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  2. Same here, same bug happened when trying to load the save during quest. Just can't finish the quest, been trying 4-5 times, got 1-shot after getting my items back.
  3. If there isnt, maybe the dev. team can add a way to "restart" an ongoing quest. Not sure how convoluted that would be, especially if said quest incorporates alot of parameters interrelated into other quests, but maybe they can take a page from gits book and store the changes in the quest parameters (though only the final total change would be stored due memory issues) ? Just a thought.
  4. language polish please We Happy Few
  5. Earlier
  6. Why don't you have a behance account for releasing sketches for unfulfilled ideas or something like teasers for new DLC. I'll be glad to see your art there and be your follower
  7. I am playing as arthur and I have completed every quest (besides the main) and I am stuck on the end of the awkward courtship quest. I am instructed to "Pick up their spare gear" which is supposed to be in a basket. As I understand, there is supposed to be a cleaver yet there is nothing there for me. I am on xbox so I cannot perform any console commands and all the fixes I have seen for this require console commands. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  8. After dying in the butcher basement, I saved my game. when loading the game, the heinous package is gone from extruder so I cannot finish quest. I am stuck since this is a closed house. There is no open door to continue the game. Please fix the game. Do not remove package from extruder. This is for Xbox one.
  9. We all have really enjoyed playing We Happy Few and the three DLC's just over all of it has been an awesome experience. I would love to see another installment into this world of We Happy Few like what happens when Rodger and his partner go to the alien dimension? Please give us another game of We Happy Few! 😊
  10. bạn đã có máy chơi game Xbox cho riêng mình chưa? nếu chưa thì bạn có thể tìm hiểu về Top game bài keonhanh. Đây không chỉ đơn thuần là trò chơi giúp bạn giải trí mà còn giúp bạn kiếm tiền để có thể mua được máy chơi chơi game Xbox. hãy lấy lỗ kiếm lời :)))
  11. Hi, I cant stream game over discord - the menu that allows streaming does show the game window as available for streaming and full desktop streaming does not support sound.
  12. I have found EVERY note from following a guide and yet the trophy did not pop. U have noticed after a quick Google search that this is a common problem. As we have had a few patch fixes recently, is there any chance this could be added to the fixes too? Thanks
  13. I’m attempting to get into victory camp but am stuck walking at turtle speed, unable to jump and when quitting and starting back over will get completely frozen in one spot just able to use weapons and items.
  14. We happy two 🎭 https://ideas.fandom.com/wiki/We_Happy_Few_2
  15. I’m playing in Hard mode via XBox One, and the LT to Shove isn’t working. I’m in the very first fight with the Bobbies.
  16. Yes it's in the season pass! No need to buy it again. It just takes time for everyone to see the update.
  17. So, is this available with the season pass? I have the season pass and was able to get the other two Dlc's when they were released, this one says i have to pay for it seperatley. $7.99 is not much, I just don't want to have to pay for something twice.
  18. Hi all, Here we are, the last DLC for We Happy Few, We All Fall Down. Now out on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and GOG! We are really excited to bring you all this final chapter. Victoria Byng has been a part of the We Happy Few journey ever since she first appeared in the E3 gameplay trailer in 2016. This our farewell to Wellington Wells and to all of you. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. I'm afraid we've come to the end of our time.
  19. Hey, it’s November 19th and I still can’t get it? It’s not working for my Xbox
  20. So it’s here but I can’t find it on my Xbox, I would like some help
  21. The dlc is only displayed on Xbox when you search for it and then it puts you on a permanent loading screen. It isn’t shown in the store anywhere else, and clicking on it through the game just puts up an error message.
  22. One is a picture from my game showing the issue with the wall, and the other image is from the video I watched showing what the house should look like.
  23. I'm on the xbox one, and I'm at the beginning of Sally's main quest where I'm supposed to get two jack records for lionel in exchange for tinned milk. Thing is from what I've seen in videos one of the buildings housing a record has been cut in half with a wall in my game and so I can't reach the other half of the building and therefore the other record.
  24. Anyone know if this is gonna be freeroam like the story or a linear progression like the other DLCs?
  25. I play on xbox one and when doing the side quest Possibly Heinous Package, I can't pick up the package. I've gone all around and crouched like I read in past forums and nothing,there is nothing at all. I don't know what to do, but I really wanna complete the side quest. 😥
  26. It's not available until the 19th, so I would hope it's not available for you to get yet. 😋
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