer, how will he reconcile the disturbing overlap between his own blackouts and the killings? It also features a brand new song from Murray Lightburn (The Make Believes, The Dears) “I Have Seen Everything”. This DLC is available for all Season Pass holders (also in the Deluxe edition of We Happy Few) or as a standalone. You can purchase the Season Pass on the platform of your choice here: Xbox One, Steam, PlayStation4 (Americas), PlayStation4 (Europe), GOG. Cheers, Compulsion Games
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    So the game has always crashed, but on 6/1/2019 around 1 A.M or so I had constant game breaking crashes. The reason I say game breaking crashes is because it stopped me from continuing the story, (SPOILERS FOR PARTS OF THE MISSIONS!) the missions in question are: Haworth Labs, and A Malpractice of Doctors; now there have been other missions that have crashed on me, but these two in particular have crashed in the same spots over and over and over countless times. For the Haworth Labs mission it happened after I got the letter of transit, when you have to cross the bridge to get to the next area. As soon as I step on the bridge every time my game crashes. I tried over and over for it to work but nothing helped, so I went to bed and woke up the next morning. The following morning it worked without one crash so I progressed through the game, with little crashes happening here and there but they all weren't game breaking. Then I got to the A Malpractice of Doctors mission and it crashed again and again. I might add every time it crashes the an Error Code pops up Error code CE-34878-0. I've reinstalled countless times and nothing. Please help whenever you can.
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    I'm having the exact same experience as you! I've never died during the mission & can make it all the way to the exit of the HQ, but then I get blue screened. I also cannot choose "continue" because I will get a blue screen once the game finally finishes loading. Luckily I made a manual save right before I entered the building, but every run ends in a blue screen. I've really enjoyed the game so far (well, the story at least... not so much all of the glitches and crashes) and would love to actually finish it!
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    I also have had issues blue screening when exiting the building after completing the mission without dying and trying multiple times. It has also autosaved so I cannot "continue" without it blue screening. This is an amazing game and a brilliant concept, however the further I progress the more it randomly goes to a loading screen while walking down the street and/or it blue screens. Please fix these issues quickly. Sincerely, A fan who wishes to complete "We Happy Few" for all of its glory.
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    I am also having the same issue i think i tried to finish malpractice of doctors more than 40times and everytime crashing (usually the crash are more frequent after the quarantine deactivation). But no luck i'm stuck there... can't go further in the game... I also contacted the support, and the reply is that they are fixing "bugs" but they have no eta. And suggeste me try to restart the game from the beginning to see if things works (the problem is that in my actual save i did nearly all side quests etc... so i would like to keep this progress, and not really want to redo everything from scratch).
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    I am having this same issue after the 1.7.8 update. I have restarted the game multiple times since and still have this issue. I have played this mission 11 times and have only completed it once. It's incredibly frustrating. Has anyone been able to finish Arthur's story since the update? I haven't died or even been seen inside the Institute. I don't want to have to start the entire playthrough again... 😣
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    I'm am currently having issues with getting through this mission due to the bug in Nick's home. When I unlock the mirror, it sends me back to the same room I've been in before. I've tried many times and different codes with the guitars but yet the same thing. Please help!
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    Thanks Lawrah. That was the problem. It never even occurred to me to try to continue from the main menu--I guess I just assumed that I had to go straight to the dlc. Crisis averted!
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    I'm in Xbox One but I did the exact thing you did and saved the game before the guitar part to see if I'm doing it wrong. I guess it is messed up.
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    Both doors were shuttered, but I did find out about the NPC part while playing the game upon checking on the house for any possible changes. Took a few tries, but finally got in and got the quest line done. The shutter stayed up after knocking the NPC out from behind, so I didn't have to wait any longer. No idea when it first occurred, so I'm glad it went the way it did. Thank you for the help, and I'm glad that the patch will help with it! Wish you all the best of luck with bug fixing and patching, it probably isn't easy but the players certainly appreciate it!
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    Thanks for your feedback. We're currently looking into the issue you're encountering related to launching the DLC.
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    That helped!! Thanks very much!!
