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    Allways, when i try to make a new game, and safe, my old safagame is loading. Even when i go ahead on the safegame and safe, i allways start on 8th day. Please help me ;____;
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    I am stuck in several missions in the game. "blood on the streets" for example requires me to reach a trap box behind a metal shutter that I can't open, even with a jimmy bar. I just can not proceed that way. Got the advanced lock shocker and a jimmy bar, but to no avail. How did you open the shutters? Comments would be appreciated. Fennec
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    So I bought WHF a couple days ago and so far I'm really loving the game. So that's the first thing. A couple bugs I have noticed: - Sometimes the Poisoned Waster glitches and continues to vomit. There was no prompt to speak with him to begin the quest. So I punched him to see if it would get him out of his "loop". It worked a little too well as he ran off and I haven't found him since. - "Campfire" quest sometimes bugs where only a floating Chef's hat appears. I realize this might just be me, as I restarted the game and have not encountered the bug on this play through. general feedback: - In the prologue if you approach the window that the projection of Mr. Jack can be seen on, you can look out the window and to (what should be) the street, however its just a gray void. - Optimization issues... the recommended settings for my machine are ultra; however, there are still some frame rate issues at certain places. (Not a big deal, really.) - LOOT CONTAINERS IN THE SAFEHOUSE I have noticed that two of the storage lockers regenerate items after a few days whereas one of them does not. It has been empty since I looted it on day 1. Is this on purpose? Is that container safe to store loot in? (My stash is full) All in all a really lovely game. I love how responsive the devs are. Thanks for reading/hearing me out!
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    So I’m working on my Bobby uniform whilst I wait for my mask to arrive (I’ve ordered two - one from a guy who makes them in the US and one from the Time Capsule.) Anyway - the helmet light isn’t finished yet (will need the torch installed in the helmet and then the helmet plate painted properly.) ...but then it’s pretty much done. Looking at reference images - the colour of the bobbys helmet plates differ. For example - in the promotional pics, his helmet plate is what the police used to call a night plate - I.e it’s black, whereas the McFarlane figure - it’s silver shiny. I’m probably going to go with black - make it more sinister!
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    Okay I am probably gonna be a tosser for this, but is there any way to make the game quality's graphics go lower down still? Or rather a way to make it look like a 360 game? Either that or is there gonna be a way to lower the resolution down even more? Again I am not trying to be 'that guy' and the 30FPS patch was amazing, but I just would like it more if they could do a way to make the frame rate less... shifty at times. Also, I would like it if there was some way you can actually see the people who are important for missions, or important items lighting up. I am not saying like over the top, but at times I can't see the items people dropped like trying to find the power core when it is lost in grass.
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    Just when I thought I couldn’t love this game any more, you’ve proven me wrong. After spending several hours playing each new arcade mode, I just want to say you guys have done an incredible job. Thank you so much!! I am definitely looking forward to the DLC content!
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    This is a bug I encountered also. Lee has acknowledged it and said they are working on fixing it. You can bribe bobbies that just pop up patrolling the streets, but unfortunately the ones guarding something or standing around for a particular reason can’t be yet.
