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  2. I am also having the same issue i think i tried to finish malpractice of doctors more than 40times and everytime crashing (usually the crash are more frequent after the quarantine deactivation). But no luck i'm stuck there... can't go further in the game... I also contacted the support, and the reply is that they are fixing "bugs" but they have no eta. And suggeste me try to restart the game from the beginning to see if things works (the problem is that in my actual save i did nearly all side quests etc... so i would like to keep this progress, and not really want to redo everything from scratch).
  3. Last week
  4. TakeYourJoy7

    Bug on Old Soldiers quest?

    Found the Bobby Whistle helped some speed things up, I got stuck in the house 🙃
  5. ninedooksgaming

    Please consider making iPhone Games!

    Dear Compulsion Games We Happy Few is one of the BEST games I have EVER played! it would be wonderful if you made games for iphone! The visuals, voice acting, story, gameplay! Everything was Perfect! I wouldn't mind buying an iphone based game from you guys for $20. But please include controller support and make sure to make the games GREAT! I would love to see appstore games by CompulsionGames.❤️
  6. Trying to kill the jubilator in the great stink but I have zero bombs. I did find the car wash card bit it's not letting me use it. Guess I need to kill the jubilator first? Ugh! Frustrated. Please help.
  7. I assume you've already finished the game by now but if you ever decide to play again, a bobby whistle is always good to have on hand when you're trapped inside buildings as I've now discovered. I stood at the front shutters and blew it a few times and 2 Bobbys arrived and the shutters flew up. if you're still stuck, or if anyone else is stuck at this point, hope this helped.
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  9. My game has been crashing at the same point since the updat in March. I’ve spoken to multiple people but noting and no one seems to interested in helping me fix my issue! Can I at least get my money back???
  10. I am playing on PS4 and when I load any of my saved files, I cannot move or open menus or shift the camera or ANYTHING. My controller is useless except pressing the PS button to go out of the game. The world is not frozen. There is sound and movement in the grass, etc. Also it’s not my controller, because it works fine in my other games and it works fine within the We Happy Few game menu until the save point loads. I’m upset about losing hours of gameplay and I don’t want to start from the beginning only to risk this sort of thing happening again. My game says that it is up-to-date and that there are no new updates. So that’s not the problem either. Please help!
  11. Hi. I can´t unlock hot on her heels achievement. I know I picked up all the notes related to Prudence. I have a save file with every character right before the "point of no return". I went back to those save files and made sure I had all the notes, and I do. I even picked up the Damp Diary with all three characters. But this achievement will just not pop for me. As a completionist this is so damn frustrating, especially since I actually did accomplish it. I have picked up the last note with Ollie several times, to try force the chivo. I also started a new game with Arthur and picked up the three notes in that story once more. But of course still nothing. I don´t think I want to spend hours upon hours finishing the entire game for a second time for a few notes, only to find out it didn´t work once more. Can someone please help me? Is this a common problem? In that case, what can I do? Appreciate all help, thanks!
  12. I have the same issue. Mine wont even load my save at all now before crashing 😭
  13. Unfortunately, I tried that remedy and the game keeps crashing. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next update.
  14. And it seems to be getting worse. Now, if I try just to focus on side missions it will freeze up a couple of times and just crash again. There seems to be no way to save before hand. I really like the concept of this game and I just want to continue playing but I don’t know if there is going to be a fix anytime soon. I’m gob smacked!
  15. We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. This is a known issue that can occur rarely for some users on certain worldseeds. We understand it is very frustrating. The PS4 version of We Happy Few contains some issues we are having a tougher time containing, compared to other platforms. This depends on the world seed you get when starting a new game. Since the game is procedural, it is a question of luck. However, we are making progress and are still fixing bugs for our next update, 1.8. One of the changes involves toning down the graphics in the Parade District which should prevent a memory crash, at the cost of a less polished district. We are working on a patch which should hopefully fix the issue you are having. Something you can try which has worked for some other users is to clear your PS4 game cache: 1 - Turn off your Playstation 4, do not enter rest mode. 2 - Once the indicator light on the Playstation has stopped blinking and is completely off, unplug the power cord from the console. 3 - Wait 30 seconds. 4 - Plug the power cord back into the Playstation and start it up again as normal. 5 - Load your last save and attempt to continue Arthur's story. Cheers,
  16. camaronwhite2165

    Do you like to read the manga?

