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    I bought a valve and gave it to the NPC in the front of Faraday's lab. It had no effect besides hiding the menu option to give the NPC a valve. If I talk to the NPC, he keeps asking for a valve.
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to our first preview branch update, where we are testing the next update for We Happy Few. In this update, we have a large number of changes designed to address player feedback from our Early Access launch. Predominantly, these focus on addressing the survival mechanics and encounter/quest issues, and the full list is below. To access this build, change to the preview branch on Steam (right click on We Happy Few in your Library -> Properties -> Betas tab -> select preview from the drop down list). We want to draw attention specifically to two areas: - The survival needs rebalancing is intended to bring down the difficulty to what is likely going to be the “medium” difficulty setting. For those of you who like more difficult survival, this will return in a future update when we implement difficulty settings. - There are three known issues in this build. The first is that some map markers will not have description text when you hover over them. The second is that the bridge between the second Garden District island and the splinter island is temporarily broken - you can get to the splinter island, but not back to the Garden District. You will have to go back out through the Village. The third is that you cannot talk to Faraday with a full inventory - if you do, you will drop the motilene harvester and will be unable to pick it up through the bars. We hope to address all of these issues before we push this update to the main branch. Otherwise, here is a gigantic list of changes for you to peruse: Core Gameplay / Balance • Needs and timescale rebalancing. • Changed timescale to 48 (from 72): This means 30 minutes per day instead of 20. • Hunger fully depletes in 40 minutes (instead of 32). • Thirst fully depletes in 30 minutes (instead of 20). • Sleep fully depletes in 45 minutes (instead of 20). • Change sleep hours required to fully restore fatigue to 12 hours (instead of 8). • Increased durability and damage for branch. • Increased durability, damage, attack speed, and reach (to the point of absurdity) for pointy stick. • Increased durability, damage and heavy attack charge time for head knocker. • Increased durability, damage and heavy attack charge time for double knocker. • Player does not start with inventory expansion kit, jerky, healing balm and purified water if playing the game a second time. • Searchable corpse: tweaked the lootable interaction pitch and yaw max/mins to avoid weird player view interp when searching corpse. • Prevent double hit from throwables on the same target in the same frame. • Caltrops last much longer. • Basic rubber duck is now throwable. • Electrocution by shocker grenade lasts longer. • Cannot sit on benches during combat. • Beds that should not have been usable are now really not usable. • Weapons not automatically dropped on NPC death; player must loot the body. • Only activate proximity suspicion when player is not moving. • Player cannot greet NPCs while brandishing a weapon. • Picking up a dropped object is not considered stealing. • Fewer enemies can be hit through doors. • Reduced angle of walkable slopes for NPCs. • When set on fire, NPCs scream. World Generation/Resources • Added new shell house variants to the Garden District. • Removed second instance of chemical crafting table on first Garden District island. • Reduced repetition of shell houses in Garden District. • Automatically stream in zone data based on player position rather than depending on threshold volumes. • Adjusted spawning of phone booths so that they block doorways or other objects less frequently. • Increased frequency of tough linen spawns in the Garden District. • Reduced ludicrous bobby loot drops. • Bug fixes for joy overdose respawn including respawn support on the two connector islands. • Reduced the insanely overkill number of phone booths on the connector islands. • Added warning light to player tracking televisions (night time television observers). • Primitive food poisoning cure now requires gilead petals and cures one tier of food poisoning by causing you to purge “the bad stuff inside.” Neximide now spawns less frequently as it is a powerful food poisoning cure and too plentiful. • Primitive food poisoning cure now unlocked from start of game. • Darts, elite hammer pipe, shocker grenade, and other recipes now unlocked by finding all required ingredients. • Plain darts now craftable in lots of five (much less costly to craft darts). • Breakdown and exhaustion darts now require significantly fewer chemical components. • Phlash recipe now yields five Phlash. • Plague cure syringes now less costly to craft. Now craft in lots of five. Take less space in inventory. • Cricket bats require less space in inventory. • Pump repair patches now stackable in lots of five. Recipe unlocked by having all required ingredients. • Rowan berries stack the same as blue currants. • Tree collision modified to allow better “sliding around trees rather than being stopped by trees” feeling. • “Welcome” park relocated from second to first Garden District island. • Randomly generated lootable plants now saved properly.