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    Hello, I recently completed this wonderful game and would like to report some bugs I experienced, mainly to do with subtitles. (I played in English, but next I am also curious to check out the Japanese localisation, so I suppose later I could report again if I experienced the same issues on a different language setting) Platform: PC (GOG) Version: I began my save file on the launch version; but played most of the game (including starting acts 2/3) in the latest 1.4.71191 version Screenshots: I have some screenshots of most of these (I took them so I could note where the issues were). I have only uploaded the ones that seem particularly relevant/useful to have a visual for to me, but I can probably upload any others if desired. Missing Subtitles -During the quest "Sympathy for the Lightbearer", the cutscenes from mid-way through had no subtitles (the one where Nick is first encountered and the one in the bathroom). -During the quest "The Church of Simon Says", for the cutscenes in the church it did not display any subtitles for the elderly lady's dialog. It still subtitled things like <applause> for some reason. -During the quest "A Malpractice of Doctors", the opening cutscene to the Wellington Health Institute did not have any subtitles for the PA announcements -The "Home Again" mask scene doesn't have subtitles, including when replaying it on the Theatre menu. Missing Audio (though luckily there was still subtitles) -I'm not sure if this is a 'missing audio' or some other type of problem, but subtitles from the gossiping old ladies in Thomasina house have a very large radius in which they appear, much much further than when the audio does. ---This also has a secondary problem. These lines are (comparatively with other NPC dialogs) very frequent and can appear during the cutscenes. It made a cutscene from "Superb Meat Boy" with an Impatient Person very difficult to follow, because these extra subtitles kept appearing and disappearing, jumping the cutscene dialog lines around. -I had a similar problem in Ollie's act, with some kind of very frequent NPC dialog subtitles (I think it might have been from the Uncle Jack fanclub?), interrupting the quest "No Place Like Home" at Miss Byng's house, including all of the cutscenes. This was particularly frustrating because the extraneous dialog subtitles were rather tonally dissonant with these dramatic/serious scenes. (Image: https://imgur.com/2zijEre) -I did not work out where this dialog about Nick Lightbearer was coming from in Haworth Labs? I thought maybe there was another set of cells I missed, but I couldn't find anything, and the subtitles appeared over a much wider area than the other prisoners'. There were subtitles all the way from the office to the exit hatch. And, I think they didn't appear until after the cutscene with Dr Verloc (because otherwise I would have noticed them similar to the above) (Image: https://imgur.com/MKeORvY and https://imgur.com/WfS4Xd8) -The cutscene where the bobbies take Sally to their office was missing audio (but, it returned for the song and dance cutscene). -I also had an issue at one point, where although there were subtitles when interacting with Gwen, Sally's dialog and Gwen's baby noises had no audio, there was only some fabric rustling noises. Other subtitle-related problems I encountered -Technically, not a 'missing' subtitle, but in the mask scene "Hildegarde" this very long paragraph was only displayed for a short time and disappeared while the audio was only halfway through it. (This happened in the game, where I missed getting a screenshot/don't have a nearby save, and happens when replaying on the Theatre menu) (Image: https://imgur.com/ZWbZsMI) -Same issue, for this subtitle during Sally's encounter with General Byng at the military camp. It doesn't display for very long, and disappears halfway through the audio. (Image: https://imgur.com/HBIoU24) -During the quest "The House of the Inventor", the first cutscene outside Dr Faraday's house has a 'blank' line of a subtitle marker with no text. It's luckily not altogether missing, as the text for that dialog was included in the next line displayed. (Image: https://imgur.com/vkLDgCD) -The cutscene where Sally notices Gwen has measles, had a 'stuck' subtitle that stayed and partially obscured the bottom line of text. (Image: https://imgur.com/QdQZPnZ) Other text-related issues -The text display of this poster on the wall in Nick Lightbearer's house is showing something completely different. It has the same problem in Sally's act, though if you move the cursor much lower, it will bring up the proper text. (Image: Arthur https://imgur.com/PNpyvWt and Sally https://imgur.com/TR2RBxk) -The error text explaining you cannot expand your carrying capacity anymore doesn't appear on the menu/inventory screen, only when you exit out of it again. -This quest encounter ("Bad Dreams") is missing a label on the map. (Image: https://imgur.com/ucN7IED ) -A display issue with this sign in the Uncle Jack fanclub. (Image: https://imgur.com/wQvUvn0) -The cutscene talking to the executive committee has a text overlay. Strangely, afterwards I could not even find the poster or sign it