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  2. laki

    Very Low FPS

    Hi,dev team of we happy few...I must say that I love your game very much,it is absolutely beautifull and amazing...but...I have huge fps drops when I am outside,it goes from 60 to something like 30 fps...I am using high settings and I have an i7 4790 proccessor,16 gb of ram and a gtx 970 graphic card and I know that my rig is more than capable of running this game at a constant 60 fps...so...can you please fix this in the upcoming patch???There was a moment,at sundown,when the fps would return to a constant 60,but only at sundown...during the day and during night the fps is all over the place.Thank you!!!
  3. The pipe is already taped when objective is saying i need to tape it, so wont check it off on PS4. Running on version 1.5 Ive only recently added the update after starting the game as my broadband modem/hub was broken.
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  5. Stephanie

    Bribing Bobbies

    Hey guys, I'm sorry that you are still encountering this issue. We are actively fixing the issue at the moment and we hope to have the fix out on the next patch.
  6. Hi Essbess, I believe that you emailed us with this issue right? Did you get around this issue in the end?
  7. Stephanie

    General Byng Bug

    Hi marzipan, Our next update will have a fix for this issue - I'm sorry that you have encountered it. If you would like to get around this issue in the mean time, I recommend returning to the main menu > select Load Game > selecting a save game made prior to this issue occurring. The save "Last Shelter Visited" would be a safe bet - however you might lose a bit of progress. Sorry again, - Stephanie
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  9. Jarnsaxa

    Histoplasma mushrooms

    From my experience, if you kill someone with plague, wait a day, and revisit the corpse, they’ll have histoplasma.
  10. The lack of story choice - with the exception of Arthur's two big choices - was partly a result of bandwidth. We just didn't have enough level designers and animators to make small story choices. However, it is key to the story that certain characters are terrible to certain other characters. Everyone in our world has been broken by the experiences they've had. If we let the player play these characters as less terrible, then that might come through intellectually, but maybe not emotionally. To get back to Bioshock Infinite, it kind of lets you off the hook, doesn't it? You can throw the baseball at the announcer. But the truth of the situation is that lots of ordinary, decent people would throw the ball at the interracial couple, and then feel horrible about it, and then attempt to justify their actions to themselves for the next thirty years. Our story is about memory and denial. Those have a terrible cost. If you felt uncomfortable, well, then you entered into that. Which is awesome, and thank you.
  11. Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone at Compulsion games for this really fun experience. I happily paid for and am currently enjoying the We Happy Few stories. I just completed Aurthurs act and am starting Sallys. However, one thing concerns me: story choice. WHF is often compared to Bioshock Infinite with good reason, and while WHF has a LOT more features than Bioshock, there is one aspect that WHF lacks: story choice. Bioshock Infinite is a completely linear game but the story does include choices that doesn't affect the overall story beyond a small aesthetic change or getting/missing a powerup, and yet it's very significan't. For example, one of the first choices the player is presented within Bioshock Infinite is whether or not to harm an interracial couple which is being accosted by the crowd. You can choose to throw a baseball at the couple, throw it at the @sshole announcer, or do nothing. That's 3 choices that don't affect the overall story in any way but give the player the feeling of choice. What you decide will radically define who you are no matter what else happens. I guess what I'm asking is, can the development team please let me not be a jerk to Sally, Ollie, etc? It doesn't have to affect the storyline, just let me decide what type of person Arthur (and his friends) will become. It would make it so much easier to connect with him and the other two characters. If 3 options is too many, at least please give me a total of 2, a positive and negative. It would be massively appreciated. Arthur and his friends will still be mildly terrible people even if they treat each other fairly. Again thanks to everyone on the development team who made this fantastic game. I look forward to doing everything within my power to help them debug and perfect this experience.
  12. michael4771

    Game content and difficulty level?

