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  2. Help!!! The radio show Pinata has never played for me. I saw the report where collecting Sally's last memory should trigger the achievement and it doesn't. I have 88/89 in the theater and still no achievement. Please advise. I love this game, but this is ridiculous.
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  4. I love this game, but only for the story cause the gameplay is impossible. It’s full of bug, I think is made with bug. At the begining, I wanted to buy the season pass, but after playing it for a few hours... I decided to change my mind. I’ve already paid 80$ + taxes. I’m sure it’s paid enough to play a game with so much mistakes. I tried to send an email but I never had an answer, so I put here my comment. This way, if you don’t see it, others will. If you see this, I beg you to make an update for the ps4, please make the game playable.
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  6. PS4 - australia. have WHF on a physical disc, have finished the entire game, bought We All Fall Down through the PSN - will not install through the console downloads screen, open up the game and does not appear available to play in the DLC option in the menu. when i click “start” through the PS4 downloads screen - say “cannot find application” and takes me to the PSN store to buy the base game despite the disc being in the console and everything. have started the game up and attempted to install with game running but still getting the exact same response that the application is not there. couldn’t buy the DLCs through the game either - could only get them on the PSN.
  7. Not sure if any of the developers are reading these forums (no one responded to my previous threads). I just got WFH on GOG, since you finally released the Linux version there! Unfortunately the UE4 build is using OpenGL. Can you please add an optional Vulkan renderer too? It can improve performance. Thanks!
  8. Wow this is bull crap, I have to restart her whole act over cause the devs don’t know how to fix their game? For gods sake, I paid $50 to play this game and it’s all buggy and won’t even let me continue. I’m done, a lot of people have been having this problem since way back then. The problem is still happening! How about you fix your game! I’m absolutely done, I’m not gonna restart this bullsh*t game cause it will probably happen again. Screw y’all.
  9. I've been away from the We Happy Few forums for some time now and I apologize for only seeing your question now. In regards to my response regarding Procedural Generation, each time you start a new game the world is created differently each time. While the creation of every world follows similar rules each time, other details will be different. For example, quests related to the story will always appear and bridge connections between islands will always be the same. However, what side-quests appear in your world, the overall street layouts and other finer details will be randomized each time. The quest Moon Juice Leech is a side quest that isn't related to the main story. As a result it won't appear in every game world. If you aren't seeing it in your game then it likely wasn't spawned as part of your world's procedural generation. It may appear in another world if you were to start a new game. The chance of it spawning are random though. The following Wikipedia article gives a brief overview of Procedural Generation if you're interested in learning more about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procedural_generation I hope this helps clarify my response above. Cheers, Lee
  10. Very good game, which I could discover thanks to the Game Pass. A blow of heart with a universe and a really interesting style! I might be tempted by this DLC. Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
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  12. To flip the power switch at maintenance room one, you need to redirect the motilene by turning a wheel. After turning the wheel, I still can’t flip the switch. I have loaded further and further back 4 times and the glitch remains. I am playing on Xbox, build v1.9.88987
  13. playing with gamepass. i5-6400, GTX 970, 8GB ram. i play on a 4k tv, and my pc resolution is set to 4k, but i play all my games in 1080p. with this game however, it doesn't seem to want to display in 1080p, the reason i notice why is because of the Nvidia framerate counter, if something is displayed in 4k the FPS counter is kinda small, and in 1080p it's noticeable larger here's my issue, my options are automatically set to 4k, switching it to 1080p doesn't change the resolution (or the fps counter size), not even when restarting. all it does is for some reason change the framerate to 30, even with v-sync off. in game my frames are steady when indoors, like in the safe rooms/bunkers, but in the first open area my frames drop to around 40/50 fps, and i know for sure that would change to a solid 60 fps if the resolution would come down to 1080p. i play in fullscreen with 16:9 aspect ratio
  14. It is about time that I start playing this game again. I had abandoned it (on One X) because of the frame drops and some bugs. Has that been resolved with the patches? ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  15. Hi Lee, can you please elaborate when you say procedural generation for your world line? I am also having the same issue as well except my "Build is v1.9.88987). Traversed Maidenholm so many times but it's not popping up during either day or night. I have completed almost all of the side quests for Arthur. This is the only one not showing up on my map. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi Compulsion team and the gamers here. I am trying to look and trigger for Moon Juice Leech mission. I have spent literally hours trying to find it but to no avail. I went through every turns/paths, etc. Just no luck. I hope this is not a bug and hoping someone can help me find it via detailed map? Like a landmark (the eye icon) and may be through that I can figure out where I need to go? ps. I know the maps are randomly generated but please someone help me out with this. That's the only side quest mission I got left in Maidenholm. Thank you!
  17. I think you can share this with us through certain links or sites, right?
  18. nêu bạn đã sở hữu Xbox để co thể trải nghiệm nhiều trò chơi hâp dẫn như Call of Duty bạn có thể tham khảo thêm tại game bài đổi thưởng hay nhất doithuong.vn nơi cập nhật nhiều trò chơi nhập vai cực hấp dẫn đang chờ bạn
  19. Hello! When Act II starts (I see only black screen with info about state of character in left down corner), game is crashing. What to do?