is supposed to be showing text for? (Image: https://imgur.com/9ji1lK1) -There was some minor typos I noticed in the quest log text (other than the deliberate/stylised text). Should I report those too? Things I'm not sure if it was intentional or a bug -After completing the quest "Edie Goes Downer", Arthur's dialog when reloading would be about it, every time to the end of the game. Was that supposed to happen..? I didn't get the impression that quest was such a 'big deal' compared to other events of the story that Arthur would continue to comment on it. -In Ollie's act, towards the later half of the game, when entering a new area that was supposed to start with a brief cutscene, it would briefly show a normal/'playing' view before showing the cutscene. This didn't happen in Sally's or Arthur's acts. -I'm not sure if this view of the mainland is supposed to be like this? Or some kind of world gen/loading issue. It is from Ollie's act so the the world generation was done under the latest version. (I did think it looks kind of cool though, and adds to the un-real feeling of the world outside WW) (Image: https://imgur.com/4z1WqcS) -I'm not sure if this was a bug or a misunderstanding on my part... my impression was that on the easy difficulty, it turned off the survival needs management requirements, but during Sally's act I got some red penalties for being thirsty and hungry? This never happened on Arthur's act, and I wasn't exactly using food/drinks very often. (Image: https://imgur.com/YxW4Sys) -In Ollie's act, I could not craft the "Spiky Suit" due to lacking a Padded Suit, even though I had one? (Is there a different kind of Padded Suit to the basic one for getting honey?) Not a bug, but maybe I could please get some technical advice? For Arthur's act, my framerate was mostly good, around 60fps with drops to 40fps in large/crowded areas. But on Sally's act, I was getting absolutely dreadful framerate drops - down to 20fps - around her house, every time I went near it. Which was very unfortunate, because obviously you have to go there a lot during her story. I ended up rushing through, because that framerate + character movement was making me feel ill. Ollie's act wasn't quite so bad, though the framerate tended to to drop to 30fps sometimes, it wasn't as frequent (and thankfully wasn't making me feel ill). From what I understand, this is a CPU issue, though mine meets the recommended requirements. Right now, my system specs are Intel i5-6500/GTX 1080/16GB RAM. But, I was planning to upgrade in the near future to an Intel i7-7700K. Is that likely to make a difference, especially to the issue around Sally's house? I really want to play her story again, and take my time. Thanks for reading all of this, I hope at least some of it was useful information. I am looking forward to the next update and the upcoming DLC
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    I think I understand what is going on here. From some hatches, I was able to fast travel to other hatches by clicking on the map. This led me to think that was the correct way to use fast travel. When I select the destination from the side bar, as you suggested, fast travel works as expected from all hatches I have tried so far. At this point, I see 4 bugs, all of which are pretty minor or probably easy to fix: Shocking Carelessness is not clearing once completed Messaging to the player about how to use fast travel when using a keyboard and mouse is not nearly as clear as when using a controller Some hatches allow you to use fast travel by clicking on the map instead of the side bar The message that pops up when you click on the map of "You cannot fast travel from this location" implies that you can fast travel by clicking on the map.
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    I feel silly now. The English vice quest unlocked the Bobby. Thanks for the help.
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    UPDATE: As of now, the v1.3 update should correct this. Please ensure that you are running the latest game version before submitting a support request. We are aware of the issue, and we plan to implement a fix in a future patch. We are currently tracking the issue and if you would like to mention your specific case, you may contact Gearbox Customer Support, as they help us a great deal in gathering individual cases and presenting / reporting this to us in a concise way. https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As of now there is no Workaround for PlayStation 4 and XBox Users, so I would ask that you keep an eye on this forum for more information about when an upcoming Patch is being deployed. Cheers, Jean-Philippe Leighton Senior QA at Compulsion Games
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    Hi everyone! I've been working on this fanfiction snippet for the past year and I finally posted it. It has been at least 4 years since I have written anything creative so please keep that in mind! https://archiveofourown.org/works/15461001 Hope you enjoy and thank you! -OldSportGatsby
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    I bought the pipe valve and went back and handed it to him, nothing changed and I couldn't complete the questline.