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    Compulsion Games is looking for a great IT manager to take over our infrastructure. We are at an exciting juncture in our history as we join the Xbox Game Studios family creating worlds full of wonder and creativity. As we grow, we want to architect, setup and maintain a first-class IT infrastructure for our new office and look after the daily needs of our team. We are looking for someone who will: Plan and implement the infrastructure reorganization: Help redesign server infrastructure and internal practices. Deploy new server infrastructure for development support. Design and deploy infrastructure for new office. Support build distribution: Build scripts/systems for our games. Overview platform packaging. Manage integration with external services/partners. Manage the day-to-day maintenance and support: Deploy new machines, software Help on-board new employees. Track software updates, patches. Support people with tech problems. Interface with the Microsoft IT group Liaise with Microsoft IT teams when needed. Qualifications: You have ideally already managed a moderate server infrastructure. You are familiar with Microsoft platforms (Windows, Xbox One development environment). You are an expert with server infrastructure (virtual machines, Active Directory / workstation management, file serving, backup) and Linux OS. You have a strong knowledge of networking (LAN, VPN/Remote access). If you are interested, please send us your application now.
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    Can NOT finish this game. Keep crashing every time I leave the building with the doctors. I have gone back through previous saves, and it happens over and over again around (not at an exact moment) time it crashes. Keep getting a (CE-34878-0) error.
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    PC Steam, last version (25 mar) - italian user I am very much appreciating the constant work of the development team. and I look forward to playing the new dlc. Meanwhile, let me illustrate the first opinions on this patch. And I look forward to playing the new dlc. Meanwhile, let me illustrate the first opinions on this patch. 🤗 Survival Mode I was extremely positive about reviewing all the elements of survival in the game again. I can finally get back all those tricks I had lost with the full version in just the story mode. 😍 I also noticed a certain commitment to creating more street activities by the NPC of Wellington Wells (those who sell newspapers, despair on the ground, etc.) excellent choice. The plot is reduced to a minimum, which can also be there, but I still have some doubts about choosing to completely separate the survival experience from the story mode (I talk about it better at the bottom). as a sole complaint, I would like to have some steam-related achievements related to the mode. I noticed some strange bugs, for example sally at first manages to stun enemies even if he doesn't have any K.O syringe. in the inventory or Arthur that, although there is a high id signal overweight in the inventory, he manages to transport everything without any handicap in the movement. 🙃 Finally, it is quite annoying that even in survival mode Arthur it has more vocal voiceline than the other characters with all the features of a tutorial (when it picks up a fruit for the first time, when it forces a trunk with a lockpick for the first time, etc.) 😬 Night's Watch I find it wonderful. I love how the difficulty increases along with the various NPCs that are added. I have not yet tested the hard mode (I hope that there are NPCs with weapons and shoes / clothes that are consumed that force us to do more shopping), but I had the pleasure of reaching about 10 days in normal mode and 30 in easy mode. here too I ask that there are steam achievements connected to the game mode. 💪 I also propose an online list in which to record the statistics records of the various users of the game (who opened more trunks, who survived more nights in one mode, who collected more money, etc.) Sandbox nothing to say ... apart from minor connection errors between buildings (but I think it's normal) 😅 New UI I believe there is something to be solved visually. I do not speak so much of the organization, but of its aesthetic level 🤔. For example, I noticed how easy it is to superimpose story mode saves over survival mode and sandbox saves. it would therefore be useful to have small icons that show what kind of rescue is being touched (history, sandbox and survival). Perhaps it would be the case to organize it for very distinct colors (such as bordeaux, purple and blue) ... the same also for the UI of the arcade, it is organized but visually it is sad. I remember when you created the three modes (birdwatching, vigilante and downer) with well-made cultured icons. It would be dear to propose them in the selection of the arcade. or set it up as the inside of Joy's cabin: I imagine an interface where you can see the three tubes of the Joy booth that, instead of being written in tastes, there are instead the label of the arcade game mode you are choosing. 💊 Another suggestion is to make the most of the DLC graphics: they all look like movie posters, so why not create an interface where all three DLC posters look like the outside of a cinema? 🎞️For those that should still come out you could put the word "coming soon" while those to buy a direct link to the store you want (steam etc.) Perplexities still existing: 10 minutes in story mode I wanted to retry the story mode (Hard) to see if at least in this difficulty I would have had some stimulus in survival. unfortunately I noticed that again (paradoxically) a single blue berrie satisfies me completely or like a single hour of sleep makes me completely rested (the same as a tea cup) ... and frankly this disappoints me a little. At least for the hard mode, I'd like to have both the story and the real survival element. There are people like me who really want to make sense of the great amount of elements necessary for survival in the story mode, perhaps it is even essential for the player to be able to immerse himself in the atmosphere of the game at 100% once he has learned to understand how it should survive. Power Up could come when the player has 100% of a primary need. I thank you for giving us the old way of survival, but we also want to see a true wellington wells, in which we also risk real hunger in history ... at least in Hard mode. 