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  2. I am also having this issue on my ps4. Every time I go to leave the medical facility to complete that part of the storyline I get the blue screen. I haven’t died at all during the quest. I am not playing on a ps4 pro. The fact that these bugs still exist this long after the release of the game is ridiculous really. I was charged full price for a game I can’t even play one third of the game due to these technical issues. It’s really disappointing to because otherwise the game would actually be enjoyable. I really feel some kind of refund or compensation needs to be given otherwise I don’t really feel like I’d ever have enough faith to invest my time or money into anything developed by your team again.
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  4. Boyue

    Second game in Germany?

    I just hope they make a second one!
  5. I cant advance in the game! During Sally's playthrough it says I have 3/4 baddies. But there is no one there! It wont let me open the chest. Or continue in any way and I have no previous saves since olly
  6. I am having this same issue after the 1.7.8 update. I have restarted the game multiple times since and still have this issue. I have played this mission 11 times and have only completed it once. It's incredibly frustrating. Has anyone been able to finish Arthur's story since the update? I haven't died or even been seen inside the Institute. I don't want to have to start the entire playthrough again... 😣
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  8. I am currently playing We Happy Few on Xbox One on build v1.7.79954. There are no updates available. The line below that says WS:93CE53AA4967F9E6F26F17BA43D4FDFA. Everywhere I read, it's stated that you earn at least one skill point for every side mission or main mission you complete. I've completed a handful, and the only skill point I've gotten was the one where the game instructs you to unlock the Sweet Dreams skill. Could someone please help?
  9. I, personally, enjoyed We Happy Few even more than the Bioshock series, both story and gameplay. For that matter, I probably enjoyed it more than even Dishonored series. Having played multiple roguelikes through the years, I think We Happy Few sets a new bar for story-driven roguelikes. Doubly so for making zombie-like plagies just a small part of the game instead of its central part.
  10. You should have given me an option to jump after Ollie learns the truth about his past. The tower roof was a perfect way-out.
  11. x111Reaper111x

    So Foul and Faraday

    So I was contacted by the guy handling my claim, he gave me two option at the moment to fix the issue. One, load a previous save point from before the mission. Second, restart Sally's Act over completely; this is suggested because the problem we are all having is a world seed issue. Restarting Sally's Act will generate a new world seed solving the problem. I chose restarting cuz I tried the first suggestion wayyyy before I logged a complaint. Yes it was a hassle but it was easier cuz I already knew what I needed to do. So all in all, if you don't want to wait for an update to fix this problem, I suggest going with option two. Hope this helps.
  12. GaMerOM

    So Foul and Faraday

    Me too. FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. it's completely random mate, I have started all over again and I can't still access the elevator. I'm done with this s*it, the devs don't care about the game, so why should I? Just demand refund on this game if you can afford this, money speaks the best and maybe when they wallets get hurt they would kindly fix this, AFTER ONE MONTH SINCE FIRST REPORTS
  14. Just wanted to update you all, the CG tech had me start the Sally Act all over again cuz it relates to a "world speed issue". I restarted last night and just was able to enter Nick's secret room. Sucks but I wasn't gonna sit around and wait for an update. Oh, and the other fix was to reload a saved point before the So Foul mission but that didnt work. As much as this was an annoyance, I was able to get through everything quicker cuz I had already done it.
  15. Just wanted to update you all, the CG tech had me start the Sally Act all over again cuz it relates to a "world speed issue". I restarted last night and just was able to enter Nick's secret room. Sucks but I wasn't gonna sit around and wait for an update. Oh, and the other fix was to reload a saved point before the So Foul mission but that didnt work.
  16. This is honestly like really annoying, I was really enjoying the story, but the game is so unbelievably buggy, that it takes the joy out of playing it and now that this has happened, I honestly can't be bothered with this game anymore, why would you release a game that's pretty much only half done with so many problems? Did the devs like not play try their own game. Please fix these issues you guys could have made an A+ game but honestly just kinda failed.
  17. yeah Laura, fantastic advice, start a new game and count on luck for not getting glitch on main quest, awesome.
  18. I haven’t been able to play since the patch on March 25th. The game crashes at different points in the story. I’ll wait like a week and try again get a little further only for it to crash again! It’s super frustrating you pay so much for a game that doesn’t work! I thought I’d try to play sally or Ollie’s stories while waiting for Arthur’s to fix and it won’t even give me the option to play anything but Arthur’s! Super fed up at this point! Anyone else having these problems????
  19. As Sally, I received the quest "Ratholm" and went to my home to check on things. On the second floor I found unconscious Doctor Wordsworth. Just in case, I decide to crack his skull with a pipe. As soon as I hit him, the game hard-crashes (tried several times). P.S. The game is incredible.
  20. When i arrive in town square there is the quest to kill 6 robot , this has a bug because some of the robot are indestructable, also if you manage to kill 6 the next quest is to save the village but unkillable ones remain active and indestructable, i play the xbox version
  21. Hello @Safin, I'm really sorry to tell you this, but I've spoken with my team and it appears that you might have the unfortunate luck of experiencing a worldseed issue that is preventing you from loading properly into Nick's hideout. You are not alone in experiencing it: It's a known issue that we aim to fix in the next patch but we cannot say for sure that this will be fixed retroactively. At this time it appears that you have two options. You could start from the beginning of Sally's playthrough to ensure that you get a new worldseed. You can do this from the Main Menu by selecting Story and selecting Sally as your character before pressing start and begin. Alternatively you can contact our support team at < https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new > and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. Again, we're sorry that you've encountered this issue and hope this doesn't prevent you from continuing to enjoy the game in the future. -Laura
  22. Hi, Yes exactly after the guitar puzzle and btw I'm playing on Xbox one and I tried what you told me to, it didn't work. This is kinda annoying cause i literally love this game and the story and id really like to finish the game but I literally can't move forward in the game. I really hope you guys sort this out fast!
  23. Ah! @Safin, I think I know what you mean. You meant after completing the guitar puzzle, right? We could still use the information I requested above but in the meantime I recommend attempting a save/load by returning to the main menu and loading back into your last save. Good Luck!
  24. Hi @Safin! Could you tell us which platform you're playing the game on? Which objective are you stuck on in the So Foul and Faraday mission? Did you collect the keycard that allows you to enter the back of Nick Lightbearer's house? Any information you can give us would help. Thank you very much!
  25. Hi again, @kdcds2019! Are you using the motilene leak on the second floor in the house or another one? Thank you.
  26. Hi @kdcds2019, We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with the Speaker's Corner encounter. Would you help us out by letting is know which platform you're playing the game on? Do you have the 1.7 update? Any information you can give us would be helpful. Looking forward to hearing back from you!
  27. I have the flyers but the places to post are not showing up on my map. I have looked for the bulletin boards at night and during the day and it seems that they are not there.
  28. I filled the motilene bucket and the leak went away but the quest is stuck on "fill the motilene bucket" and the leak has gone away. My bucket is also not full.
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