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    Hey Compulsion Games. I love this game, but timing food and water intake is currently ridiculous. At one point I fell asleep, and when I woke up both my hunger and thirst were at the lowest point. I ended up dying as I looked through my inventory for things to eat. Please have the game pause when you are in the menus, or at least make the hunger/thirst timing longer. I barely read through a quarter of my inventory before I died.
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    After finding the hammer pipe, Floyd no longer has any actions available, so I can't give it to him. You can't even talk to him either.
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    I spent an hour or two running around looking for 50 coins to buy the valve from the merchant and I eventually bought it. When I went to Faradays to give it to him it glitched and he acted like i never gave him. I walked up to him and pressed Y to give the valve then he said "For me? Thank you" after that he just ran to the bench and sat down and asked for the valve as if I never handed it to him.
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    I'm starting to experience more bugs the further into the game I go. So instead of cluttering up the forums with a new discussion for each one, I'm just going to update this discussion every time I encounter one. If one of these aren't a bug, and it's just me being stupid, or it's been fixed, let me know. 1 - "Where's the Power?" Quest On the "Where's the Power?" Quest, I fought off the mob attacking Ralph. When I do that, the quest does not update, and Ralph stands there with empty power canisters around him. Every time I go into a safe house or go to sleep, a mob member respawns and attacks him. I kill the mob member, and Ralph still doesn't do anything. One time Ralph even started moon walking backwards and clipping through objects. (Made me chuckle a bit) Another time, Ralph himself became hostile after seeing me kill one of his attackers. 2 - The Bailies I stumbled across a ruined house with two people in it. George and Mary Bailie. Mary was in a bed sick, and George was in a chair next to the bed comforting her. The game gave me the option to give Mary an apple. When I did, she stood up with no animation on top of the bed, thanked me, then went into a T pose. I got nothing in return, there was no quest activated. 3 - Food Poisoning Not Showing on the HUD I ate rotten food instead of normal food like an idiot when I was in a safe house. So I got the food poisoning effect. It showed up in the HUD, but I went to sleep for about 10 hours to get rid of it, and the food poisoning effect was in between health and hunger in the HUD, but it was invisible. I kept throwing up and it wasn't going away. Taking a neximide pill fixed it. That's all so far. Let me know if you encounter the same bugs, or if you have a way to fix them before an update. Thanks guys <3 (I'm enjoying this game immensely)
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    For anyone who has the same issue, I went back to the Department of Science and Industrial research to see if I missed anything. On a whim I set the laser off again even though it had already blasted the lab. It started the next quest instantly. I dont know if it will work for everyone but it is worth a shot.
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    Question to Devs: Would you like to make the Brolly and Jolly Brolly be stealth weapons, so you could have them out and no one would get triggered? Not a huge deal.
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    This guy doesn't face you while his dialogue is playing.
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    Hello! Loving the new story in the game. Anyways, I am playing on a PC laptop through Steam, and the build is v1.5.72378. The biggest obstacle I have encountered is not being able to bribe the bobbies. I keep a healthy stash of scotch at all times, but when I press v to bribe, the just stare at me. Perhaps most of my bobbies are just recovering from their love of scotch. *mild quest spoilers ahead* I was, however, able to bribe the two bobbies around the pretty cart with the dead body on it (Quest line: Possibly Heinous Package). That said, I ran into issues with the quest, "Slaughterer's Apprentice." It was surprisingly easy hauling a dead body in a garbage bag through town, and rather less easy to escape the hands of the V-meat master lunatic. I got as far as Arthur getting his stash back, but I was too slow and got knocked out. Unfortunately, there is no other *broken eviscerator part* in the area, and therefore, no way to finish the quest if not done right the first time. Would there be a way to cause the machine to spawn a new one each day, or maybe just have the psycho slaughter poor Arthur to start the same day again? Any way to remedy this would be lovely. I know there's a way to cheat the part into the game, but where's the fun in that? Lastly, at one point I fell into a void and died by stepping over a dead body and attempting to open a red door. I believe it was a house, and I will actively try to find the specific area again. It was kind of funny, actually - I was half hoping to see a "vacation to the void," article, but it cracked me up that it simply said Arthur had gone for a swim. Although I'm 40 hours in, I can already tell there is much more to this game, and I am so impressed with its progress. I look forward to seeing it in its entirety. Thank you for taking your time and fine tuning it. Have a lovely day! -A Fellow Downer
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    Manually save inside the tunnels. Restart the console. That worked for me.