😕 I would like to highlight a particular note of the prologue that I had already expressed in the past but which has not been solved: there are no subtitles yet when reading newspaper articles that Arthur goes to censor / approve. from the redactor machine. There are also some achievements related to these choices, and it is quite serious not being able to read them in own language. A final technical note: why is there no animation to climb the ladders while going down to risk falling? 🙃 --------------- I will be able to create more in-depth feedback in the individual elements in the coming days (but possibly after the DLC release), I hope it will help you to get a complete opinion from a very affectionate player. Thanks for everything, the wait was well deserved.
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    Location: Just entered plagued fashion building shelter in the parade district, and i hear the usual styled mumbling of the slowed records.. but its different this time. Head out the door to the right in the storeroom to the bed in the back corner, theres a wind up 45rpm record player. A woman sings over jazz about one day waking up in a house on fire alone hearing sirens coming. HELP? Im going to be up all the night fretting 20190222_155929.mp4
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    It has one on it ready to go amigo! Its found in apple holms safehouse, the fashion studios basement pad.
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    Did you supply it with a 45 rpm that you found elsewhere, or was there one on it?
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    I've noticed that on the right side of Haworth Labs entrance, where the green liquid is released to the water, the area causes Xbox X ventilator go crazy and if you stare directly at the green thing, the frame rate drops badly. It is nothing serious nor critical, however I find it quite interesting. Did somebody else notice that? Does it show on other platforms? Never have I heard Xbox work so loudly nor have I experienced anything similar throughout the game.
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    For anyone who has the same issue, I went back to the Department of Science and Industrial research to see if I missed anything. On a whim I set the laser off again even though it had already blasted the lab. It started the next quest instantly. I dont know if it will work for everyone but it is worth a shot.
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    A thousand thanks my man, all i kept getting was news storys about fires~~
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    Damn! That's "House on Fire," from Contrast!
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    We’re excited to announce that We Happy Few is now available on Xbox Game Pass! If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber you can download the game here. If you’re a new Xbox One player of We Happy Few and have any questions about the game, feel free to take a look at our forum or send a ticket to our support team here.
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    Hi everyone, After a much needed holiday break, we are officially back in the studio and ready to start a brand new chapter! From all of us at the studio, we wish you a happy new year. Big things are coming this year, including the DLCs. We are happy to say that things are going well and that we’ll start sharing specific news very soon. Let’s say that we hope you enjoyed the wacky side of We Happy Few. However, in more immediate news, the team has also been working on patches and updates for the main game. Console and PC versions of We Happy Few operate differently, each with their own set of specific bugs to address. Lately we have been working on Xbox One specific issues, as we received a great deal of feedback about it specifically. Today we are releasing update 1.6 on Xbox One! These fixes will be coming for other platforms as soon as they are ready, along with their own platform specific fixes (including linux). If you are curious about what the update will be, this patch contains a new save game system (so you have more than 3 save slots available), some small combat improvements, performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes. Here are the patch notes for update 1.6. Otherwise, many of you have asked about the progress on the DLCs. We’re still a small team and are doing these DLCs ourselves. What this means is that we proceed through pre production on each update with a small team, then go into production with the full team when it’s ready - and this can take time. We want to get these right, and we very much appreciate everyone’s patience. This is where each update is currently at: Sandbox is in the final stages of tweaking and QA, and will be the next major patch after 1.6 (1.7, probably). We’ll be talking about these game modes shortly, as they will provide different experiences to what you currently see in Wellington Wells. They Came From Below is mostly content complete, and we’re currently reviewing/polishing up what we’ve built in production. Lightbearer is full steam ahead in production. We All Fall Down is in pre-production. As usual, if you have any questions about anything, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to respond. Thank you, Compulsion Games
  33. 1 point
    Hi, We gave an update on the DLCs in January but we haven't communicated yet on the release dates as we're hard at work on it, but we'll do that as soon as we can, so stay tuned! http://compulsiongames.com/en/news/186/new-year-update-xbox-one-patch-announcement-and-dlc-news! Thanks for your patience.
