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    Im starting to get it. As I start to explore more and my inventory grows, its easier to survive on the go. The meters, I feel are still a little too fast, but not as fast as I thought they were yesterday. In fact if you were to change only 1 meter I would suggest extending the sleep one, because the others drain fairly quick but they are manageable once you have some food stocked up and keep by the water, sleep is trickier because you can go and sleep in others beds but if you dont want to get caught you sleep for a short little periods of times and I find myself doing that frequently. As far as glitches the constable thing was my bad I didnt know I was supposed to go to a different district but one prominent glitch I seem to have is not being able to give people stuff when they need/ask for it even if I have it.
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    So, at the start of the game, you have to choose whether or not to take the joy pill. If you choose "yes" the game ends with the player character having never become a rotten Downer. Here's an idea: you could make it so taking the Joy Pill kickstarts Wellie mode.
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    1. I brought The guy his precious valve and he told me how awfully kind of me this was. Then he proceeded ranting about the still broken valve. The valve was removed from my inventory and I can not buy a new one. Solved the problem by taking out the guy and stealing his key 2. I suppose faraday is supposed to be IN the cage, at least thats what the audio makes me think. However, she stands on her bed, investigating the picture of the muscular man of the V-Meat ad.
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    There's a line in Mrs. Stoke's diary that needs correction: "There must be some people out there, otherwise did we trade for food with all those years?" Should be (correction in bold and caps): "There must be some people out there, otherwise WHO did we trade for food with all those years?"
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    One Weird bug that I encountered and easily took advantage of when playing without permadeath and second wind on. After jumping off the bridge from the left side of the toll bridge, I died under water, but after the second wind time ended, the game took me to a loading screen and then spawned me damaged on the other side of the bridge, which let me skip that part. The bug didn't work on the other bridge. Another minor bug is the inability to gift bandages to other characters, while gifting other items seems to work fine.
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    After I helped George Villiers (The one who gets stabbed by his wife and you give him all the things to help) he walked off, later I passed by him and he fell to the ground again in a completely different spot, still thanking me for helping but prompting to give him medicine again. When I tried to it popped up with INVALID INTERACTION PROMPT
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    Allways, when i try to make a new game, and safe, my old safagame is loading. Even when i go ahead on the safegame and safe, i allways start on 8th day. Please help me ;____;
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    While putting High Quality Mechanical Parts into storage, it disappear instantly no matter the storage is full or not.
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    How to access the preview build of We happy Few? If I go into properties > betas then select to opt into preview it says I need a beta access code to unlock private betas. Thanks!
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    Anyone found where to use the motilene vacuum? I can't figure out where it works, since it isn't a usable tool. I tried to see if I could do something where the old lady is jumping in the massive motilene spill, but no dice. I also heard you can do it at the Downer Investigation place, but it isn't on my map, and the quest isn't labelled for a specific place. Any ideas?
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    everytime I go to a store and buy something on happy few it froze up and knock me off the game will you please fix this please and thank you
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    I am stuck in several missions in the game. "blood on the streets" for example requires me to reach a trap box behind a metal shutter that I can't open, even with a jimmy bar. I just can not proceed that way. Got the advanced lock shocker and a jimmy bar, but to no avail. How did you open the shutters? Comments would be appreciated. Fennec
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    So I bought WHF a couple days ago and so far I'm really loving the game. So that's the first thing. A couple bugs I have noticed: - Sometimes the Poisoned Waster glitches and continues to vomit. There was no prompt to speak with him to begin the quest. So I punched him to see if it would get him out of his "loop". It worked a little too well as he ran off and I haven't found him since. - "Campfire" quest sometimes bugs where only a floating Chef's hat appears. I realize this might just be me, as I restarted the game and have not encountered the bug on this play through. general feedback: - In the prologue if you approach the window that the projection of Mr. Jack can be seen on, you can look out the window and to (what should be) the street, however its just a gray void. - Optimization issues... the recommended settings for my machine are ultra; however, there are still some frame rate issues at certain places. (Not a big deal, really.) - LOOT CONTAINERS IN THE SAFEHOUSE I have noticed that two of the storage lockers regenerate items after a few days whereas one of them does not. It has been empty since I looted it on day 1. Is this on purpose? Is that container safe to store loot in? (My stash is full) All in all a really lovely game. I love how responsive the devs are. Thanks for reading/hearing me out!
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    See title. I popped a joy pill by the tree, I see the ghost, but it doesn't move. Since my quest objective is to follow it, this is a bit of a problem.
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    Cant work out if its a bug or not, but once or twice I have been in the situation where I have escaped from an attacker but the everyone hates me and wants to attack. I even went to two different locations and as soon as anyone sees me they attack. Reloading the game sorted it out.
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    So after playing roughly 8 hours (dying twice) I have managed to make it to a raft and leave concluding the first part of the game. But since the game is ever changing I think I shall play through a few more times to see what new quests I get. This past run I did not need to get honey, or the constable's card and it was really easy set of quests to get through except for finding the bucket of moteline but I figured it out eventually. Haha
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    Not fun wandering around for hours trying to find some place you have already been and need to get back to for a quest.
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    Im not sure if this is normal cause its my first gameplay but it gets ridiculously dark when its night time.. to a point where i cant se a thing. I was exploring when it became so dark so i can not longer see whats around me and it seems im trapped between something.. a tree? a rock? i have no idea cause i can see what it is. And this is the second time that this happened to me, the first time i had to wait for daytime.. is this normal ?? Is there a way that i can see whats in the dark ?
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    I run into the problem where its after 9 or 10pm (I'm not 100% sure ) and NPCs are still roaming the streets and the bobbies have their night lights on and will get pissed at only me for being out. I also have run into bobbies not spawning at all at night but i hear them yelling at me. ( I will leave the safe room around 9 or 10 and the streets will be empty until I sprint across town then they suddenly popp in)
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    Hi i have just got the game and when it starts up and goes onto the welcome saying its 50% and all that and it asks you to press any key to continue. so when i press a key it instantly crashes my game and i don't know why please help!
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    No people when reload when crossing a bridge
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    Hello Community, Does anyone know whether a German language will come for the Game?
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    Okay I am probably gonna be a tosser for this, but is there any way to make the game quality's graphics go lower down still? Or rather a way to make it look like a 360 game? Either that or is there gonna be a way to lower the resolution down even more? Again I am not trying to be 'that guy' and the 30FPS patch was amazing, but I just would like it more if they could do a way to make the frame rate less... shifty at times. Also, I would like it if there was some way you can actually see the people who are important for missions, or important items lighting up. I am not saying like over the top, but at times I can't see the items people dropped like trying to find the power core when it is lost in grass.
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    Hello, after more than 10 hours playing the EA build and completing it 3 times I have found some bugs that you have probably already seen or not and I have some improvements suggestions. Bugs: It appears that there is places where there is floating objects like hats or signs: There is a grave stone where we are suppose to dig, but the option is not available even with a shovel equiped : At the end of the game, where you enter the safe, your inventory gets reset ( the place before escaping) this bug is not important but still, it's a bug. In the mission where Roger's ask you to find a Valve, it appeared only one time but when I gave him the valve he didn't gave me the key to the lab. Inprovements: In the french UE4 Widgets all the accents like "é" are not in caps and it's kind of strange to see (I know that it might be because the font doesn't have the É but it would be better for the eyes : - I am the first that don't like this idea but you should put a tutorial at the start to learn how to open the inventory and craft a lockpick. I saw a lot of people stuck at this point lol So that's all, I will report more bugs when I will find them, Have a lovely day Compulsion
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