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    Here's a more accessible save file. Thanks. AutoSave.sav
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    https://steamcommunity.com/app/320240/discussions/0/1711815918572798712/ Read Captain Scarlett post found while searching GOOGLE
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    It should have been “thus” not “this” so yes I can speak English even if an iPhone can’t! Thanks for pointing it out. Also I am not a forum manager. I am a fan and game player just like you who just happens to also be a moderator. I was just pointing out that with different people experiencing differing levels of issues it can be difficult to pin down what’s causing them.
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    Here's what I think it means. When you put the disk in it is checking online for any updates as obviously the disk was made days if not weeks ago. As the game is not yet released MS is saying an update is not available so the game won't install. This has happened with other games previously so it looks as if you will need to wait until tomorrow. You could try disabling your internet connection to the Xbox before trying to install?
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    You will have to start the game from the start, what's coming out on August 10th will be new and completely different from what you can play now. There will still be a sandbox mode available, as far as I'm aware, however.
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    I would definitely buy a Bobby figurine. Or a Joy Pill Bottle with fake Joy in it.
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    Hello! We are Compulsion Games, an independent videogame developer based in Montreal, Canada. Our first game, Contrast, debuted in 2013 and told the story of a little girl and her imaginary friend. Our second, We Happy Few, is currently in Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One. We are looking for an experienced Level Designer to come and work with us on We Happy Few, an award-winning, dystopian 1960s survival game about escaping from a delusional English society that is completely obsessed with happiness. In the context of the project, you must be able to quickly assimilate our existing narrative, design and features to generate compelling moment-to-moment experiences that marry the game's narrative with its core mechanics. You are at ease working with all disciplines in game development. The position of level designer includes but is not limited to: - Understanding and improving game systems and mechanics. - Evaluating and reviewing existing blueprints for stability, coherence and standardization. - Extending and enhancing, or designing from scratch, the moment to moment gameplay for procedurally generated or story-specific encounters/missions. - Participating as part of the design team to evaluate and improve the game as a whole through constructive criticism and creative contributions. Strong technical skills (working with Blue Prints and/or Scripting) - A good sense for layout, locomotion, player pacing and gameplay. - Be self-directed and self-motivated to learn on your own. - Creative minded; capable of designing narrative-rich experiences. The ideal person for the job would: - have a minimum of 3-5 years of industry experience working with the Unreal Engine, - have a strong understanding of UX design principles and practices, - play games regularly and understand the fundamentals of what makes them work, - enjoy and thrive at working with people in other disciplines, and - be looking to join a top-level and creative independent team. This is a full time role at our studio in Montreal, Canada. Salary will be discussed based on experience. If that all sounds like you, then we would love you to come and work with us. Please send us an email at jobs@compulsiongames.com, including a CV and examples of recent work.
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    I cant complete this mission, I've given him the pill and cleaned the pond. I had to do the runner as ended up getting the plague. Now all he does is keep asking for the pill again and again and again, and I cant give it to him. I want to try and crack him open!!