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    I've tried everything I've read other people doing to get her to show up; saving and exiting, restarting many times... I've played the game twice now and still no Faraday anywhere. Any advice? Or do I just need to wait for a fix?
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    I think that food and stuff in houses should respawn after a few days because I've ran out of food and I've raised all the houses in the happy area, if it does then I think it should be sped up
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    Greetings, I have experienced several bugs and glitches on today's playthrough. Firstly, item from previous alpha release would not stack with items from this update in inventory. Secondly, a game with permadeath turned off and started in the previous alpha release, had a permadeath. New playthrough started. Quest glitches galore upon second wind failure. Instead of going into the near death state, the characters I was fighting vanished, and health was at 0. This happened after grabbing the duck in the stew quest. Funny notation, when the chef disappeared, his hat hung in the air, and stayed the entire playthrough, it did not vanish, I had a good laugh. The ghost at the circle tree park... Took joy, and she never ran. I went to grave, with rusty shovel, because an icon appeared there as a dig site, indicator was over spot to dig, but the character would not dig, and the option was not provided. I found a map that a character was worshiping, I picked it up, and went to the site it said to dig at. No indicator was found, and no option to dig was provided. Mushroom log.. Mushrooms would not re-spawn properly most of the time. Only after save and reload. Items were never dropped by couple. Mines in minefield would re-spawn. I apologize I did not take better notes. I was playing just for fun, until the game was very broken and progression on that save seemed irrelevant. Playthrough terminated, and will be making a new game tonight. I will keep better notes and make another post once I have experienced another batch of glitches. I am hopeful this helps in development of the game's stability, and am proud to be helping Alpha test this wonderful game on Xbox.
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    Since theres 15 billion discussions on how little food there is, i just though i cant be the only one who thinks the exact oposite. So why not leave a suggestion to: INCREASE ALL NEEDS MUAHAHAHAH Im kinda joking and kinda not. I dont suppose the needs are gonna go up. But food IS very plentiful. This is before the longer days patch too, so this might get worse. Does anyone else see this as an issue? Cheers!
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    I launched the game and got to Wellington Under. Then I had to save and quit before exiting the safehouse. When I launched the game again, I couldn't pick up Mrs. Stokes (I hadn't done so in the first place) and when I exited the safehouse, I was not given the quest to escape Wellington Wells.
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    Hi, I've sneakily visited the mushroom log night after night (wearing snickers from far from the quest area, also tried crouching) and I am not able to harvest mushrooms. No menu pops up and mushrooms are not highlighted like they were not an object I can interact with. (It worked in another game, but this time, it doesn't seem to work)
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    Hey guys, Don't know if anyone else here has experienced this but I flicked the alarm switch in Faradays lab and it says to then talk to the person inside the lab but shes nowhere to be seen. Tried saving outside of gate and then reloading but still no luck. I need to get in there to get the code so I can escape! Will this be fixed soon? Does anyone know a fix for this?
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    Hello! As per usual, survival games are pretty fun. But I think they are more fun when you can have multiple players on the map, preferably max 2 players. Have you ever considered allowing this game to have multiple players? Like, in order for the second player to join, the first player can "host" a game with a code to enter in. Because looking out for one another in a dystopia would be fun.
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    I've been having a lot of npc's glitched into the floor, as in half of them are sticking out of the floor and they cannot move. Also fighting them on the stairs is quite the issue even if your looking up and should be able to hit them you still can't.
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    Hi, first off, awesome game. Am absolutely loving it on XBOX One I have been using the storage lockers in my safe home for organizing my inventory. I used one of the lockers for food. I found that after some time went by, maybe more specifically this happened after loading into a new area and then back that the items stored in my storage locker had disappeared. Three other items had spawned into there, I think it was a rock, bit of metal, and a stick. It's nice to have the extra storage lockers in our safe house for organizing inventory outside of our safety deposit box. It would be ideal if the items stored in there would not disappear however Keep up the good work, love the game.
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    I was swiftly progressing through the game when I decided I needed to rest, going from Wellington Wells to the open area inbetween the next. I decided I needed to rest before I found faraway's code so I went to the closest gate that wasn't to Wellington Wells and I walked in, the door closed and the other one wouldn't open. I couldn't get out cuz it was a sliding contamination door and there was no way out so I died...
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