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    Thanks for the reply. So far I've only used fists and electric truncheon and there doesn't appear to be a pattern. I messed up my stealth in the Headboys fortress in the garden district and had to fight the three guarding the gate in hand to hand combat. I returned sometime later to find them all deceased. Likewise the first guy who attacks you in the first safe house was dead when I returned. None of my non-lethal choak-hold victims has died. They all get back up and resume their patrols. As I've stated, everyone who was knocked out without the choakhold has been first knocked out then been found dead upon my return. I'm not sure if the game was programmed this way, but any Wellies who happen upon an unconscious body talk like the victim is already dead. Whether or not this is a bug, I'm hoping the Developers will eventually allow unconscious victims to be awakened by their comrades, or at least have their comrades talk like they're unconscious and not dead. Thank you so much for the reply. You and your team seem genuinely concerned about fixing bugs and I'm grateful.
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    Hiya! In order to ensure you get the best possible help in resolving an issue, please be sure to include the following info in your bug reports: Specific details on what you were doing when it happened (To help replicate it) The platform you are playing on (Steam/GOG/Xbox One/PS4/etc) And the current build you are playing (This is found in the bottom right of the main menu/pause screen) (Optional) Images or clips can also be useful, but not always necessary This information will help the team better understand the issue without having to ask too many additional questions, and to help get you back in to the game with a solution as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help in getting these issues corrected, and have a lovely day for it.
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