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    Great news! I would hold off on uninstalling for now if your crashes are no longer occurring. Also, thank you for the additional information, we will take a closer look into this issue.
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    Hi there, We're currently planning to release the Sandbox Update in early 2019, however we don't have an exact date just yet. The first DLC will release shortly after that. We'll be sharing more information about those exact dates once the submission and release timings have been locked down. Cheers, Lee
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    I heard back from Gearbox. Without asking any questions or for any other information, they told me to uninstall WHF and reinstall it. As I'm not really fond of having my game saves deleted, I'm not going to do that (and I told them that). As I continue Sally's story, I'll update here if the crashes continue now that I'm out of the train station. Yesterday's play went well so that's encouraging. That was the first time in several playing sessions that it didn't crash at all.
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