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    Congratulations to the team for making it to full release! I purchased the Early Access version of the game perhaps a year ago or more. I played at varied points in time and enjoyed the progression of the story, as well as the gameplay mechanics. I enjoy being part of the testing community and interacting with the devs about their game. Unfortunately, the market seems to expect the hard work the team has done to be given to them for free, and while the plans of development and launch changed over time, the passion at Compulsion has always been true. I'm thankful to have received the full version at the Early Access price and will be happy to purchase the Season Pass to support the team in maintaining this game as well as creating future experiences. I just wanted to make a post of appreciation for what Compulsion has given us, for the team and way they interacted with us, and for being honest about the process along the way. So happy you guys get to see your product live in the hands of thousands of players. 'Grats team! We love you ❤️
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    Hiya! In order to ensure you get the best possible help in resolving an issue, please be sure to include the following info in your bug reports: Specific details on what you were doing when it happened (To help replicate it) The platform you are playing on (Steam/GOG/Xbox One/PS4/etc) And the current build you are playing (This is found in the bottom right of the main menu/pause screen) (Optional) Images or clips can also be useful, but not always necessary This information will help the team better understand the issue without having to ask too many additional questions, and to help get you back in to the game with a solution as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help in getting these issues corrected, and have a lovely day for it.
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    We Happy Few 1.3 - Hotfix Platform specific versions: Windows: 1.3.70168 PS4: 1.3.70168 Xbox: 1.3.70173 Patch Summary The first post-launch binary patch for We Happy Few addresses progression blockers, limited performance issues and crashes. A larger content update will be available soon, addressing performance optimization and other issues. This hotfix is available now on the “patchpreview” beta branch on Steam for those who want to try it early, and will be pushed out to everyone once our internal QA has signed off on it (tomorrow, if all goes well). Pending their approval, it will be submitted to console certification early next week. All Platforms • Sometimes, the “Rise” prompt was not shown when your character respawns sitting on a bench. Now it will be. • In rare cases, the keys required to complete the I Sing Body Electric and Ex Cathedra encounters would not spawn. This occurred when the player was spawned too close to the NPC when loading a saved game in a very specific situation. This issue is resolved for all new players, and players with saves currently experiencing this issue have been given the keys to continue their progression. • Using a bobby whistle in a crowd of Wastrels will no longer freeze the game. • Fix crash in physics simulation. • Fix crash on exit (crash when quitting the game). • Fix crash in media framework (returning to the main menu very quickly after saving). • Fix crash when applying some status effects. • Fix memory leak in status effects. May result in minor performance improvement by reducing HUD performance impact over time. • To help with debugging rare world generation issues, the player’s world seed has been added to the pause menu next to the build number. • Version number increased to 1.3. PS4 only • We have added a guard to prevent the PS4 from saving the game while it is low on memory to prevent the system from classifying these saves as corrupted. This issue can still occur with other crashes, but the number of corrupted saves should be substantially reduced. • Unfortunately this issue is due to the PS4 automatically flagging “crashing while saving” as data corruption, regardless of actual corruption. As a result, we are unable to restore “corrupted” saves. We apologise to all players who lost progression as a result. PC only • Changing anti-aliasing options had no noticeable effect. These options are now correctly wired into the graphics settings.
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    I really really really liked the game. I wish Ollie's Act was longer, i really like his character. The things that come out of his mouth. hoo boy
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    So I’m working on my Bobby uniform whilst I wait for my mask to arrive (I’ve ordered two - one from a guy who makes them in the US and one from the Time Capsule.) Anyway - the helmet light isn’t finished yet (will need the torch installed in the helmet and then the helmet plate painted properly.) ...but then it’s pretty much done. Looking at reference images - the colour of the bobbys helmet plates differ. For example - in the promotional pics, his helmet plate is what the police used to call a night plate - I.e it’s black, whereas the McFarlane figure - it’s silver shiny. I’m probably going to go with black - make it more sinister!
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    Hi, We are working on patches for all consoles and PC. Never implied nor said we wouldn't support a specific platform. The game was created before Microsoft even entered the picture. We love games and creating them, we don't believe in any console wars. Thanks ❤️
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    I am not at all agree with this view. Everything grows, and the development team has taken a step forward to reach important goals for what they do. Maybe they started off as a niche, but the fact that they took the courage and determination to move on, evolve, also making the game grow ... they are offering much more than we had in the beginning, they have always perfected, but never proposed something different ... and even bigger and longer, and it is good for us players of single play to have a longer lasting title, less disposable. The term "indie" could be assigned to any videogame development team at its beginnings . The fact that he has supported a project with strong potential does not make it less valid, but rather allows better articulation of the messages without leaving 'bitter in the mouth of fans of history with a "for lack of funds-support, it's all here, nothing else" For me, the professional growth is never to be condemned, but to be applauded and supported. you are free to request a refund if you want (if you still can), but if the reasons are "because it has become a AAA and not as Indie" ... frankly it is sad as an attitude (at least for me) Good play at all ?
