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    I am also having the same issue i think i tried to finish malpractice of doctors more than 40times and everytime crashing (usually the crash are more frequent after the quarantine deactivation). But no luck i'm stuck there... can't go further in the game... I also contacted the support, and the reply is that they are fixing "bugs" but they have no eta. And suggeste me try to restart the game from the beginning to see if things works (the problem is that in my actual save i did nearly all side quests etc... so i would like to keep this progress, and not really want to redo everything from scratch).
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    I am also having this issue on my ps4. Every time I go to leave the medical facility to complete that part of the storyline I get the blue screen. I haven’t died at all during the quest. I am not playing on a ps4 pro. The fact that these bugs still exist this long after the release of the game is ridiculous really. I was charged full price for a game I can’t even play one third of the game due to these technical issues. It’s really disappointing to because otherwise the game would actually be enjoyable. I really feel some kind of refund or compensation needs to be given otherwise I don’t really feel like I’d ever have enough faith to invest my time or money into anything developed by your team again.
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