    I read manga and Feeling like reading hua hua you long manga too much these days. This is one of the best. AND Do you like to read the manga?
  17. So the game has always crashed, but on 6/1/2019 around 1 A.M or so I had constant game breaking crashes. The reason I say game breaking crashes is because it stopped me from continuing the story, (SPOILERS FOR PARTS OF THE MISSIONS!) the missions in question are: Haworth Labs, and A Malpractice of Doctors; now there have been other missions that have crashed on me, but these two in particular have crashed in the same spots over and over and over countless times. For the Haworth Labs mission it happened after I got the letter of transit, when you have to cross the bridge to get to the next area. As soon as I step on the bridge every time my game crashes. I tried over and over for it to work but nothing helped, so I went to bed and woke up the next morning. The following morning it worked without one crash so I progressed through the game, with little crashes happening here and there but they all weren't game breaking. Then I got to the A Malpractice of Doctors mission and it crashed again and again. I might add every time it crashes the an Error Code pops up Error code CE-34878-0. I've reinstalled countless times and nothing. Please help whenever you can.
  18. So I am not the only one who's game is fucking crashing?
  19. camaronwhite2165

    Light Novels Recommendation

    I read the solo leveling novel here. This is one of the best novel. This is my favorite. AND Anyone Light Novels Recommendation?
  20. Hello, So I’ve been playing WHF for a few weeks now and the game continues to crash when I enter the Broadcasting Tower stage. I’m playing on the PS4 and downloaded the most recent update 1.07 but the crashing continues. Even now when I avoid the Broadcasting stage and focused on the side quests they still continue to crash. I just wanted to let you know since I really enjoy this game and wish to finally finish it. I’m just wondering if there will be any additional updates soon?
  21. Hi there, My copy of We happy few keeps crashing over and over. I'm using the Windows store version of the game.. I've tried running in full/windowed and windowed full screen and the crashes keep happening. It might have something to do with HDR but I can't disable HDR from within the game itself (as there's no setting). I've included my DMP files so I hope you can help. Thanks Trencher GlimpseGame-UWP64-Test.exe.4620.dmp GlimpseGame-UWP64-Test.exe.4732.dmp GlimpseGame-UWP64-Test.exe.5420.dmp GlimpseGame-UWP64-Test.exe.7940.dmp GlimpseGame-UWP64-Test.exe.24696.dmp
  22. Lee

    I can't play the WHF DLC.

    Hi there, I remember the issue. I believe your RAM and GPU were below the minimum system requirements for the game. Unfortunately we are still unable to provide support for systems which do not meet the minimum required specifications for the game. (Those specifications can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/320240/We_Happy_Few/) We run compatibility testing for various hardware configurations in order to make sure the game runs on a wide array of systems, however those tests are not performed on systems which fall below our minimum requirements. It's possible the Lightbearer DLC will be playable on your system (as is the case for the main game) however it's also be possible you'll have the same issue that you encountered with the They Came From Below DLC. There's simply no way for us to know without testing it on your specific system, which at the time you contacted us did not meet the minimum hardware requirements. Officially we cannot support systems which do not meet the game's minimum system requirements. As a result, we will very likely not be making changes to the DLCs in order to make those playable on lower end systems. I'm sorry to have to tell you this. If you need additional support for this, you will need to contact our support team at < https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new >. Cheers, Lee
  23. MefistofeleOnirico

    I can't play the WHF DLC.

    Hi @Lee I haven't used Steam for a while (for academic commitments) but several months have passed and today, returning to steam, I noticed that new Archivements are coming (and therefore the new DLC).I don't know if you remember the nature of my problem, but I wanted to know if there was any news about a possible solution. There have been innovations in time to make the DLC compatible as the basic game does?
  24. I am also having this issue on my ps4. Every time I go to leave the medical facility to complete that part of the storyline I get the blue screen. I haven’t died at all during the quest. I am not playing on a ps4 pro. The fact that these bugs still exist this long after the release of the game is ridiculous really. I was charged full price for a game I can’t even play one third of the game due to these technical issues. It’s really disappointing to because otherwise the game would actually be enjoyable. I really feel some kind of refund or compensation needs to be given otherwise I don’t really feel like I’d ever have enough faith to invest my time or money into anything developed by your team again.
  25. Boyue

    Second game in Germany?

    I just hope they make a second one!
  26. I cant advance in the game! During Sally's playthrough it says I have 3/4 baddies. But there is no one there! It wont let me open the chest. Or continue in any way and I have no previous saves since olly
  27. I am having this same issue after the 1.7.8 update. I have restarted the game multiple times since and still have this issue. I have played this mission 11 times and have only completed it once. It's incredibly frustrating. Has anyone been able to finish Arthur's story since the update? I haven't died or even been seen inside the Institute. I don't want to have to start the entire playthrough again... 😣
  28. I am currently playing We Happy Few on Xbox One on build v1.7.79954. There are no updates available. The line below that says WS:93CE53AA4967F9E6F26F17BA43D4FDFA. Everywhere I read, it's stated that you earn at least one skill point for every side mission or main mission you complete. I've completed a handful, and the only skill point I've gotten was the one where the game instructs you to unlock the Sweet Dreams skill. Could someone please help?
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