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    Posted on another thread someone went back and refired the cannon and the quest then showed as completed this also worked for me and hopefully an easy fix for others! Lovely day for it!
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    It seems someone has a great fear of Ollie being naked (I personally don't want to see to an ageing fat and bearded Scotsman naked). This message is presented any time you try to change an outfit. "Can't unequip: Ollie can't be naked" Meaning I am going to have to find the materials to craft a third Padded Suit as I have to go Load The Bee Cannon. Neither Arthur nor Sally had any qualms about "being naked" when trying to change outfits. That will permanently add another 5lbs to his inventory and make the two boiler suits useless dead permaweigth, and another boiler suit will have to be crafted when I return. That will be 4 more lbs. I hope I can complete the game before he can no longer move due to his inventory being filled with "clothing".
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    The devs are working on fixes and a patch is waiting to be certified by Microsoft so is imminent.
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    You get into the neighbour's house through their second floor window, you have to pry it open. To get to Nick's place you have to go out the neighbour's third floor window and jump to Nick's house, once there look for Nick's third floor window, you should be able to get in through there. ?
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    I feel silly now. The English vice quest unlocked the Bobby. Thanks for the help.
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    You were supposed to find a way to bypass the doors by climbing over/around them. They really should change the prompt on the doors though; they aren't pickable and the prompts sort of makes it appear as if they are.
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    Update on the quest... So i went ahead and did other quest. After it i figured out i have to have the side quest active in order to find the bags of sugar. The bags werent there previously. While i was getting close to the place the game crashed. So i closed the app and restarted the PS4. The first time i went on running and the game crashed. This time around i went walking to give time for the game to load. I dont know if that was the issue but walking around the same spot where it crashed the game did a small lag and i was able to locate the sugar bags. I did the whole procedure and since i read other people had issues with the strange alcohol i filled my bottles slowly, meaning giving it time between fills. The third bottle, which it was the one i wated the longest to start filling finished the quest. I dont know if it was just luck or if giving it time to load between fill ups it did the trick. Anyway i figure to tell you guys in case it helps anyone.
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    Hey Lee, Honestly, I kind of expected this being the response as the worldseed is generated at game creation which means to fix it, you'd have to regen the world and that might get..sticky. But, gotta say it's nice to have a confirmation on this and direct response so quickly, so cheers for the pretty great customer service! It's an annoying bug, but they happen and at least we're not >super< far in, although my annoying compulsion (pun unintentional) to complete all side-quests before going to the next area means it's a little more frustrating. Ah well! Thanks, Van
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    Yeah it’s an annoying little glitch. Glad that worked for you!
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    Hi Beezil! So you're on the right track, but your just missing a little something to add to the fountain. Try to open some of the doors in the room around the fountain to find the things you need to craft the "little something". Hope that helps, if it doesn't let me know and it might be a bug.
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    Oh nice, it's east to forget things sometimes, glad you remembered though.
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    Good thing we can give them feedback about bugs, huh? i dont see how being irate is really going to help the situation.
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    Just entered into Barrow Holm and the NPCs have been loaded, but all standing stationary. There is head tracking when you pass. Talking with them causes a walking animation to start, but it doesn't take them anywhere, so they walk in place and continue to do so after conversation is done. I went to a bed and loaded 8 hours later and they are moving around now, but it is something to note.
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    Apologies for the title. There is a gap in the landscape, which you can fall through in Eel Pie Holm. See attached poor pics, hope they help.
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    Hello, The Jolly Brolly is coming very soon! It will be delivered in a system message to all Game Preview owners.
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    Hi everyone! I've been working on this fanfiction snippet for the past year and I finally posted it. It has been at least 4 years since I have written anything creative so please keep that in mind! https://archiveofourown.org/works/15461001 Hope you enjoy and thank you! -OldSportGatsby
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    Hey Compulsion! With the heatwave going on and the storms in Quebec I just wanted to say I hope all of you stay safe and hydrated! Make sure to take care of yourselves! (Sorry if this is in the wrong area I didn't know where to post it)
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    Still a better love story than Twilight
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