  34. 1 point
    So I’m working on my Bobby uniform whilst I wait for my mask to arrive (I’ve ordered two - one from a guy who makes them in the US and one from the Time Capsule.) Anyway - the helmet light isn’t finished yet (will need the torch installed in the helmet and then the helmet plate painted properly.) ...but then it’s pretty much done. Looking at reference images - the colour of the bobbys helmet plates differ. For example - in the promotional pics, his helmet plate is what the police used to call a night plate - I.e it’s black, whereas the McFarlane figure - it’s silver shiny. I’m probably going to go with black - make it more sinister!
  35. 1 point
    Hello, I happen to be new here! Great to be here. To begin, I wish to share a recent piece I completed. My art style heavily resembles Tim Burton's so it was super fun drawing these character! Hope you dig it and I hope to meet other great fans!
  36. 1 point
    Note: I've noticed my WHF fanart being posted about the net without credit, and I have a sneaking suspicion this is the source. Please don't do that, this isn't official art, I wasn't paid for it, and I put a lot of time into it. If you want to show it to people, link back to the posts. So we creative sorts have a subforum now which means I'm let loose into the streets. However I'll be nice and clean and keep a thread updated with my stuff since I like organized things. So if/when I draw/cosplay more Arthur fanart I'll post it in this thread.~ Click on the icons to get the full image Illustrations Sketches Cosplay Recordings sometime 5 months ago - Fanart - [link] 9th April - Animatic work - [link]
  37. 1 point
    This is going to be an unpopular reply, but personally I thought Bioshock was actually quite flawed in execution. Sure it had a great story and premise (as does WHF), but to me there seemed to be a significant hole in the gameplay. With Vita Chambers turned off the Big Daddy's were massively overpowered for the average gamer, whereas turning them on rendered the game pointless as there was no death penalty at all (similar to the original Prey game). This extreme overpowering happened very early on in the proceedings and went way beyond the usual principle of bosses as an extreme test of all skills that have been learnt in the game so far. I enjoyed Bioshock and Bioshock II (never played Infinite), but personally I'm getting much more of a thrill playing WHF than I ever got with those. Unpopular opinion maybe, but that's how I feel.
  38. 1 point
    Hi everyone, As you can see, we migrated our forums to a new interface. Hopefully this will allow us to do more things in the future. However, this means your posts from yesterday have not been migrated. Feel free to ping us if needed!
  39. 1 point
    Hi everyone, Sorry for the lag - Naila and a significant part of the team are at E3 indeed. And when I pushed the new forums to be live, it looks like something went wrong with the users permissions. Can you confirm you can now post new topics?
  40. 1 point
    The plague victims keep saying things that we don't really understand. But after a few searches on Google, it turns out they're speaking Old English, and they're quoting lines from an old poem called Beowulf. se mánscada evil attacker godes yrre bær bearing God's anger faégne flaéschoman the doomed cloak of flesh seonowe onsprungon sinows sprang asunder burston bánlocan bone-locks burst þegnsorge dréah anguish of thane-loss oppressed him (not sure of this one) aldres orwéna without hope of life saédéor monig many sea-beasts wraéc micel great misery módes brecða a breaking of his spirit hafelan multon heads melted bengeato burston the wound-gates burst open hie wyrd forswéop they have been swept aside by Fate deorc déaþscua the dark death-shade hé æt wige gecrang (,) ealdres scyldig he fell in the fight, having forfeited his life þone dolsceaðan the rash ravager's wiht unhaélo that damned creature féond on hellewaes "féond on helle" = a fiend in hell, but the -waes part doesn't really belong here because that's part of the next sentence in Beowulf ðaér ábídan sceal (,) maga máne fáh (,) miclan dómes there he must await, the creature stained with crimes, the great judgement nó þý leng leofað (,) láðgetéona not the longer does he live, the hateful spoiler I think I've got them all but in case I missed one, most translations can be found by using this sentence in Google without the quotes: "site:https://www.heorot.dk InsertOldEnglishHere" EDIT: no idea why there's so many empty space in between the top text and the table, I can't edit it out either.