    I've wondered this as well. On the easiest difficulty blueprints for weapons etc appear on workbenches you find as you discover hatches. Maybe on a harder difficulty, they'd be scattered around the map and/or inside houses? Curious to know.
  13. michael4771

    Bribing Bobbies

    I've run into this problem as well. Often talking to the bobby first sometimes frees up their movement and allows them to then accept a bottle of scotch as a bribe. I don't know if this always works.
  14. WyckedGaymer

    “The Great Stink” bug

    There is one valve that may need to be turned once more, the one you have to climb up to. I only mention this because you say you walk up to the 2 main valves, but not all 3 of them. I ran into this issue also, but I simply needed to turn the valve again and I could use the lever/switch.
  15. I am currently experiencing difficulty completing the mission “The Great Stink” and I think something is wrong with the game. It’s very frustrating to not be able to progress. I have flipped the power switches in maintenance rooms 1 and 3 and have turned all three red valves clockwise, however I am still not able to flip the switch in maintenance room 2. I watched a YouTube tutorial on the mission and when the player rotated all three red valves he had no problem flipping the switch. Not only that, but now when I walk up to the two red valves inside of maintenance room 2 they will not highlight/be recognized anymore and I do not have the option of turning the counterclockwise like I do on the red valve located in the other room. What is going wrong here? Please help me because as I said, it’s very frustrating to not be able to advance in a game I was enjoying.
  16. After trying to activate the Fountain, General Byng disappears while chasing. I cant Finish the Task than because hes away and I cant kill him. The Fountain is activated, ect but he doesnt appears. Platform: Playstation 4 Build: v1.5.72580 WS: 34AFF4A8010B 1505003290336F66C252
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  18. Florentbekind

    Soundtrack reveal: The Make Believes

    It's gonna be the Christmas present to my brother ❤️
  19. Imperialguard82

    My bobby cosplay

    Yeah I want to do a few comic Cons in England maybe in the US too
  20. Hi, @Jarnsaxa We don't have a set released day yet. We'll post on the forums when we have more information in a thread similar to this one. Thank you for using the forums. -Laura
  21. Oooh! When does 1.6 come out?
  22. Hello! I just got confirmation that you should see your name fixed in the 1.6 patch! Thank you for your patience! Have a nice day. -Laura
  23. Hello! The world will change once you get to Sally, it changes for every character
  24. Naila

    Xbox1 unending crashes

    Hey Bushwacker, Thank for reporting this. We will look at those crashes asap, thanks for the detailed info. So your game has always crashed? Since the launch up until today with fresh new playthroughs and fresh new saves? As for the pre-order, it's really odd that you lost them but I can help you with it! I sent you a DM. Where are the posts that have been removed from Gearbox? I can also look into this. We want the player's feedback on bugs, this is how we fix the game. As far as I am concerned these forums, Steam, our emails and Gearbox helpdesk are the only places where bugs can be reported so I am curious Cheers,
  25. I have been with WHF since day1 of the xbox preview and up until the day the (full) version released I had never had one problem.Now,I can't play more than 10 minutes before the game crashes me back to my dashboard.I am playing as Arthur (new game),the crashes happen every single time,and are non-location specific.Sometimes I can't even leave my sewer base before I crash.I've played on both xb1 and xb1s and the crashing is constant on both systems.Removing/reinstalling the game makes no difference,except that I lost all pre-order extras and microsoft refuses to even discuss it with me.It also makes no difference whether I'm on a mission or not,what I'm doing at the time,or even which direction I'm going in.I'm playing V 1.5.72492 and my xb1s OS is 10.0.17763.3062.The game is 100% unplayable,and has been like this since release.I also know of many others who have the exact same problem.I have responded to many of your postings on xb1 concerning this issue and almost every single one of them has been removed at Gearbox's request,along with numerous other players posts.It's as if Gearbox doesn't want to hear anything negative about the game.I'm giving the game one last try as I write this,but if it crashes me out again then I'm done.It's truely disappointing as I'v been eagerly anticipating playing this for many years now.Please help.
  26. WyckedGaymer

    Bribing Bobbies

    Well if you see someone patrolling near an area, then you could bribe them, otherwise at this time no. Bottles and other distractions should work. You could also distract one and then take down the other if possible.
  27. Hi, folks; I fell in love with this game despite not being any kind of a gamer, for the story, art, and music. I played it through on the easiest level. Is there content that only appears if you play at more difficult levels? Thanks!
  28. beretfantasy

    missing floor near train station

    Hello I finally got time to try this : worked like a charm, I reached the military base without any issues. Will the world reset itself once I get to sally's chapter, or was the world built for all three campaigns? Anyway , thank you very much for your quick answer, really helped me :).
  29. Lawrah

    Future perfect

    Hello again @Reesemas Thank you for the information! Unfortunately we're having a hard time reproducing the issue you're mentioned above. We'll keep trying, but in the meantime, if you're still having trouble with this particular issue than I urge you to please file a ticket with our support team at < https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new > and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for using the forums. Hope you have a nice weekend~! -Laura
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