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    Give a pig a pancake, DRASTICALLY improved from first 2 play throughs! Map holding stead, tracking working like a charm! 1.) Traps around "give a pig a pancake if triggered for the NPC to attack rather than give quest 2.) 3rd objective of same quest "take 1 item" doesn't trigger completion had to force with dev commands 3.) Still receiving quest "Spring Cleaning" on start up, with change to starting safe house not possible to complete 4.) Custom map marker not functioning at all Still a great game. Back to survival will update as playthrough continues
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    I've been having a lot of npc's glitched into the floor, as in half of them are sticking out of the floor and they cannot move. Also fighting them on the stairs is quite the issue even if your looking up and should be able to hit them you still can't.
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    So I have this problem with Faraday's quest. First of all she did not appeared in her lab (she appeared in her room, levitating over her bed so i had to talk to her over there) and when I finally managed to do that, i got the empty bucket, i fill it with motilene, but i'm not able to give it to her. In the "Quest" category, it sais that i didn't filled the bucket yet, even tho i did it. So how can I restart the quest or get pass this glitch ? Because I can't continue the story. 1 more thing. When i died, I lost my motilene vacuum. can I get one back ?
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    Maybe I'm not doing it right but the NPC wouldn't give me the duck after exhausting dialogue, I tried to take the duck and there was no prompt to steal it etc, I used a trap duck they all started clapping and then got gassed and then I tried to swipe it while they were all coughing didn't work either, I turned on the radio no luck, I threw rocks and glass bottles to distract them again to try and swipe the duck still no prompt to take it, I resorted to murdering the npc cook/chef who was stirring the duck in the pot still nothing ... I then murdered all the food beggars he was cooking for. Also during the day time his hat is visible and floats in the air and when it switches to night time he appears under his floating hat.
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    All unique buildings have disappeared (houses, shops, safehouse)
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    my safehouses. or really any landmark that i should be able to walk in to are not showing up. there empty fields. is anyone else having this issue
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    I was doing the quest mine mine all mine,I was running and then jumped over a rock left of the main entrance,when i jumped it put me inside the cornor of the main room inside the pile of rocks and now im stuck and cant move
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    After I found the pathway to Apple Holm, I went back the way I came in order to find the code to pass through. From there I found the back end of a building that had a big red button beside a locked door. I pressed the button which opened a metal door. After entering the building I walked through a set of automatic sliding doors and found myself in a large room that had "Infected" written in big bold lettering. The sliding doorway I went through is now locked and I cant go back the way I came. There is a man standing above me in a room that I cannot enter and all of the sliding doors are one way and I can not leave. I am stuck in this room and I am running out of resources. I assume this is the building marked Quarantine but there is no way out. Any ideas?
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    Does anyone have a general idea where to find a functioning power cell for the tv. So the townies can watch uncle jack. I have an empty one but can't find either a new full one or the material needed to refill an empty. Would really appreciate the help
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    I love the game so far. It's very bold with its demeanor but wears it very well. Aside from the wonderfully immersive gameplay experience I could talk about, the only thing that took away from it was how my character bumped into other characters; Actually, the lack of animation that your character does. What I'd like to see is something similar to GTA V or Assassin's Creed in that your character will put hands on an npc to sort of push them out of the way. I think this would combat a dissociative gameplay style that gamers usually have. Jumping, ramming your character into an npc, action button spamming, etc. These habits are something gamers do in video games but would obviously not want to do in real life. Anyways, I think it would aid the immersive experience if you were punished for these minor habits. If your character forcefully pushed an npc when you ram them, it would give cause for the npc to react hostile. There could even be some voice clips that fit an IRL person's response to being shoved. "What is your f$%@#ing problem?"
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    Several bugs here (and one possible bug). When you get the recipe for the repair kit and use it on the pump, the repair kit isn't used up. Also, the three wastrels start to murder eachother. Third, the book you get off of one of their bodies, "The Innocent Look", has no use.