  20. I can’t complete the mastermind puzzle since there seems to be a bug in the game where I can’t even hit any of the buttons to choose a symbol. I’ve tried quitting and restarting the game but it still doesn’t work. I only purchased and downloaded the game two days ago, and am playing Build v1.9.88987 (we:00361D994AEEF12B46C09FF136BEDE) Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this or have y’all had the same issue too?
  21. Before the update around November 20th, the game played perfectly for me regardless of my low end laptop. I play on auto settings which I assume set to low everything, but I don't mind playing this way. I recently came back after the next update in hopes the issue would have been fixed but problems still occur. I will repost my post on the Steam forum, which I'd posted back in November: After the 'We All Fall Down' and new patch came out, I started having issues with the game. Loading times have increased is one of them. As I have gone around Hamlyn Village and other places, non-interactive and static interactive objects seem to spawn in invisible. Yesterday, I visited A Stitch In Time and went up the stairs and the first doorway that should have metal shutters over it was open but blocked from moving through. I only noticed there should be shutters there when I moved closer and the game told me I was looking at such. As for interacting with Mrs. Pankhurst upstairs, that was high impossible as the bell suddenly didn't exist either and I couldn't ring it. Later reloads fixed this but the problem will reoccur and she won't respond sometimes. In other places, whole buildings have been missing - leaving behind potted plants and signs attached to nothing suspended mid-air. In houses; cabinets, chairs, tables and vanities are invisible along with the items perched on them that auto spawn on them like feathers, joy pills, or teacups - so rooms just end up looking bare until I bump into an invisible object to which the game identifies when the cross hairs overlap it. The game responds normally to the objects, and I can usually interact with them and the items on top as normal, but it's like the visual model just hasn't loaded in. No amount of reloading has stopped this, maybe only temporarily for more problems to then reoccur down the line. I've also had this in Lionel Castershire's shop, where the floor is made of grass and sometimes his counter and glass viewer are invisible. As an extra, I've come across a joy detector outside Nick Lightbearer's house that I couldn't tell was on or off until I realized it was making a noise that sounded on, the yellow beams were not showing. Other joy detectors around the village were fine, however. When I eventually give up I'll save then quit. Saving happens normally, but when I try to quit to main menu the game either gets stuck on the loading screen forever, or the game freezes. Both situations my task manager claims the program is 'Not Responding', to which I'll 'end task' to kill the game. I viewed and took heed of the pinned forum giving examples of things to do, like deleting the 'config' folder to stop graphics errors, and validating the files in Steam but the problem has not been fixed. That time around though, the loading times decreased so that was an apparent positive. All of this is making the game difficult to play. --after recently trying again I seemed to have a normal time playing in the Holm where you enter Sally's house to find her old chemistry kit. After I got back I rechecked a pub I had entered before back in November where the chairs, tables, and counter were missing and I found the same problem. I entered the bridge to Maidenholm for the first time, entered that part of the village and, again, encountered invisible shutters and missing objects. Nothing has been resolved.-
  22. Dear compulsion games, I tried to migrate glimpse game project into unreal engine 4 4.8 we happy few build pre alpha 11838 but it crashes at 83% when I try to open the project. I am very sorry that I am stealing assets and blueprints, but if you tell me how to fix the crashing I will make my own survival game and I will give a credit to your assets. Please help me, I will be the happiest person in the world, if you help me. And I promise I will take my joy!
  23. https://vgy.me/u/Lulxuv ^ Image You can talk to Thomas Lawrence as if he is an NPC from that place where all the old farts stab people with bayonets. When talked to, he stands up off of his wheelchair (as in the picture provided), makes his speech, and sits back down. Build: 1.8.8987.0 Windows 10 Store Edition (I downloaded it with Microsoft Gamepass for PC)
  24. I seem to be stuck on the plassay bridge quest. i have completed the faraday quest and able to move the switch next to plassay bridge. All the bobby's are dead since i aggro'd them, even with the boiler suit. Now i cant seem to get the main entrance or the side door open. i tried lots of stuff but nothing seems to do the trick.. :(
  25. Is there any way at some point it could get multiplayer like just cause 2 did? I'm not very technical but I know the game wasn't fit for multiplayer but modders implemented it. Is there a possibility for this in the future?
  26. Having coffee and playing lately found pretty cool game named cat ninja, here is the game: http://catninjapro.com/
  27. Hello, I have had issues with the missions for Dr. Faraday. The Extractor, is meant to harvest car parts. Three cars are marked. It worked on the car outside of Faraday's place, but the other two, it doesn't. It shows it was working, and you see the hole in the car where the Extractor worked for a split second, and then the car is back to normal and it says I haven't extracted any parts. I have a PS4, so I am hoping an update will fix this because I'm stuck otherwise.
  28. Same here, same bug happened when trying to load the save during quest. Just can't finish the quest, been trying 4-5 times, got 1-shot after getting my items back.
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