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    Hello all who see this I hope you love my bobby cosplay as I do :)
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    So the game has always crashed, but on 6/1/2019 around 1 A.M or so I had constant game breaking crashes. The reason I say game breaking crashes is because it stopped me from continuing the story, (SPOILERS FOR PARTS OF THE MISSIONS!) the missions in question are: Haworth Labs, and A Malpractice of Doctors; now there have been other missions that have crashed on me, but these two in particular have crashed in the same spots over and over and over countless times. For the Haworth Labs mission it happened after I got the letter of transit, when you have to cross the bridge to get to the next area. As soon as I step on the bridge every time my game crashes. I tried over and over for it to work but nothing helped, so I went to bed and woke up the next morning. The following morning it worked without one crash so I progressed through the game, with little crashes happening here and there but they all weren't game breaking. Then I got to the A Malpractice of Doctors mission and it crashed again and again. I might add every time it crashes the an Error Code pops up Error code CE-34878-0. I've reinstalled countless times and nothing. Please help whenever you can.
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    I'm having the exact same experience as you! I've never died during the mission & can make it all the way to the exit of the HQ, but then I get blue screened. I also cannot choose "continue" because I will get a blue screen once the game finally finishes loading. Luckily I made a manual save right before I entered the building, but every run ends in a blue screen. I've really enjoyed the game so far (well, the story at least... not so much all of the glitches and crashes) and would love to actually finish it!
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    I also have had issues blue screening when exiting the building after completing the mission without dying and trying multiple times. It has also autosaved so I cannot "continue" without it blue screening. This is an amazing game and a brilliant concept, however the further I progress the more it randomly goes to a loading screen while walking down the street and/or it blue screens. Please fix these issues quickly. Sincerely, A fan who wishes to complete "We Happy Few" for all of its glory.
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    I am also having the same issue i think i tried to finish malpractice of doctors more than 40times and everytime crashing (usually the crash are more frequent after the quarantine deactivation). But no luck i'm stuck there... can't go further in the game... I also contacted the support, and the reply is that they are fixing "bugs" but they have no eta. And suggeste me try to restart the game from the beginning to see if things works (the problem is that in my actual save i did nearly all side quests etc... so i would like to keep this progress, and not really want to redo everything from scratch).
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    I am also having this issue on my ps4. Every time I go to leave the medical facility to complete that part of the storyline I get the blue screen. I haven’t died at all during the quest. I am not playing on a ps4 pro. The fact that these bugs still exist this long after the release of the game is ridiculous really. I was charged full price for a game I can’t even play one third of the game due to these technical issues. It’s really disappointing to because otherwise the game would actually be enjoyable. I really feel some kind of refund or compensation needs to be given otherwise I don’t really feel like I’d ever have enough faith to invest my time or money into anything developed by your team again.
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    So I’m working on my Bobby uniform whilst I wait for my mask to arrive (I’ve ordered two - one from a guy who makes them in the US and one from the Time Capsule.) Anyway - the helmet light isn’t finished yet (will need the torch installed in the helmet and then the helmet plate painted properly.) ...but then it’s pretty much done. Looking at reference images - the colour of the bobbys helmet plates differ. For example - in the promotional pics, his helmet plate is what the police used to call a night plate - I.e it’s black, whereas the McFarlane figure - it’s silver shiny. I’m probably going to go with black - make it more sinister!
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    This is going to be an unpopular reply, but personally I thought Bioshock was actually quite flawed in execution. Sure it had a great story and premise (as does WHF), but to me there seemed to be a significant hole in the gameplay. With Vita Chambers turned off the Big Daddy's were massively overpowered for the average gamer, whereas turning them on rendered the game pointless as there was no death penalty at all (similar to the original Prey game). This extreme overpowering happened very early on in the proceedings and went way beyond the usual principle of bosses as an extreme test of all skills that have been learnt in the game so far. I enjoyed Bioshock and Bioshock II (never played Infinite), but personally I'm getting much more of a thrill playing WHF than I ever got with those. Unpopular opinion maybe, but that's how I feel.
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    Hi everyone, As you can see, we migrated our forums to a new interface. Hopefully this will allow us to do more things in the future. However, this means your posts from yesterday have not been migrated. Feel free to ping us if needed!
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    Hi everyone, Sorry for the lag - Naila and a significant part of the team are at E3 indeed. And when I pushed the new forums to be live, it looks like something went wrong with the users permissions. Can you confirm you can now post new topics?
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    The plague victims keep saying things that we don't really understand. But after a few searches on Google, it turns out they're speaking Old English, and they're quoting lines from an old poem called Beowulf. se mánscada evil attacker godes yrre bær bearing God's anger faégne flaéschoman the doomed cloak of flesh seonowe onsprungon sinows sprang asunder burston bánlocan bone-locks burst þegnsorge dréah anguish of thane-loss oppressed him (not sure of this one) aldres orwéna without hope of life saédéor monig many sea-beasts wraéc micel great misery módes brecða a breaking of his spirit hafelan multon heads melted bengeato burston the wound-gates burst open hie wyrd forswéop they have been swept aside by Fate deorc déaþscua the dark death-shade hé æt wige gecrang (,) ealdres scyldig he fell in the fight, having forfeited his life þone dolsceaðan the rash ravager's wiht unhaélo that damned creature féond on hellewaes "féond on helle" = a fiend in hell, but the -waes part doesn't really belong here because that's part of the next sentence in Beowulf ðaér ábídan sceal (,) maga máne fáh (,) miclan dómes there he must await, the creature stained with crimes, the great judgement nó þý leng leofað (,) láðgetéona not the longer does he live, the hateful spoiler I think I've got them all but in case I missed one, most translations can be found by using this sentence in Google without the quotes: "site:https://www.heorot.dk InsertOldEnglishHere" EDIT: no idea why there's so many empty space in between the top text and the table, I can't edit it out either.
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