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  2. At this time, ดาวน์โหลด SlotXO what is most problematic is It's very difficult to buy PS5 in my country.
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  5. Trying to complete Old Soldiers and can not open Thomas's crate. I tried loading old save and redoing but it refuses to open. Very frustrated.
  6. i dont think so. theres no update since the past 2 years, no news bout events or new ideas. they thought about a 2nd part and a movie but the game was not hyped that much to follow these ideas or invest in them. i hoppe bc of the xbox and ps4/5 version the game gets more rewards and the attention and hype the game and the creators deserve. maybe after some time they rethink the idea
  7. I totally agree with you ! its such an amazing game with a deep story, different characters with other stories and skills. so much love for details, tasks, other mysteries and fun. crafting, fighting, survival, u literally have to thing about your next steps. the style, the plot, the mini games and DLC´s show how much time, hard work and love they invested in this amzing game ! i was also very hyped when they announced they have ideas for a movie or a part 2 of the game and i still am and hope some day it will be another part or the movie in progress. a real masterpiece an still really enjoying it after these years ! wish for more pls pls pls !!!!!!!!!!!! <3 ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕
  8. I agree, they are really awesome ! Thank you so much. TweakBox Tutuapp
  9. Okay so I was wondering what if there was a we happy few full game or DLC explaining more about the beginning of the joy pill, maybe from dr faraday or Mr Henry Hayworth as this would be interesting to see the full beginning of how the joy pill began and how the story progresses from there. ~Ami
  10. I honestly love this game. I have played it and finished it over 6 times and I am legit addicted to the game. I have only sadly got one of the DLCs I think they are called. And I loved it so much. Honestly it's worth it. I would buy it anytime I got money. And I hope that you guys will come up with another game like this or Contrast because honestly I love them. And you inspire me so much. This is the reason why when I grow up I wish to have my own business and create games that keep kids happy and games that will help kids through their rough patches in their life. So I would like to thank you for creating this game and making my day better :)). - Bianca Pop (14 year old)
  11. I don't think they will read the message but it's nice. Mini Militia App Lock
  12. This piece seelms really great, I totally like it ! Thanks a lot for sharing. SHAREit MX Player
  13. I had the same issue as well as of December 17th 2020. I did reload the save and the game reloaded me out of Nick's hideout thankfully.
  14. Hello, just joining the conversation that the glitch in Nick’s Secret Lair still exists. You can enter the lair but the door/pipe way disappears afterwards and you get stuck. It does feel like a rip off to put so much time into a game and they haven’t even fixed a bug a year later after it was reported. https://imgur.com/a/GMYbBRB
  15. I’m a versatile web designer based in Montreal. I have over 7 years’ experience helping clients and businesses tell their brand stories with compelling, striking visuals, I’ve worked in areas including print design, UI/UX design, front-end development, SEO, social media, and so much more.

    I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and grow my skills as a designer. I challenge myself to think outside the box and explore different mediums and digital trends. I never want my work to feel repetitive or generic and I manage that by constantly seeking out new inspiration. https://www.mateostabio.com/

  16. Platform: PC Build: 1.9.88966 What I also noticed is that it isn't there when I'm further away
  17. After I found out Britannia was the point of no return i decided to complete everything including the memories i missed. Once i got to memory 18; Chess in Wellington Health Institute I realised there was a shutter in front of the door and i couldn't get in. Is there a way to still get in? I can't get the developer console to work while everyone says put these lines into Input.ini and change steam properties to -console so I can't check if noclip does the job. Right now I would say this is a really big completionist flaw.
  18. Hi all I'm looking for my daughter the WHF soundtrack on vinyl if anyone wants to sell it . Or the time capsule. My email is elwoodlpool@ntlworld.com Kindest regards Elwood
  19. I would really love some Christmas themed we happy few action. Just think about our lovely grandmas singing christmas songs. I love the game and honestly its all i ever wanted from a game in my opinion. I really hope i will see more of this kind of games in the future.
  20. I have enjoyed this game immensely, I have played through it several times as well as the DLC! I hope and dream that one day I will get a part two to this epically awesome game! I love everything about this game from the gameplay, to the soundtrack! If I had one wish it would be for a part 2!
  21. I would just like to discuss how amazingly made this was and there is so much to follow love it also who's story do you think was most interesting?
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