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    Annnd she's finished: Eleanor Green. Unfortunately the animatic itself will not be finished by my deadline on Friday, because I want to get it to a point I'm happy with before I make it public. u_u I'd rather not release something I'm just not at peace with yet. @Naila the answer to that is: the hopes and dreams of children fuel me
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    So I was walking along, fighting a few Wastrels, when one said "Remember November 5th" (Or something like that). So it made me wonder. Which led to my research. At first, I found a few Back to the Future references, and I thought "Huh, well maybe the devs just like Back to the Future" and stopped there. But I didn't like that answer, so I kept digging. November 5: General Dwight Eisenhower opens the operational headquarters for the Allied invasion of North Africa on the British island of Gibraltar. Now, that's more like it. A British island? Sounds familiar. So I did more research on this "Gibraltar". November 20th, 1942: Air-raid practice on Gibraltar Later, I found that a film was made called "Gibraltar" was made about the place in 1964, which HAPPENS to be the year the game takes place. I also found a documentary on "Operation Felix" which is a "Highly recommended documentary About Hitlers failing to capture Gibraltar". The trailer to this can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hwXPHh7uaM Well, guys. All I got so far, if you find anything else please comment below. From what I found, I believe Wellington Wells is based off of Gibraltar, and the story could lead to it's history. It's all coming together
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    This game gives free? I'd like to play because it is a great game though is in pre- alpha is beautiful. I am gamer and want to appear on the channel this game to see how beautiful the world is another game.
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    I am NOT good at this game
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    Hello, I pledged at the $60 tier at the Kickstarter and am considering giving more money when I have some more available. I was wondering if I can pay the difference between what I have already pledged and the higher tier amount? I totally understand if that cannot be done, but I figured that I would ask all the same as I love what you guys are doing and want to help you out as much as possible (plus, that boxed edition looks quite sexy I must say ;-) ). Please let me know either way. Thanks in advance for your time and understanding.
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    Hello all, Welcome to another edition of our Friday development update! Production Sam In general project news, we are one day away from the end of our Kickstarter, and are currently at 125% funded! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We close July 4, at 11:45am EDT, and are looking forward to a nice rest after a very busy 30 days. For those of you who want to back us, but haven't been able to yet, then head on over to Kickstarter. Otherwise, we are going to be adding Paypal funding next week, to keep the campaign going for another couple of months. On the development side, earlier this week we pushed live our Pre-Alpha Update #6 (you can read the changelist here). This build included a major update to the Garden District, along with improved stealth mechanics and a new clothing system. Our next build update will be much shorter - hopefully at the end of next week - to prepare for the incoming pre-alpha players from Kickstarter. The focus of this build is improved performance on mid and lower end machines, so half the team has been working on that this week (basically, figuring out what kinds of options we can enable/disable to allow the game to run on less powerful hardware). This should be a welcome improvement to many players! The other half of the team has been working on narrative development this week, investigating various technical and content questions that we still have to solve (like how do we control cutscenes and gameplay within a procedural world). Gameplay Team Vince I've been working on the random encounters this week again. I've went through all our current ones with Alex, our narrative director, to make sure they were all coherent with the game world. So I am currently correcting them to make them narratively accurate. I also tested them and fixed some bugs to make sure they are as close to the final version as possible. I've been brainstorming more ideas for random encounters also for the Village and more for the Garden District and started building some of them so that we can have a whole bunch of them for the next build! Art Team Whitney This week I continued developing the Garden District. I finished an environment piece, researched interior paintings, and made more signage and story elements. Emmanuel Deven Narrative Team Alex Worked on player characters stories with G. Finalized one of the Downer’s playthrough. Worked on a simpler mechanic for procedurally generated nightmares. Reworked opening scene. Worked on the cinematics pipeline. Worked on hiding places with Whitney. J.R. and Remi We worked on the cinematics, unfortunately, we cannot show them yet The Compulsion Team
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    I went to Pax and completed one of the Scenarios but I havent gotten an email for the game yet. Is it out yet?
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