  41. 1 point
    Annnd she's finished: Eleanor Green. Unfortunately the animatic itself will not be finished by my deadline on Friday, because I want to get it to a point I'm happy with before I make it public. u_u I'd rather not release something I'm just not at peace with yet. @Naila the answer to that is: the hopes and dreams of children fuel me
  42. 1 point
    Stream Saturday on my Hitbox is going to be me working on the animatic this week, so tune in later if you're about and want to nerd out about WHF. ♥ Edit: the recording is over here. Thanks to everyone that watched!
  43. 1 point
    This is Eleanor, a character for the final project fan-animatic I'm working on. I wanted a character that wasn't as visible as a main character, but since she's a main character of her own little story she at least needs to be more visible than the background characters; I chose to go with a different hair-style/colour/dress pattern than the already-designed Wastrels, but still stuck her with similar themes to blend in with the world. The music hasn't been 100% confirmed yet and the story changes with it due to pacing, so I'm not sure if it'll involve both her Wastrel and Wellie designs, but the Wellie design is almost done and will eventually be put next to this one. But I'm definitely trying to use an instrumental version of the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby' as the general feel of it is so eerie and perfect for what I want to go for. I've tried to emulate the WHF concept style to a point, but I still ultimately wanted to keep it my style and I'm sort of happy with it? I'll give it some better tweaks and such when I put the final piece with both together. @Iris_Lockspur There's some amazing tutorials online for watercolours. I'm self-taught by just playing with it and I'd highly suggest it. And thank you to both you and @Naila for the compliments. ♥ I'm really hoping I'll get around to working on that one. Edit: now with fixed head size because she looked like the bloody queen of hearts
  44. 1 point
    Everything is great! And I really, really love your watercolour works (looked at the others on your site). That's my favourite form of painting, and I'm sad because the art department at my college has only two instructors so there aren't/isn't enough resources/want for a watercolour course. Also, love the Beatles. Best band, best band. 10/10. Update us when you get around to working on that piece. ovo
  45. 1 point
    Oh- and something newer? It's a really rough iPad sketch for something I'd like to draw when I have time. Because Beatles songs and Strawberry Fields though.
  46. 1 point
    Welcome to the Compulsion Games forums! Thank you for taking the time to look at this We opened these forums in order to be more involved with the community, we want to hear your input as well as have enjoyable discussions. To be about to post you need to become a registered member and activate your account through your email. As with every forum we have some guidelines. They are fairly simple so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them: 1. Be excellent to each other. We’re all here to have fun. Always be respectful towards other community members, moderators and Compulsion Game team members. If you feel especially slighted by another forum member, report their comments instead of replying to them. 2. Keep your posts tasteful. Don’t post material that could be considered offensive or NSFW, some of us are trying to browse at work without getting in too much trouble, also 3. Use a Spoiler tag when necessary. If you are about to reveal a spoiler please warn the others in the title and/or in the comments. 4. Have fun! For any other general concerns or questions, email us at support@compulsiongames.com Love, Naila
  47. 1 point
    These are all great! I too love the bear sign! I demand Compulsion team make us posters of these for our bedrooms!
  48. 0 points
    I've done the guitars on the wall and got to the point of of entering Nick's hideout however when the screen goes black I am still in the same room again I've tried an older save and I have the same issue I've done everything from getting killed by the bobbies to sleeping and travelling to different hatches and it's still the same issue goes black and I'm still in the same room and help.would be great it was a good game up until now my build no is v1.7.80097
  49. 0 points
    yeah Laura, fantastic advice, start a new game and count on luck for not getting glitch on main quest, awesome.
  50. 0 points
    It still crashing in Doctors HQ even after the new update on ps4 !!! I can't play 💔💔
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